Tucker Carlson: The Death of Eliza Fletcher

Good for Tucker.

It shouldn’t be taboo to speak frankly and honestly about the reality of black-on-white crime in our cities. This used to be our old beat until we got shutdown for covering it.

What are these people going to do? Are they going to call you a little name like a racist, a fascist or a white supremacist if you go there and pick at that scab? They are already calling you a fascist enemy of Our Democracy anyway.


  1. At least he didn’t say ‘democrat run’.

    Unsurprisingly, even Carlson didn’t mention the reason so many American cities have fallen into disrepair and are basically dangerous, seedy cesspools of criminal chaos — the average viewer might as well assume they were targeted by a ray from outer space, because ‘the cause that shall not be named’ never will be by mainstream media.

    If you use e.g. Google maps to look at a satellite or street view of some areas of these cities, it looks like they lost a war and never rebuilt.

    If she wasn’t an heiress (I’ve seen her described as such), it’s only 50:50 that this story would make the national news.

    Illinois law will release those charged with second-degree murder without bail

    The so-called SAFE-T Act would end cash bail and includes 12 non-detainable offences, second-degree murder, aggravated battery and arson without bail, as well as drug-induced homicide, kidnapping, burglary, robbery, intimidation, aggravated DUI, aggravated fleeing and eluding, drug offences and threatening a public official. … All these crimes will become non-detainable offences after the act takes effect on January 1, meaning criminals will be charged with and released for these crimes without bail.

    The main sponsors of this bill (there are almost two dozen co-sponsors) are black — link

    Activist judges have long been a problem, and increasingly today so are activist DAs (the role of Soros in getting them elected has gotten some attention) — but legislatures are also taking discretion away from judges who otherwise would do the right thing and impose or deny bail to violent offenders.

  2. Unless you live in a rich zip code, every town in America is a shithole now. Every non-rich town has been flooded with immigrants from the third world and crime has skyrocketed because minorities still feel empowered by the BLM riots of 2020 and lenient sentencing.

    Cops need to curb stomp criminals and judges / politicians need to enact / enforce harsh sentencing for crimes. Justice in America is a joke, nobody does any serious time in prison anymore. The criminals know the justice system is a joke so they feel emboldened.

    I live in North Georgia and half the people in my town are drug addicts and alcoholics. I did some research on my area and every town nearby has crime just as bad or worse. You literally need to live in a couple of ultra-rich zip codes across the border in Tennessee to get away from the crime, poverty, and drug addicts / alcoholics in the area.

    The only safe peaceful places to live in America right now is in zip codes where people have bloated bank accounts or if you live in the middle of nowhere in Butthole, Montana or Butthole, Wyoming or Butthole, Nebraska.

  3. That’s true, I was one of those “what was she thinking jogging in Memphis at 4am” but we shouldn’t tolerate this. Unfortunately we need regime change in order to lock up these animals making 2020s society so unlivable. These fatherless black bastards in the hood are giving us a real life version of dystopian fiction like the Malcom McDowell gang in A Clockwork Orange or Lord Humungous’ wilding crew in The Road Warrior. Shaun Thompson on AM560 the other day had a segment on what a scam the Chicago Public Schools are on taxpayers. Just an employment racket for blacks where in some places the employees outnumber the students. He seemed to be pretty rough on them compared to language we heard a decade back on the radio calling the students “roaches” who the “big lie is pretending they are learning, when they are out there robbing and carjacking and destroying the city.” and they “don’t deserve a dime.” I wonder how much longer this can go on without outside forces conquering the US, unless in fact that is what they are paying Joe through Hunter to do along with all of the rest of our elites who are compromised by various foreign adversaries.

    • Note how the liberal media liked to demoralize our anti-crime efforts by giving us docudramas about some innocent black falsely imprisoned. While that is tragic, what is overlooked is that they simply got “the wrong black” by mistake, usually someone already on the radar for some prior misconduct. Despite the wrongful conviction, the glossed over fact is that it’s still a tale of black crime and wouldn’t have happened if blacks didn’t tolerate all this disorder in their communities.

      • “docudramas about some innocent black falsely imprisoned”

        All in the jewish script of reality inversion, but the gullible goy swallow it.

  4. >The Death of Eliza Fletcher

    And you should have titled this post ‘The Murder of Eliza Fletcher’ — she didn’t just die, like she had cancer fell off a ladder or something, she was murdered.

  5. Come on, we know the response. It was an isolated incident and no way reflex negatively on blacks as a whole. The inborn, inherited predatory nature is never to be discussed. Why? The Jews too are predators, with a distinct predatory nature all their own and should society decide it is in need of protection from predatory conduct, well that would be very very bad for the Jews. Jewish advocacy always comes down to self interest. Do the Jews really care about blacks?? Of course not. But the Jews need to push back against any societal crackdown on the predator. Their survival and well being depends on tolerance for the predator, the animal, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc…

  6. Google Fatal Errand to read about the gruesome kidnapping, rape, torture, and murder in 1976 of Quinette Shehane, a Birmingham Southern College student by three blacks. One, Jerry Lee Jones was executed. The other two are serving life without parole.

  7. The harsh reality is that the White Dissident dream of acceleration is delusional.

    Brazil and India are considered first world nations and have massive slums all over the country where large hordes of their citizens sift through garbage piles to make enough money to eat every day.

    Brazil and India have numerous billionaires and a very comfortable upper class.

    This is a long long slide downwards.

    The ruling elite can and will still parasitize, subvert, and destroy until the last pulse emanates from this eroding body.

    The need to cope is real but the predator on top predating laughs and yawns at ‘acceleration’.

    We are accelerating at light speed and the predator is only getting stronger, emboldened, and more ruthless while the White Rabbit runs for its burrows.

    • By what measures and by whom are Brazil and India considered First World Nations? I know we are quickly descending into the toilted bowl vortex of shitholery here, but Brazil and India– First World?

    • 30+% convicted felons:

      George Floyd witness Donald Williams charged with domestic strangulation

      During the Chauvin trial, Williams took the stand to testify as a witness and described his expertise in the field of martial arts and his ability to recognize various chokeholds. Williams testified at length during the trial about Chauvin’s knee restraint on Floyd and said Chauvin was using a “blood choke” before Floyd died.

      Imagine putting a dumb Black on the stand and accepting his testimony as some kind of ‘expert’ on chokeholds — the whole thing was a fucking circus.

      The knee/neck restraint is commonly used and isn’t dangerous — anyone can try it at home: just have a friend do it to you — a knee on the muscular part of the neck does not restrict the airway; you can easily breathe and talk — but it is somewhat painful and extremely uncomfortable — but then that’s the point: to make the person uncomfortable so they stop resisting.

  8. This was the top article, front page yesterday’s NYPOST.
    Jared Taylor did a recent podcast on black brutality.
    It’s continuous, it’s always occurring, it’s the topic never to be discussed in polite conversations.

    This one received special attention because she’s an heiress to multi-billion fortune. How about the 10,000s poor and working poor women?

    Out jogging at 4 am , alone, female in a society wi blacks?
    These libtards must be high on their own supply.

  9. Black on human murder is soon set to surpass nog on nog murder in this kiked out negrifief country ..
    Thanks jews ..
    What would we do without you?
    Live in peace ,prosperity and harmony ?

    • “Live in peace ,prosperity and harmony ?”

      Beyond that, we could be making fantastic tech strides, as NS Germany did.
      We lose a fantastic amount of talent to the divershity multicult, beyond imaging.

  10. White peasants are killed by Blacks all the time. This only got any media attention because she was rich.

    Really, rich White people deserve to be killed by Blacks (or killed by anyone else). Rich Whites are the reason that Blacks are allowed to go around murdering people in the first place, and the reason that the USA is becoming an unlivable hellhole in general. Usually they are sheltered from the harm they cause and it all falls on the powerless peasants, so it’s nice when one of them faces the consequences of their own actions.

    • As far as I can tell, the woman was not a typical shitlib. She had two white kids for starters. That alone puts her ahead of many of them. The family doesn’t seem to be involved in the usual Pharisaical virtue-signaling based on a very limited search. While jogging in a city like Memphis at 4:30 AM displays a very serious lack of situational awareness, this woman was truly a victim. Not every single white who has money is in the enemy camp. Yes far too many are, but part of the reason for this is that their wealth (like Trump’s) is largely fake – debt based.

      There are many apparent wealthy who are basically bankrupt if all of their debts had to be paid right now. That’s how the debt-casino creates illusions of vast wealth when there’s not very much in hard assets to back it up. Three guesses (((who))) holds all their debt (first two don’t count). There’s even a Biblical proverb: The borrower is the slave to the lender. Usury leads to slavery so when a bankstein says “give to ADL” his debt-slaves will nearly always obey without question.

      You’re absolutely correct about the gaslight media ignoring the slaughter of White peasants though. But that’s the gaslight media – 100% owned or controlled by Schlomo. They are nothing more than a propaganda ministry and should be regarded accordingly. If it turns out she or her family have given money to BLM they sort of got what they paid for in a tragic way. Those kind typically just double-down on their evil – see the story of Amy Biehl, whose family literally hired two of her killers to work in the foundation they established in South Africa. Modern day Pharisees.

      • Disagree. All rich Whites are the enemy. If they weren’t, there would at least be some pushing back on the war against Whites. Or using their wealth or clout for anything good at all. But there are none. All they use their money for is crap like lobbying for lower wages or trying to reinstitute child labor or whatever. They’re less than trash.

        This woman was not only rich, she was also a groomer and professional child abuser (euphemistically referred to as a “teacher”), so I can’t think of many more deserving of being killed by a Black pervert.

        Basically Whites need a full-on classicide. All rich Whites, all libtard Whites, and all PMC Whites deserve to be wiped out.

  11. Looks like she was a rich pampered woman that thought because of her money and family influence she would be safe doing anything she wanted too. Including jogging half naked before sunrise in a black crime infested city like Memphis.

    • She and family were members of the Second Presbyterian Church of Memphis and she worked at an Episcopal Church girls school as a teacher. Many of her family members had virtue signaled all manner of racial egalitarianism. She was a gentle but thoroughly delusional soul.

    • Definitely poor judgement as the results show but I’ve known people to go through black areas of cities for work or on a dare early in the morning, just before dawn. Generally that is the safest time of day to stroll down MLK Boulevard or anywhere else in Negroville. The blacks aren’t up early in the morning, especially in the summer. They generally don’t greet the day before the crack of noon. It’s not as though they were worried about being late to work or something.

      Maybe that is what she was thinking. I can’t help but feel sympathy for this poor woman and her family in spite of her gullibility. Memphis has been a shithole for a long time, before this poor woman was born. She should have known better. Perhaps too much college mis-education and too much TV rotted her mind. Liberals are like a horse racing down the track with blinders on so they won’t see what is really going on.

  12. In response to all of those saying-“Jogging at 4:30 a.m.!- in a dangerous city like Memphis? She got what she deserved!” First, she was a serious long distance runner- she qualified for the Boston Marathon. Also she had a job as a schoolteacher, which precluded her from jogging during work hours- daylight, in other words. Marathoners don’t run just a mile or 2- they have to run at least 10 miles a day just to stay in shape! The part of Memphis she was running in is called “The Poplar Avenue corridor”- in other words the white part of town. I imagine she was running from her home in Central Gardens to Second Presbyterian Church, where she was a member.- she was abducted just before she got to the church. In Memphis this is considered the safe(i. e. White) part of town. The lesson to all of this is that no one should venture out as a pedestrian or runner on the streets of Memphis without packing a pistol. or if you’re a woman living in a “Diverse ” city like Memphis, give up your ambitions about being a marathoner.Use a treadmill instead.

    • Thanks for filling in some interesting details. That explains the 4:30 AM run. If she was a public school teacher she was likely doing it as some kind of quasi-charity job. This is not uncommon with wealthy whites. It gets them brownie points in the circles they run in. She came from a wealthy family and would not have to work to make a living – especially teaching school in a city like Memphis.

      • >especially teaching school in a city like Memphis

        She taught at an exclusive, private all-girls Episcopal school (link) — maybe she liked kids and teaching — maybe that’s why she went to college: to become a teacher — maybe it had nothing to do with ‘brownie points’ — maybe.

        • Agreed. The trust-fund kids going for brownie points don’t do private all-girls schools. They only will do the worst ghetto schools. This seems to have more to do with her being a mom. As more details continue to emerge it looks like she’s not the all-too-common rich-kid whose virtue-signaling. Blowtorch explained the running route above so she was basically a normie white who was killed for being white by a black criminal let loose to kill.

    • “Memphis this is considered the safe(i. e. White) part of town”

      Is it within a 100 mile radius of blacks? Then it isn’t safe.
      They allow apes to drive, ya know.

  13. Regarding rich whites- to help or not to help blacks. The country club set in Memphis is always trying to help blacks, while the country club set in Jackson,Mississippi said’ No way-the last white person out of town turn off the lights!” Memphis is 65% black, 35% white, and Jackson is 85% black and 15% white. I agree that wealthy whites should be helping other whites instead of blacks, but White flight from southern cities is the reason why all of the confederate monuments are coming down. The white country club set isn’;t helping poor or working class whites anywhere as far as I know- that’s the real problem with our race!

    • “Memphis is 65% black, 35% white, and Jackson is 85% black and 15% white”:

      The public water supply in Memphis is marginally safer than Jackson’s too.

      “The country club set in Memphis is always trying to help blacks, while the country club set in Jackson, Mississippi said No way”:

      A university (it was Princeton, I think) study of racism determined that very Black Mississippi is the most racist area in the U.S. Very White western Pennsylvania came in third place for racist attitudes and behaviour. I don’t remember which area was the second most racist, according to the study, but it wasn’t Tennessee.

  14. There’s only one reason why this isn’t national news compared to if the races were reversed is because shes White and her killer is black. The media can hide the stats on black and Whites crimes but anyone with a lick of common sense knows the reality. This would never happened under segregation.

    • “. This would never happened under segregation.”

      Oh yes, there were lots of rapes under segregation, murders too.
      You have to have total separation.
      Anything less just attenuates the problem, without solving it.

      • If this crime had happened a hundred years ago, the remains of the rapist murderer would be hanging from a tree in Memphis.

    • No need for me to ponder, it’s crystal clear, as it was to our ancestors hundreds of years ago.
      A French royal edict of 1739 outlawed the importation of blacks, as it polluted the race and contaminated the brothels with disease.

  15. Exalted Cyclops- she was working as a jr. kindergarten teacher for an exclusive private school- St. Mary’s Episcopal School for Girls. She was the mother of 2 tow-headed boys aged 4 and 5. Kindergarten teachers are usually the most caring and nurturing of all teachers- they have what used to be called “a Mother’s hands”.

    • Thanks again for more detail. This is not the typical “let’s virtue signal by teaching in ghetto school” schtick one encounters with trust-fund kids. It’s more of an outgrowth of her being a mother of two.

    • @Mem: I almost wish you hadn’t reminded me of this nightmarish crime of savagery beyond all human description; but then again it wasn’t perpetrated by humans it was committed by animals.

      To be called, “human” requires acting as a human and none of these savages did, therefore I call them what they are, savages.

      • “but then again it wasn’t perpetrated by humans it was committed by animals.

        To be called, “human” requires acting as a human and none of these savages did, therefore I call them what they are, savages.”

        Finaly someone get this! our first and single worst misstake was to consider negroes as humans and try to understand them from that measure

        This is why we always fail to understand this level of savagery when it occurs, Lex Cannon Hinnant

    • ” Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.”

      They weren’t butchered and put in a meat locker and used as food, as were 100’s of WHITES in the Congo uprising 1960.

      That’s what will happen on a massive scale , if they gain power.

  16. By the way, i knew the lawyer -Kemper Durand- that Abston kidnapped and held in the trunk of his own car. If Abston had served his entire sentence for that crime, he’s still be in jail and Eliza Fletcher would still be alive.

  17. Don’t gag on a fly and swallow a camel. The natural force of ethnocentrism and the struggle for equality – are two different things. The problem of “diversity” is a symptom of the primary problem, the cause, which is class. These Irish immigrants also conflated the racial with the political, and had no clear vision of the solution, so their confused rebellion got nowhere:

  18. Wow, loved Carlson’s ending: “put a stop to this right now, with as much force as is required.” These words were thought out; purposefully chosen. Not some heat-of-the-moment thing.

  19. Fletcher came from a family of billionaires. Unlike the rest of us she had the means to permanently self-segregate from blacks and she didn’t.

    That’s on her.

  20. “Black Thug”? all Blacks are potential “thugs”!!

    I would rename them “Sleeper Cells”, everyone of those animals have an inhuman meanstreak and no soul, just look into their black dead eyes and you will know what i mean

    Truly the “Beast of the fields”

  21. Truly the ” Beast of the field”, yep, that’s how they are referenced in scripture, I don’t know of anybody else, that fits the bill, the woman was rich and naive, but she certainly, did not deserve too be raped and murdered in cold blood, prayers for her family, they are really hurting, you have someone in your family, taken like that, nothing is ever the same, this is why we want too separate and go our own way, enough is enough and then some…..

    • They have no remorse or even thought in their head close to pitty or symphaty for the other not even for their own kind!

      The negro are a danger to us and our society it is ever present and our people need to understand that until it´s too late!, if we don´t more of us will fall victim and we will never fully understand how this work

  22. The powers that be want Section 8 housing in every white neighborhood so there will be nowhere to flee. That is why they talk in code about changing single family house zoning regulations into multiple families’ dwellings.

  23. Imagine if you will after slavery, we did the moral thing and built up a part of Africa (not just tiny Liberia) and resettled them there. Not just dump them but build up the area and help them for a few years, maybe decades. Then they are on their own. The space left by their absence could have been filled with free white labor. I know you will tell me that was Lincon’s plan but in reality, in his latter days he moved away from that and thought the best way was to give Black union veterans the right to vote and bring the rest into full citizenship very gradually.

    PDS: Last year in Iceland they only had 3 murders nationwide. That was it.

  24. What happened to Eliza Fletcher is truly a tragic story but it is one we commonly see. A young White girl cut down in the prime of her life by a Negro rapist. We must be careful not to respond in a rash way by screaming “race war 2022” but use that anger to channel it into something positive. This reminds me of the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom story back in ’07. Truly tragic.

    When we take back the South, this type of thing will not stand EVER AGAIN!

    • >What happened to Eliza Fletcher is truly a tragic story but it is one we commonly see.

      It’s horrible and viscerally enraging, but not all that common statistically.

      Per the data, a big majority of all violent crime is intraracial: the victim and perpetrator are of the same race — this includes homicide — in fact, stranger homicide is relatively uncommon: less than 20% of homicides are stranger homicides, meaning in > 80% of homicide cases the victim and perpetrator knew each other, including being members of the same family — and only a relatively small fraction of stranger homicides are interracial.

      But it is true that when crime is interracial, in particular for violent crime between Blacks and Whites, Blacks are hugely overrepresented as perpetrators and Whites are hugely overrepresented as victims — rape is probably the worst example of this: every year, there are thousands of black on white rapes, while it is rare for there to be > 10 white on black rapes in a year, and in many years that total is zero.

  25. “Section 8 housing”

    As noted. That is the problem. Move them all into public high rise housing placed where they can be watched and force them to work to keep it up.

    Better yet have a recorded vote in Congress on the question,”diversity is our biggest strength” and every Congress member that says yes move them ALL into their districts.

  26. “…Not just dump them but build up the area and help them for a few years, maybe decades. …”

    George Bush was a total scum bag for not protecting Liberians from the mobs of guerrillas, Gen. Buck Naked one of them, that invaded and destroyed the country. While far from perfect, they did have something going there.

  27. This story, followed by the Ezekiel Kelly anti-white killing rampage in Memphis less than a week later, has a bigger lesson to impart to us. The Ezekiel rampage is the result of teaching Critical Race Theory and White Privilege in public schools. We focus on the effect of such teachings on white kids, but black kids are the true targeted audience. The (((Left))) is obviously trying to foment a race war, and getting the blacks to turn more of their violent criminality against whites rather than fellow blacks is the key part of that strategy.

  28. “The (((Left))) is obviously trying to foment a race war, ”

    I don’t think so.
    They are trying a total beat down of WHITE folks. They don’t want WHITES fighting back. WHITES are to submit to ever increasing violence from blacks and apologize in the process.

  29. Cultural Marxist tactics- accusations of “White privilege” and “Critical Race Theory” have the dual purpose of enraging blacks against Whites, and inducing “cultural pessimism” in whites. They are fine with Whites simply rolling over and allowing themselves to be slaughtered, but they are nonetheless delighted when whites fight back so that the powers that be can prove to whites how powerless whites are against their depredations- ala the McMichaels and Derek Chauvin- locked away for life for daring to fight back against black criminality. If Whites lose in a fight with blacks they die- if they win they are locked away for life- talk about a Hobson’s choice!

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