1. The only people she needs to convince are the voters in her district in Georgia.

    The Christians are organized, they vote, they fund raise, and they staff the political institutions.

    Your movement is a failure because you don’t do that, instead you dress up in “fashy” costumes and scream weird slogans for the television cameras. Terrible optics.

    Greene would be an idiot to listen to anything you people say. She wins elections, you people win nothing.

  2. MTG: “The FBI’s political targeting of President Trump is the same type of thing they did to MLK.”

    Why do conservative feel they have to virtual signal to blacks? I never got that.

    • Why do conservative feel they have to virtual signal to blacks? I never got that.

      Because they’re pathetic cucks and virtue signalers, and believe we’re all the same and all god’s children.

    • They aren’t virtue signaling to blacks, they are virtue signaling to white women. The entire fate of our civilization is in the hands of the white female voter, like Joshua’s scouts hoping for the mercy of Rahab. Completely duped by the globalist psychopaths into turning over their whole civilization to those demons. If they ever do the right thing in the perfect storm we can only expect it to be a fluke…and the right will have to take advantage of it the same way the Islamacists do with their “one man, one vote, one time” strategy of wisely not allowing their opponents to just be handed power right back in “an election.” One thing that would need to be immediately done is to pink slip DC in it’s entirety. Reform a new national capital in the heartland, draw upon reliable agencies in red states to constitute vital national functions and get ready for a fight. Get the military out to sequester off these big blue cities and their media outlets from contaminating the rest of the nation. Either let them go their own way as demilitarized independent city states, or kick them out of all the states they are in and revert to territory status with a military governor to strictly sort out the wickedness that has taken root.

  3. We need to create a trophy award, that looks like a pair of big brass balls. Just for people like her. I want to glue a pair of BB’s to a copper Penny to give to McConnell and Mc Carthy. As that’s about the size they deserve.

  4. Why is the name “protect children’s innocence act” Orwellian?

    Seriously, HW, or anyone else who would like to comment. Can someone offer me some kind of logical explanation as to how a bill designed to protect the innocence of children would be “Orwellian” for, in fact, enacting legislation that does what the name describes.

    To me, Orwellian language is language that is oblique or does the opposite of what a literal interpretation would describe. Like, if an agency was named “The Department for Freedom of Expression”, but is in fact a censorship and propaganda organization. Or when the Shitlibs talk of “protecting our democracy” and “fighting authoritarianism” by enacting authoritarian legislation designed to disenfranchise white people from “democracy”.

    I just can’t see how the people who do “Secular Talk”, who sometimes make a little sense, can be so out in left field on this one.

  5. There’s an epistemological disconnect here.
    With progressives, common sense, moral intuition, Christianity and criticism of the scientific community, which isn’t neutral, but manipulated by wealthy progressives, government, big pharma and the medical industry, never enters the equation.
    They simply give into whatever the scientific community currently says, or whatever legacy media says it says.

    Millions of people don’t think this way.
    They take their life experiences, intuition and criticism of the scientific consensus both from within and outside the scientific community into account, as they should.
    Science is highly corruptible, basically they don’t serve the truth, they serve who’s paying their bills, and if who’s paying their bills doesn’t fear public backlash, more often than not they will ignore inconvenient consequences for profit and power.

    It’s just like with covid, time after time corporate state scientists cherry picked studies and interpretations that supported heavy interventionism, they character assassinated any scientists and studies that didn’t support or refuted heavy interventionism.

    This is a democratic republic, not a technocracy.
    Our task as responsible citizens with free conscience is not simply to defer to what the scientific community appears to be saying at the moment.
    And there are tens of millions of Christians and conservatives out there who think all this is an abomination on its face, pure and simple.
    Conservative values aren’t arbitrary, they went through a process of natural selection, good ideas helped people survive and thrive and in turn those ideas flourished with them, the ones that didn’t died off.
    Tradition isn’t the antithesis of reason, but a kind of reason.

    But, these thoughts are new to progressives or they simply don’t want to hear them.
    It is always the conservative who must entertain the thoughts and whims of progressives, never the other way round.
    And now these progressives who are blatantly grooming children (yes Satanic pedophile Malthusians blatantly control our institutions, hence drag queen story time and the like) are facing a massive backlash, and rightfully so.
    Crystal and Kyle may have benign intentions, but the elites who run pedophile rings hence Epstein and who fund and shape ‘the science’ do not.

    Where was ‘#metoo’ on Epstein?
    Where’s the list of celebrities, politicians and royalty the Epsteins of the world pimped minors to?
    Of course the likes of ‘metoo’ will never produce such a list, instead it was politicized and weaponized against the likes of justice Kavanaugh, to target conservatives and enemies of the ruling class.
    ‘Science’ be damned, Christians, conservatives and ordinary folk need to take back our institutions.

  6. I gotta say this. Crystal and whatshisface are both very naive here.

    They are making these broad statements that “nobody is doing these procedures to younger teenagers or prepubescents” (yet). But they are wrong to make broad assumptions. One thing that is almost guaranteed… if there is no law prohibiting something, then someone is doing it.

    In a manner of speaking, they sort of “admit” by their own tone that it would be a valid concern if people were doing this to kids below some undefined age threshold. Why else would they “reassure” the audience that nobody is doing “bottom surgeries”? OK, if it is already standard practice to not do the bottom surgeries, and if you can understand why this is concerning, enough to admonish your audience, why be against a law that bans it?

    The implication here is that non-medical people shouldn’t be regulating medical issues. Would they say the same of corporations like the petrochemical industry? Should those industries be trusted to regulate themselves? Are these people so naive to think that the medical industry can’t be profit driven?

    Having said this, I guarantee you that there are pubescent and pre-pubescent children who are having these surgeries performed on them by “black market” doctors. And Crystal dismisses breast removal like that’s no big deal. REALLY???, and puberty blockers. How is corrupting a child’s natural biological processes and removing healthy body tissue something that they so out of hand dismiss??

    The issue here is that more and more and more we see a trend toward dismissing mental health issues in favor of accommodating people’s fantasies. It’s as if though these secular people really do believe in the concept of a “soul”, which exists in the human brain, so they’re afraid to treat the mind as if it is something that might need to be fixed, because God wouldn’t have made a mistake there.

      • HW

        I know you’re ~40ish, I’m a good bit older.

        I was a teenager when various Olympic contests would have females from East Germany, USSR, Czechoslovakia, Romania etc competing against western countries. Invariably the commentary would be about how the women in those countries were being given male steroids. Many of the sports like gymnastics that require tremendous upper body strength would have “women” competing who might as well have been men. This is essentially the inverse of what we have now, where American men take female steroids to compete in women’s sports. But the moral questions were the same as they are now.

        If you could somehow transport Kyle and Crystal back to around the early to mid 80s, and immerse them in the culture of that era as adults instead of the toddlers that they were at that time, they would find themselves really questioning their own perceptions of reality and morality. In 1985 it was so obviously grotesque and bizarre to see women with male physiques and deep voices doing gymnastics against normal looking western women. It was appalling. Most of us still see these unnatural abominations as bizarre. But ideologues such as Crystal and Kyle just plod along waiting for the “current thing” to tell them what to believe.

        Even though they do sometimes show a small measure of sanity because they’re willing to question the establishment left on a lot of things, they still do this with a perception that secular/liberal ideology is the only correct one, and their critique is against the authoritarian impulses of the left, which is an important critique, but to be honest with you, I’m losing respect for them because in their nature they are just as shitlib as anyone else, they’re just not resolute and assured enough to take a strong stand on things.

    • Of course it is wrong, female neurotics of young age have had this gender crap so ingrained into them it’s now the first thing they think of when they start having these age old female teenage mental crises. None of them ever had any gender issues as children nor were blatant tomboys, which in itself would also not justify this medical mutilation. The fact in the past that the condition was very rare, and almost always found in males like all sexual perversions disproportionately affect males, pretty much proves this is a female social contagion. They boys this is growing in are also not the typically rare ultra effeminate homosexual, but outcast oddballs who have been given a false explanation for their condition and a way to “escape” who they are. In reality it’s just autism and going down this queer extremist path will only lead to suicide.

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