Mehdi Hasan: The Dangerous New Movement In Right-Wing America

It is hard to say who is the most triggered by this.

Is it Jews, White libtards or anti-Christian White Nationalists?

The term “Christian nationalism” has exploded on Twitter since May and the demise of Roe v. Wade.


  1. Since the jews run and control the media and the narrative, it’s safe to say it’s mainly the jews that are triggered, except when it comes to jewish Zionism than it’s different story.

  2. That a guy with the name Mehdi Hasan should have any voice at all in a European Christian country on any continent is fn disgusting!

    yet again jewyank shennanigans brought this horror to Columbia shore

  3. Yes the “Right” are bad for “Rallying the troops” in a counter coup against our coup, peak liberal logic

    If Christian Nationalism is the catalyst for a massive violent vengeful insurgency against the ruling liberal order and leftists in general…yes then you may call me a “Christian Nationalist” time to cull the weak, put down the book and pick up the gun

    I love how the CN are pushing that liberals and democrats are “Satan” and how that is sure to turn them from a political advisery to becoming a deadly enemy…wich they are and it´s high time these Gunservative midwits realize the fact that for so long have been so clear to us “Nazis”

  4. Willi Münzenberg summed up the Frankfurt School’s long-term operation thus: “We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.”

    • They’ve done it except for legalized pedophilia coming soon. A corrupt and demoralized people is a conquered people.

  5. …..anti-Christian White Nationalists are Irish homos. And face it if these anti-Christ Irish homos had any moral philosophical reason for why they should lead over others we would have heard it by now. The only reason I see is an innate inborn desire in Irish blood to exert their will over others, without any moral underpinning at all.

      • Apparently, antiwhite attack trolls are welcome here. He’s been here for months attacking Whites generally and spouting unhinged rhetoric. Certainly a jew tool to be sure.

        • DICARLO—the Jews the Irish and the queers that is the anti-white coalition, anti Christ coalition too. You hate the innocent, you are less than human. Filth, diseased disgusting morally repugnant filth, that is you kyke.

      • @more of the same—–I hate those who persecute and torment the weak and the innocent and I hate your fzxcking guts you worthless Irish prick. You hate the innocent. You a Goddamned Christ killer. And i will spit it in your ugly fzxcking face. Do you read me Mick?

    • Now, Bob, stop trying to project your disgusting lusts upon your betters.

      You have to come to terms with your homosexuality when it comes to the Irish. We’re not interested.

      • @Sertorius—–what happened to crank, why won’t you call me crank anymore? Do you know Greg from the Atlanta gay scene? Why TF would a white nationalist leader, Greg Johnson, take not one job, but two different teaching jobs at two different historically black colleges? Because he is Irish, and the Irish share a common sense of persecution with there black brothers and sisters. Right or wrong Mick?

          • @Sertorius—-the gays can not lead a Christian movement, they and their conduct is immoral. So a strawman is created, the white nationalist. This white nationalist moniker also hides the Jew war on Christ. My need to know is weather or not there is some sort of cooperating agreement between the Jews and the homo white nationalists. I think there is. And the number of treacherous Irishmen calling themselves white nationalist instead of Christians interests me to no end. Still a white nationalist right Mick? Is Greg ever going to call himself a Christian nationalist? BAHA you gotta laugh.

  6. Exposed here: typical Christian nutjob. Check out any of his comments and be convinced. Evidently favors Christians running the war against the jews. How do you think that would work out?

  7. At this point I don’t care if you’re Christian, pagan, atheist or agnostic as long as you’re Pro White. We all have a common enemy that hates us for being White and wants us gone.

  8. I remain unconvinced that “Christian nationalism” is anything more than left wing clickbait, a figment of paranoid hysterical leftist imaginations, and a left wing coping mechanism to explain the judicial jettison of Roe.

    Because it’s evidently too difficult for them to read an actual majority opinion of the Supreme Court, to find out that they struck down Roe for the reason that abortion issue agnostic legal industry critics of Roe have been saying since 1973, that it’s bad constitutional law.

    That the Twitter ngram of “Christian nationalism” started exploding after the draft opinion leak back in May is all the proof I need of my party line.

    • The timeline goes something like this:

      – Philip Gorski and Samuel Perry published their book The Flag and the Cross in April.

      – The draft opinion of Dobbs that overturned Roe v. Wade leaked in early May

      – Libs on Twitter reacted by concluding “OMG, it is literally The Handmaid’s Tale” which is why we spent a month ridiculing them with the Gilead banner

      – The Dobbs decision came down in late June. Democrats began to capitalize on the hysteria to fundraise and try to elevate abortion as an issue in the midterms

      – Clarence Thomas alluded to overturning other precedents based on substantive due process which added further fuel to the fire.

      – The key event was Marjorie Taylor Greene trolling Libs on Twitter by identifying as a Christian nationalist

      • Don’t forget the Troll Army who flooded sites with “Christcuck Heil Hitler” in coordination with the ADL/SPLC, playing the “Heel” in the pro wrestling performance.

        The Nazi cosplayers actually claimed it was a big conspiracy against Nazis who were JUST on the cusp of Total Aryan Domination when the Jews tricked all the dumb white normies to worship Jesus not Hitler.

        Christian Nationalism is a conspiracy to D&C The Movement.

        Those clever Jews!

      • And I agree. I should add that, wherever there is a demand, someone will rise up to meet the supply.

        When paranoid leftists want to be persecuted, as if they have a fetish about it, someone will come along and do the persecution.

        In this case, it’s that the paranoid left thinks that “Christian nationalism” ended Roe. So, some of “our” people will LARP Christian nationalism to feed their paranoia and to mess with their minds.

        • I haven’t.

          I started out as a White Nationalist. I was involved in that for about 10 years from 2001 to 2011.

          Around 2010/2011, I concluded that wasn’t working. Whites are too diverse and differ too much in their beliefs and values to be a nation. A nation is something narrower and requires common ancestry, but also a common identity, history and culture and sympathies and willingness to live together.

          There are lots of White nations in the world. I decided to focus my energies and thoughts on my own. I became an ethnonationalist. I got involved with the Council in 2010 and League of the South in 2012. This doesn’t mean that I ceased to be pro-White. There are good White people all over the world, not just here in the South and I wish them the best, but this is where I live and this is my home and the people who I feel closest to and who I want to reach the most.

          As the Alt-Right took off in 2015 and 2016, I supported it because I was still pro-White. It wasn’t my thing, but I jumped on the bandwagon because it was taking off at the time and I basically subscribed to the belief that my 80% friend isn’t my 20% enemy. It was close enough that I wanted it to succeed and to a degree it did. It failed though for a variety of reasons which I have thought a lot about.

          After the Alt-Right collapsed in 2018, I didn’t change my beliefs. I just concluded that White Nationalism and the Alt-Right were flawed. We would need a better model or paradigm to succeed which I set about creating based on my own experiences.

          Anyway, that’s where I am now. I look at White Nationalism and the Alt-Right as older flawed paradigms. They didn’t work. I’ve tried to improve on their design. I write about all kinds of things here, not just race and Jews. The monomania of the movement bores me and aggravates me.

          It is all just one continuous project to me though. I think we need to learn from failure. I’ve written a lot about the failures in the movement that I see like the excessive focus on race and the lack of interest in morality.

  9. Well, this “Christian Nationalism” is basically Southern Baptist, Scotts Irish nationalism as well. This is a powerful coalition, but still a minority, especially after the 100 million plus Fake Americans imported through the 1965 immigration act are allowed to steal our electoral power. This whole thing needs to be used positively to create that “black style” 96% reliable voting block in these areas, but needs to be temperate enough not to spook the white suburban female voter who are holding a gun to White America’s head just like Karen Hill in Goodfellas when she caught wind of Henry Hill’s mistress and the Republicans have to be clever enough like Henry to smooth talk her into lowering the weapon and not pulling the trigger. I despise feminism, reading anti feminist blogs is how I eventually stumbled upon these WN and JQ type blogs as well, but the problem is right now the “patriarchy” type restorations of our civilization are just dreams and the game we have to play is getting these white women to do the right thing at the ballot box.

    Still, dreams are possible, there was a single guy living in Jerusalem around 1900 who personally brought about the restoration of Hebrew from a dead language into a living tongue, so bizarre, anyone would have thought if the Zionists had succeeded the national languages would be Yiddish, Russian, or English or something, but one man with a vision did restore something people thought impossible to bring back. Perhaps historical America can be brought back from life support as well.

    • Jews stripped us of German as an American language. There is great German literature unlike Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish etc. Maybe we can bring that back. My grandfather spoke French as a native language but that kind of died with France. Spanish is the second language on US passports now.

  10. A Muslim foreigner who comes to America legally after 9-11 to taunt the Native Born White Christian Historic Majority about their demographic demise…..

    Who ordered this sewage:‘George W Bush who massively increased the scale of Muslim Legal Immigrants in America during his 8 years as POTUS…

    Who voted for George W Bush?..Answer:Native White Working Class Americans…reap what you sow….

    • The South does sort of feel like a country under protracted enemy occupation. I wonder if the Germans, South Koreans and Japanese feel the same way?

  11. The jews and liberals spent decades insulting, threatening and ridiculing conservative White Christian Americans, then they become upset when that group starts to complain about it. I hope the situation accelerates to the point where it’s finally settled once and for all!

    We should have had a not-so-civil uprising against our hostile alien overlords a long time ago. But I guess most Americans are too soft and docile to fight back. Or maybe they lack any real sense of national, racial or cultural identity to rally around?

  12. The only way Christian Nationalism will become the majority and rule in the Republican Party is when the GOP dumps the libertarians and embraces the old Christian right that was Socially Conservative, strongly supported government enforced Morality, and really comes into the knowledge of how Biblical societies should be run. Until then the “I Love My Money” Jew thought process will still rule and Christians will have less and less and less position in the Republican Party. Christians should bolt and from a Christian Nationalist Party and take all those votes with them. Down with the Donkey and the Elephant that’s destroyed America. Deo Vindice !

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