Jarrin Jackson’s Nuanced Positions


This speaks directly to what I wrote this morning. I trashed the article, but the point remains valid. There is a moral and cultural dimension to our struggle that can’t be sidestepped. We’re going to keep spinning our wheels until this is digested.

Imagine pulling into a fast food drive thru and ordering a White nation without the toppings of a common identity, morality and culture. The order never comes out. Nations don’t work like that. That’s essentially what we have been doing.


  1. It is very good. Weidos are actally brave people and those fearless weirdos moving the Overton window so conspiracy theories become part of acceptable public discussion.

  2. Yes, it’s like hiring a preacher, and then telling him he can’t quote scripture against homosexual, abortion, and adultery. You denied his whole function for his job. Preaching against sin. Same for politics. If there is a whole range of things you’re not allowed to notice, sexually debauched culture, Jewish influence in society. Racial realities, etc, you can’t have any real politics that matter. But I’ve noticed, a lot more “noticing“ Is going on these days among the body politics. A lot more….

  3. FWIW it’s becoming more obvious to me that the fusion of religion and White identity is the “killer app” which not just the recent Alt-Right, but prior incarnations of WN in the 1990s and before were missing.

    Christianity has plenty of flaws, and I’m a committed atheist. But the basic problem we face was blindingly obvious even a few months after the St. Floyd riots, which is: ok, we oppose Negroes and shitlibs, but what are we actually *for*?

    It’s clear that White identity alone lacks sufficient depth as an ideological system – rather WN needs to be a component of something else. Pre-WW2 you had Manifest Destiny. These days you could theoretically have a White Nationalist state built on non-religious fascism or Communism as the underlying software (much as Communist China is a Han identitarian state), but here in the USA the only force which might plausibly stand up to Wokeness is some kind of Christian revival.

    • In my experience, people on the internet will become convinced that what they want is a White nation. They will then spend 100% of their time arguing among themselves about all the other things that divide them.

      The lack of a common identity, culture and morality means that there isn’t 1.) enough will power and 2.) cohesion for the “movement” to ever get off the ground. Disgruntled people upset about changing racial demographics just bicker to no end, years tick by and eventually most them get tired of it.

      I’ve been watching this play out for 20 years. I got tired of it 12 years ago. I never changed my views. I just concluded that the whole thing was ill conceived and that the movement couldn’t go anywhere because it lacked things which are essential to any successful nation

      • Identify our enemies and the rest will fall into place. I’m not big on English or Scots-Irish but they are not my enemies. Not now anyway.

        • “not big on English or Scots-Irish”

          They won’t play rap at 250 decibels all night, shoot up your neighborhood, gang beat your kids, ruin your town, drain away your taxes by prisons and welfare.

          English or Scots-Irish, both have made major contributions to science and medicine, unlike some races.

      • “that what they want is a White nation. They will then spend 100% of their time arguing among themselves ”

        Mostly true, however more people are awakening to racial realities and websites are spreading information to those on the fence.
        Just the fact that “i thought i was all alone” crowd are realizing they have a vast group of like minded kinsmen is a major help.
        Despite the truth of your statement, i think subtle but powerful changes are brewing.
        If we can just get large numbers of WHITES to cooperate in funding and action…….

      • @ HW You know what it is. We lost. Our people had their time, and now, we have lost, and there is no way to get it back. In the future, very few will know of any White civilizations. They will be taught that blacks built the pyramids and Mexicans invented Calculus.
        I’m not trying to be funny. It’s horribly pathetic. This is why you just can’t do the WN thing anymore, because it doesn’t even matter now.

          • “will be taught that blacks built the pyramids and Mexicans invented Calculus.”

            Don’t kid yourself.
            If WHITE people vanish, the Chinese will sweep away these other races like a tidal wave. Blacks, what blacks ? Maybe a few , kept as zoo exhibits.

          • You need to get out more. A Mexican told a friend of mine, “It’s not YOUR country anymore”.
            Can you imagine walking into any nation, illegally, and saying that? You KNOW they are being groomed.
            Things are far worse than you imagine then.
            Christians claiming they want a white nation are stating an oxymoron, because they keep the Jews in power. Christians will not remove them. You watch, this will turn into a fight with Christian factions, and nothing will be done.

        • Pilot,

          Yes, we lost. We also deserved to lose. Today, I saw this being mentioned on twitter:


          Its possible that Christian Nationalism triumphs over Social Liberalism. Its also likely that Christian Nationalism is the best chance Pro-White politics has of succeeding. I’m willing to see where it goes. I’m not at all confident its going to amount to anything more than a rear guard action.

          Whites lost the will to survive *As Whites* a long time ago. If we ever had it. Our inventions dont mean anything when we dont have the will to preserve them.

    • Christianity is the backbone of Western Civilization. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or a Jew but I repeat myself.

      Looking at Latin America anti-Catholicism always turns into anti-Christianity and anti-Christianity is just a different flavor of anti-whiteness.

    • While I’m a white nationalist, not a Christian nationalist, I agree Christian nationalists will probably become central to the white nationalist movement, while centrist, liberal, pagan and atheist white nationalists will be pushed to the periphery.
      As Hunter has demonstrated, there simply isn’t enough secular conservative, centrist and liberal white nationalists out there to lead the movement.
      Also, they aren’t organized, Christians are.
      Furthermore, liberalism on its own won’t lead to a healthy nation.
      If there’s going to be a successful white nationalist movement, Christians, evangelical protestants in particular, will lead it.
      Viktor Orban and to a lesser extent Putin achieved it in Hungary and Russia respectively, only time will tell for sure if it can be achieved in North America and western Europe, and they achieved it without resorting to autocracy.
      Hungary and Russia are conservative democratic republics, not autocracies, if anything we in the west are more autocratic, dissent is no longer tolerated here by the ruling class and it’s getting worse all the time.

  4. Myself I’m a lukewarm Christian somedays and an agnostic others.
    My white nationalism by contrast is much more consistent.
    I’ve been a consistent white nationalist for over a decade ever since David Duke and Jared Taylor woke me up.

    I am a white nationalist but otherwise, not that socially conservative, more socially centrist or liberal, in the European sense of the word liberal, as in less government intervention, for me particularly in sociocultural matters, not liberal in the American sense, as in woke, antiwhite, misandrist and so on.
    I’m most definitely not a climate, covid or current thing nut, but I am socially liberal in that I think what consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is none of my business.
    But when it comes to what they do in public or with children, that I’m more conservative and interventionist on.
    And when it comes to the economy, that I’m more populist and interventionist on.

    To me liberalism is a big part of what it means to be white.
    Liberalism goes all the back to the enlightenment.
    Really it kind of, sort of goes back further even, to the Greeks and Romans.

    Liberalism was created by white Christian nationalists.
    Liberalism can be compatible with white Christian nationalism.
    We were relatively liberal, and white Christian nationalist up until 1965.
    Liberalism is part of our white heritage, along with conservatism, populism and, perhaps to a lesser extent, even progressivism, or at least the sort of progressivism practiced in the early-mid 20th century.

    Liberalism is part of our heritage because Europeans are an easy going, live and let live sort of people, but we’re also a conservative people, a populist people and a progressive people.
    All of these things are part of us, they aren’t some Jewish conspiracy or momentary aberration, they’re part of our intellectual and cultural heritage, our very temperament, part of what allowed us to flourish as a people while other civilizations like the Arabs, Indians and Chinese stagnated.
    The problem isn’t liberalism or progressivism so much, the problem is runaway liberalism and progressivism.

    Jews, and white antitheist globalists didn’t create liberalism and progressivism, instead they took these movements, manipulated and radicalized them to serve their interests.
    Liberalism and progressivism don’t need to be jettisoned, instead they need to be tempered by traditional conservatism.
    We don’t want a Christian version of Sharia either, at least I and millions of other white nationalists don’t.
    I think we do need to swing to the right in many ways, but extremism begets more extremism, revolution reaction and vice versa.
    Liberalism and progressivism have a place within the European tradition, so long as they don’t venture too far out in left field, become anti-white, misandrist and utterly debauched.

    Of course where we draw the line between acceptable and intolerable liberty, between progress and ‘progress’ or regress takes nuance, there are few hard and fast answers, but it’s better to be thoughtful than going from one extreme to the next.
    It compounds things that contemporary mainstream liberals and progressives aren’t willing to compromise, they want nationalists and traditional conservatives dead.
    Those liberals and progressives aren’t really what they claim to be anyway, and it’s they who have to die, but others like say Jimmy Dore, Kim Iversen, Glenn Greenwald and Naomi Wolf make good points, you can reason, have a conservation and find common ground with, they have good things to offer conservatives rarely, if ever do.
    The problem isn’t liberals and progressives, it’s shitlibs, libtards and regressives.
    It’s pinheads across the political spectrum incapable of reasoning and responding, they just react and destroy, and those like the Gates’s, Schwab’s and Soros’s of the world who manipulate them.

  5. God, God, ‘n’ moar God… Screw logic & common sense: all simply MUST believe in the unproveable to have any good outcome in this world.

    “Oh – ‘the mooslums say the same thing’, huh? Well, them ragheads don’t buhlieve that Muh JEE-sus is equal with God the Father, so THEIR religious fanaticism ain’t shit! HA!”

    We’re not fighting Satan, or other “powers & principalities in the air”; We’re not mere butt-puppets playing out God’s iron will predetermined before the beginning of time. Our enemies are flesh & blood, right here among us in the real world: usurper kike parasites, their mind-fucked white race traitor scum, and their shoulder-chipped, hyper-violent mud retards.

    It is just the most ancient struggle between species over land, resources & power. And we’re losing, not least because too many of us can’t keep our heads out of the clouds & our feet on the ground – like the winner jews do.

    • @eah—-Christian morality is no harm comes to the innocent. These people you site have been led astray, they are lost sheep roaming away from the flock. They have lost sight of Christianity and its meaning. You are the same as a Jew, you and your Greg Johnsons, and your Pete Thiels and your Ric Grenells, and your Charles T Morans. You all want to lead and rule without Christ. State your reasoning for why you are fit to rule without Christ. How are you going to treat others……

      You are not going to be fair to minorities the Jews beat you to the punch on that one. So what does they gay right have to offer? Nothing, you are for yourself, right or wrong?

      • Christ was a Jew. The religion was spread by Jews. The religion destroyed Rome. So many Christians try to say Christ wasn’t a Jew, but their Old Testament shows the family lineage.

        • @Pilot—-how was Christ a Jew?

          Are these the personal qualities of your everyday run of the mill Christ killer?

          self sacrifice
          a cheerful giver
          concerned with the well being of the less fortune
          morally just

          Sounds Jewish retard?

          Christ was nothing like a Jew and that is why you hate him, you miserable dirty Jew fzck. Because he is something you can never be, a moral decent civilized human being. Not a lying cheesy bag of filth like yourself kyke. You go sell you line of crap some where else okay Christ killer?

        • @Pilot—-the Old Testament is the Jew bible, the fiction book, not Christian kyke.

          Hey kyke, have you ever seen a camel take a crap? How TF did Shem survive for 40 days and nights on a boat with two of every animal on earth. Poor Shem must have been up to his eyeballs in crap. How did he do it kyke? How kyke?

    • That’s appalling news. Can’t say I’m surprised and I agree the the rest will follow over time unless there is a really serious attempt to take back the churches which have been captured. Yes there will be a small remnant – for there always is. I’m not seeing any evidence of even a push for a ‘reconquista’ apart from some outliers like Vox Day.

  6. Southern Nationalism is more viable than White Nationalism. The South has the ethnicity (Anglo-Celtic) the religion (Protestantism) and the Language (English.) White Nationalism only has race, not ethnicity, has language, but is permanently balkanized on the issue of religion. It’s a big tent, and big tents don’t work unless you are an empire, and we are a captured internal proletariat, nowhere near an empire.

    There can be a general movement of Whites against anti-White institutional attacks and oppression, but this is a long way from an ethnostate.

    Christian Nationalism isn’t traditional nationalism. It’s civic nationalism with Christianity. This is preferable to what we have now, but unlikely to work in toto in godless America. There could be a push to make the right more Christian Nationalist, but the donor class will veto this.

    Overall, things are bleak. Unlike Hunter, I am not swayed by MTG or Tucker Carlson. These people aren’t having an institutional effect, only an illusory one on fleeting feels. We are still institutionally screwed.

    • @ Thomas
      While I agree with most of what you wrote, “The South has the ethnicity (Anglo-Celtic)” is wrong. This was true very long ago, but there are a LOT of mulattos and mixed people, just as with the other sections of the nation. There are a LOT of blacks and Mexicans. In the past decades, there was a huge movement of Northerners to Atlanta and Dallas, and other metro areas for booming jobs.
      I was in the South over a decade ago, and I couldn’t believe the amount of mulattos I saw. It’s as bad as any big city, like NYC.
      Perhaps the only answer is secession, but we all know that won’t be allowed by the Federal government. Once another government is in charge, they could deal with the nonwhite problems.
      I agree that religion won’t change anything. These people just pray more in church and don’t do anything. Lots of noise.
      They are asking God to change things, for God to do something. We all know how that works out.

      • This is why people advocated for a White homeland carved out of the US. Even 30+ years ago people foresaw this coming and that Whites wouldn’t be able to hold onto the entire country.

        I can see why people want to hold on to the entire thing, but it’s obviously too late for that. That won’t stop them from trying and failing. Latinos, Blacks, and even Asians will grab their chunk of America when it collapses and Whites will live as a hated and despised minority with not a pot to piss in. The only way to change this is drastic radical action, which they don’t have the heart for.

        They all think we have infinite time to solve our problems when it has already struck midnight quite some time ago. The most I see happening is that Whites manage to push back the date of disaster so that their grandchildren get to eat the shit sandwich and not them.

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