MSNBC: Abortion Trigger Bans Go Into Effect In More States Today

The map is expanding.

Trigger bans on abortion are going into effect today in Idaho, Texas and Tennessee. Indiana has also banned abortion. There are other states like Utah where pending bans have been tied up in court.

UPDATE: North Dakota’s abortion ban goes into effect this week too.


  1. Just in time for the elections! No coincidences here. It gives them a narrative for fraud too i.e. massive turnouts from pro-choice activists tipped the election nationwide in favor of Democrats…

    • The Mighty Wurlitzer has been blasting away the hymns warning of the coming ‘Gilead’ ever since the blackrobes were permitted to allow states to have their own laws about the practice. The ruling has not stopped a single abortion. Shaniqua can still get paid to take a comfy ride to any nearby shithole state (Illnoize comes to mind) and visit Dr. Schlomo’s abortion/body-parts factory.

      The retarded wymyn on Twatter will respond accordingly, like Pavlov’s bitches.

      • It’s all fake and gay. How many times since Reagan have Repignicans had the majority and they couldn’t even cut the budget to Planned Parenthood? I call bullshit. That said, I’m happy to have Shaniqua donate stem cells for Pelosi’s facial injections. Tax money isn’t totally going to waste.

        • In light of what a surefire grift the abortion issue has been for the R-jerseys since at least the 1980s, why would they ever want to get rid of their golden goose? One would think, since the longstanding goal (overturning Roe) has been achieved that they would move on to something more pressing – keep in mind the overall rate of abortion is now below 1973 levels – instead of playing the ‘Gilead’ role assigned to them by the Mighty Wurlitzer. Maybe there’s more than mere flim-flim to the old ‘stupid-party’ label after all. Pavlov’s bitches are rabid enough as they are, why get them frothing at the mouth even more?

    • Overturning Roe v Wade isn’t about elections. It’s about purging this wicked practrice from White Christian areas of the country. There’s no way the Right wins a national election going forward. Instead, we need to consolidate power in certain regions of the country. Secession is the long term goal.

  2. Are we in a position where if we win it is due to Christianity but if we lose it will be because of Christianity?

    I think so.

  3. Abortion is the least of our moral or cultural issues. Just another jewish media distraction.

    That said, if it ever becomes legal to abort cretinous degenerates such as your “Robert Browning”, I will support it.

    I have the forceps, I’ll take it from there.

  4. A lot of Republicans like Masters are already cucking on abortion before the midterms. They are spooked by polling and what went down in Kansas. We won’t know the truth of the polling until the election is over but it may not be a case of false readings. Call me an incel but you just can’t underestimate the corruption of millennial and Zoomer women, and beyond that of the country. We’ve simply seen too much of it over the past decade.

    • @anonymous—–when the divine light of reason dawns on these people…….

      you will hear—-
      What have I done? Why didn’t I listen? Please God forgive me.

      Do you understand why these people need a compassionate forgiving God?
      How else can they deal with the horror of such sin?

      • Of course. That is precisely why they discarded God and at most self servingly regurgitate a few cherry picked verses from the New Testament. “I can commit any sin for as long as I want and Jesus will forgive me so long as I ask, every time. I can abuse the trust of God and his son and suffer no consequences.” It’s all Satanic.

    • Maybe but so be it. It’s one of the few reasons to vote Republican as abortion is one of the pillars of white collapse and beside that is just a flagrantly Satanic act. It is always better to make explicit and draw the line I think.

      People who think they can “out abort” their enemies are deluded fools. Ours is not a headcount as much as it’s a spiritual conflict. Yes blacks abort, but you know what? They have kids anyway because black women still have a womanly sense. They’re not totally androgynous ideological freaks like *ahem* well I won’t say that to anger some types around here but you probably catch my meaning.

      I see way, way, way more black women with young children in public in my city than whites. It’s not even close, and they’re having abortions and are sterilizing themselves with birth control too. What I’m saying is that life is a conscious act as well as instinctive. Black women want children and even in a state of absolute sterility they are having them. You’re not going to stop that. If abortion is lessened then you will probably have the same rate of fertility for black women as they’ve settled on a certain size but they want kids and they want them young and you’re not going to stop them. You know who is on their feminist ideological high horse? White women. You know who thinks their ass doesn’t stink? White women. You know who is not having kids? White women.

      In a way “abortion” is beside the point. It’s feminism. Abortion is just the enabling act.

      • Black women don’t want kids. They just have high sex drives and don’t care about the consequences.

        • People get the abortion thing wrong. People are for abortion UP TO the first trimester only— the polls never diferentiate….and that’s the position the “pro-choicers” hate, as they don’t want any limits at all; they treat it as if it’s the 2nd amendment with its “shall not be infringed.”

          The pollsters never let on with that dirty little secret part about the first trimester, so the GOPers go around saying “Oh, dear, it’s a losing issue for us,” but it’s really not.

    • “you just can’t underestimate the corruption of millennial and Zoomer women”

      I don’t think you’ll get too much disagreement on this. They are the most vulnerable to toxic influences, which is the main product of mainstream America.

    • Notice that abortion is banned in the black belt. I’m sure those poor black girls will get rides to places 500 miles away so they can get rid of the results of their many adventures. Or maybe not. This country is doomed.

      • You will note that the map HW posted, entitled “Abortion Bans in Effect” is published by part of the lie-machine MSNBC. Not all the yellow states have made abortion illegal. You can get an abortion with restrictions in WI, OH, SC, and GA even now. Mississippi, the blackest state of the lot, allowed abortions before 15 weeks just before the recent decision, which re-activated older laws effectively making it illegal there now. Abortion had been in decline in the state so that only one clinic remained – in Jackson, a city which is 70% or more black by now. Most residents who wanted abortions were already going out of state before the decision, even according to Wokepedia.

        Infogalactic has an interesting table of the laws and restrictions by state which you can find on Wokepedia in updated form – an interesting example of how much better funded and staffed the enemy side is. IG was forked from WP around 2016. Not that one can really put any trust in what is on Wokepedia any more since those who question woke dogma are not allowed to edit.

        So there will probably not be any significant movement one way or another in the number of abortions even in states where it’s now illegal as there are five states (AK, CO, NM, OR, VT – some of the whitest) which have no restriction of any kind on abortion. Most of the remainder of shitlibtardia only restricts after third trimester. in KS, like in SC, it’s legal up through 22nd week. Lady G may not be as odd as it would seem for SC.

        So why not donate money to PP to give the dusky ladies free rides to some nice factory in Oregon or Colorado if you’re that concerned about the exploding number of pickaninnies in the black belt? Hell you could even set up a BLM-hotel next to to the factory in some shitlib stronghold that takes gubmint payments, assuming Schlomo hasn’t already cornered the market there.

  5. If there’s one thing those southern and Midwest rust-belt states need, it’s more babies born to semi-retarded teenage black mothers.

    I understand the need to hitch our wagon to Christofascism, but in this case, I’m happy the abortion bans will probably be very ‘leaky’ and Left will mostly succeed in reducing nonwhite fertility.

    • Fixed it.

      “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”*

      *Except for the +30 million aborted

    • If you think Democrats are implicitly white supremacist, then I’m afraid you’ve taken the Dicky pill.

      I mean, you can go ahead with the Dick Spencer gig, a handful of midwits on Twitter still do, but you’re all embarrassing morons.

    • If there’s one thing those southern and Midwest rust-belt states need, it’s more babies born to semi-retarded teenage black mothers.

      That’s true enough, but you’re falling into the gaslight media interpretation of the decision, which did not outlaw a single abortion procedure. The SC decision returned the matter to state laws, and in some states with laws already on the books (like Mississippi) abortion is legal up to 15 weeks only. Most states only restrict the practice, and restrictions range from minor to fairly severe. The practice is now seriously restricted in MO, a rust-belt state with a black population over 10%. While Shaniqua from St. Louis can’t go to the Schlomo’s abortion mill a few blocks away, there’s one about 20 minutes away in Granite City, Illnoize which has few if any restrictions on abortion.

      Ditto for Shaniqua’s cousin Keandra over in Kansas City on the opposite side of the state. When Lord Shitavious knocks-up Keandra she can drive about half and hour and go Schmuil’s Body-Parts mill and be rid of her problem now that Lord Shitavious -a stah afleete at UM-Columbia, has dropped her for some blonde SJW, dashing her dreams of a nice place and shiny new vehicle. Shitavious could really go far in Clown World, especially if he became a Republican and preached the conservative bullshit line, with the faux-Christianity tossed in.

      Who’s the bigger threat to white survival? Shaniqua and Keandra or the blonde white SJW at UM-Columbia? Should the blonde elect to dishonor her parents, grandparents and her ancestors all the way back because they’re white and she’s a full believer in Church of Woke dogma, she’ll may well churn out mulattos with multiple dindu baby-daddies. Being somewhat higher in intelligence than the potential offspring of Shaniqua & Keandra, they’ll soon be filling the ranks of government agencies, military units, etc. – all deployed by Schlomo to exterminate the remaining whites by now a small minority in their own country. Abortion really isn’t even the problem, but rather a symptom of the real problem.

    • I’m happy the abortion bans will probably be very ‘leaky’ and Left will mostly succeed in reducing nonwhite fertility.

      It’s whites who are at well-below replacement rate. Black rates have only fallen slightly and the invading parasites are well-above replacement. The future belongs to those who show up for it, as Vox Day likes to say. Whites were above replacement when they created the fake ‘constitutional right’ to abortion in 1973. If the plan was to increase the white percentile of the population, it completely backfired. That was never Schlomo’s plan of course. HW has posted the info on this numerous times here.

      • But abortion is not limiting the white birth rate. Whites aren’t even getting pregnant. They’re choosing to not have kids because they can’t afford them.

        When people complain that a woman doesn’t want to stay home and have kids, because she needs to work and pay off her big student loan, and they say she shouldn’t have gone to college in the first place, they’re ignoring how expensive it is to raise kids. It barely costs nonwhites anything, because whites are shouldering their bills through tzxation.
        When there’s a white kid up for adoption, it has less hope to be picked because so many whites opt for nonwhite babies now.

        • The problem with blaming all Jews instead of all globalists is, then the nice family named Goldstein, that raises goats, down the road from us, suffer, when they’re just as America First as we are, while the people like bush, cuomo, newsome, pelosi, pritzker, wolfe, macron, trudeau, bezos and all the rest who are really causing the problems get off scot – free. Not to mention obama, rice, powers, comey, brennan, clapper, wray, strzok, page…

          And they love it, knowing nobody’s pointing a finger at them as they dismantle the entire country and give the middle-class’s wealth to their buddies in the third world because everybody’s blaming the Goldsteins down the road from us here in the heartland…or for that matter, the Blums in Israel, who want nothing more than to live their lives in peace and not get illegal’d out of existence like is happening to all of us in the First World because of the bush’s the obamas, the rice’s, the jarretts, etc etc etc.

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