Morning Joe: New Book Is A Call To Action To Save American Democracy

I’m a small-r republican.

In my view, liberty is self government. It is not freedom from government. It is sovereign communities making their own laws.

If voting rights were restricted to mature White men of sound moral character who own a minimum amount of property (i.e., men of the political community), the United States would still be a democracy. It would just be more of a White republic. I’m a “semi-fascist” though for agreeing with the Founders that we need less feminism, democracy and federal control over state elections.

Note: My quarrel isn’t with the republican form of government. It is with progressive liberalism


  1. “””…If voting rights were restricted to mature White men of sound moral character who own a minimum amount of property…..”””‘

    David Hogg has minimum amount of property. Also Working Class Joe and My Son Hunter.

    I am afraid that routing out communism demands much more accurate psychological analysis of genetic evil inside the white race. Long ago, Salem witch hunt was done by sound moral white males.

    We are not better. Andrei Chikatilo operated many years because nobody could see monster behind the sound moral character white male decent school teacher who owned some property.

    • Killer Chikatilo was Ukrainian-born, fascinating story of how they finally found him, after being somewhat ‘protected’ by his Communist Party affiliations. Good film about him made in 1995 with some famous actors, ‘Citizen X’, movie came out right the next year after his 1994 execution, with a lot of attention to how politics affects law enforcement, relevant for us today.

      As you see at the film’s end, the method of execution in Russia – which has had a moratorium on the death penalty since 1996 – and the method still used in Belarus, is an instant bullet to the back of the head. A mess, but the most humane method of all really, if you insist on having executions.

      My own view is that the USA was a better place 1967-77 when there were no judicial executions at all for nearly 10 years. I’m all for shooting bad guys on the street in ‘hot’ situations, but the coldness of scheduled death seems wrong and ‘un-white’ to me, and it never seems to be fairly applied.

      Whole ‘Citizen X’ movie here on the Google Tube, with Donald Sutherland, Max von Sydow, a good watch, 99 minutes

  2. These fucking pricks ramble on about “democracy”, commonwealth, the “Will of the People”, (whatever that is) voting and then the founders’ intent to create a “democratic republic.” These out of touch hypocrites never mention that the founding generation’s first immigration law restricted immigration to “free White person(s) . . . of good character”, not whatever the cat dragged in.

    Voting was also restricted to White, property owning males, not anyone with a pulse. That is part of the reason the U.S. was so successful for so long. MSNBC’s idea of democracy i.e. government by The Usual Suspects and their allies amongst the colored people, the mentally ill, malcontents and assorted primitives and scoundrels is what we enjoy now. It is also the reason the country is on the road to oblivion.

  3. I find it a bit surprising that Hart, who seemed fairly reasonable to me, would write a book with such a semi-alarmist title — on the other hand, you may want to take it seriously as an example of how a good many people loyal to the regime genuinely feel.

    A tweet from Kathy Griffin — I don’t watch TV (I don’t even own one), so I’m not all that familiar with her — but she seems like an obnoxious bitch, although one with 2m followers on Twitter:

    linkIf you don’t want a Civil War, vote for Democrats in November. If you do want Civil War, vote Republican.

    Now a follow-up from Fred Guttenberg, a Jew whose kid was apparently killed at Parkland, so now he’s all for people like you not owning guns, while at the same time calling you names and insinuating you’re a threat (yeah, that’ll convince me to support gun control):

    linkTo the MAGA morons complaining about this from @kathygriffin, let me help your flea sized brains understand. She is saying we see you lunatics and what you are doing. We understand your desire for violence. If we want to save the country from you, vote Democrat. I agree.

    It’s tempting to dismiss these people as nutjobs — but in light of things like the showtrial-like persecution of the Jan 06 people, the Establishment pushing terrorism by ‘white supremacists’ as the greatest national threat, and Biden’s recent speech extending that to MAGA types generally, that doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    The tenor of political rhetoric in America has definitely changed — following on the heels of ‘othering’ the unvaccinated, the regime and its allies are now doing the same to political opponents.

    For anyone who hasn’t seen it, I still recommend taking the time to watch the following video:

    THE TEN STAGES OF GENOCIDE Explained by Henna Maria

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