Upcoming elections in Europe

Swedish National Election: September 11th
Czech Republic Municipal and partial Senate Election: September 23-24th
Italian National & Sicilian Regional Election: September 25th
Latvian National Election: October 1st
Bosnian National Election: October 2nd
Bulgarian National Election: October 2nd
Austrian Presidential Election: October 9th

From Renaissance Horizon:

While, the upcoming Italian election is a source of major excitement for conservatives, the upcoming Swedish election is poised to be a major dud.

After the 2018 election, it looked like the Swedish far-left had been defeated by Swedish centrists/moderates. Then two small “moderate” parties, the Liberal Party and the Center Party, switched sides and put the far-left “Red-Green Alliance” back in power.

By early 2020, things were looking more promising in Sweden. The Swedish Democrats, a moderate party that opposes open borders, had become the most popular party in Sweden. They were polling 25% while the Social Democrats were polling below 20%. Then came the worldwide coronavirus hysteria and lockdowns in Europe. During the lockdown, the Social Democrats went way up in the polls again and stayed there.

The latest polls show the Swedish voters poised to repeat nearly the exact same results of the 2018 election and maintain the status quo.


  1. With the skyrocketing price of energy I’d think they would turn conservative, but winter hasn’t hit yet.

    Incidently, Germans are now paying $800 per mwh for electricity, the average American pays about $110.

    I still think that Putin can really put the screws to Europe this Autumn.

    Oh, buffoon Biden was bragging about the ruble falling so much, but it has rebounded to be stronger than before. Now, the Euro is collapsing. It has fallen below parity with the dollar, german industry is really hurting.
    As Germany goes, so goes Europe.

      • The Mediterranean has become their Caribbean . No one can really live in those quaint Italian and Greek coastal towns anymore. It’s all tourist trade.

        • “Europe needs a good dose of poverty.”

          Many people are too stupid to handle prosperity, they only think when hunger is gnawing at their stomach and the wolf is at the door. Otherrwise they waste the excess.

        • Cartoonish amerilards enlightening everyone with their usual cartoonish ignorance about the world outside Cheeseburger County.

  2. The Cold War ended because the Russians mainlined natural gas into Europe and collapsed the power of coal unions. This suited both the western and eastern leaders. Without cheap gas and coal the European economy will become a dog war dog place.

    • Some cynics are saying this boycott russia policy is a ploy for America to takeover the the European LNG market, as America has a super abundance of nat gas.

      A good way for America to drain money out of Europe.

  3. Nothing will change. Not through elections anyway. Once one government goes down the rest will follow like dominoes.

  4. I don’t have much faith, because in the end nobody really changes things, however I will vote for Brothers of Italy.

  5. Also UK election completing on 5 September to choose the new UK Prime Minister, tho vote is limited to members of the governing Tory party. They are choosing between routine femoid Liz Truss, tipped to win, versus Rishi Sunak, with heritage from India and an Indian billionaire wife, eager for war with China

    Everything in Europe can be swept away this fall and winter by the home electric and gas bills becoming 10x what they were before.

    Hilarious that Biden’s gov is pressuring US companies to ship less LNG gas to Europe, to help lower US prices for the November election … and this after the US pushed the EU into destroying itself with Russian fuel cuts

    These EU electric and gas heat bills will destroy Europe’s lower middle class … maybe that is the plan. Or maybe the establishment is curious to see what is the point where Europeans finally explode, seeing so many migrants still getting everything for free, whilst working native Europeans sink into poverty

    The EU has odd regulations partly compelling EU countries to ‘balance and adjust’ their utility costs against one another … meaning that because Germany was immensely stupid closing so many nuclear and coal plants, all of Europe has higher bills, including e.g., France which has lots of nuclear power

    Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Russia was ‘going slowly’ in Ukraine … Russia-linked journo Pepe Escobar gives a scenario of a delay for winter, and then a spring push to take Odessa and link up with Transnistria … by then the EU may be a smouldering ruin

  6. Russia is landlocking the Ukraine and rolling up to the banks of the Djepir

    Just a few days ago the 72nd Mech Brigade was destroyed in the Siversk area, this was the most well trained and well armed/supplied unit left in the Ukrop deck of cards!

    It is likely that the destruction and surrender of the 72nd have finaly ended any plans for the great 404 co-off

    ” by then the EU may be a smouldering ruin”

    Here´s to hoping

  7. October 9, state elections in Lower Saxony. The last major thing on the German election calendar this year. Of course, circling overhead is the energy crisis that threatens to bust up the “Traffic Light Coalition” of the current German federal government, and new national elections that would have to be held in pretty short order if that happens.

    I’m going to try to see if I can make some time to go to Rome to be there that weekend, to see history in the making.

    • I don’t think the Landtagswahl in Niedersachsen or inflation, including and especially the increase in energy prices caused by the Russia sanctions, ‘threatens’ the Bundesregierung.

      Too many soft-headed Germans consider themselves the Moralweltmeister — they’ll suck it up for the sake of the sanctions, which system politicians and the media tell them in unison are morally correct.

      The Greens have been out of power for almost two decades, and they occupy two important minister positions — so they won’t support, or be the cause of, any ‘no confidence’ vote.

      FDP head Lindner is a venal ‘Porsche liberal’ (he drives one) who heads up a mostly inconsequential party — here’s an article about his lavish wedding earlier this summer:

      Spätrömische Dekadenz – pikante Details einer Sylter Hochzeits-Sause

      He’s not going to give up his position as Bundesfinanzminister for the sake of plebs who have to pay more for energy.

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