The Atlantic: Behind the U.S. Right’s Fascination With Viktor Orbán

Viktor Orbán is a White Christian Nationalist.

He has condemned “trans” and race-mixing and secured his own borders. He is trying to get the birthrate up. He supports Christian marriage and the family. He sees both the short term and long term challenges facing Hungary and the West. He is trying defend the ethnocultural core of Hungary from globalists like Richard Spencer and George Soros. He presides over a White Christian Republic.

The Atlantic:

“Where the leninist left once hoped to accelerate history, the right’s political pilgrims aim to reverse it—restoring an idealized past of ethnic homogeneity, traditionalist ideas of family and religion, and pre-democratic social hierarchy. These conservatives are entranced by Orbán’s bombast about defending a “Christian nation” against a Muslim invasion from the Middle East and elsewhere. …

This is the guiding spirit of a new movement on the political right, the self-described national conservatives who first emerged in 2019 and enjoy funding from moguls such as Peter Thiel. Among other things, the “NatCons,” as they are known, seek to detach nationalism from fascism, a task that one of the group’s champions, Yoram Hazony, undertook in his specious book The Virtue of Nationalism. At a NatCon conference in Rome in 2020, Christopher DeMuth, the former president of the American Enterprise Institute, conducted a public interview with Orbán himself, introducing the Hungarian strongman as “boldly at the forefront. He is not only a political but an intellectual leader.” A NatCon 3 conference in Miami is scheduled for September, where Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—who is casting himself as an American Orbán with his culture-war crusade against woke liberals, LGBTQ topics in local schools, and freedom of speech at colleges and universities—will be among the main speakers.

America’s new national conservatives are looking to fulfill an old dream—of taking strength from an autocrat abroad to rule without restraint at home. As Orwell understood, when they see someone wielding the whip, they want to get their hands on it.”

There is nothing foreign about any of this.

Americans admire foreigners like Orbán because these values used to be a part of our own identity and history. We are living in what Orbán has aptly called the post-West. Whereas Orbán sees his mission as trying to conserve the Hungarians and their beautiful historic culture, the liberals who rule the post-West despise their own race, culture and civilization and are hellbent on destroying it.

For most of American history, there was a broad consensus that America was a White country in race, an Anglo-Saxon country in culture, a Protestant country in religion and a liberal and republican country in its political principles. There was a racial, ethnic, religious and cultural core to the country. It wasn’t until the mid-20th century in the JFK era that the Protestant pole was broadened to include Catholics and Jews. European immigrants came here and were Americanized by learning the English language and adopting American political principles. Immigration was restricted to keep the country White.

The meaning of the term “liberal” went through a metamorphosis between World War I and World War II. A liberal used to be someone who was a sort of an evangelist of small government, free market economics and the natural rights of life, liberty and property. Liberals once supported both racialism and nationalism. Liberals were once religious and even supported strict gender roles in the Victorian era. This older version of liberalism was always in tension with slavery, racial hierarchy and federalism throughout the 19th century, but it wasn’t interested in tearing down and repudiating American identity.

In the 20th century, the new liberalism became toxic as it gradually shifted away from its old focus on economics and political rights to cultural liberation and egalitarianism:

  • It repudiated nationalism in favor of globalism
  • It repudiated patriotism in favor of cosmopolitanism
  • It repudiated racialism in favor of antiracism
  • It repudiated patriarchy in favor of feminism
  • It repudiated Christianity in favor of militant secularism
  • It repudiated traditional morality in favor of Freudian -isms and -phobias
  • It repudiated Anglo-Saxon culture in favor of multiculturalism
  • It repudiated small government in favor of big government
  • It repudiated laissez-faire capitalism in favor of wealth redistribution
  • It repudiated the strict gender roles of Victorian America in favor of gender fluidity
  • It repudiated traditional liberal values like free speech and tolerance in favor of political correctness and later Wokeism and censorship
  • It repudiated the right to life (the most important of all natural rights) in favor of abortion
  • It embraced modernism, an anti-traditional sensibility that romanticizes self-expression, and postmodernism which rejects any notion of objective truth and reality
  • It rejected the White race in favor of championing non-Whites
  • It rejected the republican ideal of self-government in favor of rule by professional experts and bureaucrats. See the Cult of Anthony Fauci

These are the hallmarks of the distinct and degenerate 20th century version of liberalism.

I would say the first phase of it or the vanguard phase evolved between World War I and World War II when antiracism, cosmopolitanism and modernism were assimilated into liberalism. The second phase was the peak when it went mainstream in the Rights Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. The third and final phase has developed between the 1990s and 2020s in which these ideals have been taken to ludicrous extremes in the form of “trans,” open borders, wokeness and toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers. Over the last few years, it has simply become intolerable to cultural conservatives.

Viktor Orbán sees where this is going and has wisely rejected American liberalism in Hungary. Even most American conservatives now recognize this threat to our civilization which is why Orbán was invited to speak at CPAC. Just the other day, two law professors at Harvard and Yale penned an op-ed in the New York Times in which they called for getting rid of the Constitution. The “trans” craze and grooming children was the final proof that there is no line which modern liberals are unwilling cross.

Orbán isn’t a “fascist” or an “autocrat.” We live in a different time. This isn’t the 1930s and 1940s. We are reacting to all the garbage that liberals have embraced since that time and mainly in the post-World War II era because their toxic creed is a menace to both White survival and Western civilization.


      • Yes, I believe so. But his comments on the FTN episode, shows he’s no ‘Christian Nationalist,’ if by that you mean WHITE Christian Nationalist. He’s as much a multiculti whore as DJT and all the rest. He’s merely a FINKELTHINK operative.

        “Jews have been erecting false dialectics for millennia, going back to antiquity in ancient Rome, as noted by philosopher Bruno Bauer. Most people do not understand how the basic version of this dynamic works and are forever trapped in the false dichotomies of red team vs. blue team, right vs. left, conservative vs. liberal – the political Punch and Judy show. Getting oneself unglued from that is often a major step forward on the road to political enlightenment. It also presents a new set of problems for dissidents. If the dichotomy is false and the dialectic is disingenuous, who has my back? Who understands the system like I now do? Who is BASED? It’s important that we also understand that the system accounted for this phenomenon as well. Intelligent people won’t be finked forever and are very rapidly beginning to re-examine the power structure through a new lens and begin asking questions about who sits atop its superstructure.

        Finkel-Think has evolved with the express purpose of tricking this newly minted dissident demographic in addition to keeping normie lightswitch brains stuck in two party ping pong politics. Having two strategies running simultaneously – what novelty! It’s what Trump’s entire 2016 campaign was predicated on. And Bolsonaro’s. And dozens of politicians across Europe. This is the essence of Fake Nationalism.”

      • Yes. Orban is Reformed.

        Protestantism was moving among the Western Slavs until the Pope’s Habsburg army was sent to crush it. At one time it appeared that Poland would become Lutheran. Slovakia still has a large Lutheran element, and Hungary was becoming Reformed. Bohemia-Moravia (now the Czech Republic) has an anti-Catholic history centuries older than the Reformation.

        • Right, Orban is Hungarian Reformed, but, that’s no guarantee that he’s a Calvinist. Calvin, may not even have been a Calvinist. LOL. That’s all part of the Reformation, no human is infallible!

  1. Where this is going? It is all supposed to lead you back to Christ. If you are not foolish enough to cause harm to an innocent human being you will find him, right in front of you standing in the dark.

  2. ‘Based’ Europeans are above all in the Balkans (more than Poland etc), and this includes Hungary – dealing for centuries with Muslim invasions and occupations, and more recently seeing the dishonesty of the West in the 1990s-00s Nato-Balkan wars

    Those people have lived with conflict, war and lies right up until very recently, less than 20 years ago … they are not easily captured with illusions and nonsense, such as LGBT, migration, or Ukraine war agendas.

    The President of Croatia – famous recently for denouncing covid scamming and vax pushing – has just joked that 80 years ago, the Germans needed to march to Russia to freeze, now this winter they will just freeze in their own homes

    Countries in central (eastern EU) Europe are currently being targeted openly by a CIA-Mossad tied regime change group within the Alphabet-Google corporate complex, called ‘Jigsaw’ and formerly ‘Google Idea Groups’ headed by Jewish (of course) neocon Jared Cohen. Cohen and Jigsaw have been involved in the Syria chemical false flags, Arab spring propaganda and much since those events.

    Jigsaw is now publicly targeting 3 of the 4 Visegrád countries, Poland, Slovakia and Czechia, trying to do pro-migrant etc propaganda … but they aren’t targeting Hungary, as the immensely popular Orbán and his Hungarians are too tough a nut to crack

    • Exactly. They post that “B-b-but X supports Israel and has laws against questioning the Holohoax” because they want to blackpill you into despair and isolation.

  3. The Atlantic cries out in pain as it strikes you. YAAAWWWN…yes, yes, globalist Orban doesn’t agree with some upperclass culture war garbitch, so he’s obviously an autocrat, a duly elected autocrat, what do you call a government like that? Is that like democratic despotism? Sounds damn near dystopian. Speaking of Orwell, nice bit of projection there, I bet the author (Sieg) Heilbrunn had his pants down to his ankles and one hand on the keyboard typing this crap. (Probably livestreamed it too).

  4. Orban doesn”thave to put up with the tyrant’s in black robes called judges who strike down anything Orban-like that Whites would like to have.

    Proposition 187 in California is a prime past example.

    And I never got to vote on affirmative action either.

    Let’s get a Franco in here to straighten things out, like Jesse Kelly predicts.

    • Race is a social construct.

      Calvin Candy / Orthodox Slumlord points this out all the time. Unfortunately, the same is true of sex. We’ve been imagining that men and women exist.

      • Race can be both a construct or idea or metaphor AND an objective reality. Some constructs, or ideas, and metaphors, are true being based on, and referring to objective realities such as racial genetics, while other constructs, etc. are false, mistaken or imaginary, not based on any objective reality.

    • What I find funny how one’s brain can trick one’s eye into seeing a missing word in a sentence that one is reading, even though the word is not actually there.

    • @John: The political ramifications of openly questioning Holohoaxianity would be too strong for any country, especially a small Central European country, to withstand.

  5. And American Liberals have historically been fascinated with race-replacing The Historic Native Born White American Population with nonwhite foreigners and their US born nonwhite geneline-since 1965…Why is that?….Answer:to nullify the Native White Vote at POTUS Election Time……….I believe this is what you call White Genocide….

    • 1765 was the beginning of the end for British colonial rule in America (even though they had just defeated France); 1865 was the beginning of the end for the old Anglo-Saxon order in America; and 1965 was the beginning of the end for White European domination in America.

  6. “As Orwell understood, when they see someone wielding the whip, they want to get their hands on it.”

    In ‘Murca & Western Europe, kike Heilbrunn wants that whip kept firmly in the hairy hands of his Tribe of usurper parasites.

  7. Great post, HW!

    The third and final phase has developed between the 1990s and 2020s in which these ideals have been taken to ludicrous extremes in the form of “trans,” open borders, wokeness and toppling monuments of the Founding Fathers. Over the last few years, it has simply become intolerable to cultural conservatives.

    The answer to this cancel culture (the “toppling monuments” aspect) movement: For every one they take down raise 1,000s of new ones up to take its place.

    Smaller monuments on private land in the front yards of homes all across the country will be a cure for this cancel culture. Throw up a few controversial (to the Leftists) flags beside them, put flood lights up to shine on them and the flags at night and you will bring about a cancelled cancel culture major headache and the thoughts of — maybe we should have just left them alone to start with — they are almost everywhere now!

    Monuments Across Dixie: Stonewall unboxed!

    For the southern monuments maybe the SCV could build factories to mass produce them at affordable prices to help everyone out.

    Maybe in a few years SPLC will have to take down their hatred-towards-the-South anti-South Map — “WHOSE HERITAGE? MAP” — because all the states will have turned back to “live” colors again because of all the new monuments erected and the SPLC’s Southern cultural genocide project has become a total failure.

  8. “Sees where this is going and wisely rejected American liberalism..”. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn also rejected it for much the same reason

  9. “For most of American history, there was a broad consensus that America was a White country in race, an Anglo-Saxon country”

    Most of the world holds this consensus too, even those that hate and resent us recognize this fact. And the election of Obama in 2008 was the first obvious sign to all that something was seriously wrong. Like when your kid comes home sporting some modernist anti social style change, you know something is seriously wrong with their mental health, later confirmed by a call from the coroner after they OD. Reagan and Eisenhower projected strength, electing black Obama projects weakness and sickness. It should be clear now to the globe that “Americanism” is yet another historical system that failed.

  10. Bravo! A big part of it is also “accuse them of what you are doing, just to muddy the waters.” What it does is, confuse the lo-info voters, who scratch their heads and say “Wait a minute…that’s what THEY say about YOU, too…So who’s right?” ‘cos they’re too damn lazy to look it up.

    So it works. The rest of us, of course, know it’s an Allinsky and Stalin-ite tactic (not “projection,” which is a defense mechanism, meaning people don’t know they’re doing it– these guys KNOW they’re doing it and take great pleasure in tricking people with it.)

    But you spelled it out well– just wish the lazy lo-info’ers would stay home instead of saying “I’m doin’ my duty”– and going out to vote when they have no idea what they’re doing/who they’re voting for.

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