Occidental Dissent Endorses Jarrin Jackson For Oklahoma State Senate

Jarrin Jackson is based, red pilled and J-woke. We endorse.

The Oklahoman:

“CLAREMORE — A Republican state Senate candidate said being gay is “disgusting,” called the LGBTQ lifestyle the “gateway to pedophilia” and said he is not “beholden to Jews” in posts and videos on right-wing social media platforms. …

Jackson, who says he’s running for the open Senate seat “to defend Oklahomans against further communist infiltration,” posts near-daily livestreams in which he delves into conspiracy theories and talks about Christianity and current events. He also is a frequent poster on the social media app Telegram, where he describes himself as a “Bible-believing Christian, Constitution-defending, patriotic Trump supporter.” …

In Telegram posts, Jackson said using the phrase LGBTQ “is using language designed by Satan” and “LGTBQ is the gateway to pedophilia.”

He also wrote, “call me old fashioned, but I don’t want a society of homosexuals.”

In a video talking about Pride Month, he referred to the celebration of the LGBTQ community and its allies as “fornication month” that is celebrating “all sorts of sexual depravity and the destruction of our society.” …”

Sounds great.

I just found out about him a few minutes ago. The “journalists” are attacking him. We need candidates like Jarrin Jackson running for state and local office all over Real America.


  1. I just hope he doesn’t walk his comments back and apologize. If he sticks to them or doubles down, I would be impressed. Time will tell.

  2. Yes you found another example of “Christian nationalism.” He is very confused or disinformed about China, and about communism (I see his campaign motto is “Christ not communism”) and he suggests that those who engage in deadly violence for any reason, including a “good reason” such as a “just” rebellion, can simultaneously be real Christians. At least he isn’t pro-Zionist like Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Christian nationalists. But no doubt he is very “pro business,” and proud of (not repentant for) being a combat veteran. As such, he might (be allowed to) make it to a state senate seat of a very “red,” conservative district.

    • Think you maybe right there Merthyr!, and yes that he is unrepentant and even proud of his jew enduced third world murder spree put up quite a few red flags for me!

      I will not sell the skin of an un-shot bear, time will tell

    • Yea China is no longer a state ‘socialist’ or ‘communist’ country, where government owns and runs the economy or everything, it’s a crony capitalist country like ours, where government teams up with big business to rig the economy in their favor.
      Private business is permitted, but manipulated.
      Ideally the right oughta support capitalism or social democracy and the left social or democracy or democratic socialism, but instead both support banksterism and corporatism, the only difference between right and left is the left will throw the working class and poor a few crumbs at the expense of the middleclass.
      The major differences between China and the west are social, and political, not fiscal.
      While China is an authoritarian technocracy like the west, unlike the west it isn’t Zionist and woke, it’s ethnonationalist and socially conservative.
      The west’s chief enemy are these crony capitalists, woke capitalists and Zionists from within, not China and communism from without.
      Communism is dead.
      It’s been dead since the end of the cold war era.
      Fascism and Nazism are dead too.
      The real struggle is between populist, conservative, working and middleclass centered democracy on the one hand and plutechnocratic sham democracy on the other.

  3. “I’m not beholden to Jews or any other group” and “I ain’t owned by the Jews,”

    Sounds like a man after my own heart.

  4. A “Militry Vutren” who is not a zionist shill and a neocon, imagine my fn shock

    (And do note it´s completely un-ironical this time)

  5. Someone FINALLY named the jew. I am absolutely ecstatic. I didn’t think this could happen in the republican party. I am happy to stand corrected!

  6. “they’re gonna be putting your kids on cattle cars.””

    I Respond:

    Oh dear. Looks like this confused gun and bible toting Okie is putting out the meme that Democrats are the real NAZIS and want to put all God fearing Amurikun patriots like him on cattle cars to be sent to NAZI death camps where they/will be gassed to death like the evil White RACIST NAZIS did to exactly 6 Million Jews.

    Exactly how is this guy on our side – his only negative reference to the Self Anointed Chosen People of God/Satan is that most don’t believe in Jesus Christ. Well, I’m sure there will be a lot of fake conversions like that Indian women GOP Governor of South Carolina who supposedly converted to Christianity shortly before she destroy SC Confederate monument.

    Then there’s that White Southern hating brown turd Pakistani Neo Con man D’Nesh D Sousa who also supposedly converted to some form of Christianity to get more access to bed White American Christian women. And he spreads the meme that Democrats are the real racists because the Democrats used to be the party of Evil White Southern Democrats.

    Hunter, you sure you want to go on record endorsing this confused Amurikun patriotard? Might first ask him how he feels about Zionist Neo Conservative pundit Bill Kristol openly calling for struggling poor and working class Whites to be replaced by happy low wage brown immigrants.

    I’m putting this guy in the same category as confused OR ranchers the Cliven Bundy family and their idiot sons.

    Jeees this has gotten old.

      • I completely agree that his approach is naive. I am being nice. It is completely wrong. Still, I am absolutely astounded that he has been given a platform. No one even gets the platform to name the jew in either party. I am going to have to sleep on this and suck it in, but I think I am happy because now there is actually a platform.

        • “No one even gets the platform to name the jew”:

          Yet some do get a platform. For example, the Banderites have been anti-Semitic, yet they have the full support of the Anglo-Zionist empire for serving as proxies, and cannon fodder, in the war to destroy Russia. Some anti-Semitic speech can be excused, because what’s much more important than speech is that thousands of Banderites of Nudelmanland (Khazarkraine) and millions of “Christian nationalists” of the U.S. “homeland” such as Jarrin Jackson are actually WILLING TO FIGHT against Russia, and against any form of ethno-national socialism such as Red China, unoccupied Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. – until the Empire of Mammon finally reigns supreme, unchallenged, in a unipolar capitalist world.

        • I woke up this morning and still feel happy about this. The door is open. He doesn’t seem to be aware of Trump’s being a shabbos goy, but others, hopefully me, can come in fill the void. Again, the door is now open, and I can hardly believe it. It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve wanted to go after wall st. and jewish political power. Political candidates are going to lose their shyness, as they darn well should!

  7. The crucial difference between this religious fanatic & the rest of the “Christian Nationalists” so far is his naming the goddam kike stinkin’ up the room. So I’d hold my nose.

    • The JQ Isn’t relevant anymore.

      If they all disappeared over night we would be left with an infinitely larger group of shitty coastal Whites and their brown pets doing exactly what the Jews were doing.

      There is more than enough money floating around on the Left without the Jews as well. Alone they are a meaningless demographic now, one that is dying out on its own from miscigenation and the effects of their own secular worldviews. There is nothing that differentiates them from the average Leftist or Neocon.

      Going out of your way to point to them is autistic. This is Paul Nehlen tier cringey by Jackson.

      Jarrin Jackson has gone as far as he should with the JQ and should now focus entirely on the anti White nature of the Federal Govt, Major Institutions and Media.

      All policy prescriptions should be pro White Working Class and explicitly so.

  8. As we get further and further away from the alleged “Holocaust” on the time line it will become easier to criticize organized Jewry.

    They never should have let si many Arabic Muslims into the country Michael Savage & Stephen Steinlight tried to warn them.

    Now I am like ‘How can millions of my fellow Americans who are Black and Arabic be wrong about the Jewish conspiracy?’

  9. He’d get my vote.I love he said about spreading the word about Jesus.And of course him calling out the Jews is perfect.All races want separation,only the Jews force us together in their father Satan’s plan for one world,one race.The Bible warned about this.All races could get on board with overthrowing Jewish power if we had even a portion of the larger media.The good Lord provides a way.

    • @Rebel,
      Bit by bit, more are coming on stream and normalising what we’ve always believed and pushed. Whether it generates actual changes, I don’t know. The West forever disappoints us.

  10. In 1862, in the heat of the [war], General Ulysses S. Grant initiated one of the most blatant official episodes of anti-Semitism in 19th-century American history. In December of that year, Grant issued his infamous General Order No. 11, which expelled all Jews from Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi:

    The Jews, as a class violating every regulation of trade established by the Treasury Department and also department orders, are hereby expelled from the department [the “Department of the Tennessee,” an administrative district of the Union Army of occupation composed of Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi] within twenty-four hours from the receipt of this order.

    Post commanders will see to it that all of this class of people be furnished passes and required to leave, and any one returning after such notification will be arrested and held in confinement until an opportunity occurs of sending them out as prisoners, unless furnished with permit from headquarters. No passes will be given these people to visit headquarters for the purpose of making personal application of trade permits.
    –Jewish Virtual Library

    In a letter of the same date sent to Christopher Wolcott, the United States
    Assistant Secretary of War, Grant explained his reasoning…

    I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be
    infused into Post Commanders, that the Specie regulations of the Treasury Dept.
    have been violated, and that mostly by Jews and other unprincipled traders. So
    well satisfied of this have I been at this that I instructed the Commdg Officer
    at Columbus [Kentucky] to refuse all permits to Jews to come south, and
    frequently have had them expelled from the Dept. [of the Tennessee]. But they
    come in with their Carpet sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it.
    The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel any where. They will
    land at any wood yard or landing on the river and make their way through the
    country. If not permitted to buy Cotton themselves they will act as agents for
    someone else who will be at a Military post, with a Treasury permit to receive
    Cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes which the Jew will buy up at an agreed
    rate, paying gold.
    There is but one way that I know of to reach this case. That is for
    Government to buy all the Cotton at a fixed rate and send it to Cairo, St
    Louis, or some other point to be sold. Then all traders, they are a curse to
    the Army, might be expelled…

    — Wikipedia: “General Order No. 11 (1862)”

    A group of Paducah’s Jewish merchants led by Cesar Kaskel dispatched an indignant telegram to President Lincoln condemning Grant’s order as an “enormous outrage on all laws and humanity… the grossest violation of the Constitution and our rights as good citizens under it.” Jewish leaders organized protest rallies in St. Louis, Louisville, and Cincinnati, and telegrams reached the White House from the Jewish communities of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia.

    Cesar Kaskel arrived in Washington on January 3, 1863. Two days earlier, the Emancipation Proclamation had gone into effect. Kaskel conferred with influential Jewish Republican Adolphus Solomons and then went with Cincinnati Congressman John A. Gurley directly to the White House. Lincoln received them promptly, studied Kaskel’s copies of General Order No. 11 and the specific order expelling Kaskel from Paducah, and commanded Halleck to order Grant to revoke General Order No. 11. Grant complied three days later.
    — American Jewish Historical Society

    Jews……………… 1
    Republicans……. 0

    Never trust the Republicans. Never trust politicians.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

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