Dave Portnoy: Joe Biden Looked Like a Demented Dictator Last Night

The reviews keep coming in.

The “Barstool Conservatives” guy had the same reaction as everyone else.


  1. I bet the farm that the jewish barstool dipshit wears that raggedy shirt to faggot pander like he’s just like some common dude-prole.

  2. I’m not concerned about Biden’s hostile, threatening rhetoric because HW’s vision of a small, limited government consisting of White Christian Nationalists will save America.

      • That’s not a problem with unlimited government. Small government would not solve the problems facing this country, these people are neurotic control freaks who want every last inch of this country to be a carbon copy of their ideal society. They can’t fathom the very thought of not being able to control people that are ethnically or culturally different from them, it all stems from mental illness. If they were to secede from us, we would cheer it on and tell them to take all their human trash with them. If we were to secede from them, they would declare total war on us and continue their century and a half long humiliation ritual of ruling over people they hate (or they’d just kill us all outright).

        We need an authoritarian state that we can use to protect our people. A small government doesn’t have the power or capacity to enforce the traditional values that we want America to return to. A small government doesn’t have the strength to get rid of capitalism which has been nothing more than a system of exploitation, decadence and unlimited replacement migration as well as a tool of economic terror used by shitlibs against dissenting viewpoints. A small government doesn’t have the willpower to do what is necessary and outright expel these shitlibs from the country once and for all. An authoritarian state however, can do all those things and would help us a lot more if in the right hands than a limited government which Republican leaders only invoke as an excuse to not do anything for us.

          • Authoritarianism is a double edged sword, admittedly. What matters is who is in charge of the authoritarian state. We currently live under liberal authoritarianism, where both public and private institutions use their various methods to dissuade us from speaking. But we had fascist authoritarianism, where us or people similar to us in worldview and values were in charge, the state would suppress the liberal authoritarians that are suppressing us.

            Everything that we want accomplished could only be possible if we had a government powerful enough to enact our will, limited government can’t do that and “principled conservatives” wont do that even if they could.

          • What Brad is actually concerned with is that an authoritarian state in the right hands would benefit working White people — like the kinds in New England who had their lives destroyed when their mills went down south.

            Don’t assume naivety on the part of conservatives. Most often it is intended malice.

          • I think it is a fantasy that somehow you will create an authoritarian state and all your problems will be solved and all your enemies will be eliminated. It is wishful thinking.

            The far more likely scenario is that your enemies create the authoritarian state and use it to wield power against you. They are the ones who control all the institutions. You are the one posting on the internet under an anonymous pseudonym. In fact, this is what is happening in the real world with state and corporate power being used to crush and marginalize dissidents

          • Well considering that authoritarian regimes like NS Germany, the USSR and Warsaw Pact states, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and North Korea all have far, far, far better track records of excising jewish power, absentee rentier control, and foreign population groups than limited government conservatism, there is no reason to consider what your argument. It doesn’t have any evidence to support itself.

          • I forgot.

            In your view, Nazi Germany was a success story, not an unstable regime which became a smoldering crater after it ended in a total catastrophe about 75 years ago thereby making racialism and nationalism radioactive for generations.

            We don’t look at it the same way. I look at it as a lesson in what can go wrong when too much power is concentrated in the hands of one man who made a series of disastrous gambles which backfired

          • No, you look at it as not upsetting your jewish masters. That war was coming against Germany no matter what Hitler did once the party removed jews from power. And you know that so again, I don’t mistake malice for naivety.

          • My point was that it is far more likely that Jews would run the authoritarian state and wield power against you than the other way around. Jamie Raskin was on Face The Nation this morning. He is a prime example of what actual authoritarianism looks like here

          • The culmination of the crack wars were authoritarian Jewish Mayors who took us into a sleepy age of gentrified cities. The queers and jews became so comfortable they forgot how bad things were when fatherless blacks high on cocaine wreaked havoc for a generation. Now we get a nationwide rerun of the 70s Zoo York City on steroids just because of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      • The USA does not have unlimited government. It has very limited government, in which fundamental functions of the state, such as monetary policy and foreign policy, lie in the hands of private oligarchs. Our problem is not unlimited government. Our problem is government that was created to be too weak to stand up to oligarchs and subordinate them to national interests. As such, the state does not serve the interests of the nation, but only the interests of oligarchs. You posted another article recently about Brandon begging for money to send to Ukraine. Executives of countries with “unlimited government” do not have to go out panhandling for funds.

        All of our problems stem from limited government and small government. We are ruled over by unaccountable oligarchs because of this, and every effort to make the state “smaller,” such as with Reaganism, has only empowered them further.

  3. Biden following the esoteric religion he does with the red backdrop represents the Rothschild (red shield) banking slavery system letting all the serfs know they’re going digital and if you have a problem we’ll bomb you to hell. He even said it with his remark, ‘You’ll need F-16s to beat our despotic government”
    Are you ready for some fun?

  4. A Modest Prediction: If Biden and his Deep State/International Finance controllers go down, they will take millions if not billions with them.

    • You can see this strategy playing out in real time over in Ukraine. They have basically boasted how they will gladly fight the war to the very last Ukrainian man, woman and child. Having been subjected to 30 years of “Russians evil” propaganda by Jew-owned mighty wurlitzer lie-machine, vast numbers of Ukrainians (who are not any more different ethnically from Russians than whites of the old confederacy were from the yankees in 1860) have swallowed these lies and have obediently lined up to die for a big lie as utterly evil slime like Kholomoisky sips brandy from a palace in Switzerland or Israel, rubbing his hands while the shekels pour in from Uncle Schmuel.

      The mighty wurlitzer barrel-organ plays the same screeching klezmer tune over here with the text “Non-woke whites evil”. Woke whites join Jew-owned BLM and Antifa here just as Ukroids joined Jew-owned Nazis over there. The big difference is that Russia was in a much stronger position to defend than non-woke whites are here. The very perceptive writer Jung-Freud touches upon one of the keys of Jewish power over at Unz. Perhaps Christianity is not the antidote – as all but a tiny remnant in the west (the entire institutional church) is nothing more than Wokeism in a Jesus costume – but larping as SS-troops and fake-pagans worshipping Odin is not going to serve as a moral center for any white nation’s survival. A weapon is needed to kill the sacred cow (golden calf, really) so that a basis of actual morality can be restored.

  5. Biden is not only demented, but senile.

    He’s also a Yankee. So are his ostensibly White, Goy supporters.

    Never forget that a large number of Yankees didn’t vote for Biden, because they wanted Bernie Sanders to run.

    End Reconstruction. End the War.

  6. I don’t like Dave Portnoy.

    I was just highlighting the unanimity of the reaction to Joe Biden’s speech. Portnoy said a few months ago that he was going to vote for Democrats because of abortion and there was a big stir on how “Barstool Conservatives” were bailing on the Trump coalition

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