House of the Dragon Is Woke

Did anyone here watch the series premiere?

I didn’t watch it because I heard there were black Velayrons and the whole storyline was about feminism with the men of House Targaryen fighting a civil war to preserve the patriarchy.


House of the Dragon” star Steve Toussaint, who plays Lord Corlys Velaryon a.k.a. “The Sea Snake” on the series, slammed viewers of the “Game of Thrones” prequel who took issue with his casting.

“It seems to be very hard for people to swallow,” Toussaint said in an interview with Men’s Health. “They are happy with a dragon flying. They’re happy with white hair and violet-colored eyes, but a rich Black guy? That’s beyond the pale.”

While Lord Corlys is never explicitly described as white in George R. R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood,” from which “House of the Dragon” is adapted, many imagined the character to be fair-skinned because his ancestors are Valyrian and his hair is described in the book as “Targaryen white-blonde.” …”

I take it that I didn’t miss anything.

The show has already devolved into racism lectures.


  1. Unplug your cable, get rid of HBO, Netflix.

    I have free antenna TV and just watch better sports like tennis in sports bars.

    We live in an occupied country, this Farstar Comic we did says it all – when you let Je* Talmudvision, Homo, feminism vision dominate your living room, you are allowing the Children of the Devil to corrupt your family against you.

    • Talmudvision has always been junk, with few exceptions. An absolutely amazing invention that is controlled by the worst of people.
      I have several lifetimes worth of videos on HDs, things that inform and entertain. How anyone can watch the sewage of commercial TV is beyond me.
      Get some value from your entertainment.

      • Additionally, every WN should be archiving all the quality pro-white material they can, books, videos, etc. Both for reference and building future websites.
        HDs are cheap, store that stuff !

        • Yes, But I’d be careful about information overload. Good propaganda that really works is simple, hits the mind body and soul – it’s not trying to get young White men and women to watch 1,000 movies, videos and read 100 long books.

          Out people tend to be really, really bad at so many important things like presidential elections – always getting some boring old stiff promising to balance the budget by ending social security payments to old white retires in Florida. OMG.

          Propaganda is both a science and an art. The last really good political propagandist was Lee Atwater and his Willie Horton revolving door for murderers and rapists advert.

          • “Yes, But I’d be careful about information overload.”

            Yes, I totally agree, but I’m talking about those of us who have an ardent interest in pro-WHITE activities. I mean to collect all the source material you can, for reference and rebuilding banned sites.
            Maybe some creative genius can structure all the material so it’s easy to access, both for instruction and reference.
            I don’t mean to flood a newbie with overwhelming material 🙂

          • “Propaganda is both a science and an art. The last really good political propagandist was Lee Atwater and his Willie Horton revolving door for murderers and rapists advert.”

            Very true. Atwater later bowed the knee to Schlomo and apologized for his “unfair” ad (which was completely truthful) about the violent thug set loose by Dukakis. Just as an aside, the murderous dindu who gunned down four white cops in a coffee shop in suburban Washington state around a decade back was set loose by Mike Huckabee (Repuke), who never had to pay for it even politically.

            A number of folks are now dead also thanks to Zion-Don and his program (authored by Jared the Devil-worshipper and his wife) to release violent negroes from prison. Not a dime’s worth of difference. Our people are totally brainwashed. It starts early, even before kindergarten.

      • I haven’t had Cable TV in over 10 years. I couldn’t tell you what’s on it.
        Everything I watch is online. There are far better creators putting up videos on science, politics, and entertainment. There’s even that Math channel from England that is downright entertaining.

      • Television programming (key words) began to go downhill after the 1936 Summer Olympics broadcast.

        Thank goodness the Berlin Olympics will be the first thing extraterrestrial biological organisms view from Earth.

  2. Never watched Game of Thrones and I will not watch this. Is it any surprise anymore? Seen a trailer for new UK series where the queen is black also. What a joke.

    • I’ve never watched it either ,and I couldn’t tell you what it was about. Never watched any of those game shows like Survivor, or the ones where people try to sing to compete. Boring.

  3. Why even watch shit like this if you are a grown man!, read,shoot,write,work-out instead!

    Absolute useless tripe and killing the time you realy don´t have

    • “Grown men” aren’t so grown anymore. At least 45 and younger are addicted to nigger rap and addicted to jew superhero motion pictures, video games, and internet porn. Thanks jews!

      • I hate those superhero movies. Marvel, etc. Really stupid. It’s the same story over and over and over. How many Superman and Spiderman movies have they made now?

        I’d rather watch the history of old space program on Youtube.

  4. ahhhh…… what a boring world the woke world. The past innocence and lightness has turned into an inquisition that seeks to manipulate history, legends and to pass propaganda messages over and over again. Once one went to the cinema to see a story, now one should go to the cinema to learn the single-mindedness imposed by the politically correct left-wing woke.

  5. Sounds like it should have been called house of the coon.

    I watched the first season of game of thrones. Once they killed off Sean Bean I didn’t want anything to do with it. Was like Dune all over again.

    Motherfuckers always killing off and debasing the honorable White patriarch.

  6. Power determines ethics. Once your group/cult controls the State then it decides the ethics for the stupid/insane masses to adopt. We now are under the rule of Jewish-Christian-Communist egalitarian morals of degneracy–when my cult attains power then you will exist in an entirely different moral order based on The Book of the Law.

  7. ” if you are a grown man!, read,shoot,write,work-out instead!”

    Plus you can listen to podcasts while doing mundane chores and watch quality videos while exercising.

  8. That reminds me, tomorrow I will go to the local cable TV store and return my cable box. Over the air TV is good enough. And I’ll save about $50 a month. I gave cable a try for a few months and it’s just not worth the cost.

    • Watch what you want on YouTube, Odysee, and Bitchute, FREE.
      Cable TV is dead.
      I haven’t had cable TV in over a decade.
      I watch some great history documentaries, science shows, and some indy film creators, besides white politics.

  9. Today is the first day that Top Gun: Maverick is available in streaming services.

    Have heard it is not Woke. Will see soon

    The fact it stars a White dude and he has a normal (heterosexual) relationship is almost never depicted in today’s media (which I am beginning to suspect is run by satanic pedophiles.)

    • You can watch free stuff online. YouTube Dust has some good short Sci Fi. And the Back Rooms guy has some horror that is better than Hollywood.

  10. I rarely watch TV but when I do it’s old shows (westerns) with old actors. I don;t watch any shows with blacks in it because it’s meant to indoctrinate you and give you the false sense of reality that they are all heroes and have perfect families.

    I would rather tape something and fast forward through the commercials where the White man is the bumbling idiot and the minorities are all Drs, lawyers, etc.

  11. I have a female cousin who’s very into that Game of Thrones shit, both the books & televitz versions. I’ve never seen any of it, because I refused to pay extra for HBO when I had (((cable))), which I haven’t for 3 years now.

    The only things I miss about it are TCM (even though the enjoyment of those old movies was basically ruined by that filthy commie kike Ben Mankiewicz with his sermons about the Red “Witch Hunts” before & after every goddam movie), and the true crime shows like Forensic Files (NOT the ones with the “sexy” reenactments that idiot wimmin love).

  12. Hollywood and the Entertainment industry is dead, it died in the mid 10s when the left went bat shit.
    It always had a leftwing slant, but it was also an artform, now it’s just propaganda for far left woketards.
    I don’t watch new movies and TV shows anymore, just old stuff, mostly from the 20th century.
    I don’t want to give Jews and lunatics anymore of my money.
    Politics and news is far more interesting these days than anything they’re capable of coming up with, and I can get my news and politics from a wide variety of sources, I don’t have to get it from the dinosaur media.
    There may be some good genuinely independent films and shows out there being made, but I can’t be bothered to hunt any of them down, the older I get the more I lose my appetite for fiction.
    Game of Thrones was good, one of the few series from the 10s I bothered to watch, but obviously the spinoff or whatever is gonna be shit.

    • Unfortunately, it seems there are enough droolers and booger-eaters to keep Hymiewood going.

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