Bruce Gore: The First American Colonies

I’m continuing to watch and enjoy this series.

Episode 1: Bruce Gore starts the series by asking why the descendants of Puritan colonists in New England and Scots-Irish Presbyterians in the backcountry played such a starring role in the American Revolution. The obvious answer is their religious and cultural background.

Episode 2: Bruce Gore traces the seeds of radical republicanism back to John Calvin’s theology.

Episode 3: Bruce Gore traces the spread of Calvinism from Geneva to England and Scotland and explains how John Knox and George Buchanan fleshed out a political edifice upon Calvin’s theology.

In this episode, Bruce Gore explains how Puritan colonists in New England and Scots-Irish Presbyterians in the backcountry transplanted their culture to North America in the 17th century which was an age of religious turmoil in England, Scotland and Ulster.


  1. My first ancestor in North America (1623) was part of the first attempt to establish a purely commercial in New England without Puritan wingnuttery. Unfortunately, the soil at Cape Ann was not conducive to agriculture. They decamped and actually stayed at Plymouth Colony but there were conflicts. Eventually, he and 4 other families (known as the Old Planters) received a 1000 acres in what is now Beverly MA. The house he built still stands. The family is listed in the last chapter of David Hackett Fischer’s “The Seeds of Albion”.

    I also discovered an ancestor that died in an Indian massacre now called the Battle of Bloody Brook during the first major conflict with the Indians (King Philips War) in 1675. Apparently, the oldest son would inherit most of the family estate and was customarily exempt from militia service which fell to the second oldest son.

    How would history had been different if initial settlement had not been Puritan dominated?

  2. Interesting video. William Laud’s Arminian abberation (as Gore calls it) is a caricature of the real free will alternative to Calvinist predestination. The Quakers, who do not trace from John Calvin or from Roman Catholicism, but from the much older tendencies of original British Christianity, were the real revolutionaries of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, much more revolutionary than the Presbyterian church. In relation to their very small numbers no other Christian movement has ever had so much impact on the world as the early Friends. Note that I do not subscribe to some modern “Quaker” beliefs (among “Quaker” groups in the U.S. and UK) that are immoral and un-Christian, that George Fox would condemn if he rose from the grave. The majority of Quakers worldwide today (the majority of which exist in Africa and South America) are not like that. I think the future revival of Christianity will begin with Friends, Anapabtists, Orthodox “Old Believers” and other nonconformists, not from the Protestants and Catholics.

  3. The Dutch were here already. Amazing how this is always omitted. Almost like someone is constantly rewriting our history.

    • Yes, it wasn’t called New Amsterdam for nothing. But just wait until the Mexicans here take over. They will rewrite our history, just like how they did with the Spanish.

      • Are you somehow under the mistaken impression that Mexicans actually control Mexico? They actually had gay marriage there before it was established here. Latin American is owned by a (((white-looking elite))) and directly ruled by a comprador political class, who are actually white for the most part. Despite some attempts in their history to break free, the banksteins call the shots. Once the Mexicans and others form a majority, the rentier-owners of Murika will be the same as now absent some real ‘Black Swan’ event or mass awakening among whites.

        • @Exalted Cyclops Why does that even matter, when our government is putting them first here? They get everything free, and like other “minorities” are allowed to break the law.

          • Pilot it shows you either don’t get it or you are Jew hasbara.The beaners wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Jews.Mexico City(10 million)has a Jew woman as mayor.Most every Central/South American country has a Jew as Minister over Finance.The beaners have zero power.They are like the darkies,they merely serve as weapons to destroy Whites.Pass it along to your buddy Dicarlo of Tel Aviv.

    • “Dutch were here already”:

      Yes the Dutch West India Company was there, and a kind of feudalism: The manorial lords (patroons) of New Netherlands received large tracts of land to held in perpetuity, created their own courts of law and their own local governments, and were entitled (by law, the Charter of Freedoms and Exemptions of 1629) to use, buy and sell slaves (White slaves). Feudalism endured in New York for almost a century, continuing after the British takeover of the colony and even after the American Revolution.

      • I’m thinking more and more these Dutch were actually Jews. They called up their brethren from Brazil after a slave revolt and expulsion.

        • Could be. Jews won’t do the heavy lifting of clearing forests, fighting Indians, hunting, planting crops. They probably figured it would be easier and more profitable to let the gentiles do that and reap the benefits by stealth.

  4. Understanding the **structure** of the Church in these communities is often more illustrative than their ideology. How the Church was structured had an effect on how the state and other civil society was structured.

    Since these were pre-Industrial Revolution everyone was a primary producer and the economic unit was the farm family, an extended, multi generational and outbred family neither a nuclear family and being that they had the typical European Christian taboo against cousin marriage, nor an inbred clan like Aristocrats and Ottomans.

    That is why America is so stubbornly “capitalist” and “libertarian” or “liberal” and “individualist.”

    Before TV you could almost see America as a struggle between Presbyterian and Congregationalist/Baptist polity.

  5. The Solutreans (Europeans) were in N. America long before the Indians came over from Siberia. Unfortunately, our history has been rewritten and used to brainwash other Whites into believing their ancestors stole the land from the “Native” Americans.

    • I have herd the Solutrean theory is not consistent with DNA evidence but who knows? The Clovis Point is compelling. I’m a Younger Dryas impact person. I think comets hit the earth and extincted several advanced civilizations about 12000 BC. Revelations talks about the 7 Angels. Not a stretch to think it was describing the impact. They would have seen it coming for weeks or months before impact.

      • There were several skeletons found out west, and the Indians demanded getting them, so they could bury them. Scientists insisted they were whites, due to the skeletal differences. But the Indians won, because they insist they’ve always lived in the Americas. But we know they crossed Beringia long ago, and are not native to the Americas.
        Revelations was written after the death of Christ.


        They found these super well preserved bodies in a bog. (6000 to 5000 BC) They were most certainly Caucasians not Indians you can see from their skull shape. They did some “supposed” genetic testing on them but have sequestered them somewhere. They were from skull shape definitely Whites. They even said they were Whites at first but now…

        There have also found Solutrean type points in North America off the coast in areas that were dry during the Ice Age by dredging for wooly mammoth bones. I think they found one buried in a mammoth bone.

        “…Randall Carlson’s hypotheses…”

        Randall Carlson says that a comet hit North America 12,000 or so years ago causing a huge flood. He is almost 100% certainly correct. It was denied for years this was true and that what killed off all the big game was humans but the facts are so numerous, so varied and so numerous they will eventually have to say he is right. Earlier researches said there were floods and they attacked them constantly. Then they said,”oh yeah there were floods but they were broken Ice dams”. Now we have all the flood data and lots and lots of flood plains AND we have the indentation from the comet strike in Greenland. It’s just so likely at this point that it’s impossible to deny except for fools. There are miles upon miles of broken smashed fish, animals, etc. in the North buried under ice.

        Most likely, this is why there are ancient flood stories all over the Earth, everywhere.

        If this sort of thing interest you watch and it will all be explained about the comet and Atlantis. If the mid-Atlantic ridge was exposed during the Ice Age, and I believe it was, then it would explain how it would be much easier to reach North America by Sea. The only portion of the mid Atlantic ridge left up was the Canary Islands, on which later explorers found what to all descriptions known were pure Cromagnums on the peaks left up from the sinking of Atlantis.


        comet and Atlantis



    • The Jewish World Encyclopedia doesn’t mention castrating Irish slaves for the Brazilian slave market so it must not have happened. You win Shlomo!

  6. I listened to his last Youtube video and it bored me into unconsciousness so I don’t know. The impact seems probable tho.

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