Ron DeSantis: “Put On The Full Armor Of God”

It sounds corny.

Ron DeSantis is saying something very important here though.

Christian Headlines:

“Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) urged supporters over the weekend to “put on the full armor of God” in the continued battle against the political left.

“You got to be ready for battle, so put on the full armor of God. Take a stand against the left’s schemes. Stand firm with the belt of truth buckled around your waist. You will face fire from flaming arrows, but the shield of faith will protect you,” DeSantis told attendees at the Victory Dinner of the Sunshine Summit on Saturday evening in Hollywood, Florida.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, DeSantis made similar comments during a speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February.

“We need people all over the country to be willing to put on that full armor of God to stand firm against the left,” he told attendees. “I can tell you this: In Florida, we will be standing our ground. We will be holding that line. We are not going to back down. … We have only begun to fight.” …”

I’ve brought this up many times over the years.

If you are a White evangelical Protestant and a born again Christian who has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, then why on earth do you fear being judged by “journalists”? Why are you afraid of these people attacking you with their little made up -isms and -phobias?

Do you share the same religion and moral beliefs with these people? Are these “journalists” who hate you good people or bad people? Are these people going to hell or not? How can people who are going to hell at the end of the day and who have all sorts of evil beliefs shame you? If so, why are you worried about them attacking you? Why do you care about the opinions of Jews and atheists?

I agree with what Ron DeSantis is saying here. You should get ready for battle and “put on the full armor of God.” You have the “belt of truth buckled around your waist.” Quit worrying about these “journalists” and their lies. You are a good person. They are a bunch of liars. Even your leaders like Trump and DeSantis are telling you not worry about what they say anymore. We’ve been saying that for years.

Anyway, that’s how I have always thought about it. I don’t care what these people think about me. They’re wrong. Most of them are also terrible people. I don’t give a shit what those people think of me. If I am being completely honest, I also enjoy defying them and undermining them.

Note: I can understand why Catholics blindly defer to authority, but Protestants? Come on, we’re better than this. No Protestant should care about getting “excommunicated” from the “respectable” politically correct secular mainstream synagogue consensus. No Protestant should grovel before these contemptible people or beg forgiveness from them. The idea that these people have some kind of moral halo is absurd!


    • Why does OD knock Catholics? It’s tiresome. And not smart. I’m a Traditional Catholic, there are a lot of us, and I am a Southern Nationalist. No, we don’t adhere to “blind authority.” We can justify biblically everything we believe. And maybe you haven’t heard, many of us aren’t following Francis down his rabbit holes. Stop insulting us. I don’t care personally but bad manners aren’t very Southern. I just want to read your stuff. Give it a rest.

      • It was a joke.

        It also just seems strange to me that evangelical Protestants who claim to have a personal relationship with Christ and who deny the importance of intermediaries like popes, bishops or priests and who believe the church can be corrupted and who believe in Sola fide and Sola scripture would care about the “moral authority” of atheists in the mainstream media.

      • “I’m a Traditional Catholic”

        No, you aren’t. If you were, you would have read the first Vatican council documents and you would know how your dogma works. You would know that you cannot pick and choose what papal interpretations you’re willing to follow or not and that you don’t have the authority to independently decide what is or is not traditional. However, like 99.999% of papists, you seem to be completely uninterested in understanding the teachings of the cult that you blindly follow or how anything in your cult works. You aren’t a “Traditional Catholic.” You’re just a bad Catholic who rejects the actual tradition of your cult that has been laid out in the Vatican councils and carried through by the cult for over a century. That’s a good sign, because the papist traditions are satanic and incoherent (even the pre- Vatican council ones). Any person capable of critical thinking would naturally reject the contradictory, ad hoc teachings of the papist cult. The next step is leaving the cult entirely.

  1. The real question to ask of any politician in the West is whether they will put Israel before his/her own people.

    This is the litmus test that should be applied. Sadly, in the UK (probs also the US) most politicians will fail.

    Death to ZOG

    • First thing DeSantis did when he got elected to governor of FL is go to Israel. He’s already been behind some new laws that were favorable to Israel. I think when push comes to shove, he’ll stand with Israel.

      • That “Personal relationship with Christ” is something else. The person does all the talking, and they can’t see or hear anyone else.
        As far as DeSantis goes, maybe this is just a way to push ahead and look harmless.

    • It should be uncontroversial to expect elected leaders to openly advocate the interests of those that they represent.

      Those interests are civil liberties, the health of the commercial economy visa vie trade policy and law and order.

      The above are domestic interests that are proxy White Interests. Therefore, any elected official should be expected to publicly state their intention to pursue the interests of their consituents, if necessary to the exclusion of the interests of anybody that isn’t. It doesn’t and shouldn’t just be a public pronouncement of being anti Israel, as thats hardly sufficient.

      China (often through maoist Jews granted) is driving our domestic and foreign policy now. Not Israel.

      • How are the domestic issues of a soon-to-be majority brown anti-White state “proxy White issues?” That’s like claiming that domestic issues promoting the health of the Ottoman empire were proxy Serb issues.

        • Is there a healthy White society thats interests aren’t civil liberties, the health of the commercial economy visa vie trade policy and law and order? No.

          Just because those are also the interests of any colored society that is healthy and self interested doesn’t make them not by proxy, White interests.

          In a society where those things are public policy priorities, Whites are going to thrive, where other races of people will have varying results because of lower IQ (blacks, arabs), bad social hygiene (asians minus japanese folks), or innate tendency toward dysfunctional criminality and violence (blacks and low hispanics), antisocial neuroticism (Jews) etc.

          Advocating for the conditions in which Whitey thrives is advocating Whitey’s interests by proxy. Were this not the case, the Left wouldn’t be constantly trying to undermine these exact things to erode our quality of life and set conditions in which other races are more accustomed, ie third world hellscapes.

          We don’t disagree. Its just that saying it my way there’s an actual chance of a politician being able to actually win, while your way they wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell.

      • No other country gets to approve of our candidates for POTUS. No other country gets to address Congress. No other country is so important that every politician has to pledge themselves to them.

  2. I assumed Ron Desantis’ first official act in office – take his entire state government to Israel to get their orders – was strictly because he is a greedy Republican who wants that Jew money.

    But if he put on a Jew beanie and kissed the Whining Wall, that pretty much proves he is the Antichrist.

    Don’t take the mark!

    • We all remember it.

      I covered it when it happened here at the time. I was endorsing the comment, not DeSantis.

      • I hard endorse the idea that no one needs to take “journalists” seriously. In fact it is dangerous to even shake a journalist’s hand as you’ll probably catch monkeypox.

        Journalists are just professional lairs, but in the era of the failing 20th mass media they are barely “professional” anymore. AI can do most of it now and you’re typical J schooler is a student not smart enough to major in a real academic discipline like chemistry.

        That is why they don’t get paid much, their product is faulty.

        • Why do you think so many people are browbeaten and intimidated by them? If those evil people like you and have positive things to say about you, you are doing something wrong!

          • Because they had the power of mass media to shame people, that is it. No one has ever liked journalists or respected them.

            But they specialize in lying about people and slandering them so people used to be afraid.

            Now everyone has a WordPress blog and that is all the “mainstream media” are, just wordpress bloggers.

    • Putin did the same but was clearly playing the long game. Desantis is no Putin. Tyler did the same back in the 1800’s so it is possible but highly unlikely.

  3. “I can understand why Catholics blindly defer to authority,”

    This is an outsider’s fantasy of what goes on within Catholic parishes and dioceses. Anyone who has been a Catholic for six months anywhere in the world will know that we are a squabbling family. There are official standards and rubrics that everyone violates including the Pope. At church barbecues, we have the entire range of opinion from neo-Marxists to Latin Mass traditionalists, from the “lavender mafia” to folks who think that all sex is evil and that, before the Fall, Adam and Eve did not get any pleasure out of sex acts which they performed in conformance with the commandment to multiply.

    Like in Northern Ireland where, oxymoronically, you had “Catholic Agnostics/Atheists” and “Protestant Agnostics/Atheists”/

    Of course, there is the sane middle but these do not turn out to be sane some of the time.

    • Correct. Papists are subhuman animals who don’t even take their own professed religion seriously. If they were serious, they would be forced to admit that the papist cult is internally inconsistent, therefore false on its own terms, and they would cease to be papists.

      • I am a papist and a white advocate. I will not reply to your message. I have better things to do.

        • “papist are subhuman animals”, I would beg too differ sir, they are people, ” Who walk in what light they have”, They may be theologically incorrect, but they are not subhuman animals, I resent that statement…….I am not one of them, I am a baptist, mountain baptist at that, but I do not like too hear them, being referenced that way, it is ugly and unnecessary, it accomplishes nothing.

        • “I will not reply to your message.” You did reply to Dart’s message. You internally inconsistent papist. Haha

  4. Lots of protestant preachers were embracing the PC agenda. Many of them treated George Floyd like he was some kind of saint.

  5. Hunter: You are so right. Too many of us are intimidated by our self-said “moral betters” on the left. We must understand that their agendas are truly evil–and think and act accordingly. It’s an offense to our God to do otherwise.

  6. Martin Luther was a heretic who left books out of the New Testament, wanted to leave out the books of James, and Revelation, and opened Pandora’s box that was the Protestant Reformation. He’s not someone you should be emulating.

    • The Church left books out of the Bible, too. And oh….that horrible Reformation. Just think, we could all still be blissfully illiterate and buying indulgences to get into Heaven.

    • Martin Luther was a heretic

      Speaking of Martin Luther, in 1523, Martin Luther, founder of the Lutheran Church, wanted to very much help the jews of his time. He accused Catholics of being unfair to jews and treating them “as if they were dogs, ” thus making it difficult for jews to convert to Catholicism. “I would request and advise that one deal gently with them [the jews],” he wrote. Being a compassionate Christian, Luther said, “If we really want to help them, we must be guided in our dealings with them not by papal law but by the law of Christian love. We must receive them cordially, and permit them to trade and work with us, hear our Christian teaching, and witness our Christian life. If some of them should prove stiff-necked, what of it? After all, we ourselves are not all good Christians either.”

      Then, a funny thing happened to Luther on the way home from the synagogue.

      After working feverishly to patch things up between Christians and jews, for some unknown reason, I can’t be sure what, he inexplicably had a change of heart toward the jews. He no longer cared if they converted. In fact, he came to understand attempting to convert jews was hopeless.

      Although a compassionate and Godly man who sought only to spread “Christian love”, Luther eventually came to understand the true nature of jews. His experiences dealing with them caused him to make some new recomendations:

      (1)”burn their schools and synagogues”;

      (2) “transfer Jews to community settlements”;

      (3) “confiscate all Jewish literature, which was blasphemous”;

      (4) “prohibit rabbis to teach, on pain of death”;

      (5) “deny Jews safe-conduct, so as to prevent the spread of Judaism”;

      (6) “appropriate their wealth and use it to support converts and to prevent the lewd practice of usury”;

      (7) “assign Jews to manual labor as a form of penance.”

      On later reflection, Martin Luther added:

      “They rob and fleece us and hang about our necks, these lazy weaklings and indolent bellies; they swill and feast, enjoy good times in our homes, and by way of reward they curse our Lord Christ, our churches, our princes, and all of us, threatening us and unceasingly wishing us death and every evil. Just ponder this: How does it happen that we poor Christians nourish and enrich such an idle and lazy people, such a useless, evil pernicious people, such blasphemous enemies of God, receiving nothing in return but their curses and defamation and every misfortune they may inflict on us or wish us? Indeed, we are as blind and unfeeling clods in this respect as are the Jews in their unbelief, to suffer such great tyranny from these vicious weaklings, and not perceive and sense that they are our lords, yes, our mad tyrants, and that we are their captives and subjects. Meanwhile they wail that they are our captives, and at the same time mock us — as though we had to take this from them!

      But if the authorities are reluctant to use force and restrain the Jews’ devilish wantonness, the latter should, as we said, be expelled from the country and be told to return to their land and their possessions in Jerusalem, where they may lie, curse, blaspheme, defame, murder, steal, rob, practice usury, mock, and indulge in all those infamous abominations which they practice among us, and leave us our government, our country, our life, and our property, much more leave our Lord the Messiah, our faith, and our church undefiled and uncontaminated with their devilish tyranny and malice. Any privileges that they may plead shall not help them; for no one can grant privileges for practising such abominations. These cancel and abrogate all privileges.”– MARTIN LUTHER

  7. DeSantis is a Zionist. If Christian Nationalism is going to be successful, Zionism needs to be purged from the movement. That will include keeping many Israel worshipping Evangelicals out of positions of power. As traditional Catholics, it’s our duty to correct this Philosemitism that runs deep in American Protestantism. We will bring those people and America under the rule of the one true Church.

      • Roe wouldn’t have been overturned without Catholics. Protestantism and the Enlightenment led to the liberalism we see today. Catholicism is the solution to purge this land of degeneracy.

          • @Catholic Fascist I fully agree with your statement sir. The Protestant Reformation was the opening of Pandora’s box to the Enlightenment/ Liberalism. I’ve also seen many others make this statement because it is a majority opinion. On top of that Protestantism and Zionism are hand in hand except for a very very few exceptions. My view is that everything except Trad Catholicism and Orthodoxy needs to be purged. This could be possible with an autocratic Monarchy.

          • I’ve heard this argument from many a Roman Catholic traditionalist: if not for the Protestant Reformation, all would be well.

            I like to think they’re half-right, namely in that it was the Reformation which forever broke the epistemological authority of the Church. Before, there was an avowed authority on spiritual matters and a cultural unity to Christendom, after, there was every man’s conscience and a breakup of identity. If only Luther had been able to do his reforms without breaking the whole (although, as a Protestant, we see him as having done exactly that, the true church carrying on from its Apostolic roots, with the gainsayers branching off and calling themselves Catholic).

            Really, it was the renaissance and maybe even the scholastic rationalism of an Aquinas that sparked the roots that would later end with Enlightenment Rationalism and all the neo-jacobins we know and love today. The Reformation was just one eddy of this torrent.

            …it’s almost like Christendom thrived unopposed for 1000 years after Christ, then the Devil was let off his chain…but when I suggest something so simplistic, I’m howled at by my postmillennial allies.

          • Christianity began to unravel during the 1300s-1400s Renaissance with the revival of Roman-Greek pagan learning and sensibilities

            In response to that threat to Jewish-founded Christianity, Jews after Gutenberg pushed to fight pagan learning by reviving Bible studies, convincing (bribing?) the Pope to make the Talmud ‘legal’ again, and peddling the Hebrew language

            Hebrew was a bit of a fraud re the Bible, as in fact no older Old Testament exists than the Greek-language Septuagint 3rd century before Jesus, alleged ‘translation’ of ‘lost’ Hebrew

            Martin Luther had Jewish ties in his youth ‘inspiring’ him but also disgusting him, and Luther was smitten with the new printing technology and reading the texts, and got lucky politically … lawyer John Calvin might have been crypto-Jewish, Calvin – Cauvin – Cohen

            But Bible reading slowly demolished Christianity for the elite educated. As learned people ‘read the Bible’ after Gutenberg, their faith withered … the cult of the ‘Bible’ (or Koran) works better by just repeating certain passages, waving the book around, but not really reading it cover-to-cover

            They were still burning people alive till the early 1700s, so there was lots of religious terror … as the torture began to horrify people, eventually the intelligentsia felt free enough to openly walk away from the Jewish book … but they felt the need to substitute a new ‘religion’, that of ‘reason’ etc. hence ‘Enlightenment’ … not realising they had thrown out the cultural baby with the Jewish bible bath water

        • Oh really? When is it the Catholics are going to do something about degeneracy again, or the 35,000 sects of Protestants for that matter? America can’t get too much more sexually degenerate, and so, what have christians as a whole done again? The fucking pope is a degenerate faggot.

        • Protestantism and enlightenment were pretty much completely derived from the Judaic philosophy of the papist saint Thomas Aquinas.

    • “We will bring those people and America under the rule of the one true Church”:

      Ssshh! You are not supposed to SAY what you are doing! “My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. You have been taught to insidiously plant the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace. To take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means….”

      “under the rule of the one true Church”:

      It’s not the true church. Catholic dominion is worse and more dangerous than Calvinist Dominionism.

      • Merthyr Rising 1831, something too consider, merthyr my good man, I don’t care what your denomination is, as long as you observe the fake sabbath, you are under the rule of the church of rome and always have been, the sabbath starts at dusk on Friday and ends Saturday morning at dawn, even my beloved baptist are guilty of that…….

    • The papist “one true church” is very easily proven to be false because it is internally inconsistent. 100% of papists are either dishonest or unintelligent, or else they would acknowledge this. Which are you, stupid or dishonest?

  8. Luther’s most popular hymn, “Ein Feste Berg,” is excellent in German, and in English:

    “…Our ancient evil foe,
    Sworn to work us woe,
    With dread craft and might,
    He arms himself to fight.
    Though hordes of devils fill the land,
    All threatening to devour us,
    We tremble not, unmoved we stand;
    They cannot overpower us.
    This world’s prince may rage,
    In fierce war engage.
    He is doomed to fail;
    If they take our house,
    Goods, fame, child or spouse,
    Wrench our life away,
    They cannot win the day….”

  9. How does this Christian Crusader DeSantis feel about Christians in Constantinople/Istanbul or remaining Christians in Jerusalem the city of Jesus Christ?

    Did he back or just sit back and do or saying nothing about all those Neo Con J wars, bombing raids in Iraq and Syria that resulted in anarchy and ISIS coming to power and the oldest Christian communities in the world being pretty much wiped out or decide to emigrate?

    Without Russian (Christian) intervention in Syria ISIS and other Islamic extremists would have probably come to power in all of Iraq and Syria resulting in sh*&# like open, daylight child slave auctions. Those pesky Islamists Arab, Turk, Spanish, Black have always, ALWAYS been in to slavery, always look to make our pretty White girls their concubine slaves, sexually grooming poor White girls in North England.

    Nationalism merged with some forms of National Christianity is working OK in places like Poland, Hungary and Russia. We’ve hoped it would work for us in some way here in the USA, but it generally has not.

    Why not run against ugly, dark, hairy Islamic terrorist, assassins like Muhamed Ata and that Lebanese Islamist that nearly murdered Salman Rushdie in west New York State.

    The Swiss People’s party came out of nowhere to become the #1 party in Switzerland by running against Islamic terrorist migrants, works for Victor Orban. But.. as always, American White Conservatives will never miss and opportunity to…

    Miss an opportunity.

    The November elections will probably be about 100% ban on all abortions, that was rejected by the voters in Kansas a very Red State.


    • Why do you care about Salman Rushdie? He deserved to be stabbed in the neck. The average muslim is a million times better than that piece of garbage.

      • Oh really? Rushdie is worse than child sex-groomers and acid-throwers in England and female tourist neck-slicers in Morocco?

  10. Wasn’t it DeSantis that made Florida the 1st state to fight antisemitism by passing anti-BDS laws? Yes, I believe it was and other states have followed his lead.

    You can’t serve two masters.

  11. As a longtime reader, I imagine that HW has moderated his views and naively embraced optimism. I cannot understand how he thinks that the “Christian Nationalist” movement will succeed in reversing the leftist revolution where as all prior fads of modern American Christian conservatism have failed. Christian Nationalist leaders still disavow racism, antisemitism, and sexism while dutifully groveling to Globalist Jews at their Holocaust Museums and Zionist Jews at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. How will DeSantis or MTG, the Christian Nationalist, succeed where Bush, the Compassionate Conservative, and Trump, the MAGA Zionist, failed?

    • I’m in an optimistic mood.

      As you know, I closely follow polls and have been encouraged by what I have been seeing since the beginning of the Biden administration.

      • Those people overwhelmingly vote for Democrats anyway. They are the base of the Democratic Party.

  12. Calvin cupcake, “Autocratic Monarchy ‘, if you were not such a hyphenate, you would have it hardwired too what brain you have, we are an” Republic”, we have no king but JESUS, since you mobocracy lovers, are so I’ll at ease here, head back too EUROPE, find yourself an aotocratic monarchy, there is no place for it here, the more you complain, suggest’s that their is no place for you here either………

  13. DeSantis has been a fine Governor. Tom Massie called him the best Governor in America. So now he made a speech, even referenced St. Paul. Put on the full armour of God. It’s a good idea. Something like that would never occur to Dump, who is completely Kiked.

  14. Sad to see (besides some of the customary trolls) the old Protestant-Catholic fight re-surface here. In light of the fact that both Protestantism and Catholicism are in a free-fall collapse throughout the west, one would hope just a bit that both would have this more important issue in mind instead of re-fighting the wars of 1524-1648. The entire superstructure of Protestantism and Catholicism now both grovel at the devil’s boot and you want to fight one another instead of taking your respective churches back? Small wonder folks are staying away in droves.

    Jews do not worship Christ (God the Son), they worship and serve Satan. Catholicism is under an Anti-Pope – probably since at least 1963 (though 1958 seems more likely). Vatican II, in force since1965, is full-blown apostasy. Protestantism is no better off having gradually descended into apostasy throughout the 20th century – ranging from Anglicans like the Devil’s step-n-fetchit Welby to the equally wicked servant of evil John Hagee. Official Christianity is now a complete joke in the west. What good is salt that has lost its saltiness?

    • Exactly right, EC, so can you imagine the arrogance of these pompous and bickering “Christians” wanting to assume the reigns of control over the White racialist movement? The Catholics with their pro-jew fag pope that at least 95% of Catholics embrace, or the Protestants with their 35,000 sects who can’t agree with each other?

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