Center for Political Innovation Collapses

This was Caleb Maupin’s leftwing fringe group.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. I can’t think of any parallel to this in our circles.


  1. I don’t want to watch their media. I can tell from the hats they’re a bunch of communists and “revolutionaries”.

    Whats the tldr. Did he bang the babe with the nice legs?

    Who is Caleb Maupin. I don’t follow twitter. Never have.

    Do the boomers here a favor and give the context at least.

        • there is no tl:dr b/c there are many dynamics at play
          so i hope you find the time to skim over this
          he’s a regular correspondent at RT, not an RT personality, we’re talking 5-10 minute clips every other day or so.
          people know him as that b/c his personal Twitter account was labeled “Russian State Affiliated Media” which was a campaign by Twitter, backed by the Left to go after anti war voices that were featured on RT at least 3 times amid the early stages of the Ukraine War.
          Caleb ran a group called CPI (Center for Political Innovation) because it was his personal belief that CPUSA (Communist Party of America) is married to the DNC and won’t enact any change that he feels is deeply needed in this country as a result.
          -CPUSA’s undying support for Kamal Harris was one of his supporting arguments for this.
          It should also be noted that the Ukraine Government labeled him an information terrorist that should be treated as a war criminal, putting out a hit list on him and many others for their “words” b/c words and opinions are scary…
          He gained notoriety on Twitter b/c he went after a group called BreadTube, a group of influencers that claim to be Communists/ Socialists/ Social Democrats so pretty much those real woke pro union democrats. He made a book called “BreadTube Serves Imperialism” which outlines Breadtubers are against free speech uncritical of any war narrative put out by the state department and some other points.
          BreadTube also despises Julian Assange, so much so that they want him tortured at a CIA black site for the crime of his reports on Hillary Clinton and our war crimes

          he’s also not fringe, he advocates working with republicans, because he believes socialists have more in common with working people in america than the “elites.”
          this is why lefties call him fringe, the only conservative they want is Liz Cheney
          he didnt bang a girl with nice legs, seemed like he liked girls with nice legs stepping on him

          • FWIU he was one of the few on the nominal “left” that would debate and engage with the fash. Which garnered him a lot of shit from the “liberal vanguard” et al. Seemed like a nice enough guy for a commie. He has a lot of gay and erroneous takes on race and society, but he had a genuine soft spot for the white working class and criticized woke pol vis a vis economic dialectical materialism.

          • Do any of you even watch the CPUSA event on You Tube? I think Revolution today. It features 4 panelists. Its cringeworthy. They do sound like Democrats and not like Revolutionaries Their following must be low because there are few comments on their you tube postings.

      • Of course we know that grifting and fakery, and other sins, are not confined to the Right. I was aware of a scandal brewing for about a year. At one time I thought Maupin was aiming on target and a good educator, but his CPI was a personal vanity project that had nothing to do with advancing socialist revolution, which became increasingly obvious as Maupin manipulated vulnerable people, fought with real socialists who are sincere, and took increasingly moderate, compromising positions.

        But one individual’s failures or crimes will not change the truth, nor stop the march of history.

        I agree with you that the scene in the video you linked, with both the Internationale and the Star Spangled Banner, and the two opposite flags, juxtaposed at a CPI meeting is truly ridiculous.

        If THE RIGHT is correct, the failures of so many of its members (you recounted many of them in your recent “Tales of the Movement” articles) do not change the truth and somehow the movement will continue.

        Likewise if the Left (the true Left) is correct, the Right is wrong, and the failures of real or fake leftists such as Maupin will not change the truth and derail the logical, natural, inevitable march of history.

        • “A personal vanity project”…. that’s exactly what Fuentes’ America First is too! They don’t have any real philosophy or goals as far as I can tell. It’s just a personality cult for twinks. And yes, that tall brunette with the nice gams who was holding the flag is totally smashable!

  2. Caleb Maupin is infinitely more based than the pro-Ukraine pieces of SHIT known as “white nationalists”. He actually supports the Donbass unlike you FAGS. Of course you fucktards hate him.

  3. I wasn’t aware that those who browse this site were either for or against Ukraine. I thought the consensus here is that it doesn’t matter to us here in the US, apart from all the free stuff they’re currently getting.

    • “either for or against Ukraine. I thought the consensus here is that it doesn’t matter to us here in the US”:

      It matters, especially because it is YOUR WAR! If you ignore it, you give tacit consent. Are you for your Empire? If so you are against your Empire’s victims. Which side are you on?

    • Like engines able to run on multiple fuels – kerosene, petrol, diesel – but one of the fuels definitely performs better than the others. But when the fuel is not filtered and there is an abrasive contaminant, soon the engine is destroyed.

      • I prefer free enterprise myself but post-Shlomo purged USSR had some highlights like the space program. They didn’t purge hard enough unfortunately for them.

    • The DDR and Yugoslavia under Tito didn’t do so badly under Soviet socialism. Strange how right wingers never want to admit that so-called Communist countries invariably become very conservative and nationalist, while the capitalist democracies of the West just get weaker and more decadent.

      • It’s because conservatives prioritize freedom for capital and cohesive, socially conservative countries are more likely to have the agency to use state power to moderate economic power.

        • “likely to have the agency to use state power to moderate economic power.”
          Sorry I couldnt hear you over all that oligopoly and cartel rattle.

  4. I need to pull my “Kill a Commie for Mommy ” out of mothballs.

    The only good Marxist-Leninist is a dead one…or several million.

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