1. Don’t worry about it, nothing will happen to your precious Commies, since both NATO & Russia are surreptitiously governed by the same Zionist-Communist Cryptocrats. They’re both in on it together to slaughter thousands/millions of Aryan Ukrainians in accordance with Putins & Boris Siegels (Jews) ‘World Without Nazism’ military operation..

    You’re witnessing the beginning of a new ‘Holodomor’. The first one in the 1930’s was engineered by the Jews & their agent Stalin to eliminate millions of Germanic Ukrainians via the cover of ‘collectivization’. The present one is once again being orchestrated by the Jewish Overlords via their Judeo-Communist agent Putin & Soviet Russia’s ‘World Without Nazism’ organization to liquidate more pro-white Ukrainians..Both were/are racial attacks upon the Aryan race, yet most white gentiles can’t figure this out..

    • @zard—–kyke why? What is the purpose of the “racial attacks upon the Aryan race”? Can you tell us kyke?

      Is it hatred of the innocent, or hatred of Christ, or are they one and the same, Christ killer?

      Are we not supposed to see what is as plain as the nose on your face?

      • You are a christard loon, who apparently can’t read either, but certainly false allegations and namecalling is your forte.

        If anything, Zard said plainly that your kikes were responsible for the murder of White Ukranians. I am quite sure your jews are responsible for much of the carnage of White Ukranians. What I don’t know is whether the Russians are doing anything but defending their homeland from US ZOG aggression. One can only speculate there is collusion between NATO and the Russians.

        • @DICARLO—and you put out for the Moshiach like a cockmongering manwhore. You do love your Big Mo, right or wrong kyke? And you would do anything to please him, right or wrong kyke? Right or wrong kyke?

      • Brownie the Clownie: Congratulations, you’ve been selected as Occidental Dissent’s official LOLcow. Moooooo.

      • Haven’t you figured it out yet? ‘White nationalism’ was rising & expanding in Ukraine since 2014 (Azov/Right Sector/S14 etc)–so the Jewish Overlords ordered their Russian Commies to invade & demolish their towns/cities & extirpate the ‘Nazis’ to prevent them from ultimately obtaining political power & establishing a white Ethnostate…The bungling Commies thought it would be a cakewalk but didn’t expect the fierce resistance from the anti-Communist Aryan Ukrainian freedom fighters..

        Its all a setup from the start: the transnational Jewish Oligarchs who govern NATO/Russia colluding & coordinating their war to demolish Ukraine & exterminate the white nationalist & anti-Communist masses in Holodomor II to prevent the rise of a white Ethnostate from forming. This is what these anti-white Commie lunatics will do to any ‘white nation’ they perceive as a potential threat to their global Zionist-Communist hegemony.

        • Azov/Right Sector/S14 etc are all Jewish-owned. Jews have been fleeing Russia, including several longstanding oligarchs over the Russian intervention in an ongoing war carried by the above Judeo-Nazis on Russian ethnics in territories annexed to Ukrainian SSR in 1922 by Lenin (Mala-Rossiya, Novo-Rossiya), and in 1955 by Krushchev (Crimea). The only Jews who fled 404 were the 20 planeloads of oligarchs their harems and offspring on Valentine’s Day. There are even Israeli volunteers in the “International Legion” financed by Jews with stolen money.

          There was no country of Ukraine historically. The fake-country was established in 1991 and has been a Jewish-run shithole ever since. Like Russia in the 1990s with extra decades of looting, asset-stripping and human-trafficking. In 2014 it joined the Globo-Pedo Empire via a Soros-sponsored ‘color revolution’. That’s when the ‘nazis’ you admire were recruited. These nazis never kill Jews, just Russians at the behest of their Jewish owners. Nazi is now a basically meaningless term, the equivalent of “poopy-head”, since Jews still scream “nazi” at anyone who they don’t approve of and Russians (thanks to what went on with Bandera and the German nazis in WW II) scream “nazi” at the west.

          There is even some evidence emerging that the German nazis of 1933-45 might have been controlled to an extent by Jews as well. Jews will not hesitate to toss their own non-elite into a meat-grinder if it’s deemed to be best for the tribe in the long run. By that measure, the NSDAP regime in Germany was a huge success for a sacrifice of much less than 6 million. Germans are rapidly heading to extinction, along with every other European population. The Great replacement is underway.

          If you support Country 404 you support the Jewish Globo-Pedo empire. Your argument is bommertardery. Jewkraine, NATO, EUSSR are all Jew-run empire. Russia, China and Iran are not. China is run by the Communist party but it’s Chinese, not Jew. (((Lenin))) and (((Trotsky))) would not consider China a communist state. They have more billionaires there than Murika does. The free-market conservatives extol is a utopian myth. Usury-racketeering leads to rigged markets and there is nothing free about a rigged market.

        • @Zard: Wasn’t it in 2014 the legitimately elected government in the Ukraine was overthrown by the jew run US State Department in a coup? Why yes! They then started flooding the place with gay sex, feminism, and brown immigration just as the jews have done here in our homeland. The jews took complete control of the government and funded satanic neo-Nazi gangs to slaughter ethnic Russians, some 14,000 in the Eastern Provinces of Dombass and Donetsk. Highlighting the corrupt nature of the jew run gov, Vladimir Zelensky, ran on the platform of upholding the Minsk agreements and ending the civil war that started after the illegal 2014 coup in Kiev. 73% of Ukrainians voted for him based on that lie. The US gov claims to be fighting for “democracy,” but anyone can look at the Ukraine and see that it is run by a jewish puppet, installed via an illegal Western-backed coup, who was given tens of millions of dollars by a jewish oligarch – the same jewish oligarch who established these bizarre satanic neo-Nazi death cults that have been waging total war against Russians in the Ukraine for 8 years.

          And why respond to Browning? He’s just the resident namecaller and lying smear merchant on Occidental Dissent. All he did was call you a jew because you have common sense, and don’t “believe”.

      • @Robert Browning
        Notice the USA doesn’t provide Ukraine with anything of real impactful offensive value like tanks, jets, bombers, nukes, missiles or submarines so they can demolish the Commies…just minor insufficient defensive material like pistols, rifles, helmets, howitzers, drones…All done intentionally of course, because its all a setup to drag out the war to create a new Holodomor as thousands/millions of Ukrainians get massacred & their towns/cities are razed…Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you:

        The Jews didn’t like all these Azov youth camps popping up all over Ukraine since 2014–training a new generation of prowhite nationalists. They knew it had to be stopped otherwise they’d ultimately take over the State. Ergo…direct their Jewish-Communist agent Putin & Soviet Russia to invade & attempt to dismantle/destroy them; export their women & kill/send the men to gulags…Remember, Soviet Russia is the headquarters for the ‘World Without Nazism’ program—an anti-white Russian govt. agency headed by Putin’s close friend Boris Siegel (Jew)

      • @Robert Browning
        Strange, Britain & France only waited two days to declare war on Germany in 1939 but its been near two months now since Russia invaded Ukraine & still no declaration of war…oh that’s right, they covertly want the Commies to slaughter thousands/millions of nationalistic pro-white Ukrainians…You know, they didn’t do anything to Stalin either when he invaded Poland–just Hitler they attacked.

        Same phony Zionist-Communist set up again, where the West & Soviet Russia are governed by the same cabal of Jewish Cryptocrats who pretend they’re ‘enemies’, but are both in on it to get rid of their real enemy…in 1939 it was Hitler who was their target & now its the Azov regiment & millions of nationalistic fascist Ukrainians,,,figure it out..

    • zard wrote: “You’re witnessing the beginning of a new ‘Holodomor’. The first one in the 1930’s…”

      Holodomor is a CIA propaganda myth. Read accurate history. Widespread deadly famines occurred fairly regularly in Tsarist Russia. The famine in the 1930’s was even more intense in Kazakhstan than in the western steppes. Socialist agriculture did not cause the last great famine. It put an end to famines in Russia.

      “to eliminate millions of Germanic Ukrainians”:

      Slavs are not Germanic.

      “racial attacks upon the Aryan race”:

      Please define “Aryan.” I know what Indo-Aryan means, and Indo-Iranian, and proto-Indo-Aryan, but I do not know what “Aryan race” means.

      • @Mertyr
        You wrote:”Holodomor is a CIA propaganda myth.”

        Eh, it’s not a myth. There are photos from this.

        Stop getting overly semantic. When someone says, “Aryan race”, they mean Whites.

        Some Ukrainians are very Nordic looking, which may have something to do with ancient times, when the Norsemen took to invading Russia and below.

        • @Pilot,

          You’ll never meet a Holodomor survivor because it actually occurred. The Kulaks didn’t get sent to camps with swimming pools, horseback riding, drama and musical offerings.

          The descendants of the perpetrators of the Holodomor control academia, international finance, and almost all media platforms, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn pointed out.

          • Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag storybook (fiction) is, or was, the Bible of anti-communists. That he received the Nobel Prize also tells you a lot.

            He was justly imprisoned for his anti-Soviet, pro-German (pro-Nazi) agitation during the war, but the revisionist, fake-communist Khrushchev regime, that removed or succeeded Stalin, let him loose again, to continue his anti-communist agitation.

            The bloody fascist advocated for the U.S. to return to Vietnam after the pull-out, and for the U.S. to intervene in Portugal to stop the People’s Revolution that temporarily overthrew fascism in 1974. He supported the bloody dictators Franco, Pinochet and Suharto, and Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, and of course, the Tsarist monarchy that kept Russian people poor and hungry for centuries (although there were a few relatively good Tsars, such as Ivan the Terrible).

            Of course he lied about an engineered famine. Holodomor is a propaganda myth.

        • “When someone says, ‘Aryan race’, they mean Whites”:

          They mean some Whites, not “Meds,” Slavs and Celts.

          The old term would be applied properly to Iranians and lighter-skinned Indians, some Afghans and Pakistanis.

      • There were a lot of ethnic Germans living in the Ukraine though. I believe Catherine the Great invited them to live there in the hopes that her fellow Germans would produce more food and bring Western progress to her backwards, quasi-Oriental empire.

        I am skeptical about the Holodomor. There were lots of problems with famine and disease in early Soviet times, just like there were during the Czarist era. Stalin was ruthless but he never ordered millions of people to be starved into submission. I once read that after Germany’s defeat in WWII he was asked why the Red Army didn’t keep advancing westward. His response was the Red Army would’ve been unable to provide enough food for all those additional civilians. “Who would feed them?” he asked.

        • “a lot of ethnic Germans living in the Ukraine though”:

          Yes, German and German-Swiss Anabaptists (agrarian pacifists) came, Mennonites and Hutteriites mostly. They had large families, prosperous farms, and exemption from military serve, at first. Also, Lutheran or Reformed “East Saxons” settled mostly in the Carpathians on the border of Russia. Nevertheless the region remained predominantly Slavic. Galicia was at least 20% Jewish, almost entirely urban not rural.

  2. Sock puppet Joe will do whatever his kyke overlords tell him to do. I would love to know what sort of shit Mossad has on him.

  3. For wars, there is an endless supply of money.
    When Americans need essential services, “oh, we just don’t have funds for that”.

    Just like the Great Depression, no jobs, 80% unemployment in Detroit, but as soon as they declare war II , total employment, “can you work saturdays and Sundays too, and a second shift”.
    Why couldn’t they have jobs during the depression, rebuilding railroads, a national irrigation and canal system, build colleges and hospitals ? But to build useless things, tanks and bombers, they have unlimited cash.

  4. This is good. I despise the trash that is the American people and I hope we bleed ourselves dry for an actually White nation like Ukraine.

    • As stupid, reckless and arrogant as ZOG is I don’t think they literally want to start another world war. But they do want to get rid of Putin and replace him with another weak, incompetent buffoon like Yeltsin. A guy named Alexei Navalny seems to be the stooge they have in mind.

  5. The regime is evil. Obviously.

    So is the media (which is heavily influenced by Jews, if not outright controlled by them)

    By the late 1930s, jews were completing their stranglehold on American culture and communications. Migrating to America and owning film studios, newspapers, and radio networks are what served jewish interests most. Today, and for quite some time, every mode of communication, every newspaper, every publishing company, every government official and politician, every TV network, every phony conservative talk show host, every journal, magazine and periodical, every movie on the Silver Screen, every tel-evangelist, every university, every major nation and every word that is allowed to be consumed by the public has been bought and paid for by the highest bidder and the highest bidder is always the jew.

  6. It’s even worse that you think. They’re stripping active US forces of hardware they actively use to send to Jewkraine, where at least 70% will be sold on the black market so Joey and Hunter (and Nancy, Mitt, Mitch and the gang can keep getting their cut).

    Now keep in mind that those special forces who are complaining about having to ship off their “Carl G’s” (Carl Gustav recoiless rifles) and HIMARS (hymie-mars rockets) are not there to defend the borders of the United States, so at least the treasonous hired goons will not have them to use on people here. Maybe some will not re-up, which is a good thing.

  7. Well anyway, the prime beneficiary is the American MIC. Dump the old inventory so they can get fat contracts for new stuff.

    The Ukranian Yiddish regime will get their 30%. It is unclear where exactly the rest is going. The best guess is a bit South, to the Albanians, Macedonians, and Albanian occupiers of Kosovo. The war is scheduled to spread there next, with the Serbs as the target.

  8. Southfront has made available the recent Russian film “Burning Sun,” about the beginning of the Khazarkrainian anti-Russian ethnocidal war in Donbas, eight years ago.

    “Overview: Lugansk region, May 2014. The Novozhilov family, by chance, finds itself in the thick of events in Lugansk. Vlad Novozhilov is a former participant in the war in Afghanistan. He knows firsthand what war is. Having seen enough of the horrors of war in his time, in principle he does not even want to touch a weapon. In a situation, he sees only one way out – to leave the country. But you can’t run away from the war, the border is already closed. To save his family, he will have to make difficult moral choices.”

    Scroll down to the video on this Southfront page: https://southfront.org/scorching-sunlight-russian-war-drama-brings-light-on-events-in-donbass-in-2014/

  9. Don’t forget that YOUR TAX DOLLARS are also being used to ASSASSINATE REAL JOURNALISTS who dare to speak the truth. The Anglo-Zionist imperialist KILL LISTS “already include the courageous Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett and outspoken Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters. Bartlett was also doxxed on Twitter by former UK Conservative Party MP Louise Mensch, who alerted Ukrainian Special Forces to her presence in Donetsk. A few days later an attack was carried out on the hotel in Donetsk housing multiple journalists including Bartlett. Coincidence? German journalist Alina Lipp has been effectively sanctioned and threatened with prosecution by the German government for reporting on the daily atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazi forces against civilians in Donetsk and Lughansk. Lipp told Stalker Zone: ‘They just closed my bank account. Then they closed my father’s account. A month ago, I noticed that all the money disappeared from my account: €1,600. I realised that something was happening in Germany. A few days ago, I received a notification from the prosecutor’s office that a criminal case has been opened against me for supporting Russia’s Special Operation in Ukraine. In Germany, this is considered a crime, and I am therefore a criminal. I face three years in prison or a huge fine. British journalist Graham Philips has illegally been sanctioned by the UK regime without any investigation or Philips being given a ‘right to reply.’ Most mainstream media reports on this violation of his human rights describe Philips as ‘one of the most prominent pro-Kremlin online conspiracy theorists.’ A familiar smear deployed by NATO-aligned media outlets to dehumanise and discredit challenging voices. Philips like many other journalists being targeted lives in Donbass which has been threatened with brutal ethnic cleansing by the NATO proxy Ukrainian Nazi and ultra-nationalist forces since Washington’s Victoria Nuland-engineered coup in 2014. These journalists transmit the voices of the Russian-speaking Ukrainians who have been subjected to horrendous war crimes, torture, detention and persecution for eight years and ignored by the West. For this they are now to be designated ‘information terrorists’ because they expose terrorism sanctioned by NATO member states. Organisations are springing up in the UK like Molfar Global whose ‘Book of Orcs’ project employs 200 alleged volunteers to identify ‘Russian war criminals (Orcs)’ and to compile a legal ‘kill list’ (…) Who determines who should be put on the list? Who determines their fate? What justice? (…) This is lawless justice that falls under the umbrella of US ‘rules-based global governance’: comply or die, and newly-furnished legislation will make your death or state-sanctioned assassination a legal one. The organisers of the round table were the National Security Service Academy, the US Depts of State & Defense-funded Civilian Research and Development Fund (CRDF Global Ukraine), the International Academy of Information, and the US Dept of State-linked National Cyber-Security Cluster. The tentacles of US- and UK-dominated intelligence agencies are spreading further and deeper into society, trying to strangle kickback against the oppressive domestic policies and foreign policy perpetual war objectives of their respective regimes. We are all under attack, we are all facing the same fate as Julian Assange if we do not break the cycle and start to fight back. If you oppose imperialist wars, racism, nazism, terrorism, violent extremism, global health tyranny, technocratic supremacy, predatory class elitism and pharmaceutical-controlled eugenics, you are a ‘terrorist.’ We are all ‘terrorists”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2022/08/24/vanessa-beeley-31/

  10. Re: “Putin has been patient so far”:

    Putin’s speech is becoming blunt against the U.S. and Israel. He recently said:

    “Are there any sanctions against Israel for the murder and destruction of innocent Palestinian women and children? Second, are there any sanctions against the US for killing and destroying the lives of innocent women and children in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Vietnam, and even stealing their diamonds and gold? And third, were there any sanctions against the US and France over the killing of Muammar Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya?”

    Source: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2022/08/27/philip-giraldi-3/

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