Joe Biden Cancels $10K In Student Loan Debt For Under $125K a Year Borrowers


Nothing in this country is affordable anymore.

The relative price of everything – college tuition, health care, housing, gas, etc. – is dramatically higher than it used to be. This is without a doubt one of the biggest causes of political instability in the country and neither party really has any intention of doing anything about it.

I think Joe Biden is gesturing at doing something about the student loan debt crisis in much the same way that he made similar moves with rent during COVID. I expect the matter will likely get shot down in federal court after the midterms. Good Ole Joe also tried with the eviction moratorium.

This makes more sense than squandering billions on Ukraine as at least broke debtors would benefit from it, but again nothing ever happens and I doubt this will survive the inevitable challenges in federal court.


  1. Why would anyone want to go to indoctrination centers called colleges today? You pay all this money with interest and you can’t express your opinion if you’re White without being attacked by the leftist professors.

    • Don’t go to a “name” college, or one with big league sports teams.
      Don’t major in Humanities or Psychology or anything easy. That’s where the leftist professors are.
      Whites not going to college is a bad thing. The Marxists are trying to push whites into more and more poverty and disadvantage.
      If whites can still control the upper edges of science, we won’t be on all of the low rungs.

    • “Why would anyone want to go to indoctrination centers called colleges today?”

      Because they want/need the math, sciences, medicine to pursue their interest in life.
      The effective policy is, you want to advance, you must accept and comply with our crypto-Marxism or be left out.

      • Just be prepared to be forced or mandated to take a “Multiculturalism” class, where the insult whites, especially white males. Plus you have to pay for it. Pay to be insulted.
        You might also meet some like minds.
        But to avoid this stuff, one is going to be working in a call center or worse for their lives.

      • There’s always trade schools. Why go to college if you’re White and going to be passed over to affirmative action Negroes in any important job? We see it all the time. No thanks.

        • @John Because whites have typically occupied the hardest professions.Why should whites become plumbers and electricians, and nonwhites take over engineering and technology fields? Whites have always been at top, with innovations and such. Whites had the brains to do the hard jobs and earn the big money. The more money you make, the less likely you are to live in a diversity neighborhood.
          Nothing wrong with trade schools, but whites need to stay in the top professions. If they don’t, more and more minorities will be deemed as competent and qualified, when they can’t find whites to do the jobs.

  2. Forgiving the debt – even to idiots – would not benefit the (((owners))) of the present system so any promise on the part of D-jerseys or R-jerseys will be either quietly amended into nothing or overturned by blackrobes in favor of the (((lenders))). Any promises are just a hook to get the marks to fall for the con.

    Sending more billions to the giant self-licking ice-cream cone in Jewkraine benefits the (((owners))) on several levels (payments to MIC they own, black-market weapon sales, kickbacks to puppets of both nominal parties). Joey Shitpants in his soiled D-jersey is no different than Lady G in her stained R-jersey. None of this will change until the actual usury-system collapses.

    • The (((lenders))) would sue to enforce the federal guarantees, to make sure no debt was actually forgiven – just transferred. As you note, the R-jerseys are already screaming about how outrageous it is. There will be no actual cancellation of debts. The debts will simply be transferred to from one set of suckers to another. In other words it’s all election-year Kabuki theatre.

      • Yep. They’re focusing on relieving debt for low income earners and those who got Pell grants.
        They’re going to stick it to white professionals.

      • The U.S. financial system is a giant usury racket of perpetually growing indebtedness generating a stream of income for The Usual Suspects and their retainers while crushing most Whites. It requires ever growing debt to function. Cancelling debt scares the shit out of the ruling class even if the amount of debt cancelled is merely symbolic, it sets a bad precedent.

        The current iteration of the economy has degenerated into a system of rackets such as “health care”, edumacation, the FIRE economy etc. Like a tumor it requires constant growth or it dies. Like a tumor it will eventually kill its host anyway. The fuel for this “growth” is the unpayable mountain of debt that keeps piling up. When that mountain of debt collapses, probably through hyperinflation it’s lights out for the scumbags running things now.

  3. I didn’t go to college because I knew it was unfair because of affirmative action.

    Now all the precious minorities who got in ahead of me are getting another leg up with Bidens debt forgiveness

    Whites are falling further and further behind as the system becomes ever more Anti- White.

    • Which is why you should have gone. If you pick a hard major, chances are most “people of color” aren’t going to be able to do that kind of work. Even if they “get in” a program, chances are most will fall out.

      It’s still worth paying the loan, especially if you get a well-paying job with a future.
      Nuclear engineering, Neurosurgery, Software Engineering, Astrophysics, Public relations executive, lawyer, architect, anything high level high tech,and more. The common factor is Math, except for law and PR work.

    • You’ll never work as a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or engineer without a formal education and degree. Even a technician has to.

      • Steve Wozniak is the exception, not the rule. Most people cannot do what he did. If someone is this smart, sure, they can do something around the system.
        But most people need formal training in technology and sciences.

        But doctors DO get a formal education. You can’t hang a sign out and call yourself a doctor.

        The idea that college is “needed” like some adjunct to high school, to round someone out is a joke, I agree. I also agree that the cost of a degree is outrageous, because…they make whites shoulder the burden. POC get free tuition, free housing, free books, and even a spending allowance. Some get over $1000 a month for pocket change.

      • Wozniak’s dad was an engineer at Lockheed.
        What his dad taught him about about design and logic circuitry was equal to or better than a college degree.

        Without his dad tutoring him, Steve Wozniak would have been another burger flipper or shelf stocker.

  4. O/T — What’s going on over at Amren? There have been no article postings since 8/22/22.

      • Is there a ZOG holiday honoring cucks who won’t name the jew? Because Amren would definitely observe that!

        • They not only don’t name them, they have them as members and guest speakers at their conference. Even rabbis. Years ago they announced that Jews and Asians are the racial realist favorites and are favored to inherit the world. Definitely not pro white.

  5. Only depends on what bank holds your loan. The bank that Fedloan sold mine to, will not forgive your loan unless you are a GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE. What a rip off. I was told they are only helping people with “necessary jobs”. Stupid insults.

  6. A little populist reform here and there won’t change the system. All the social safety nets are full of holes too.

    Education and healthcare should be free for the people. But that’s impossible here, because the U.S. empire’s “homeland” population is not a people!

    Nicaragua spends MOST of its national budget on social needs, very little on police and military.

    • Nicaragua has sent maybe millions, up through Mexico, to the US, and they all got in via a caravan. They are living off you and me. That’s how they get free education and healthcare. Someone else pays for it. Nothing is free. Everything has a cost.

    • Ideally, “education” through undergrad level would be optional and unnecessary. All of higher ed could be replaced with a series of government tests. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to sit in adult babysitting for years to get a math degree, people could simply pass a series of math exams and get credentials. These would need to be difficult, unlike dumbed down hand holding degree programs that exist now. Education materials and curricula could be made available online for free (more than enough already is). Same could be done for any other useful field. Social pseudosciences could be dropped entirely. The only current forms of necessary education are things like graduate programs and residencies, that function as apprenticeships.

      If conservatives actually wanted to permanently destroy libtards, they would propose something like this. Nuke the scam higher education system. Eliminate midwit credentials and nepotism credentials. Most libtards would be reduced back to slave caste where they belong.

      • The focus is definitely on Pell Grants, which are mostly awarded to minorities. This is just another form of welfare. The Dems want to give as much money to minorities as they can. They think this will equalize things…

    • You in Omaha? That Swanson guy is completely worthless. Baker wasn’t always right, but at least he was kind of funny and entertaining.

  7. Re: the snide Twitter commentary about Marjorie Taylor Greene at all taking PPP forgiveness during COVID.

    One can be against government handout programs on principle but not too stupid to take full advantage of them when they’ve been forced upon us like it or not.

    I wasn’t happy about the $1000 stimulus checks because I knew what was going to eventually happen. I took mine and paid off some debt with it. If I hadn’t taken the check, I’d potentially still have some of that debt, PLUS all the inflation, because me taking a stand on principle and refusing the money wouldn’t have stopped the other 100 million or so Americans and illegals who got money from getting theirs.

    I don’t blame the Republicans on that list for taking the money. They’d be idiots not to.

      • No. Name anything pro-White the Republican party has done in the past 40 years. You can’t because they havent done anything.

        Student debt relief disproportionately benefits Whites, who are the most likely to have student debts. Black/brown people already get grants and scholarships because of their race, so their debt burden is less. Most young Whites who put off having children say they do it for financial reasons. Lightening debt burden is one of the the simpler ways to make family formation easier for Whites.

        Republicans have done nothing comparable.

        • The Lincolnites, will promise these so called Christian nationalist anything they want too hear, then, when back in office, they cater too the donor class……

  8. Blue collar workers who are barely keeping their heads above water under Bidenflation will now be coerced into subsidizing irresponsible student debtors who couldn’t pay off their gender studies degrees & who also despise the very working class whites that are bailing them out. Your dream has come true, Hunter. Congrats.

  9. We pay all these taxes year after year. So why not get more government services back from the government? It’s not like lower taxes are gonna happen! Public Schools is paid for with our taxes. Why not have Free College for all, Pre K, Daycare, and so on. It’s good for everybody. Get real Vocational Training paid for out of your taxes you pay now. It’s a win win. The Republicantards get mad when a Democrat calls for lower taxes for the Working Poor and the Middle Class because they only care about the rich. Same goes for a Living Wage, Universal Basic Income, Medicare for All, Unions, and so on. Anything that will increase a Workers wages or eliminate debt the Jew Bankers who rule the Republican Party go crazy. Deo Vindice!

  10. The US government has a firm policy against doing anything that will benefit financially struggling middle and working-class Americans, so don’t expect this “loan cancellation” to be anything more than just another election year gimmick.

    • Lol, Erick Erickson is saying Republicans should burn Washington DC to the ground over this.

      -Open borders? Who cares?
      -Decriminalizing Black violent crime? Fine.
      -Chemically castrating kids and chopping their nuts off? No big deal.
      -Declaring Whites to be domestic terrorists? Good, they deserve it for being racist

      -Mildly easing usury burden? That’s passing a red line. Time for violent revolution!

  11. It’s really uncomfortable watching Shitpants Joe struggle to get through a speech or press conference. He looks confused and frightened.

  12. Bootstrap boomers are absolutely opposed to seeing young people get any kind of relief or assistance from the Government, because the boomers believe only they are entitled to anything like that.

    • Correct take.

      It’s really funny to see the panties in a wad on a dissident website.

      Like, bruh, this is bad for the system and good for regular people. What’s the problem? Are you invested in maintaining the status quo?

      • I would like to see something help regular whites, but how would this be good for regular people? It’s not a true cancellation, but a mere transfer. The Banksteins will still be getting their payment. They might not take it out of the hapless fools who get meaningless degrees from Woke U right now, but they’ll be raising the taxes on them later when they’re working a minimum wage job at Schlomoburger’s Deli-n-fries. The usual kicking the can down the road. Boomers will boomertard over anything after all. Meanwhile Uncle Schmuel’s lawless regime will have 87,000 new heavily-armed jackbooted Stasi to make damned sure YT pays up and thensome. If things get unpleasant, Schlomo will just retire to Israel, who never has to extradite Jew criminals – not even murderers (much less tax evaders). He can collect the interest from Haifa just as easily as he can rake it in from Hoboken.

  13. Some idiots think this is sticking it to the man. What it is ,is a big f u to blue collar workers e erywhere. Banksters and colleges aren’t paying for it

    • Exactly. It’s being called debt forgiveness but it’s really debt transfer. Usual smoke and mirrors. One of Obama’s economic advisors is even warning the “forgiveness” will “stoke inflation”. Clown world rolls on.

  14. While I sympathize somewhat with Generation Bastard’s school debt because they were conned into it at a very young age into taking on homeownership levels of debt by school counselors whose prime interest is keeping the gravy train of the bloated educational racket going. Nothing is being done to stop this con from continuing. Our bloated educational racket is as lopsided as the Greek Economy that went belly up a decade back. Millions of leftists have been handed useless make work jobs in the education racket that simply don’t need to exist. Most people DON’T NEED TO GO TO COLLEGE! Only the select few, the cognitive elite 15% or so need to go on to college for their Engineering, Scientific, and Medical training, the rest can enter the workforce at 18 during the prime years of their youth and vigor, no wonder we have a “worker shortage?” Heck, the dummies can start work at 16, they get nothing out of school anyway.

    College is a giant 1st world cargo cult, same as how the Solomon Islanders built bamboo airports in the middle of the jungle after the war expecting the allies to come back and shower them with free stuff. The rubes during the depression looked around and saw the 10-15% of the cognitive elite and well connected still had good jobs. They noticed these people all went to college and mistook correlation with causation. The reason they were set was their “Winthorpe” type connections or their cognitive elite status, the college was just the icing on the cake and they would have elite status regardless. But the rubes though that college was the only reason for their success and if they paid for plain old 100 IQ Jimmy to go to Southeastern State they’d be rubbing noses with Winthorpe trading frozen concentrated orange juice on Wall Street too. Sort of like some dolt watching Prince Charles at a polo match thinking “gee whiz, if I sent my son to Polo School someday he can be a King too!”

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