Politico: The Dark Brandon Speech Was Months In The Making

What is democracy?


“President Joe Biden’s speech warning about an assault against American democracy — by Donald Trump and his core followers — was an election-season call to arms unlike anything in modern American history.

It also was months in the making. …”

“Our Democracy” is the 19% of the population who are Progressive Left or Establishment Liberals.

Generally speaking, “Our Democracy” is White people with college degrees, who live in metropolitan areas on the coasts, who tend to have professional class jobs, who do not believe in God, who are liberals or progressives in their politics. These people are synonymous with Democracy. Their political faction is Democracy. The rest of us are here to be ruled by them.

When Donald Trump won the 2016 election, this was not democracy. He conspired with the Russians. He was an illegitimate president. When Liz Cheney loses her primary in a landslide in Wyoming, this is not democracy either. When Georgia tightens its election laws, this is an attack on democracy that is “Jim Crow on steroids.” When the Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade because liberals lost too many presidential and Senate elections, this is not democracy.

Pro-life activists who spent nearly fifty years working through the system and suffering defeat after defeat and setback after setback to get politicians elected who would appoint and confirm judges to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade thereby returning the issue to voters in the states to decide for themselves – are all extremists who a mortal threat to Democracy. It is pretty much only Democracy when this faction get their way. Everything they do like spying on and censoring their political opponents and arresting them and putting them in prison or launching aggressive, unprovoked foreign wars is Democracy and The Rule of Law.


  1. The article does not mention the names of the speechwriters. The American republic has degenerated into an evil lawless empire which rationalizes black lawlessness at home and neocon lawlessness abroad.

  2. Like so many other words, democracy is now redefined. Those who speak from within the Golden Calf are using the golden rule to the max: He who owns the gold creates the rules.

  3. “””….19% of the population….”””

    Much less. When liberal population reaches 5 %, then something Soviet 1917 events start happening. Pure fact that homophobes and racists are not executed on the streets, demonstrates that liberal population is much lower than most of us think.

    Jews and communists are like monkeys. Monkeys make a lot of noise to put leopard’s think that they are very big and there are lot of them. Saul Alinsky also taught that you are not as strong as you are, but as strong as enemy think you are. And Mossad has motto “by deception you shall fight war”

    Jews and communists waisting absurd resources to give us false impression of their strenght and numbers. Until now, impression of their false strenght defended them well.

    • @Juri I have to agree. They make us think that half the population is gay and far left as a bumper because as you say there would be dronings and swat teams going house to house if there were that many.

      They do the reverse with illegal alien and white population numbers. We have been hearing 10 million illegals and 62 percent white for most of my life. I just came back from a road trip and there is no way this country is still a majority European

    • @Juri Numbers don’t matter. It doesn’t matter if there aren’t a lot of them. They have the power and control.
      If you think they are just bluffing and talking big, you should think again.

  4. Don’t fall for the narrative that’s being pushed regarding Biden’s speech.

    Biden’s speech was extremely divisive and a declaration of war. However, it’s more Leninist rather than Hitlerisque.

    The Biden Regime is almost entirely Jewish and supportive of globalism and modernism. It’s essentially neo-Marxist and embraces Zionism.

    Hitler would have opposed the Jewish Biden Regime which is anti-White and Bolshevik. Remember, capitalism and communism (aka Bolshevism) are two sides of the same coin.

    The Bolsheviks were funded by wealthy Jewish illuminati Wall Street bankers such as Jacob Schiff. Trotsky and company infiltrated the Russian government under Russian surnames and started the Western- backed Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917, which ultimately ushered in Communism and killed upwards of 60m plus Orthodox Christians and Nationalists throughout Slavic lands. It was later mirrored in China by Mao in the 1950s following the Cultural Revolution which killed another 50m.

    Bolshevik leadership in addition to the Checka execution squads were almost entirely Jewish.

    The Bolsheviks tried to do the same to Germany in the 1920s during the decadent Weimar Republic which saw Germany in shambles just as the West is today.

    Hitler was the response to Bolshevism as he saw what they did in Russia and France. Don’t forget the brutal Bolshevik murders of the Romanov family in Yekaterinburg in 1918. The Bolsheviks were almost entirely eastern European Jews.

    Biden is an ardent globalist and modernist who persecutes leaders and nations that are supportive of nationalism, traditionalism, orthodoxy, islam, and or anti-Zionist. He’s advocated for military operations against Serbia, Russia, Libya, China, Iran, Syria, Palestine and many others who refused to align with the global neoliberal establishment.

    3.5m Palestine Christians and muslims have been denied the same rights as Zionist Jews.

    Germany under Hitler had the highest quality of life in modern European history and led the world in engineering feats that will never be replicated. Biden is a man for the global establishment. Hitler was a man for his people.

    • “engineering feats that will never be replicated”

      One reason I expect NASA’s accomplishments to decline to nothing, as affirmative action and talent crushing policies grow.

      Say goodbye to safe, efficient nuclear power.

    • I don’t have time to list, let alone refute, all of the very serious historical errors in your comment. Well, I will mention one of them: “Fifty million killed by Mao’s cultural revolution”? How about very few died, and the entire nation was saved by it. You need to read some myth-free history, for a change, instead of propaganda, and expand your mind. Sample: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2019/04/16/why-was-a-cultural-revolution-needed-in-already-red-china-3-8/

      • The cultural revolution was brutal and quite bloody, but it didn’t start until the 1960s when Mao was quite old and was moreover led in part by Mao’s wife. I think Amwolf was conflating the famines of the 1950s with the cultural revolution – two different things. The cultural revolution is very similar to what we see the Church of Woke and its acolytes doing in the west – destroying monuments, etc. The famine could have been mostly a natural disaster perhaps made worse by government incompetence.

      • To his credit Trotsky managed to get Russia out of WWI, something which probably saved a few million Russian lives. Wignats are just as biased in their interpretations of history as the Jews are.

      • 50 million is an accurate estimate if you take into account the time period leading up to the Cultural Revolution through the Great Leap Forward that ended in 1976. Most of the deaths occurred during the Great Leap Forward (30 to 40 million).

  5. Reckon if this will wake the Tricorn hats and Hulk Hogan crowd up?

    Consider that they did not wake up when Obama said all US Military veterans are potential domestc terrorists??

    Consider that we have a Hard Naaah…..But here´s to hoping

    • @, Confederate Holdout in Exile,

      The District of Corruption has viewed veterans as a threat to “our democracy ™,” since the Bonus Army of WWI veterans desperately and peacefully requested their promised bonus pay in the midst of The Great Depression.in 1932.

  6. Shitpants Joe only succeeded in making himself look even more foolish and senile with that weird speech. But if Blormp runs again and wins he will be physically prevented from taking office and there will be violence.

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