Rep. Jamie Raskin: MAGA Is a Fascist Movement

Jamie Raskin is one of the top semi-communist Jews on the 1/6 Committee.

Personally, I have never had any interest in European fascism because I don’t want to live under a centralized and consolidated national government with imperial ambitions. I want a decentralized White Christian Republic more like the Confederacy.

Note: I still say we would be better off without them.


    • Jews in very many ways are repeating the actions they took against Germany here in the US today, only the American sheeple are so fucking stupid they have no clue what’s going on, and they’re so brainwashed that if you inform them what the jews are and have been doing, it goes in one ear, and out the other, on their way to the niggerball game.

      • You’re right. “jewish involvement in the horrors communism was also an important sentiment in Hitler’s desire to destroy the USSR… jews and jewish organizations were also important forces in inducing the Western democracies to side with Stalin rather than Hitler in WW2.

        The victory over NS set the stage for tremendous increase in jewish power in post WW2 Western world. The children of jewish immigrants assumed elite positions in the US just as had in the Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe and Germany prior to WW2” -Alexander Solzhenitsyn: 200 years together.

        • The children of jewish immigrants assumed elite positions in the US just as had in the Soviet Union and throughout Eastern Europe and Germany prior to WW2

          Yes, so true. Basically, 80 years ago, White people had a devastating, extremely destructive war — with each other, deliberately and with malice, instigated by the jews, and sadly for Whites, the good guys lost. Everything that’s happened since then has been effectively predetermined – a series of chaotic and revolutionary events driven by the chaotic and revolutionary spirit of the deceitful jewish race. The jews ultimately destroy everything. They can’t help themselves.

      • ” if you inform them what the jews are and have been doing, it goes in one ear, ……”

        More than that, they will shun you and spread rumors that you’re a dangers devil. Be careful who you talk to about NS principles.

      • I think Americans, who don’t interact with them unless they are in elite jobs in the Accella corridor or a few left coast enclaves, assume they all are super grateful to America for saving them and view us with gratitude. In reality an awful of of them see no distinction between us and their persecutors in the past. Too many of them hold ordinary Americans collectively responsible for the fall of Jerusalem to Titus in 70AD, the Cossack Pogroms, and Hitler. Really shocking ingratitude and particularly dangerous with the power they were allowed to have due to lack of foresight when the American system was set up. They say the most terrible King is one who is afraid of his people and this one we have now is absolutely paranoid about the peons.

      • Funny thing is that Shakespeare (Probably Edward DeVere from his time in Venice) knew their inner soul better than westerners over the last couple centuries did. In Merchant of Venice it turns out Shylock really would rather have the pound of flesh than the money because he wants revenge for what Christandom has done to browbeat his people. Marlowe had a similar play where the resentful jewish character wanted revenge against society. It seemed Aristocratic Europe did understand what was going on at a deeper level that simply theology and successfully kept the problem at bay for a thousand years. Americans assumed they were just like the Sicilian and Armenian immigrants assimilating to America, but too many of them still nurture this grudge against our civilization and the descendants of those that created it who they apply paranoid motivations that simply didn’t exist in North America. We are dealing with a collective mental illness, sometime you simply have to divorce the crazy bitch as horrible as it seems to have any peace in your life.

    • It is more like actual fascism has no appeal to a mass constituency in this country.

      MAGA wasn’t “designed” to thwart marginal Neo-Nazi groups that have been around for 70 years and have never in all that time attracted a mass following

      • Wrong. It is small government conservatism that has no mass appeal. That’s what drives conservative gerrymandering.

        Put the 25 points up against anything you’ve ever come up with — but sidestep the anglo-jewish brainwashing and don’t tell people where each originate from. You know what the result would be.

          • As though Americans have slightest clue what National Socialism or WW2 was about …. How could something resonate with a terminally dumbed down people who are only interested in making money and entertaining themselves who have been ruled by charlatans for all of their lives?

          • >Neo-Nazism just doesn’t resonate with Americans.

            Maybe, maybe not — of course if proponents of some political ideas are dumb enough to call themselves Nazis or neo-Nazis, then the ideas will not get a hearing, no matter what they are, since people will immediately think ‘They want to start wars and kill Jews’, which is the distilled version of Nazism popularly understood today, just like anti- versus pro-slavery is the distilled popular version of what the Civil War was about.

            More educated people may even react negatively if you refer to your ideas as national socialist (due to the association with the NSDAP).

            But if you strip away the labels and just present the ideas, you might find they are somewhat popular — I addressed this before (link): it is not uncommon to find that when you strip away labels and remove ‘bad optics’, political ideas are often viewed much more favorably when presented as such — I recall seeing several examples of this.

            I’m not taking a position on national socialist ideas, one way or the other — I’m just saying the stigmatization of anything associated with Nazism means you cannot attach that label to your political ideas if you want them to be seriously considered.

          • Probably because Americans are a bunch of shallow, gluttonous, materialistic, nigger worshiping mutts?

          • “After 70 years of trying to make it work, Neo-Nazism just doesn’t resonate with Americans.”

            Because they’ve never faced 40% unemployment, hunger and winters without heat. A NS type government will never sell to the fat and complacent.

            Talking sense to the senseless is carrying water in a sieve.

          • “After 70 years of trying to make it work, Neo-Nazism just doesn’t resonate with Americans.”

            It doesn’t resonate with you, but lets look at the facts.

            > We live in the most Jewish country in the world in terms of Raw Numbers (not per Capita). How did that happen?
            > We have been coasting on one of the highest standards of living in the world for the past few decades
            >No Wars on our own soil
            > American pro-White movements have been suffocated in ANY form or ideology
            > Small Government, Right wing Christians have utterly FAILED at keeping the country White and morally healthy.

            NS is a revolutionary worldview. White folks are living fat and unthreatened (In their minds). What if that changes? 9% of Americans already think our views are OK…

            After only a little over 70 years can one really say for sure that NS is dead and gone? Keep in mind Christianity went from being a weird little sect of Jews to the official religion of the Roman Empire in about 300 years.

            It lives in the hearts of millions. We will have to be the ones who keep pushing for Whites-only territory in North America, since the Small-Government right wingers are willing to settle for a Race-neutral Brazilification of our Nation.

  1. Re the Confederacy and ‘imperial ambitions of fascism’ –

    A Jewish economist, David P Goldman, used to write a lot under the pen name ‘Spengler’ before his real name became public, borrowing the name of famous German Oswald Spengler who predicted ‘The Decline of the West’ back in 1918.

    Goldman as ‘Spengler’ used to write extensively on claims that the 1861 Southern Confederacy had plans and desires for a much-wider slave-owning empire in the American southwest, Mexico and further into Latin America and the Caribbean.

    Goldman claimed ordinary Confederate soldiers were dreaming of the day they could own slaves and be genteel plantation owners too. Thus that the War Between States was ‘necessary’ to nip that slave-empire in the bud, including the mass culling of Southern male youth. However misleading, Goldman’s propaganda remains on the shelf ready for re-use.

    Unfortunately, history has too many examples of the failure of smaller societies to achieve their desire ‘to be left alone’, e.g., European nations right now. Switzerland kow-towing etc.

    As George W Bush said in 2001, You are either with us or agin’ us, there is no staying on the sidelines.

    The thing to compare in terms of ‘christo-fascism’ is not Hitler or Mussolini, but Franco’s Spain, lasting for decades from the 1930s until 1975, with Franco dying at home in his bed:
    – stayed out of World War II, safe haven for many during and after the war, not big on military adventures after winning Spain
    – Christian, traditional culture
    – strong pro-family policies, jobs for all, incomes kept high for even humble workers, so wife and children were realistic (the major positive of Franco, Hitler, Mussolini etc)
    – Whole thing fell apart after Franco died, under foreign-assisted liberalism and desire for ‘free-dums’ … Spain becoming ‘modern’ with mass youth unemployment, feminism, fewer children, gay rights etc.
    – Spain still divided today about Franco good vs bad, ‘far right’ Spain having a new young face with media-popular age 20 Isabel Peralta

  2. And you, Mr. Raskin, are a White hater and a member of a tribe who wants to exterminate White people.

  3. I’d prefer to live under a decentralized White republic such as the Confederacy as well. History rarely gives us the options we’d prefer however. A decentralized ethno-state with a weak central government will not be able to defend itself against jewish globo-homo. A nation with a decentralized government won’t have any chance until the jewish power is broken forever. Until that time a nation with a weak decentralized government is comparable to a man defending himself with both hands tied behind his back.

    Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. You accept the choices that are capable of defeating the challenges you face. The current power structure permits conservatism because it isn’t a threat. They fear Fascism because they rightly understand it to be a threat to them.

  4. All these propagandists (many of whom deny the legitimacy of the election of Trump in 2016, the legitimacy of the election of W in 2000, and turned a blind eye to or even made excuses for the Antifa and BLM insurrection) have is smears, censorship, doxing and swatting.
    They refuse to have a formal or even an informal debate about what the term fascism means, and how much it applies to Trumpism or Christian nationalism, if it applies at all.

    Trumpism isn’t a coherent ideology, but contains many elements which aren’t fascist, like Trump promising to and somewhat delivering on scaling back American imperialism, or Trump being a Zionist.
    Fascists would never dream of valuing any country, especially Israel as much or more than their own country, they always put their country first, that’s a big part of what it means to be an ultranationalist, a fascist.
    For Trump, anybody can be a full American, so long as they’re citizens and respect American values, they can be any ethnicity, race or religion, it wasn’t that way for Mussolini and the others who pioneered fascism,
    which was a coherent and comprehensive ideology, unlike Trumpism which’s a mishmash of things pulled from various ideologies loosely on the American right, from paleoconservatism, and national populism to neoconservatism, depending on which side of the bed Trump gets up on in a given day or which way the wind blows.

    They refuse to debate in good faith because they’re not liberals, not in any sense of the word, not in the Jimmy Dore progressive or Ron and Rand Paul conservative sense.
    They’re authoritarian progressives if you will, state corporatists, globalists and militarists.
    Authoritarianism, state corporatism and militarism are all aspects of fascism.
    They’re not left or rightwing, but they combine elements of both the far left and the far right, all of which are illiberal.
    They’re the ruling class, plutechnocrats, my term for rule by the wealthy and ‘experts’ (climatological, medical, sociopsychological) handpicked by the wealthy to serve their interests, not democrats, nor republicans, they’re American, Israeli and transnational oligarchs.

  5. It is so surreal seeing these people talk about fascism being defined as not accepting the results of an election when it doesn’t go their way and embracing political violence. Did I just dream 2016-2020? Was The Summer of George Floyd all a fantasy?

    I mean, yeah I can kinda go along with the premise he’s pushing here, in theory, but how can anyone see this and not come away stunned that they are acting like the entire Trump presidency didn’t happen?

  6. As Koreans say,
    “A traitor within the fortress is more dangerous than an attacking army outside.”

    Raskin and his kind are within , by the thousands.

  7. People on here bitching and moaning about how fascism would be popular if we just gave it a try are as dumb as the people that repeatedly think the same about communism.

    There is NO system of government in which the consent of the governed cannot be rescinded but will not descend into tyranny of the many by the few.

    Any government so powerful and far removed from its consituents that its leaders can’t be hauled out and hung once in a while is doomed to become utterly corrupt, incompetent and despotic no matter what its rhetoric and trappings.

    This is why all empires fall along a predictable time-line. These governments begin as legitimate expressions of a unified body politic, then accrete enough power to become self interested, effectively a nation within a nation, a parasite organism that eventually kills the host.

    Then the process starts over.

    The answer isn’t a better system. This is the conceit of “intellectuals” who in the long history of history have never managed to internalize common sense.

    The answer is that the scale of government must remain small enough relative to the size of the polity that its collapse is never an existential threat to the people itself. Once that threshold has been exceeded, its a hostage situation where the only way out is the death of the hostage.

    No government can or should last forever. Hierarchy is as hierarchy does until it doesn’t then new hierarchy emerges. The course of all organized systems is in epicycle around an axle of universal natural law. There is variation of theme but the conclusion is always the same.

    Government in its correct form is an expression of the common cause of a polity to survive and thrive, not an organism in competition with it for resouces.

    • “The answer is that the scale of government must remain small enough relative to the size of the polity”

      2.5 million people in 1776 vs. about 329 million now. So by your own logic the scale of Government should be scaled up.

      People on here bitching and moaning about how fascism would be popular if we just gave it a try are as dumb as the people that repeatedly think the same about communism.

      Ironic Sock Account: “There is NO system of government in which the consent of the governed cannot be rescinded but will not descend into tyranny of the many by the few”

      Adolf Hitler:

      “There can be no State authority as a means in itself, as in that case all tyranny on earth would be unassailable and sacred.

      If a people is led to destruction by the instrument of governmental power, then the rebellion on the part of each and every member of such a nation is not only a right but a duty. “ – Mein Kampf

  8. “The answer isn’t a better system. This is the conceit of “intellectuals” who in the long history of history have never managed to internalize common sense.”

    This is a good, succinct line.

  9. HW, what are your thoughts on people joining their local GOP? Average republicans I talk to are very receptive to me on many issues that would have been considered “white nationalist” just a few years ago. I know many here are skeptical of voting GOP in 2022 or 2024, and rightfully so. But how can we change things at the local, state, or national without joining it? It seems like now is the time to strike while the iron is hot.

    • I’ve been all over the map on the issue.

      At this point, if people in your local GOP are ready to support secession and oppose the Great Replacement and who resent being attacked for being White, then it might be worth joining because there is more common ground than there was in the past. Of course, this could also be a mirage. We will see

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