Jared Holt: Tracing The Links Between The Internet and Online Extremism

What is Democracy?

As we have seen, Democracy is progressive activists and establishment liberals who are around 19% of the American population. Extremism is any deviation from their views no matter how popular or widespread these beliefs are in the other 80% of the country.

Basically, there is a peculiar class of self-absorbed and self-righteous Jews and White people who have college degrees, who are irreligious or atheists, who have a modernist sensibility, who have liberal or leftist politics and who are concentrated in coastal metros and who identify their own peculiar beliefs and values as the “mainstream” standard of right and wrong. If you dissent from their orthodox moral, cultural and political beliefs like on, say, antiracism, “trans,” feminism or cosmopolitanism or their other precious fads and trends you are an extremist who is an enemy of Our Democracy.

Liz Cheney losing her primary in Wyoming by a 2 to 1 margin because she has gone native to the Beltway was a blow to Democracy. Our Democracy doesn’t really have much to do with mere voting or representative government. The Constitution is a dagger aimed at the heart of Our Democracy because of its federal structure, the Bill of Rights, the Senate, Supreme Court and Electoral College.

Along with Christofascism, free speech, gun rights and decentralization of government are some of the biggest threats to Democracy. “Fascism” is an armed population that believes in antiquated ideas like free speech and self government instead of rule by experts and technocrats.


  1. “”..decentralization of government are some of the biggest threats to Democracy. …””

    Yes it is and this clearly demonstrates that enemy manpower is much lower than 19%

    19% from 340 million is 64 million and this is more than enough to fill every last post with enemy supporters. Pure fact that they are afraid of decentralization demonstrates that they do not have manpower for multiple local goverments.

    In Europe they try to keep EU for same reason. 27 national government’s are too many for tiny group of haters.

  2. “What is Democracy? (…) Democracy is progressive activists and establishment liberals who are around 19% of the American population”:

    However, democracy (as such) is the rule of the people, and a true republic (res publica) is “the thing of the people,” the commonwealth and government of a people, tribe or nation. Neoliberal rule or other elite rule (including monarchy) is not democracy, and not a true republic.

  3. >Jared Holt

    What a country!

    So how does a beta dweeb like Holt go from some podunk university in Arkansas that few Americans have heard of, to an appearance on Face the Nation? — I don’t get it.

    I suppose you could see his existence as proof that there is so little ‘hate’ or ‘extremism’ out there, but such a high demand for it, that people like him are needed to go try to dig some up.

    It’s in a way understandable that a guy who looks as weak and lacking in manliness as Holt would choose to align himself with the regime: safety in numbers etc — still it’s disgusting that such a demi-male can go on national TV and effectively denounce a sizable fraction of the population as ‘extremist’, a ‘threat do democracy’, whatever — there’s something really fucked up about that in the strong men, weak men sense.

    • >What a country!

      It’s increasingly vapid and infantile, at least going by some of the shit you see on the internet:

      linkI had a guy friend with a Ph.D in engineering ask me last week how women pee with a tampon in and this is why men shouldn’t be passing laws about women’s bodies.

      The tweet above from a female MD has over half a million likes — think about it for a moment: she uses an anecdotal example of one well-educated guy she knows (assuming she’s telling the truth) who wasn’t aware that a woman’s urethra doesn’t empty into her vagina, to suggest men cannot vote e.g. to protect the lives of unborn children — she and at least half a million others (the ones who bothered to ‘like’ the tweet) think this is some kind of good point — a zinger.

    • >What a country!

      This is your country on secular moral absolutism:

      America, Exporter of the Gender Revolution — The Biden administration may begin pressuring other countries to push vulnerable youth into hormones and surgeries

      Is the U.S. State Department about to classify Sweden, Finland, and the U.K. as human rights abusers? According to an internal memo from Secretary Antony Blinken (leaked to me by an officer in the department’s Foreign Service) and circulated among employees last week, the answer might be yes. … The memo represents an effort by Secretary Blinken to carry out President Biden’s Executive Order 14075 from last June. That order instructs agencies of the federal government to do what they can to stop “conversion therapy” for “LGBTQI+” people. Following its release, Biden appointed Jessica Stern as Special Envoy to Advance the Human Rights of LGBTQI+ Persons, a position created by the Obama administration but left unfilled under Donald Trump. Stern, who goes by “all pronouns,” had previously served as executive director at OutRight Action International, an advocacy organization with a permanent presence at United Nations headquarters in New York.

      OutRight Action International was founded by Julie Dorf — you probably will not be at all surprised to learn that she’s a Jew (link).

      Jews pushing perversion around the world under the aegis of the United States of America.

  4. Never heard of him, but then, can’t be bothered looking into obscure talking heads, especially insane, always upside-down “thinking”, leftists.

      • A reason they hate the internet, it allows independent thinkers to communicate with each other, breaking the chains of network media.

        • You mean (((they))) and yes you are right. If (((they))) can’t control your thinking than you are (((their))) enemy. The truth is antisemitic.

    • I would be an error to say (((they))) ever had any regard or confidence in liberalism in the classic definition of the term. It was merely a tool to get (((their))) foot in the door, subvert and invert an entire civilization. Now that (((they))) literally have control over all institutions – even official Christianity – they can simply discard liberal notions like ‘freedom of speech’, freedom of religion, etc. as used toilet paper. It is (((their))) standard operating practice. What is it? 109 countries thus far?

      • “an error to say (((they))) ever had any regard or confidence in liberalism in the classic”

        Exactly !
        Just a tool for their devious scheme. Always the same methods.

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