John Avlon: “Christian Nationalism Is Not Christianity”

Christianity is not liberal democracy.

As for Christian nationalism, it was pioneered by Lutherans.

The following excerpt comes from Eric W. Gritsch’s book A History of Lutheranism:

“Lutheranism spread in the north and east of Germany; Catholicism remained entrenched in the south and west. “The Reformation,” as the age of sixteenth-century reform became known, ended in `1555 with a compromise between Lutheran and Catholic territories. The territorial imperative, well known in the world of animals, had its way in the world of human politics. But humans created a complex bureaucracy when a territory is ruled by uniformity in all phases of life. An ecclesiastical hierarchy quickly developed parallel to the secular one; both were controlled by the territorial ruler. He quickly appointed officials in the church headed by a superintendent (formerly bishop) who chaired a consistory (in Wittenberg) or a church council (in Württemberg). There was no freedom of conscience, as Luther had advocated at Worms in 1521. Territorial uniformity only permitted one set of doctrines, one form of public worship, and one specific morality created by the officials of church and state. The territorial prince had veto power in all phases of life in his territory. Lutheran territories tended to be more absolutist, indeed autocratic, than Catholic ones, perhaps because Catholic rulers belonged to a worldwide church with more room for deliberations, despite the strong arm of Rome …

But confessional territorial rule kept Lutheranism tied to the medieval concept of “Christendom,” that is, the fusion of church and state …”

The following excerpt comes from Perez Zagorin’s book How the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West.

“For Luther, as for his medieval Catholic predecessors, religious unity presupposed that Christian society and the church must be coterminous. It is therefore not surprising that in the German lands that became Protestant under Lutheran influence, and where the prince replaced the pope and ecclesiastical hierarchy in the control and supervision of the church, all Christians were required to belong to the latter as the only religious body recognized by the state. This principle was enshrined in the Peace of Augsburg of 1555. …”

There was one religion, one culture and one morality in most of Northern Europe after the Reformation. It was Lutheranism which was the established church in the German states, Scandinavia and Iceland. Lutheran princes and kings played a large role in the life of the church in all Lutheran territories.


  1. It’s just the latest boogeyman. In 2000 it was “Dominionism” and in the 80s it was the Moral Majority, before that it was the segregationists, now it’s “Christian Nationalism” which means “white Southern Christian conservatives are voting” which is a danger to democracy because they vote for white Southern Christian conservatives which is against Democracy.

    Anti-Christian nationalism is a code for anti-white. It is not any more complicated than that.

    • I agree.

      It is also a sign of how detached people who work in East Coast media have become from the rest of the country. Everyone these people know is either an atheist, agnostic or irreligious. They live in a bubble. The majority of the country has always wanted Christian morality reflected in government and still think this way today. This is weird to people who live in urban areas on the coasts

      • As far as I can tell it hardly matters if you ever go to church, if you are socially conservative in any way you’re a “Christian Nationalist” just like if you are white you are a “racist.”

        This will ramp up until the elections then they will move back to “racist” when immigration becomes an issue again.

        These days the definition of “woman” – an adult female human – is “hate speech” and now old liberal lesbian women are considered “far right TERFs” no better than a “fundie.”

        In Silicon Valley – the place and the TV show – the anti-Christian bigotry is so open it is fodder for comedy.

        It won’t be the first time they mistook their own online propaganda campaign with actual public sentiment. Twitter isn’t real life.

        • I really enjoy your blog , BH.
          Just wanted to thank you for your efforts!
          I dont comment much on either forum but i enjoy reading posts and the comments.

          I believe the white race is on the verge of a collective awakening worldwide!
          I may be naive ,but i have to hold on to some kind of hope and i do believe these Christ murdering demon jews are doing what they’ve traditionally always done in the past, and that is overplaying their hand.
          Here is to hoping that we may one day start actually fighting back collectively!

  2. ‘Christianity is not liberal democracy.’


    But, you cannot tell The Left that, for though they despise Christianity, they consider themselves experts on it.

    How to get a Leftist to consider you a true Christian?

    Be in favour of redesigning the history of the West to exclude all White figures, classical music, mathematicks, architecture, and literature; be in favor of open borders and sanctuary cities, and never EVER say the word ‘White’, outside of the context of a dental conversation or wall paint – and, even then, you ought appear reluctant.

    Put an Israeli flag in your church and echo White Nationalists, by declaring God to have been a Jew.

    If you really want to impress Leftists with your ‘Christianity, offer your daughter to someone Black, these days preferably, not to a Negro, but, to a transgender bulldyke Negress.

    THAT would be your ticket to being esteemed.

    Problem is : too many Christians actually take this seriously.

  3. Next they will tell Trump that his Trumpism is not real Trumpism. Also Putin makes wrong Putinism and Orban makes wrong Orbanism.

    Good example why isms and ideologies do not work. Until Jews and communists decide what words mean, every ism becomes communism.

  4. “There was one religion, one culture and one morality in most of Northern Europe”

    Don’t dismiss the Hugenots, they had a powerful influence, especially in England and the German States, Switzerland.
    (That’s the source of most precision machines , watches and banking in those countries.)

  5. And who in their right mind takes CNN seriously anymore?
    I guess there’s a whole lot of mentally ill white people that still pay attention to these kike liars and philosemetic lunatics.

    I asked somebody the other day – “how many times does your neighbor or coworkers or family members or friends have to lie to you before you don’t believe anything they say anymore”?

    So the openly lying dishonest leftist media who lies every time they speak for going on 35 years since I’ve paid attention are to ever be taken seriously ???

    If they told me today was September 9th ,I would have to double check my calendar even though I’ve already seen it three or four times today and already know it’s September 9, that is how dishonest these ‘people’ are.

    Are jooz even human?
    Most of them look like demonic possessed reptilian vampires to me.

  6. “have to lie to you before you don’t believe anything they say”

    You’re ignoring the hypnotic power of TV and the pretense of authority.

  7. “Society and the church must be coterminous.” This statement describes every traditional society throughout the world for thousands of years. Secularism is a modern invention.

  8. A fine Lutheran civilization it was, the best in the world. All lost because stupid kings and nobles would not live within their means. They turned to Jewish bankers for loans and lost it all. When the Jews got control of their currencies, it was all over.

    A true Christendom will ban all usury (interest) completely, in all cases. It will also enforce the Lord’s Day rest (Sunday), by forcing all the money grubbing businesses to close on Sunday.

    Thesr are the main issues. That and the media, which must be nationalized and then given to pure Christians.

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