Ben Shapiro: Joe Biden’s Dark Brandon Speech

For once, I agree.

It is not just people like us.

By Joe Biden’s reasoning, Ben Shapiro is an extremist, a “semi-fascist” MAGA Republican and an enemy of Our Democracy who wants to take this country backward. The same is true of Matt Walsh, Rod Dreher, Steven Crowder and everyone who isn’t a Liz Cheney type True Con.

Shapiro is correct that Joe Biden talked this way about Mitt Romney. He said Mitt Romney wanted to put black people back in chains in the 2012 election.

This speech was like seeing Happy Merchant memes IRL at protests. Extremely online weird people don’t realize the internet isn’t real life. Except this was a senile old man who was put up to acting out the Dark Brandon meme on national television for a niche audience of liberals on Twitter.


  1. This sort of thing helps to foment division, even a civil war. The U.sury S.ystem wants, needs, political division (within prescribed limits) among the homeland population. A cold civil war will do nicely to distract common people from thinking about what is the REAL problem.

    • Joe has his moments.

      A few months ago, he was comparing Mitt Romney to Bull Connor and insisting that Georgia is a Jim Eagle state

  2. Ben Shapiro is a worse enemy than any retarded ventriloquists’ dummy could ever hope to be. Grandpaw Sniffy is like a vile rendition of the scarecrow in Wizard of Oz – evil but brainless. The littlest chickenhawk is a thoroughly Satanic POS from the same gang of devils who pull the puppet-strings on Joey Shitpants. Perhaps he and Joey share a niche in the pit of hell somewhere.

    • @Exalted Cyclops

      Nailed it. Shapiro is on a different wing of the same team that has been ever so busy, termite like, whittling away at the foundations of the West.

      It’s called the dialectic, and jews are its masters.

      Death to ZOG.

  3. What’s real life? Marrying some repulsive Shrek and raise a kid with her and thus pretending you’re an adult in the real world?

  4. Screw Shapiro. Trump wasn’t perfect; but, Shapiro and his fellow kikes helped undermine Trump and gave us Brandon and the accelerated destruction of the US.

    Shapiro doesn’t care what happens to this country beyond he and his fellow tribesmen losing the chance to wring more shekels from it. Let Shapiro go rot in Pissrael.

  5. Dear President Biden,

    As a White Southerner, who wants everyone to be constructive in this situation, and who doubts that you get the accurate information about what White Southerners truly, as a body think, I am writing you here, thinking that this might make it to your weekly briefings from the NSA.

    #1. Thank you for being so candid with us. Though what you stated is not surprising to those of us you consider ‘Far Right’, what you stated is deeply shocking to the average White Southerner – not just Ben Shapiro.

    #2. Just so you know, the overwhelming majority of White Southerners are currently in a deep funk. Though this pain started in earnest some years back, it has become so acute that many people are in a muddle.

    I’ve never seen them this way – not even during the times of ‘Civil Rights’, were they this disturbed.

    You see, Sir : White Southerners actually thought that, when the 2016 presidential campaign got started in 2015, this country could be tweakt if we elected Donald Trump and managed to make some adjustments in Congress.

    By the time of your inauguration in 2021, that feeling we, as a whole, had, was largely dasht. Now, after 18 months of your administration, the hope that many Southerners were still desperately trying to hold on to, (that a few elections could straighten this out for us) has been obliterated.

    That leaves most White Southerners in the unenviable position of regarding the country they once so worshippt as sublime, as simply unacceptable.

    This, Sir, is exactly what they think, even though many many would struggle to use exactly these words.

    To be clear, the vast numbers of the entirely disenchanted White Southerners have no idea what they are going to do, because, most wish not to have another civil war, yet, most see no practical remedy within the current system.

    This is their quandary.

    #3. Where do we go from here?

    That depends on you, and those who support the current version of the country you say you wish to defend.

    Are far as I see it, y’all have 2 choices.

    CHOICE #1. You can preserve the union if you accept the fact that we will reverse forcet integration, White Replacement, I.D.-less voting, Abortion, gay marriage, gay adoption, anti-White (anti-American) indoctrination in schools, rule by Federal bureaucracy, and corporate-globalist coercion.

    CHOICE #2. You can break up the union if you try to oppose Dixie on these things.

    How can I be so sure, I suppose, you ask, that we will not ever accept your version of the nation?

    Because White Southerners have bent over backwards to accommodate you and yours since Brown vs. The Board of Education, (1952?) and it never has been enough.

    Nothing is ever enough, even though we have basically given our lands to you, our history, our culture, and traditions.

    So, the reality is that there is no more bending over left in the White Southerner.

    We are completely out of compromise, and, if you want this union to continue, then you will stand by and let us restore a lot of what we feel we have lost.

    I want you to understand : I am not speaking for myself, but, just faithfully reporting to you what I see : White Southerners have been forcet to reevaluate this nation and, as a whole, we have vetoed it.

    I can tell this from not just my fellow White Southerners’ words, but, even from the air.

    If compromise is to be had, it will have to come from you and those who think like you.

    Again, I am NOT necessarily speaking for me, but, faithfully reporting to you how I see my fellow White Southerners are thinking.

    If compromise is to be made, I sincerely doubt it will be coming from the South.

    There is no more of it in us.

    Again, thank you for your candour, thank you for the Covid checks, and thank you so very much for getting us out of the debacle Afghanistan.

  6. Wow, Biden’s handlers put him on what looked like a set for Darth Vader or something, all they needed was the Imperial March from Empire Strikes Back to complete the meme.

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