Jesse Kelly’s Mean Tweets

I’m enjoying his Twitter feed.

A few days ago, he correctly noted what actually happened at Ruby Ridge, which is that the FBI has always been a Stasi-like organization.

It is just now being used as a weapon against Trump and his supporters while in the past it has been used against “far right” groups like the Aryan Nations. Nothing has really changed except that millions of people who are perceived as “far right” are being repressed by the Deep State now instead of tiny fringe groups.

It sounds like Jesse Kelly wants to destroy liberal democracy and replace it with a more conservative republic. He seems to be leading conservatives in the right direction. Professor Thomas Main is going to get very upset.


  1. Someone please show that last tweet with the electoral maps to Calvin Candy so the myth that diversity actually makes us more conservative can be put to rest for good.

  2. An American Franco? Yikes.

    I can think of a better role model, if we are going that route…

  3. This guy is on the right track

    And yes “i don´t want to be a decent person” we have been “decent” for too damn long, time to get mean,vindictive,brutal and cruel because the times were in call for it

    Time for axes

  4. Demographics is Destiny

    Race Power is Destiny

    The Democratic Party is importing its highly racialized nonwhite Voting Bloc from India…Muslim Pakistan and China….to nullify the Native White Working Class Vote every POTUS ELECTION…….This how the Democratic Party stole the POTUS Election on Nov 3 2020…..not by ballot stuffing…..

    • They don’t need votes anymore, to get what they want. They just break the rules and do it.
      They’re importing more and more nonwhites, to push whites out. They want the North American Union to look like dirty Mexico.

  5. I would be very skeptical about Founding Father worship and I don’t trust conservatives period. They will say anything when their back is against the wall and they’ve shown through decades, if not centuries, of behavior that they view working class White people as their #1 enemy.

  6. Please don’t use SPLC talking points. The Aryan Nations are not a “far right” group – they are a prison gang, and a drug cartel. They are not political, they are organized crime.

    It would be like calling the Sinola cartel “far right.”

    The Jewish Defense League is “far right.”

  7. He’s does okay but is still a diehard supporter of Jews and Israel.

    Jews have literally launched a full fledged war against White America.

    That’s not hyperbole.

    Those who refuse to acknowledge the Jewish Problem at this point are suspect.

    Who does he think these communists are which he rants constantly about?

    He doesn’t want to be put in the Torba pain box.

    The irony of that is the more that strong men enter the Torba pain box the more that pain box becomes a fortress.

    This is why Jews put all their focus and energy on maximizing the pain of the pain box.

    Jesse Kelly put his life on the line for the GAE in the Middle East but he’s scared to name the Jew.

    That’s the fundamental problem and it won’t change until the pain box becomes full of warriors which transform it into a refuge and mountaintop castle.

  8. Rep. Thomas Massie might have less testosterone than Kelly but is superior in declaring his opposition to continued funding of Israel.

    MAGA’s ‘Columbia Bugle’ agreed with Massie publicly which I thought was a huge breakthrough.

    There are trends to be optimistic about but the reality is the more the awakening occurs the more Jews will increase the punishment penalty on every front.

    I’m going to be very cautious but the Jews reverse osmotic pressure might not be enough this time.

    We’ll see……

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