Upcoming Elections in Europe: Czech Republic

Swedish National Election: September 11th
Czech Republic Municipal and partial Senate Election: September 23-24th
Italian National & Sicilian Regional Election: September 25th
Latvian National Election: October 1st
Bosnian National Election: October 2nd
Bulgarian National Election: October 2nd
Austrian Presidential Election: October 9th

There was a mass rally against the Czech government in Prague today. The Associated Press reports that the “far-right” and the “far-left” joined forces to protest the government. The official police estimate is that 70k people attended.


  1. “the ‘far-right’ and the ‘far-left’ joined forces to protest”:

    That might be a good sign, I always say if you go far enough right, you may end up left. I’m sure the Green Party is not involved. Greens are full establishment and pro-war imperialists in Europe now.

    These “elections” are (s)elections. These exploited, corrupted Europeans will never be allowed to vote their way out of the system.

    The inflation is much, much worse in the Empire’s European satellites than in the imperial “homeland”: “In Latvia the Russian minority are fearful for their future, but so is everyone else. Heating will not be an option this winter. With a pension of just over 100 euros a month, many pensioners are simply going to die of the cold. From Slovakia we have received the following: ‘…We paid last year 85,000 euros for electricity, this year it’s going to be around 500,000 euros. As of 1 Jan 2023 it’s going to be 1.2 million euros at best. So that’s just the electricity, never mind the gas, the increase in raw materials, salaries and all other manufacturing costs’ (…) In Moldova the crisis is profound. As in Latvia and Lithuania up to half the population have already fled their countries after they were pillaged by the EU (…) Previously medicine came from Ukraine. Now that is unobtainable, they have to use medicine from Germany. Only that costs ten times more. Quite simply, if you are very ill and you don’t have the money, this year you will die. In Romania, which has lost a quarter of its population to emigration after the great EU pillage, and where a salary of 600 euros per month is considered very good, food prices are the same as in Western Europe, where average salaries are four to five times more, and diesel costs even more than elsewhere. In Ireland restaurants are closing because they cannot afford their energy bills, which have increased by 1,000% (yes, one thousand per cent). In London, the capital of the Brutish (sic) Empire, the Gauleiter Johnson finally admitted that, ‘British households will have to endure soaring energy bills as part of efforts to defeat Vladimir Putin….economic sanctions imposed on Russia have contributed to soaring global gas prices which have driven up household bills’. Analysts expect the UK’s energy price cap per household to rise from an already extremely high £1,971 today to £3,554 a year this October and to a completely unaffordable £6,089 in April 2023. A bill boycott is gathering momentum. Expect rioting and the looting of supermarkets by the hungry”: https://thesaker.is/unicorns-are-real/

  2. Despite Soviet tanks rolling into Prague in 1968, Czechs don’t have the same degree of anti-Russia obsessions as Poles do.

    Twitter quotes on the Prague demonstrations per ZeroHedge –

    “A 70,000-strong rally was held in Prague … demand lower gas and electricity prices and neutrality on the conflict in Ukraine”

    “Rally is called Czech Republic First”

    “This is not our war” – anti-government rallies in Prague


  3. >I hope they raise holy hell over this BS.

    I saw where Medvedev said Russia would stop deliveries entirely to any country that gets involved in imposing a price cap on Russian hydrocarbons (oil, natural gas).

    Bloomberg reports 60% of British manufacturing facilities at risk of closing due to exploding energy costs — link

    >“Rally is called Czech Republic First”

    Yes, most reports about the event say they want the Czech Republic to be neutral — instead, to date the government has participated lockstep in all EU sanctions on Russia.

    • >they want the Czech Republic to be neutral

      Prager Demonstrant im Gespräch mit RT: “Tschechien kein Sklave von Brüssel, Berlin und Washington”

      RT Deutschland interviewed one of the people at the demo in Prague — he said the Czech Republic should not be a slave to Brussels (the EU), Berlin (Germany is the paymaster of the EU), and Wash DC.

      Generally all RT sites have been blocked (DNS lookup fails) across the EU since shortly after the war began.

      The thing is, for these less prosperous members like the Czech Republic, being in the EU is a generally a good deal, since they are net recipients of EU funds — Germans sometimes joke, and sometimes bitterly complain, about how German money has helped build modern highways across e.g. Spain and Portugal — which doesn’t benefit them unless they happen to drive there on vacation.

    • >Bloomberg reports 60% of British manufacturing facilities at risk of closing due to exploding energy costs — link


  4. In those elections, nothing interesting will happen.

    Economy and life standard must drop dramatically. Then people will be very angry and führerbereit.

    Führerbereitschaft is German word what mean Hitler readiness. This happens when people are so angry that they demand radical solutions and then radical politicians can come out of closet to offer them.

    Before this, nothing serios will happen.

  5. These Euro elections interest me a lot more then the USA Senate elections. Mehmet Oz and Hershel Walker are pretty bad candidates. The idea they are part of some fascist movement is a joke. Dr. Oz, who has been on Jewish controlled television for decades is suddenly now Dr. Mengela? Huh?

    At least the Eiro-weenies have that one Italian lady. I would vote for her.

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