Matt Walsh: Science Publication Aims To Debunk the “Myth” of the Gender Binary

I used to be an atheist.

I used to make fun of the Christcucks.

I used to believe that morality could be based on science and common sense.

Needless to say, I was cured of these illusions once I was exposed to what passed for common sense among atheists. It certainly wasn’t race realism. This was well over a decade ago before the full embrace of “trans.” They were already fully on board with the idea that a man could become a woman by wishing it were so.


  1. “believe that morality could be based on science and common sense.”

    Not when ((those)) controlling the narrative are the same ((people)) who controlled ‘science’ in the USSR.

    Additionally, notice how race science has been totally crushed?
    Prior to the idiocy of the 1960s, there was quite a volume of publications on race and the many objective facts confirming racial attributes.

  2. This is how demented the West has become. Something as basic as what constitutes a male and a female has to be debated and all sorts of propagandistic barriers have to be erected so that people won’t challenge what is so patently obvious.

    This is what happens to any society when Jews take over the highest offices in the land. It’s also what happens when people turn away from God (Romans 1) and are given over to the lusts of their own depravity.

    It seems to me that at least half of the American population is so lost in the sauce that even the most basic realities of life – such as not murdering our babies, men and women are different, a man cannot change into a woman, homo marriage is wrong – has to be carefully explained to them. And even then, they’ll think you’re crazy!

    • Yes. Science in the west is now merely Woke Lysenkoism. The proclaimed non-existence of gender (via a redefinition into a single fluid gender) follows the proclaimed non-existence of race (all came out of africa). They always push it too far and more are waking up to the bullshit every day. As one of the best memes over at Barnhart’s summed it up about Big Pharma and their bioweapons: Pfizer: Nothing says “trust the science” like trying to lock up your data for 75 years. Those here who argue that the universities in Clown World still teach STEM and hard-science are far behind the curve. The enemy has total control over all acedemia. Actual STEM and hard-science is already being replaced with Woke dogma in a white coat, for the reason noted below. Llord Fauci, the highest-paid government employee – not even counting all the royalty payments – is truly the face of what calls itself “science” now. Your articles at Unz are definitely worthwhile reads, Rockaboatus. Keep up the fine work.

    • Bingo, America now quite simply has a majority of bad people. That’s the unfortunate reality of the situation.

    • I read some Russian blogger who bloviates on Russia putting Chekhov’s little prideful remarks on Star Trek to shame. But he is correct on one thing, the degenerate nature of large numbers of the populace in Western Countries. According to him Germany get’s what it deserves for having a large segment of the population that embraces such a blatantly insane death wish party as the Greens. And America got what it deserved with Biden because huge numbers of Americans wickedly support it, despite what fraud may have occurred with several hundred thousand fraudulent votes in the ghettos of a few key states making the difference, the very fact that America didn’t reject this in a landslide shows how sick we are. There is no solidarity against such obvious enemies to the historical nation like other countries have, remember Total Recall? When Quaid and Melina were running from the authorities the way the entire local population automatically helped them evade their enemy? This type of solidarity is what we should have against this subversion, and it still exists somewhat in the south with white supermajorities overruling their 40% black population at the ballot box. But elsewhere it is sadly lacking and these wicked degenerates are getting the punishment they deserve with democrat run national suicide they vote for.

    • @John, you’re exactly right. Science is the fifth estate of government if media is the fourth. It is manipulated by money and the profit motive to the point that most independent science goes unnoticed, wether regarding climate change, vaccines, sexually or race. There is one international agenda and they will always find the science they want to push their goals of world governance.

  3. “Gender” is not a scientific term (and is not a real thing at all). Sex is a scientific term, and it is binary.

    • “. Sex is a scientific term, and it is binary.”

      If goys will accept race mixing they’ll accept anything, even eating a turd sandwich, because that’s what we’re being fed.

    • That might be true of the boots on the ground shitlibs, but there’s something uglier going on with those at the top of the food chain. The oligarchs calling the shots are fully aware that equality is a lie and they certainly don’t actually believe the lies they regularly proclaim.

      The essence of it is what is described here:

      “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

      – Theodore Dalrymple

      To a certain extent Daniels (Dalrymple is a pseudonym) is deflecting here. The absolutely worst regimes under communism indeed engaged in this as does the modern “free” west. This kind of forced humiliation is a tactic used by regimes under criminal control. It’s a practice intrinsic to totalitarianism, rather than any particular economic ideology. It is likewise intrinsic to Wokeism (called political correctness when he penned this statement 20 years ago or more), a totalitarian system being pushed by the largely Jewish criminal oligarchy ruling the west. Daniels has provided a useful description of the tactic used by the overlords to destroy resistance.

  4. The basic idea behind this campaign is to make the concept of binary is to present it as subjective or up tothe viewpoints of people rather than it being based on reality. Of course the key to figuring out what is real is to be able to detect the same things, through your senses, along with everybody else.

    Subjection is up to you but reality is reality whether you recognize it or not a d since prople can see that the genitalia of men and women are different and the fact that the anatomy of such parts of the body are well documented making gender subjective is an idea rooted in pure retardation

  5. Males have X and Y chromosomes.
    Females have X and X chromosomes.

    They are just doing this insane stuff to distract the public from the real problem of who has taken over our government. If they can have people obsessed with gender BS, Prince Harry, and student loans, they won’t pay attention to who is constantly sending them billions of dollars overseas.

  6. “I used to believe that morality could be based on science and common sense.”

    It can be. Just because it isn’t now doesn’t mean it is impossible. It matters who is in charge. Religious people can also be manipulated by nefarious religious elites into doing or believing immoral or irrational things. The situation with science now is sort of similar to the time before the Bible was widespread. The layman relied upon the priests to read scripture and interpret its meaning. Nowadays, scientific information is often too complicated or tedious for the layman to be bothered with, so they tend to default to whatever the scientific experts say. This can be a problem when the scientific experts have political agendas. However, that doesn’t mean we should throw the scientific baby out with the bathwater.

  7. HW apparently isn’t aware that most Christian churches these days openly embrace homosexuality, “transgenderism”, Judaism, globalism, 3rd world immigration and white racial guilt. In fact I don’t know of any mainstream churches that don’t openly embrace such pernicious nonsense. He prefers to insult freethinkers like me!

    • These are things which most atheists, agnostics and religious nones believe. It is puzzling to me how atheists attribute their own views to Christians who are the least likely to agree or support these things

      • Brad, I’m an atheist who is more extreme than you. Btw, do you think fear of hell and hope of heaven is the only thing that keeps most people decent?

        • Go check out what atheists believe. It certainly isn’t race realism. You seem to be assuming that atheists think like you do. 99% of them do not

          • HW doesn’t answer the question.

            Are we to believe that we would have no sense of morality if God had not spoken to important ancient Jews?

            Alas, we know the answer to that. Plato had no awareness of Judaism or the Old Testament, and the purpose of the Republic is to explain why living ethically is superior, even when there is no hope of reward in this life or the next.

            Maybe you disagree with Plato, but obviously the question of how to live life occurred to him without him ever talking to a Jew or Christian. And he did it without the chutzpah to claim divine sanction for his own views. What a guy!

            You wouldn’t believe me if I said my comments in this blog are divinely inspired. But when it comes to ancient Hebrew writings, now that’s different. These ancient warlords are credible people. They definitely wouldn’t have lied about divine sanction for war and genocide. How UNTHINKABLE.

          • Atheism is the non-belief in a god. Race realism is about race and has nothing to do with atheism. You are conflating two very different topics. Different people believe different things about different topics. You are merely trying to demonize people who don’t “believe”. :rolleyes:

          • Do atheists believe in race realism?

            Polls show that they are the least likely people in the country to do so

          • Polls compiled by jews or their accomplices in order to lead those people who follow polls to think what they want you to think. Besides, what I said was that atheism is a non-belief in a deity. Race realism is about believing race is real. Atheism and race realism are two very different topics.

            Leftists don’t believe in race realism. Now, there may be more leftists who are atheists, but how can one know for sure? People on the right lie about whether they “believe” or not. They’re dishonest because they don’t want others to know. And you would rely on polls? Pollsters lie and those being polled lie, but you don’t seem to get it because you repeatedly use poll results to make your point.

          • I agree. Most polls are just propaganda to make people think what “the majority believes”.
            I see Christians go on and on and on about how their religion is being stepped on, but they don’t talk about being white. They aren’t being attacked for their religion. They are being attacked because they are white. It always circles back to race.
            I don’t believe in “race realism” because I am not philosemitic.
            I don’t want to be friends with them anymore than I want to be friends with blacks.
            If your God demands that you embrace all races, then you have just what you want here, which is multiculturalism. If you don’t like that, then you have to reject Christianity, which forces you to embrace globalism.

    • Referring to Spahnranch1970. Yes, there are many churches that embrace depravity and endorse it. But Christian teaching confirms that there would be a great apostasy(falling away) before the end of all things. The historic Church stood against all the the things you mentioned and with boldness. I recommend you read De Joinville’s memoirs on St. Louis IX if you have the time. It is easy to get caught up in the present hour if we have a materialistic mind frame which has been prevalent in the world since the time of Descartes. But Christianity provides an eternal vision of history. So I am reassured that the present distresses of the day will not always be. I also know this because there are many pockets of the faithful who will not go along with the AntiChrist system. There is a time you can be so freethinking and open minded your brain will fall off, they used to say.

  8. The USSR had Lysenkoism.

    We have Transgenderism.

    Both are attempts to make reality conform to ideology, not real science. There is historical precedent for these kinds of things. The goal is to control the way people think, and humiliation.

    • Despite all his flaws, and probably psychotic paranoia, Stalin was able to come to terms when mugged by reality. They had previously rejected “bourgeois physics” i.e. real physics for some leftist crackpottery, but in the late 40s when it became apparent that he wouldn’t have a nuclear bomb without following working science they quietly embraced the reality of modern physics once again. Someone like AOC and the leftist little girls making crime and energy policy will keep doubling down on their insane policies until the Hale Bopp Comet takes us away to “the next level” with the same set of sneakers on at the bitter end. 60 years of trying to uplift the blacks to bankrupting failure and social breakdown and they refuse to change course and instead hit the accelerator. It’s only going to end with the death of the dollar.

  9. I think that a person can be atheist, believe in nature and science and also be a conservative and believe that gender theory is a crap….. I believe that nature is always right because it is science and because it has existed since before human whims and human existence on earth. Nature (whether one believes that nature was created by chance through physical and chemical interactions or that it was created by a God or Gods) is composed by males and females, biological males and females. Life is perpetuated by the union of males and females. So i don’t need a scientist to explaine me that gender theory and all LGBTQ things are trash and crap, is sufficient observe nature and know a little about it to understand that LGBTQ and gender are whims and madness. Nature is based on biology and biology, FORTUNATELY, is neither serves the leftists nor obeys their whims.

    • ” I believe that nature is always right because it ” ….has been around for 4,000 million years.

      This transient propaganda has been around a few years.

      • What i mean is that nature has existed for millions of years, and we know from studies that it has always been so, although there have been various species over time. The basic thing to understand is that nature follows biology not or human rights or as we should call them today human whims. Being a man or a woman is not a right it is a fact, a biological essence. This obsession of the left to unhinge the limits of nature follows the selfish logic of caprice as well as insanity

    • Marcel said: I think that a person can be atheist, believe in nature and science and also be a conservative and believe that gender theory is a crap

      I agree with you 100%. But I do think, more than likely, the conservative will not admit to being an atheist. He’ll more than likely pretend to be a Christian so his Christian associates and acquaintances and people he doesn’t even know won’t call him names and wish the most vile things to happen to him.

    • @Marcel Agree. Christians have no hold on morality. There are tons of immoral Christians. Where I live, there’s a mega-church and most of them get this decal for their car or vehicle, identifying it. But it also identifies them when they drive like selfish idiots or run red lights.
      “Christian” doesn’t mean moral, anymore than “White” means someone who values their race.

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