Gavin McInnis Disappeared While Doing Show

Gavin is a “semi-fascist.”

We know what happens to those people. They are deplatformed from everything and arrested by the FBI and incarcerated for their political views.

Note: Don’t you dare say it is a partisan Stasi-like organization. No one is “above the law.”


  1. If Gavin McAnus was arrested by ZOG goons he should have made sure that it was done in front of his cameras so everyone could see what happened.

  2. The libtards and other Marxist trash are happy in that thread. I hope one day these assholes find themselves in a labor camp.

    We really need to separate ourselves from them.

    • I want to see them humiliated and utterly destroyed, after we break out McInnes so we can string him and all the other cucks first.

      • When you realize who basically makes up the visible “white movement”, it’s total disillusionment. Some of the groups are so bad, they must be psy ops. It’s probably why most people stay away. There’s one group that calls themselves “a political party”, has never had anyone elected, and the leader is a real scream. They’ve never done anything, and they only want to get more members. They actually charge for membership, too. Maybe it’s just another grifter group.

  3. All the degenerate things he did with the dildo, making out with Milo and even professing his love for jews and Israel wasn’t enough to keep him off the radar.

    Did his arrest have anything to do with his former group being infiltrated by feds or something to do with ghost guns? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  4. We will probably not be hearing from him again, regardless of the outcome. Moral of the story here is that intentions mean nothing with poor planning. I dont think McInnes really knew what he was getting into. Or maybe he thought Trump would protect him. Either way, he accomplished nothing and couldnt see the writing on the wall. Proud Boys obviously a fly trap for the stupid and another boogeyman to justify crackdowns just like Cville in 2017. Important to ask whether these groups ever had any rational and attainable goals? I cant think of any. “Pride before the fall” as someone said.

    Thats why I like your style on this blog. Hyperbole rhetoric, labels and the like should be kept to a minimum, because contrary to the saying, talk is NOT cheap, it can be very costly. One must keep a cool head even in the direst of circumstances. There will be no civil war in the age of Apaches and napalm, and if there was, Proud Boys would be a turkey shoot. Such organizations will never wield power, more careful thought is required.

    • White people have a weird need to form little armies with loud names, flags, symbols, insignias, uniforms, boastful nom de guerre etc. Like the Proud Boys or the 2nd Klan. They’re very easy to turkey shoot for that reason. Compare to how the Jews operate: low profile groups, bureaucratic group names, faceless lawyers wearing suits, personal names often changed to blend into the scenery, goyim or PoC hired as frontmen. The Jews focus on financial plumbing, dial-moving law suits, complicated legislation, legal bribery of politicians, threats of withholding money, etc. They always stay out of sight. The white approach seems very juvenile in comparison. Always striving to be high profile and make a big splash, worrying about “optics.” Activism through huckstering, e.g., talk radio, or podcasts, or Trump style bombast, is a manifestation of the same tendency. The inability to work quietly and systematically at the pressure points where change actually occurs. Not that I’m happy about it. But it’s a constant that runs through all pro-white activism over the last 100 years.

      • @Jim Hall, well stated.

        Jews are a distinct group separate from all others. They are an extremely organized, monolithic, multigenerational, multinational tribal criminal syndicate, all of them, networking, conspiring, both openly, and secretly, in their many, many organizations and synogogues, to exploit, rule and ultimately ruin the world. Jews are racial supremacists actively seeking and working toward the absolute subjugation of all races, but most importantly, the total destruction and elimination of the White Race. The Jewish Conspiracy does not make war against the White race as a mass of independently operating individuals, but as a united race. In practical terms this means they always consider matters from a race-wide, i.e., racist perspective in which the first directive must be complied with: Is it good for jews?

        Jews are in control of the government, the media, the lawyers/judges and the money. Jews are a fifth column in America working toward the deliberate elimination of the White Race. For example, jews are the driving force behind unfettered immigration of non-White, third world peoples, into America. This is why nothing is ever done about it. They are the driving force behind BLM, antifa, and their antics, who also favor the elimination of the White Race. Again government inaction in the face of rioting, violence, and looting. Besides driving censorship of anything they don’t agree with on all mainstream platforms, they also are, and have been, the driving force behind gun control. They don’t want Whites to be able to protect themselves, even in the face of this open hatred of Whites.

        Their success is the result of a multifaceted takeover of all the various realms of White society, from media to finance, entertainment to medicine, social media to education, from the law to religion. This single entity runs the government and the banks which enables them to commit any crime they like because they appoint all the judges. Their inter-tribal collusion is more thoroughly and specifically exposed by the following list, jews working together, openly or secretly, all of them knowing and doing what’s good for jews no matter the destruction they cause to everyone else but especially to Whites, their declared arch-enemy.

        Jews have always changed their names to deceive us and they have denied their racial identity because it serves the clandestine agenda of their race as a whole. Their war is waged from the shadows, so openly admitting jewish identity would thwart their cause. For the same reason, they have always misreported their population figures. The ugly truth of exactly how many jews exist, and how many jews hold power, and how many jews have infiltrated everywhere would alarm people.

        Jews work closely together as a biased and extremely ethnocentric group. Jews have a very strong sense of shared identity and paranoia towards outsiders, the goyim. Working together as a united fifth column, jews are always active in information control, financial control, political control, entertainment control, vice promotion, the destruction of traditional morals and the like — porn industry, promoting homosexuals, same sex marriage, and transgenderism. By dominating banking, media, publishing, and tech, jews have more power than any human tribe in history, and they use it for supremacy over all others — jewish supremacy!

        For those who don’t realize why our elected puppets can’t get anything done for us — not one of them will speak out against the jew menace, or for those who can’t fathom the extreme power jews hold in the US, please consider the overwhelming power and influence of these insular, deceitful, people, working together, networking, where they can pass along any and all information and secrets among themselves and continue their subversion of America without outside detection. jews hold over us by their secret networking with their fellow tribesman within each and every one of the following terms, and institutions:Their capability to circumvent national laws and cultures on a global scale is unprecedented.

        For those who don’t understand or can’t fathom the extreme power jews hold in the US, please think about the overwhelming power jews hold over us by their networking with their fellow tribesman by extrapulating from each of the following terms:

        Remember: All jews lie all the time! Government jews, Republican jews, Democrat jews, DOJ jews, CIA jews, FBI jews, DHS jews, ATF jews, NSA jews, EPA jews, CDC jews, SCOTUS jews, advisor jews, congressional staff jews, policy jews, Marxist jews, censorship jews, Federal Reserve jews, banking jews, Wall St. jews, IRS jews, Israel first jews, Globalist jews, AIPAC jews, ADL jews, SPLC jews, BLM jews, B’nai Brith jews, warmongering jews, holoHOAX jews, Antifa jews, NAACP jews, Climate jews, Covid jews, zionist jews, war incitement jews, collecting funds and stealing them for your favorite charity jews, immigration jews, human rights jews, civil rights jews, gun grabber jews, feminism jews, judge jews, lawyer jews, news jews, jounalist jews, publisher jews, author jews, newspaper jews, computer jews, education jews, university jews, historian jews, professor jews, wikipedia jews, facebook jews, google jews, corporate jews, labor union jews, the energy jews, the green jews, the agri-business jews, chemical jews, US patent office jews, entertainment jews, Hollywood jews, TV jews, music industry jews, porno jews, diamond jews, homo jews, paedo jews, pro-sports team owner jews, Internet jews, YouTube jews, Google jews, Facebook jews, radio jews, doctor jews, pharmaceutical jews, abortion jews, insurance jews, white slavery jews, mobster jews, religion jews, dual-citizen jews, and finally, the all inclusive LYING JEWS, and all anti-White — You know, those jews, doing what’s good for jews to the detriment of and for the extermination of the White Race, the driving forces behind open immigration of the turd world, special rights and privileges for nonwhite invaders and minorities; special rights that Whites can’t access, hate crime prosecution for Whites only, multiracialism, race mixing, abortion of majority (White) babies, Feminism, pornography, perversion, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, the destructive counterculture in general, everything fucking up America.

        • @DiCarlo Great post on Jewology. Yep, they run medicine, garment district, entertainment, law, politics, sports, all media, science, etc. They figured out how to get control of EVERYTHING.

          • As was noted, their first operating principle is “Is it good for the Jews?” Make that question central to everything you do, and over the generations your group will win.

            I know now that our central question must be “Is it good for white people?” and it is now my central operating principle.

            This does not mean that I do not treat others outside my group without decency and respect, just that I now first evaluate every situation as to whether or not and how much it will benefit my group.

            I do not do it with great fanfare, but with subtlety, knowing that over time small actio s will pay dividends.

          • Well, they were fairly effectively kept out of power for over a thousand years, only the political naivety of Americans let this group seize control of the nation they naively assumed would belong to their posterity. You judge a tree by the fruit it bears and America set up a political system that was very easily subverted. Surely the ruling class in other nations around the world have noticed this now. In the past America’s vast post war wealth overruled their better judgment and they seemingly aped our ways. But I think it has become pretty clear in some places that the American system is mimicked at risk of your own power being usurped, what sane ruler would permit that.

            I really think that in another generation or two it will become clear that this international perception of the suicide mission the American political project truly is took place after the election of Obama. People privately saw this for what it was, insanity for a black to take control of America. America means white people in the rest of the world not bombarded by our diversity propaganda TV commercials and school system. It is just assumed that America and white people go hand and hand, seeing this racial disaster, plus now this queer shit and family breakdown for the foreigners in the know has convinced the wiser classes around the globe that this is yet another historical system that failed. Notice the sudden shift in the Chinese leadership and turning away from the west that occurred in this period. White women and sissy men may have been thrilled by the sight of Obama in the White House, it gave them a “tingle up their leg” and quasi religious cleansing of their “original sin.” But it must have been a perplexing moment for the rest of the world who know blacks as blacks. America changed from being the land of Eisenhower, JFK, and Reagan and now appeared to be a giant Jim Jones-Marshal Applewhite suicide cult. That black face was a massive, obvious signal something was seriously wrong.

          • Yep, our Ellis Island descended elites “From Russia” may bee seen as sort of a social aids, destroying our psychological “immune system.” The infection may have been contracted around 1905, but the election of Obama in 2008 was the obvious eruption of the first black spot confirming the advanced state of disease. With the Summer of Floyd BLM Riots and now uncontrolled black crime the patient is now on par with that 80s stock nightly news footage of the emaciated queer with a mustache covered in black spots sitting on a hospital bed with the doctor holding a stethoscope to his leopard spotted back. America, put a fork in it, it’s done.

      • Jim, I agree with you. The problem seems to be, that real conservatives cant seem to keep their mouths shut in public.

      • @Jim Hall It seems a lot of pro-whites think they have to be honest and transparent. They want to be above what the enemy does, and I get that, but when you’re backed into a corner, one has to be strategic, even to lying. Oh, we can’t be like THAT!!

        Pro-white groups seem very invested in publicity and being important, hence most of them can’t do anything. Most of them, such as Amren and American Third Position, seem to be made up of boomers, who view this as a hobby.

        The enemy does things to get ahead, and is very unified, solely by their racial makeup (Semitic) and not even their religion (Judaism or atheism), something whites refuse to do, which is why “Christian Nationalism” is a joke.

    • Ulster- Do you think for ONE MINUTE that YOU are immune to the same Bolshevism as McInnes? Or that the posters on this forum are not in EXACTLY the same crosshairs as McInnes? He divorced himself from Proud Boys back in what? 2018?

      NO, the Biden Stasi are coming for all of us, if we don’t get rid of them, before they get rid of us? They broke into a President’s home? MTG is being treated as a common thug….

      THIS IS AMERICA?!? No creo yo.

      • Fr John

        Im not immune, but I try not to say too much, and I definetly do not do anything in frustration. I do my best to lead people away from flytraps like Proud Boys though. As well as spilling guts online which accomplishes nothing but getting on watchlists.

        A great philosopher once said “what is common can never be good” and Proud Boys type stuff is common as dirt. I like Darwin but I am not a complete social Darwinist, theres nothing good about naive young guys getting gay tattoos and then hauled off to the gulag.

    • Hello they arrested some poor Scottish guy who trained his dog to do a Roman salute because the Ashcan-nazis were triggered about 6 gorillion ghosts of Babi-Yar.

      • Well, can you blame them? All those jews being masturbated to death and forced to walk up the stairs carrying boulders until all their bones broke. To make matters worse, jews were being electrocuted in chambers with electrified floors that turned their bodies into ashes, and even jews having their skulls bashed in with pedal-powered brain-bashing machines and shrunken heads, lampshades, and Nazi scientists changing the color of people’s eyes – ITZ ALL THE SHOAH BUSINESS!

        • Ah, the masturbation machines that jerked off the jews until they died. Don’t for get the holocoaster that gave them the ride into boiling flames. You can’t make this up but the jews can to fool the goyim in to believing their lie.

  5. Turns out saying you want to be a nazi but for the jews and shoving a buttplug into your own ass isn’t enough to save you from their goons, who knew

  6. Dude bounced his PB guys going to C’ville, called everyone that went “evil, racist Nazis,” denounced the PBs when they were under fire for defending him in NYC, told people not to go to J-6 & didn’t attend himself, and yet, he STILL got scooped up by the Feds. Ooooof.

  7. No matter what you think of him, this is a serious escalation. Gavin and The Proud Boys were mostly a farce, but more arrests are on the way- and it won’t be Rose City Antifa in the clink.

  8. I am glad that Gavin McInnes was arrested. He certainly served as a gatekeeper for his Zionist masters like Ezra Levant among others. Gavin McInnes repeatedly flaunted that he worked as a Zionist operative. I recall that he stated that he would like to join a Zionist skinhead gang in Israel to fight Palestinians on the street during one of his shows. This was in response to his Israel trip and media reports which labeled him a white supremacist Neo-nazi leader. He perhaps was too flamboyant of a Zionist for some Jews liking. He shamelessly shilled for the Jewish state and tirelessly demonized Palestinians who resist Zionist occupation. As a person of Scottish heritage, I was appalled that Gavin, the proud Scot, prostituted himself for Zionism while claiming to fight for Western Civilization. It has already been mentioned that Gavin sodomized himself with a dildo and engaged in oral sex with Milo Yiannopoulos, a Jewish homosexual and pedophilia advocate, on live broadcasts to somehow “own” Muslims who resist Zionist occupation and Jewish sexual deviancy.

    I stand in solidarity with Muslims who resist Zionist occupation in the U.S. and in Palestine. Gavin McInnes is my enemy. I nor any self-respecting white gentile should offer him any sympathy. Gavin McInnes has long disavowed Anti-Zionists and White Nationalists. We should disavow him in turn. Gavin clearly got in over his head and may lose it.

    I think his arrest and the Mar-a-Lago raid speak to a deeper point that might be a cause for optimism in our circles. Perhaps, HW has seen these sign posts. The Jewish ruling class has fractured in the U.S.. Merrick Garland, a Globalist Jew, and David Friedman, a Zionist Jew, no longer work for the same ends. The servants, such as Joe Biden, of Globalist Jews, George Soros and Tom Steyr, inter alia, have openly attacked the servants, such as Donald Trump, of Zionist Jews, Bernard Marcus and Miriam Adelson, inter alia. Let the Jews eat each other. I am encouraged when Globalist Jews attack Zionist Jews. This shows us the Jewish enemy is divided and thus weakened.

    Perhaps, HW is right to be more optimistic.

    • “… I am encouraged when Globalist Jews attack Zionist Jews. This shows us the Jewish enemy is divided and thus weakened. ”

      A much worse take on this is they see us as such a pathetic threat that they can now feel safe to go after each other.

    • I understand why he did this, same as Tommy Robinson. It’s a feeble attempt to somehow not go off the cliff as yeah, a real racist NAZI – just someone opposed to radical Islam, crazy feminism etc. It rarely works, it usually results in the person becoming a ZOG slave and then still getting persecuted, purged by ZOG and BLM, Antifa, Cuckservatives etc.

      Life kind of sucks. We re running out of options besides suicide and various forms of slavery.


  9. Madame Spencer did this hours ago:


    I think that McInnes is not obsessed with race but definitly is better than Spencer or other people who claim to be race saviours and then join the leftists agenda. STOP this crap, of you’re pro white, you cannot endorse leftists.

    • Madame Spencer is an apt description. He is the most bitter woman that I ever known. He is entirely driven by petty, personal grievances.

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