Karine Jean-Pierre: MAGA Republicans Are An “Extreme Threat To Democracy”

You are also “semi-fascists.”

This is why I identify as a neo-normie. Joe Biden is saying that tens of millions of Trump voters are “extremists” too.


  1. Ohhhhh I get it now!

    I used to think those countries that had “elections” where 99% of the people all voted to keep the same old “dictators” in office were corrupt. But obviously I’m wrong. Democracy is where everyone votes exactly the same way, every time! Democracy is where you’re afraid to have a different opinion, because the people in charge will call you “undemocratic” and “semi-fascist”. I’m catching on now!

  2. Democrats win Alaska.

    Christian Nationalism is a dead end, just like the Alt Right.

    Only Centrist Separatism can deliver victory: the same world we grew up in, but without the people who hate us and want us dead.

    • “Only Centrist Separatism”

      No form separatism will be allowed under the current power structure.
      Natural forces of division will have to rip this society apart.

    • Oh, the “ranked voting” is another huge liberal scam that the republicans are playing right into. How come the democrats have the discipline to only run one candidate yet the republicans run two splitting the vote? The GOP is still living in a 20th century fantasy not up to the discipline needed against the very powerful, organized Jewish Mafia mopping up total control over their country.

  3. I’m glad Joe Biden is saying such things. No sense in hiding his and the ‘woke’ democrats’ true feelings about conservative Americans. Let it all be aired out in no uncertain terms. This will force ‘normies’ to choose a side. It will ‘radicalize’ (however conceived) more conservatives to see there is no neutrality nor compromise with the Left.

    The Left declared war against the American Right in the 1960s (some argue it was earlier), but it was often veiled, and they did not reveal their ultimate intentions. They had to tread lightly somewhat. The gloves are now off, and they are saying exactly what they think and what they intend to do to us because they have largely conquered the culture.

    I don’t know if all of this will lead to a second revolutionary war. I don’t want any bloodshed, so I’m hoping for a peaceful secession of the Red states from the Blue states. I know our deepest can’t be solved with a vote. An amicable divorce is long overdue.

    The problem is that the Bolshevik Left never gives up power, and so there is a good chance that violence will ensue. We will see even more governmental tyranny and a doubling-down on how awful conservative and Heritage Americans are by the Left which will only further divide us. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In some cases, it’s imperative if we wish to survive as a people.

    At a minimum, get out of the major cities. Get out of Blue states. Start preparing spiritually and economically any way you can for the dark days ahead.

    • Yes, the always describe opposing viewpoints as nothing more than moral depravity. It gradually expanded it’s reach and now they have basically redefined the Republican Party, the 50s, the 80s of Reagan and anyone who wants the society we had a just a generation back as morally depraved. Problem is we have a lot of female voters who are very, very obedient herd creatures. They think due to degeneracy and all the Fake Americans the imported that they now have a majority of bad people and are probably right. Therefore the only sane way for the nation to survive is non majoritarian rule by the righteous. The problem is people are going to have to disillusion themselves of the warm and fuzzy myths of “How you make a bill” and “Mr Smith goes to Washington” they picked up from their mid 20th century civics class and realize survival trumps all else. Biden’s handlers driving the nation into bankruptcy due to their disregard of natural law may be the only way this whole rotten illusionary edifice comes crashing down.

      I wouldn’t be so confident though over a “civil war” between the red and blue states, China would support the blue states because China always looks for the corrupt actors in any nation they want to gain influence over and support and manipulate them. The blue side is very, very corrupt as we’ve already seen with a crackhead presidents son knocking up strippers and being the frontman for bribes to crooked Joe. They would pour resources in so any “red” America would need to shut down the sea lanes in and out of the blue states, heck, Biden and Hillary are so corrupt they’d probably invite the PLA troops in to help just like Najibullah invited the Soviets into Afghanistan in ’79.

      • There are all sort of opaque “security” agreements between Empire of Lies and its Kanuckistan-Klown show and Mexican okrugs. The SPP is but one of many. One of the provisions supposed buried in the bureaucratese is that should things get suffiently dangerous to the survival of any of the three North American regimes, the other two partners can send troops – or even engage the assistance of foreign troops (e.g. NATO or even China in Kanuckistan’s case) to deal with the insurrection. So if red states secede, they will send in Chinese forces via Mexico and Canada.

        This might not be so much the case now as it was 15 years ago. China seems to have changed direction under Xi – though it is by no means entirely clear that Xi is ruling unopposed – more than a few party members there are displeased with his corruption crackdowns and liked it better when they were able to partner more with Uncle Schmuel in their criminal enterprises. They might have to invite NATO or even UN troops rather than China. In any case it would be foolish to assume the enemy has not planned and wargamed the various scenarios involving secession and civil war.

  4. “Democrats win Alaska.

    Christian Nationalism is a dead end, just like the Alt Right.”

    Perhaps the ‘Grillin’ and Chillin’ meme of the summer should be replaced with ‘niggerball and beer’ as sports season approaches.

  5. Sarah Palin loses a district that hasn’t been Democrat since 1973. This wasn’t a flip district. The Red Wave has been aborted. Blue Wave incoming.

    • The combined Republican vote (for all 10 or so candidates) was about 60% of the electorate vs Peltolas (the Dem) 36%
      This is just a graduation from the farce of ‘democracy’ to the even more corrupt ‘guided democracy’.
      Hopefully the state GOP will implement a solution for the re-run in Nov.
      Really wish Palin would have kept her grifting ass in AZ.

  6. She is unwatchable. Not really a press secretary, more like someone repeatedly saying they won’t answer the question.

    • @Pilot,
      Just the sight of it makes one long for Jen Psaki, let alone Kaley McAnany.
      What next………..a part Jewish/part African trannie??

  7. Those scary Republicans. My parents die hard Republican friends were over for dinner and they had pics from their daughters prom. The entire group of eight girls had six black dates including their daughter and they were beaming with pride as were my Maga parents. The rest of the school pics were largely Indian and mixed in a neighborhood that was ninety nine percent white fifteen years ago.

    Republicans would worship this Haitian lesbian lady and give her Patron cash if she was a Republican

    • “Conservative” and “Republican” are now left of center.
      That’s why they’re drooling at the thought of having mixed race grandchildren.

    • Therin lies the central problem and why “conservatives” and Republicans can be relied on to turn against race realists and Pro Whites. All of them love “Diversity” which is destroying our race and they either applaud it or couldn’t care less.

    • That is what non-stop media propaganda has done to the young female mind. Hope some of them figure out reality before it smashes them in the face.

      • I think the Augustus post was talking about Boomers. Boomers love Diversity. I had one brag to me that his son was marrying a Mexican, and now he doesn’t have to worry about his grandkids, because they will get a check every month just for being part Mexican.

        • The parents may well have been boomers. It would definitely fit the pattern. The six of eight (75%) white girls choosing black dates for the prom – which means many (if not all six) will end up having sex with them – are not boomers. They’re even worse than boomers. The rebellion against parents which the boomers embraced so wholeheartedly only moves in one direction you’ll notice – just like “conservatism” (who could not even conserve the ladies’ room) itself does.

          If they don’t end up dead as coal burners often do, these are the ones who will be in the next BLM march, who will dox you and turn your ass in to the badge-gang at the first opportunity. In short they will likely end up as even more virulent enemies of the remaining whites than blacks themselves – exceeded only (maybe) by jews. These monsters are truly the creation of the boomers though. Twice the disciples of hell that their parents are…

          • >These monsters … Twice the disciples of hell that their parents are …

            Calm down, or soon you’ll be wanting to set them on fire.

            Someone really ought to alert the Guinness Book of World Records.

            Given the statistics on interracial dating and relationships, the probability that 6 of 8 white girls, whose parents just happen to be Republicans or MAGA types, and who just happen to be friends, and just happen to appear in fotos together, and would just happen to have black prom dates, is infinitesimal — it’s probably more likely that a Mini Cooper would come barreling into the house while they’re having dinner (not with Anne Heche driving, she’s dead).

            Some unintended comedy here.

          • The sample cited by Augustus is an extreme one to be sure. Wonder what part of the country it’s from (Detroit?). 75% of white girls don’t select black dates to the prom nationwide – though that’s certainly is a jewish goal which is apparent from advertising alone. There is a problem in that those who do end up with blacks tend to become the monsters prominent in the BLM/Antifa riots. As a self-identified WN, would you expel such creatures form a theoretical white state or leave them in place just because they’re white? Such whites are the jews’ ideal goyische storm-troopers. The whites described by Augustus are by no means the only ones since the anti-white hatred among whites in general is broader than this single issue.

            I don’t notice this level of animus directed towards their own present in any other race than whites. Yes there are always sellouts who will take a bribe, but this is something deeper – a kind of pure hatred of their own, a type of religious fanaticism. The behavior of abolitionists in the US civil war and during ‘reconstruction’ was a precursor to what we see now. Even the Cicero quote below doesn’t fully capture the fanaticism of the whites who literally want to see every single white population exterminated from the face of the earth. WN fails to explain or account for this, except to point a finger at Christianity which is somewhat understandable as this fanaticism took root within the house of Christianity and has indeed has now taken over vast swaths of what refers to itself as Christianity.

            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But, it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But, the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government, itself.” – Cicero

          • @Exalted Cyclops It is Pittsburgh, not Detroit. If you gentleman doubt the numbers go to Instagram and take a look at the nightclubs in Arizona, Pittsburgh, Ohio, Michigan. You will see what I am talking about. You can also look at prom photos I know my local school has them online and is easy to find. In Pittsy the Indians and Asians all stick together. So do the Hispanics. The Blacks do as well except the athletes who all date White girls

  8. The black vote and abortion are both very important to Joe, but there are a lot of blacks who do not like abortion, who think it is wrong and are against it, so you have the abortion framed as a rights issues. Blacks are in favor of equal rights right? Abortion is never directly mentioned in her clip but it is what she is talking about.

    • Yes, true, but the thing is the blacks will NEVER vote Republican over it. Best case is they simply don’t show up, but now with the scam of mail in voting the democrats make sure that never happens anymore. They go door to door and collect every last mail in ballot in these ghettos, even vacant lots, Alzheimer’s wards, and homeless shelters. At this point it’s pretty much lost, Bush Jr. was the last chance to attempt to reverse these trends which he and his handlers knew all about but chose to do nothing. I think in retrospect in 50 years it will be very clear the death of America officially occurred with the election of Obama in 2008, an act that was absolutely unthinkable 25 years earlier…but 25 years worth of older, wiser Americans died off in the meantime to be replaced by brainwashed idiots and imported foreigners. To much of the world this too was a clear sign that the American System was ultimately a failure as well and not to be copied. Much of the world sees blacks as blacks and this seemed an absolutely insane move. This elevation of blacks followed by all the gay crap in the decade that followed convinced world leaders that American Democracy is a death wish and the American Oligarchs run a gigantic Jim Jonestown.

  9. Somehow I don’t think people like her were on the minds of those who wrote ‘… ,and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, …’


    Democrat Mary Peltola defeats Sarah Palin in Alaska’s special US House election

    As I wrote in a previous comment (since deleted for some reason): ‘Overturning Roe v Wade may turn out to be Pyrrhic Victory for those on the political Right who pushed for it.’

    And two women running for Congress against each other is a problem, one that too few recognize:

    linkAmy Wax: “The feminization of the academy has been a total disaster.”

    The same is true for government, the media, (non-higher) education, and any other institution you can think of that has undergone a similar transformation due to ‘women in the workforce’.

  10. Ol’ Newt Gingrich is predicting a Republican wave, in contrast to the media framing

    But it’s not just media bias and manipulated polling nowadays

    So I wonder if this November will be when Hunter starts to convert to the ‘yeah, there might be some huge vote fraud going on’ viewpoint

    Tho of course a Dem win can be written off to student loan relief, abortion etc

    • Yes, voting is not trustworthy. I don’t know why, after all that has gone on, people just went right back into the groove of talking about votes. It’s like so many people just can’t absorb the idea of the voting system being a lie.
      Even if someone thinks Biden legitimately got in, there were the issues of bags of votes being found, etc.
      How can anyone trust the voting system, when everything else is corrupt?

  11. Howcome these fn idiots always manage to say the worst things at the worst possible time for their agenda!, these idiots and their big mouths will be what will stirr the pot one time to many
    They are collecting enemies like a woman collect credit card debt…and shoes

  12. Seems the left is in desperation mode to hold on to power. Too many Whites are starting to get wise. Can the left rely on the GOP to snatch their defeat from the jaws of victory as in the past? I’d put my money on yes.

  13. This agenda that all people are fascist and racist is spread as it happens…….. by a black leftist. It’s time we stop these people to destroy our democracy, because i think they (left-wing black and white) are the true threat to our democracies. I repeat God bless people who stay in their original countries, in other continents and don’t broken our balls in ours.

    • “Why is this Haitian zoo animal in my country ?”

      Because a ((group)) wants to destroy your race and that is one of the most expediant methods to do it.

  14. She’s totally glued to her talking points. A small extreme of an extreme of an extreme, so what’s the concern?

  15. The reason for the sudden reversal of Roe – after 50 solid years of GOP doing nothing while raising money and getting pro-lifers to vote for them – is becoming more apparent every day. The mighty wurlitzer has has played endless themes of Gilead-style horror and the brainwashed Faceberg/TikTok/Twatter whites fall for it. They’ll all be out voting for D-jerseys. SC was permitted to overturn it so the uniparty (D-jerseys and Repuke establishment) can retain legislative control. There will be no red-wave in the fall absent some event. Is there any event horrific enough to shock the brainless whites of Murika into waking up? I seriously doubt arresting Trump and tossing his ass in jail would be enough to awaken even the Magatards.

    By the way, while this whole gaslight media campaign repeating the “White Christian Nationalism” bullshit has been underway since the decision – and many of the atheist gang here (the top 2% of the atheist bell-curve) have been arguing against the phantom created by jewsmedia, here’s a post from a person who has explicitly identified as Christian Nationalist since the early Trump era. There is no denial of civilizational capabilities here, unlike some of the cucks who have been offered up by the usual suspects as ‘Christian Nationalists”.

  16. So, we’re a threat to their plutocracy democracy? Well, I’m glad to know they feel threatened. Maybe we’re stronger than we realize.

  17. I’d suspect that the Dems real objection to the majority is that they have no intention of Making America Great Again, after working so hard to take her down.

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