• @Arrian check out black Twitter. Hundreds if not thousands of them many blue checks saying the most vile things about the woman and her grave. The humor is that almost all of these people live in England or America. What a privilege to live in anothers country and having the full power to trash the country and its rulers. Her life does seem to match up with the crumbling of Britain as an empire and people though

  1. Good. Under her watch the UK has been deteriorated into filth. Non-British outnumber British in their capital city, London.

    She could have done something to stop the sharp decline, but didn’t. Not to mention all of her sons and grandchildren turned out to be Leftist garbage.

    Good riddance.

      • I share your lack of optimism. Princes Andrew and Harry have proven to be an absolute disgrace to the Royal Family: but it seems the Queen ran cover for the former until his Epsteinian position became untenable. William seems serious about his duties, but I fear Ron is right about failure to “stop the sharp decline”. I used to be quite a fan of the Royals, but now they seems just as degenerate as the rest of society.

    • >She could have done something to stop the sharp decline, but didn’t.

      What do you think she could have done?

      It’s a ceremonial monarchy: she had no political power — perhaps it could be said she had a certain influence, and she could have attempted to exert influence, but that is not the same as having power — and any attempt to use influence would probably not have been welcomed: over the last few decades, I saw a number of reports objecting to the queen ‘meddling’ in politics.

      >Non-British outnumber British in their capital city, London.

      Several times I’ve posted a link to a video of Enoch Powell speaking with Dick Cavett — here it is again:

      Enoch Powell on Being Called A Racist | The Dick Cavett Show

      Before I highlighted the beginning part where he says being called a racist is ‘a modern term of abuse’.

      But more importantly in this context, he also explains in some detail the peculiar, even unique, legal situation around migration in the aftermath of WWII, and why it was difficult, in not impossible, to stop it: per British law at the time, the people coming were also subjects of the queen, ones who just happened to reside in a different part of the realm — national origin was not recognized as it is today, so in the sense of being subjects of the queen, they were roughly equivalent to any Tom, Dick, or Harold born and residing in the UK.

      He also points out the situation was often asymmetric, meaning e.g. it was difficult for an Englishman to legally move to Jamaica, but much easier for a Jamaican to move to the UK.

      All the migration was made possible by modern air travel, which did not exist on the same scale before the war.

      Of course eventually this problem was recognized and the laws changed, but by that time a lot of damage had been done on two fronts: 1) plenty of migrants were already in the UK and more could and would arrive even after the legal changes, and 2) the age of ‘anti-racism’ had begun, making it much more difficult to exclude people based on race, national origin, or ‘lack of ties’ to the UK.

      • She didn’t seem to have any problem using her position of influence to support negrification of Britain, anti-racism, and BLM. It’s only when it came to speaking up for actual native British that she remained silent.

        Queen Elizabeth II was trash, and it’s good that she’s finally dead. Hopefully, the rest of her trashy family will be sent to join her.

        • >Hopefully, the rest of her trashy family will be sent to join her.

          Maybe you can do the ‘sending’ yourself right after you ‘wipe out all rich Whites, all libtard Whites, and all PMC Whites’ as part of your ‘full-on classicide’.

          Another keyboard tough guy.

  2. Good riddance off to hell with her and that empire!

    Going to be a cold winter in England! Ya´ll enjoy getting warm from diversity and the heat of “our values”

    • >and that empire!

      If you appreciate civilization, then you probably ought to recognize that the British Empire was a ‘superspreader’ of Western Civilization — nominally Christian Western Civilization.

      • The British empire was a superspreader of Jewish civilization. Christian Brits were nothing more than slave race cannon fodder used to empower Jews, similar to the role that White Americans have played since the early 20th century.

        • >The British empire was a superspreader of Jewish civilization.

          Sure dude, I’m sure you’re right: they probably built more synagogues than churches wherever they went — but like Mussolini, maybe they at least made the trains run on time after first building the railroads.

          How is the ‘full-on classicide’ coming along? — have you recruited enough pleb Whites to help you with that? — I mean ones who aren’t fat, or on fentanyl or meth — seems like that might be a problem.

          And remember: try to resist succumbing to ‘monomania’.

  3. And as a new king ascends the throne, the citizens of the UK prepare to freeze to death this winter; while in the US an imbecile occupies the Oval Office and brings his country to further ruin.

    (I wish it were Biden’s funeral slated, instead of the Queen’s.)

    • Maybe Biden will poop his pants audibly & live on TV at the Royal funeral, and Zelenskyyyyy will entertain guests with his famous piano-playing…

    • The Deep State will probably get rid of Dementia Joe after the mid-term dog and pony show. They would have dumped Dementia Joe earlier but Cackling Kamala is so bad she is his insurance policy now. Don’t forget to vote, early and often. Dominion is counting on you, or counting for you, or something.

      • I would love some cheeky reporter to ask Creepy Joe if he’s already chosen who’ll deliver his eulogy at his state funeral and what he plans on wearing. Oh, and if Jill plans to bring a date.

    • She usually went out of her way to be as cold, stiff and unemotional as possible. But I remember watching a documentary where she made an informal visit to a British day care center and the staff treated her as if she was like anyone else, none of the usual fussing, fawning and groveling. To her majesty’s credit she didn’t seem to be annoyed or displeased about that. And during a public appearance in this country a large colored woman came out of the crowd at a stadium and hugged her. Those kind of unscripted moments made me like Elizabeth “Windsor” a little more.

  4. God Save the Anglosphere. It’s become Orwell’s Oceania. There is no England now, it’s just Airstrip One.

  5. When British monarchy was briefly abolished under the radical rule of Protestant Oliver Cromwell, Cromwell made his fateful 1656 decision to let Jews, ‘the Old Testament Bible people’, back into Britain

    Leading only 212 years later to a Jewish Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, heading British government, and a few decades later, Britain sponsoring Zionism and birthing the Israeli state in territory Britain controlled

    Jews in Britain have greatly inter-married into the British aristocracy since Cromwell, a key part of the triumph of Jewish influence in Britain, the global ‘home of liberalism’

    A 1950s book, ‘Tales of the British Aristocracy’ by an editor of Burke’s Peerage, Leslie Gilbert Pine (1907-87), devotes Chapter 14 to ‘The Anglo-Jewish Peerage’, this quote from p. 219 in the original:

    “Jews … have made themselves so closely connected with the British peerage that the two classes are unlikely to suffer loss which is not mutual. So closely linked are the Jews and the Lords, that a blow against the Jews in this country, would not be possible without injuring the aristocracy also.”

    Similar to how multiple USA Presidential and top families have children inter-married with Jews – Bidens, Trumps, Bushes, Clintons – plus Kamala Harris’ Jewish husband etc

    There is some sense in that phrase used by Andrei ‘Saker’ Raevsky and others, ‘Anglo-Zionism’

  6. Pretty symbolic event. Queen died and the era of good life is over. Now hyper inflation, total collapse of economic system, massive blackouts, freezing and serious diversity enrichment are coming.

  7. Respect the throne but the recent now dead ruler allowed a lot of perversion and anti-Whiteness to run roughshod over the white English people on her watch. She should have been the conscience of the kingdom and a strong voice to help lead the UK to prosperity and righteousness instead of the death spiral it is currently in.

    The South needs to secede so it can provide fossil fuel (even if we have to buy it from Russia and resell it to Europe) to keep the world from freezing to death this winter. Battery-Head Biden’s Commie vision for the Yankee Empire and the rest of the world needs a total recharge. Maybe hook up one of those solar panels to his head (and his handlers’ heads).

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  8. I was thinking of the line from Braveheart where the queen of France said your bloodline will die with you. I wonder if she felt the same when Harry married Meghan?

  9. Who was her queen? Oh right, Phillip, the one who said plainly all the peasants need to just die.

    Now a horse is queen. Forgot which English hag said it, but she said, referring to Camilla, that all English gentry keep horses, but it takes real talent to look like one.

    Remember. If M-15 hadn’t done their patriotic duty, the whore Diana would now be Queen of England, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Wight and whatever else. You remember Diana? The one who was called a slut on the floor of the House of Lords?

    Yeah well, we got problems here, but at least we ain’t cuck island.

    • Diana did whore about more than one Muslim. And with her bodyguard and several of her servants.

      The first was a dark brown Pakistani cardiologist who she desperately wanted to marry but whose conservative family very sanely rejected even though she agreed to convert to Islam.

      The second was an olive brown Egyptian retail chain heir who, apparently, did agree to marry her until the accident happened.

      I assume she would stop a-whoring after she converted to Islam.

      None of my business, except that a coal-burning mudshark would have become the Queen of a historically European nation – even though it has now been colonized by its former colonies.

  10. Don’t kid yourself, this filth wants back what she believes rightfully belonged to her, Hong Kong and the North American colonies. Now Charles has to continue where mommy dearest left off.

  11. Finally! My God, I was thinking, will that woman never die? I’m not trying to be hateful, but she just went on and on…for a not very positive reign for Britain. She could have abdicated a few yers ago to give Charles a whirl.
    Anyway, the Queen is dead, long live the Queen.

  12. As an American I am more interested in the kick off of the NFL season. May the niggerball commence and the gnashing of teeth by vanguardist White Nationalists reach a new level as MAGAs enjoy life!

  13. She presided over the death of the British nation and did nothing, she abdicated her duty to her people. I won’t badmouth her like many rabid leftists are today, but I don’t have much great to say about her. I still have respect for the institution of monarchy and the once great country of Britain. Unfortunately I don’t see either of those long for this worldm

  14. I guess she was important to her family and friends, but I have a hard time caring. All she cared about was conserving the monarchy, while the country was dissolved. She had her priorities, and the welfare of native Brits was not one of them.

  15. Her father plotted with cecil rhodes on how to drag America into WW1, throwing the Lusitania into harms way, which was ferrying American proles on an ocean liner loaded with munitions which defied Germany’s ultimatum on arming their opponents and her son is a high priest of the climate cult that only the proles must sacrifice to solve, private jets and castles cooled by 8 air conditioners is totally fine but proles and their bullshit, eff that.. Screw the monarchy. I loathe any Americans obsessed with the British monarchy. I wonder if Brits give a shit about the monarchy paying 1300 pounds for a monthly energy bill to sacrifice for the belt and road initiative. Didn’t they also effing love Jimmy Saville? Prince Andrew was a dupe for Epstein, so yeah give Israel however much blood they want.

  16. Though I think the queen was a model of decorum and personal integrity, I also think she served as an unwitting symbol for what England has become – a shell of it’s former self.

    More specifically, I mean during her lifetime it went from a Christian nation to one utterly without soul, from a White Nation to one which is busily trying to catch up with it’s colonial offspring in replacing it;s native population.

    Did I not hear that, in the country that was built by Offa, Huscarles, Harthacanute, and Alfred The Great, that not a single White English male is to serve in the new prime minister’s cabinet?

    Never once did she speak out against the fundamental erosion of the English soul and the English nation, yet, there can be little doubt that she was a model citizen.

  17. In spite of her “constitutional monarch” figurehead position, she should have used her quiet behind-palace-doors influence on the jewed race traitor PMs & others who opened the floodgates to all the dead Empire’s niggers & wogs, but she failed in her greatest duty: the preservation of a White Britain. So she died with the grim knowledge that her own shitlib family is now contaminated with kinky red-headed coons.

    OTOH: just today I learned that her sister Margaret’s husband Lord Snowden’s mother was a kike – and that Liz herself had her sons circumcised by a MOHEL. So maybe she was 100% behind the kike open borders/multicult agenda all along.

  18. FOX News is devoting their entire evening to praising her majesty, which means she was 100% kosher certified by ZOG. She oversaw the controlled demolition of Great Britain during her reign, but needless to say she was a ceremonial figure and powerless to stop it. Funny how the jews wanted to topple all the other major monarchies in Europe so badly (the Hohenzollerns, Habsburgs, Romanovs and Bourbons) but after the Restoration they never tried to get rid of the English monarchy again.

  19. I didn’t like how the Royal family treated Princess Diana, who was more British than the so-called House of Windsor. Prior to WWI everyone knew they were Germans from Hanover. Kaiser Wilhelm was Queen Victoria’s youngest grandson and as a youth spent many summers in England with his cousin, the future King George V. But then they covered up their German identity and changed the family name, which was a sneaky thing thing to do. To make matters worse the king apparently made no effort to allow his other cousin Nicholas II and his family to seek refuge in Britain after the March 1917 Revolution, even though Wilhelm II guaranteed the Romanovs safe passage through German waters.

    • The Royal Family should have let Charles marry Camilla like he wanted to when they were both young and single rather than insisting he find a virgin to marry. They fell in love during the “swinging sixties” and I imagine virgins were in short supply. The poor guy looked like he considered his life a strait jacket and should have had the consolation of marrying the woman he wanted.

      I was very happy at the warmth and support the British showed Charles. I could tell he was both moved and relieved. He was a homely man with no charisma and it didn’t help that he was made the villain of the Diana Soap Opera.I

      And Diana wasn’t murdered by British intelligence at the behest of the Royal family. Her silly Egyptian boyfriend was a publicity bound and drama king in his own right and tipped off the press to their whereabouts.

      I think it was Meghan Markle’s antics after being allowed to marry into the Royal Family after receiving none of the vetting that a White woman, like Kate Middleton, had to endure that made the British realize that “The Firm” was too “woke” to keep a Muslim from marrying Charles’s ex-wife. It’s pretty bad when the most Blacketty-black FLOTUS evah, Michelle Obama, all but called Markle out whose new angle is Mulatto Misery and whining about it to Mariah Carey.

      Diana was not quite the victim she made herself out to be. She knew Camilla was his mistress when she married him. She knew what kind of royal bride they were looking for and even gave them a medical certificate of virginity. She produced the obligatory heir and a spare and started screwing around, but was indiscreet, so she produced the whole Camilla Soap Opera for public consumption.

      It set the tone for the Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson Debacle. I feel like Andrew deeply cared for her and her very public and humiliating betrayal of him kept him from getting to close to another woman which made him ripe for the picking where the Epstein-Maxwell sex-trafficking team was concerned.

      Fergie realized too late what she had thrown away and ended up seeing more of Andrew after the divorce left her scrambling to make her own living and forced the realization upon her that Andrew was the only one for whom she ever held any value. Never cared much for Prince Phillip, but I love the way she had to vacate the premises any time he visited Andrew.

      I do think that England’s slow death under the Windsors is their karma for being too cowardly to give the Romanovs shelter. I think, after WWI ended, they could have resettled the Romanovs in Canada.

      The one thing that makes me a huge Stalin fan is that he wrested power away from the Jewish cabal that had toppled the Czar after whipping up one faction to kill the other and he murdered that bloodthirsty rat, Trotsky, in the most brutal fashion imaginable.

      Moreover, Stalin so broke the back of Jewish Bolshevism, that only Russians ran the Soviet Union after him and there was a quiet but effective “equity” movement to purge the Jews from political dominance anf have the power reflect the demographics which was majority Russian.

      That’s what launched the Refusenik theatrics with many Jews wanting to leave Russia after it was clear they were losing power. After making a token show of wanting to keep them (under house arrest) against their will the USSR allowed them to leave for Israel and – lucky us – other countries in the West.

    • @Spahn,
      If you go back far enough, you’ll likely find that most British…….. WHITE British…….have some degree of German, French or Scandinavian heritage somewhere in them.
      The royals have their faults, but I won’t hold their German ancestry against them. That puts them largely in lock step with most British alive today.

  20. Come on HW, we don’t want to wait until Armistice Day before you finally get around to moderating our comments!

  21. Wonder if the crowds of mourners will be the whole of the populace in the new “Cool Britania” or if it will be overwhelmingly white mourning not only the Queen but the death of their country.

  22. I want to be sad for the loss of a monarch like Elizabeth, only because I, like many, wish that we had someone we could look to and put our trust in who we knew would be our sovereign, for us and only for us, with the blessing of the divine to lead us forward into the unknown.

    Its not quite nostalgia. Its probably just a recognition that the natural hierarchy of man has been missing true leaders, and that the pretenders have used us sorely.

    The desire for a good king is an impulse as old as civilization.

    But we are still on our own. Feelz bad.

    If the God Emperor of man came to power today, would I kneel? I honestly don’t know. But I would want to.

    What is that? And why does that hurt to admit?

  23. Mad Dog Musings 8 Sep 2022 — Pepi II, Ramesses II, Elizabeth II — The Late ZOG-Age Collapse

    Pharoah Pepi II reigned at the end of the Egyptian Old Kingdom for 90 years and soon after his long reign the nomarchs / governors took over. Pepi II hung on too long and his kingdom rotted. Combined with regional climate change of cooling that caused the Nile to wither and the consequent famine (sound familiar today?) and the weakening of the central authority the end result was a 180 year mini-dark age called the First Intermediate Period until the 11th Dynasty and 12th Dynasty restored central order by taming the nomarchs/warlords and re-uniting Upper and Lower Egypt under a feudalistic taming centralizing military dictatorship under the Middle Kingdom around 2000 BC.

    Within 30 years of the Late Bronze Age Collapse, Pharoah Ramesses II reigned for nearly 70 years lived 96 years and his 13th son Merempta too over in his 70’s and reigned a decade. Which is much the same as with Elizabeth II coming into power at 25 years and reigning 70 years and having her son Charles III coming to kingship in his 70s. Ramesses’ New Kingdom declined but survived the Late Bronze Age Collapse but the rot continued. Ramesses should have retired in favor of his sons while his life was strong.

    Elizabeth II reigned 70 years died today at 96, and should have resigned in June or July in favor of her son. She reigned over the collapse of the British Empire. She simply was a caretaker in her nation’s decline. And like Ramesses’ Mighty Evil Empire soon enough the foreign Libyans and Nubians would take over the rulership just as their peoples displaced the native stock. Eventually the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans would rule until the Arabs took over as caliphs, then kings, then military dictators.

    Pepi II, Ramesses II, Elizabeth II. All examples of monarchs who should have resigned in favor of chosen successors who would have maybe rejuvenated their decaying empires which were decaying beyond theys’ control because like in all empires, their native stock was displaced and destroyed, bred inwards towards the degenerate and bred out into oblivion.


    • The royal family is a tourist attraction (like Disney), that is going out of style. The color of their skin is wrong. The UK is turning into a communist shithole like California, so the elitist syle politics they represent is out as well. In a way Harry is the most forward thinking of the bunch. If the royals want to survive the next century, they must lean into Harry’s example. They must marry pitch black Africans, learn to speak ebonics, take part in witch doctor ceremonies and make trinkets to protect themselves from evil spirits, paint their faces, wear grass skirts, and so on. This is the future of Britain.

  24. hunter

    i have a blog on draft mode that comments on Queen E passing on

    can you review and then post

    it s very brief

    thanks JR

  25. England’s Elizabeth II is to Elizabeth I as Spain’s Isabella I is to Isabella II. Vox Day has a good summary here: A Comprehensive Failure. True she was pretty much a figurehead, but as Day notes, she did twist Thatcher’s arm to join the sanctions against the pre-dindu South Africa government, which only made matters worse for the whites there. As the head of the Anglican Church she could have rejected the various pedos and other Church of Woke types from being Archbishop of Canterbury.

  26. I think Mark Collet of Patriot Alternative in the UK had the most balanced approach in the aftermath of her death.

  27. Why did many places in America put their flags at half-mast today? This woman has nothing to do with our country.

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