• No right winger would stick a dildo up their ass in public. Thats something a shitlib would do. I think he’s a fed or a zoggoy paid to do psyops on the right, same as Spencer is doing now.

        • True, there was this degenerate theater dude at my high school whose charisma had all these people spell bound. He went off to NYC and reached the point of having a part on Broadway’s liberal “Rent” show and voiced over some Arby’s TV commercials before Ving Rhames got the gig, but then became mired in alcohol and drug abuse and faded to nothing. Now being a sickly middle aged loser back home. He had some failed marriage to a Spanish chick in NYC also mired in that antisocial youth world covered in tattoos like Amy Winehouse and bragged when drunk how much he loved it when she strapped one on and did things no respectable man would submit to…so I agree, only “shitlibs” do this kind of “pegging” crap.

  1. Uhmmmm. Sigh.

    I did feel like a scam to me, same as I knew after ~ 20 seconds that the Jussie Smollet hate crime hoax was a total scam/hoax.

    I wish Gavin hadn’t done this, I’m not 100% sure he did this, but I’m leaning this way.

    It’s a super, super rough thing to be on mainstream TV media and getting great, overwhelmingly positive reviews, feedback and then get pushed aside and try to sort of, well have some following in the alternative media, race realist, immigration patriot, or just Islam containing world.

    Look at how great Gavin was getting the best of this (very sexy) American feminist. And then he started his own group “The Proud Boys” – I used to call in his show all the time, I was sort of a big mainstream – I used to get published on Vdare, Amren and then, well I got pushed aside by folks that wanted to protect their $ income, didn’t want to name the J.

    The world as a $ multi millionaire Romney style Conservative is very very good. Our world, not very good at all. Folks, in particular pretty young woman like to go with winners, they like to be in the Hollywood actress world dominated by you know who.

    Who did Christie Brinkley date/marry? How about that Wonder Women TV actress? Marylyn Monroe, Dorthy Stratton, Sharron Tate.

    Roman Polanski and Harvey Weinstein never had problems getting pretty White Gentile, Shiksa dates, lovers. Alfred Hitchcock was apparently bedding all those beautiful Blonde Nordic actresses in his movies.

    The American media world, comedy world, conservative world ain’t a lot of laughs these days.


    Yeah, I felt this was a hoax. There was a shock TV talk show host in the late 1980s I think his name was something like Morton Downey. I don’t know if he’s a relation to Morton Downey Jr actor of (What?) Iron Man? He faked a racist Skin Head attack against him to try to stay on TV.

    I was on TV for a short time during David Duke’s mainstream success in the early 1990s. I had beautiful women contact me and want to “date” me.

    TV fame is addicting. I think it apparently looks like Gavin McInnes as seriously fallen down.

    Nobody here is probably old enough to remember when some TV Bible hustlers like Jimmy Swaggert or Oral Roberts did their scams – I think it was Oral Roberts that said unless he received so and so $ million by such a date, he had a revelation that God would strike him dead.

    The Chicago columnist Mike Royko said he could do great things to defeat atheism by not getting the money and then just dying on that date with some thunder burst.


    What was that pop modern artist from New York that said – in the near future, everyone int the world will get 30 seconds (something like that) of fame. Well looks like Gavin McInnes 30 seconds are apparently over.


  2. Shocked!, absolutely shocked I tell you!! McInnes obviously has a bright future in the second Trump administration and in the GOP. There he can study the ‘Art of the Grift’ at the feet of the grand master. Cheers for Owen Benjamin for blowing his scam open.

  3. If this is true, and it’s a prank, I’m angry as F.

    The political “right”, or whatever you want to call this sphere of politics, has enough problems with credibility. We are the “party” of tin foil hats, conspiracy theories (true or imagined), antisemitism, “hate”, and all varieties of negativity that gets hung on us, even when these things are justified. We already suffer self inflicted wounds of accusing each other of being feds, gatekeepers, controlled opposition, grifters, shills, false flags, and all manner of mostly untrue things, even if they turn out to be true 1 or 2% of the time.

    The very last thing we need is attention whores making a mockery of the very ideas that they purport to care about. Staging a fake FBI raid does absolutely NOTHING of value. It isn’t even funny.

  4. That’s what people get for following alt-media celebrities.

    There *are* right-wing/WN folks out there doing real work. Stephen Miller for instance is the only reason Trump accomplished anything at all, and now he runs an activist group filing real-life lawsuits against the Biden Admin and leftist governments.

    • >Stephen Miller

      Too bad he and the Trump admin didn’t have the wherewithal to push through a ‘safe third country’ agreement (link) with Mexico, as exists between the US and Canada (link) — this would have helped greatly to stem the flood of phony asylum seekers at the southern border.

      Instead the Trump admin put in place ad hoc ‘asylum cooperation agreements’ with several Central American nations, which the Biden admin immediately renounced:

      On February 6, the Biden administration fulfilled a campaign promise by announcing that it had formally suspended the ACAs and begun the process of withdrawing from them.

      Note the article crowing about this is written by someone named Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, who is very likely a Jew.

      More concretely, the article appears on a web platform of an organization called the American Immigration Council — per Wikipedia (link), Beth Werlin is the executive director; she’s a Jew (link) — the ‘policy analyst’ (whatever that is) is Joshua Breisblatt — while he has since moved on (link), he is also a Jew (link).

      Organized Jewry has done, and is doing, great harm to what some like to call ‘the historical American nation’.

      • JUST BECAUSE ALL THESE GROUPS — the Association of Reform Zionists, B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the Jewish Labor Committee, the Hebrew Immigration Aid, the Conference of American Rabbis, AIPAC, the ACLU, the SPLC, the Jewish National Fund, AMIT, the Jewish Federations Of North America, the Zionist Organization Of America, the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Women International, the Union For Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council For Public Affairs, B’nai Zion, the National Council Of Jewish Women, Maccabi USA, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Funds For Justice, the Conference Of Presidents Of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Socialist Verband, J Street, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, all Jewish Senators, Congresscritters and media moguls


      • They seemed not to have any “wherewithall” about anything other than to give Israel, our most “cherished” ally, whatever it wanted.

        • Yes, after Trump’s campaign rhetoric his admin was a huge disappointment — I broke my voting fast to support him in 2016, but stayed home in 2020 — I stopped doing ‘the lesser of two evils’ thing a long time ago — I have no use for Trump today.

          But given its obvious high importance after the asylum ‘caravans’ began, and the fact the US has plenty of political and economic leverage to use against Mexico, pushing thru a ‘safe third country’ agreement (standard in asylum law) was doable and should have been given TOP priority — but like so many other things during Trump’s presidency, that never happened.

          • Trump and his “processing centers”….do people really think those are for sending them back to Mexico? And why isn’t the US going after Mexico for all of the Central Americans they let come through Mexico, so they could just walk into the US??
            The big fight about letting the Honduran caravan in, was all for show. They got in. Anyone who wants in, gets in. Doesn’t matter if they are criminals or not, too. Doesn’t matter that the majority of them come here to sit on our public assistance and healthcare programs. We pay to raise their kids and house them.
            When Mexican president, Vicente Fox, called for open borders, George Bush didn’t tell him to go blow. He got on a plane and went down and met with him. This country is bound and determined to destroy itself.

  5. McInness is a comedian not a political leader. He shoves things up his ass for the TV cameras. The Proud Boys were a joke that got turned over to a “former” FBI informant after their high profile trip to Israel to become Jewish Nazis.

    I can understand why the Jewish Nazi movement got confused and thought he was their leader. Is he still working for Ezra Lavant the Israeli propagandist?

    Remember how mad the Jewish Nazi movement were when Lauren Southern wouldn’t go shill for Israel? The Jewish Nazi movement started claiming SHE was a Jewish Nazi named “Simonsen” and even made up fake quotes from her. Presumably Ezra Lavant called up his employees in the Movement and instructed them to smear Southern.

  6. I wouldn’t trust Owen Benjamin. He is both Jewish and insane, so not a very trustworthy source. It most likely is a publicity stunt, but we need more evidence than the word of a schizo jew.

    • Not a jew. Father (estranged) is jew. Mother is Catholic. According to halacha law, Owen is a goy and would have to convert to Talmudism to have aliya rights. He’s apparently a Catholic or maybe another sect of Christianity. Has plenty of less than flattering things to say about the ‘tiny hats’ as well, so no aliya for him. McInnes has been exposed as a total grifter but I’m sure there will still be idiots who follow him into Jonestown for the grape-drank.

      • Yes the points about mischlinge-crypsis are in many – perhaps even most – cases true. You also need to look at what has happened to him since he dared to name the Jew. His Jew father dumped his Catholic mother early on. He was raised as Catholic, not as Jew. Later when he started out as a comic his father suddenly came back in to “help” his nascent career, which then took off massively thanks to promotion of the ‘mighty wurlitzer’. Benjamin soon realized he was being manipulated and rejected the offered ticket to fame, which led to his telling the story of how the tribe operates in Pedowood. Spilling the beans resulted in his immediate deplatforming so he’s been on his own ever since. As I mentioned before, Jews are more of a mafia than a religion. Omerta is ruthlessly enforced. All this being said, yes one can never entirely trust even a mischlinge. Jews don’t entirely trust them either though they will try and use them for their own wicked ends.

        • The mafia in the US was started by Arnold Rothstein who mentored Lucky Luciano, Lansky and others both Italian and jewish. He was even responsible for fixing the 1919 world series. He was also behind bootlegging, the number rackets, etc. Rothstein was known as the father of organized crime. The Italians tweaked it later on and changed the rules for membership to make it more profitable for them but it is a jewish founding.

          • Even more revealing about the “mafia” is that all we think we know about the socalled Italian Mafia is what (((Hollywood))) has shown us. Think of the literally thousands of gangster movies that the Hollywood jews have produced which have burned into our psyche the specter of Italian criminals when in fact the truth is the Sicilian Mafia is in fact Converso Crypto jews. Having an Italian sounding name is no more proof that one is of Italian descent, then having a German name makes one German. Take that jew David Cicilline for example. The Colombo crime families were jewish because Bonnano and Colombo in Sicily are jewish names. In order to be a “made man” in the Mafia, you must be Sicilian. Why wouldn’t any “Italian” do? Look up the photographs of Gambino, Genovese and the rest of them and you will see the jewish blood. Meyer Lansky one time joked that he and Lucky Luciano got along together so well because Luciano thought like a Jew. Look at Luciano’s photo he was likely a Crypto Jew. Jews are not White Europeans. Jews are not Italian. Jews, are jews!

            “There are no English Jews, French Jews, American Jews. There are only Jews living in England, France, and America”. — CHAIM WEIZMANN, Co-Founder state of Israel.

  7. Anyone man that sticks a dildo up his ass to make a statement has serve mental problems. As far as the prank or hoax, I’m not surprised. He seems to crave attention.

  8. I believed it because who does something dumb and random? I’ve known him a long time, and I’ve always known he was a self-aggrandizing huckster, but this is the bridge too far.

  9. I will laugh when he is extradited to Canada to face pending terrorism charges. This is despicable and in no way comedic. Gavin McInnes and his ilk, e.g. Tommy Robinson, deserve none of our sympathy. They are shameless shills for their Jewish masters.

    • @anon—–you can not be a Christian nationalist and hate the innocent, be it Muslims, women etc. Gavin and Tommy Robinson are officially has beens. They are finished as any sort of movement leaders. Milo is attempting to make the transition to Christian nationalist but he is not going to open his mouth about the Muslims, how did the Muslims bring down building 7? With a carpet prayer?

      • Southern soldiers, we take none of these so called movement leaders serious, the host of this site, is the voice of the southern intellectual elite, he speaks for the people, the republic….

    • >Tommy Robinson

      I never followed him closely, so I don’t understand the background of the criticism of Robinson (is that his real name?) you see today — he brought attention to the horrible ‘grooming’ gang problem, and I give him credit for that — the report about Telford came out recently:

      Telford child sex abuse went on for generations, inquiry finds

      It generated only perfunctory interest in the media, for obvious reasons — to me nothing symbolizes the tribal collapse of Whites better than the sexual brutalization of English girls by Paki scum, which was known and tolerated.

  10. The difference between Left and Blightwing grifters is the former run the country and the latter shove dildoes up their asses in basement “studios.”

  11. This reminds me of the celebrities and others who said on Twitter they would leave the US if that ‘racist’ Trump won in 2016 (none did, that I know of) — they always gave their destination as another white country, e.g. Canada, New Zealand, or some country in Europe — many were hilariously trolled in the Twitter replies by people asking why weren’t they going to Zambia or New Guinea etc — fun times.

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