Mehdi Hasan: “Fascist” Is An Increasingly Apt Label For Today’s GOP

So, I’m a “fascist.”

“Fascism” now means being an old fashioned American. It means that you haven’t changed. You haven’t progressed and bought into the latest fads of progressive liberalism. You might even have the same ancestry and beliefs as the people who founded this country.

If you believe that liberty is self government by sovereign states instead of rule by “experts” and judges and bureaucrats, you are a “fascist.”

If you support the Dobbs decision which affirmed federalism and returned abortion to the state legislatures, you are an “authoritarian” and a “fascist.”

If you believe in the right to life, which liberals used to tell us was the whole basis of the natural rights of liberty and property, you are a “fascist” who wants to crush women’s rights.

If you support gun rights and the Second Amendment, you are also a “fascist.”

If you support states’ rights and the Tenth Amendment and DO NOT want to live under a centralized and consolidated national government, you are a “fascist.”

If you don’t want to live under an unaccountable federal bureaucracy which empowers experts and bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci, you are a “fascist” who hates democracy.

If you support the U.S. Constitution and especially its anti-democratic features that have always been there like the Senate and the Electoral College, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose federal civil rights laws and affirmative action, you are a “fascist.”

If you support the patriarchy and oppose feminism and think women should devote their lives to their husbands and families instead of careers, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose social equality, you are a “fascist.”

If you do not believe in racial equality, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose antiracism, modernism, postmodernism, cosmopolitanism, globalism, technocracy, political correctness and other 20th century fads, you are a “fascist.”

If you don’t believe in the “bodily autonomy” of a pregnant woman, you are a “fascist.”

If you believe the United States was created by the Constitution instead of the Declaration of Independence, you are a “fascist.”

If you are skeptical of pure democracy, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose the “LGBTQ community,” you are a “fascist.”

If you distrusts “journalists” and experts, you are a “fascist.”

If you don’t celebrate Juneteenth or PRIDE Month and other fake holidays, you are a “fascist.”

If you deny that men can get pregnant, you are a “fascist” who hates The Science.

If you believe that voting is a privilege, not a right, and that only White men of sound character who own property should vote, you are a “fascist.”

If you believe Christianity and especially Protestantism has always been an integral feature of America’s national identity, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose toppling statues of the Founding Fathers, you are a “fascist.”

If you support the First Amendment, you are a “fascist.”

If you are disgusted by miscegenation, you are a “fascist.”

If you support classical republicanism over “liberal democracy,” you are a “fascist.”

If you do not believe the Bill of Rights applies to the states, you are a “fascist.”

If you believe America is a White country and should remain that way, you are a “racist” and a “fascist.”

If you believe Anglo-Saxon culture is an integral part of American identity, you are a “fascist.”

If you believe there are only two sexes and oppose queer theorists, you are a “fascist.”

If you dislike the FBI and support the Fourth Amendment and want to dismantle it because you don’t want to live under a tyrannical police state, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose globalism and entangling foreign alliances and oppose the stupid war in Ukraine and all the other dumb wars like Iraq and Afghanistan, you are a “fascist.”

If you oppose militarism and imperialism and want a vastly smaller military and have no desire to dominate the rest of the world, you are a “fascist.”

If you do not believe the -isms and -phobias which were made up by nutty academics and which were spread through the culture by the media have anything to do with morality, you are a “fascist.”

If you believe sovereign states have the right to secede from the United States, you are a “fascist.”

There is nothing that I believe that Americans haven’t believed for generations and in most cases for centuries, but I am the “fascist” now according to some piece of Third World garbage on MSNBC who became a naturalized citizen a year ago. Believing that people like Mehdi Hasan should be excluded from our country is also a traditional American belief and we had laws to that effect until the 1960s.

The real story here isn’t what people like us believe. It is how utterly detached progressives have become from their own country and its history, culture and traditions.


      • Exactly, why is anyone listening to these third world clowns? Just look at their countries and see what these people really are. If you don’t come from a country with a higher culture/technology then you should keep your pie hole shut.

  1. The regressives, technocrats, neocons and RINOs that write Hasan’s script know the difference between paleoconservativism, and fascism, they just don’t care, they can’t have an honest debate because they’d lose a lot of ground, if not all of it, so instead they resort to smears and censorship, like they always do.
    Only ignoramuses and imbeciles buy what CNN, MSNBC and the NYT peddles.
    Unfortunately there’s millions of them.

  2. Commies call everyone “fascists” just like Jews call anyone they don’t like “Hitler.”

    Jews call everyone “Hitler” so much there is a long standing Internet Rule that Jews lose the argument when they do that. It’s the only way to shut them up.

  3. Fascist means “enemy of the people.” If you are a “fascist,” then the regime works to prevent you from exercising your constitutional rights. To label someone a fascist is to identify them as someone who rejects the post-war [WWII] elite consensus and the rule of the present elite which is disproportionately Jewish. If WWII had a different outcome, then Western regimes would label their subversives communists or liberals. To be called a fascist is to be targeted by the regime for your acts of subversion. I say we should not double down on their label and march like Blackshirts. Rather, we should recognize that being labeled a fascist is an implied threat that the regime will hunt you down and make your life hell. It is the harbinger of the regime unpersonning you.

  4. So-called Progressives are not detached from millions of their fellow liberals, most of whom live in urban areas and do not have real jobs, just those “long march through the institutions” type occupations. There are more than a few hippy-dippy NPR types scattered across the hinterlands as well.

  5. I’m sure Mehdi Hasan has said “please to show the bobs and vagene!” to more than a few white blonde women. Shouldn’t he be standing behind the counter of a 7/11 cleaning the Slurpee machine? Or better yet, shitting in his favorite street in New Delhi?

  6. A Fascist is one who believes the People exist to glorify the State; A National Socialist believes the State exists to glorify the People. You’re welcome.

  7. Those Mehdi Hasan types are the most arrogant, unfriendly and ungrateful sons of bitches who have invaded the West since the you-nose-who’s.

  8. They are trying to meld fascism with Christian nationalism and it is not taking. Do you know how many Lutherans have been president?? Zero. If the Lutherans desired authoritarian power wouldn’t they have tried? There is something to be said for trying to live your life in peace and minding your own business.

  9. link‘Our definition of “democracy” depends on if we like the people taking an action.’

    Substitute ‘fascist’ (or any other word you want) for ‘democracy’ — it’s the same thing, just another ‘term of abuse’.

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