Brit Queen Dies… Not Much to Say

Another one bites the dust. I feel the same way when one of America USA’s traitor/coward leading family dies: the Bushes, the Kennedys, the Cheneys, the Romneys, the Doles, now the Clintons.

Monarchy, knights, nobles, “Camelot” – I’m confident most American women would vote for a Brad Pitt Lib actor for US President. The POC Meghan Markel is obviously trying to be a Hollywood, anti White Lib celebrity/princess.

Here’s a Farstar comic we did that just sums up what happened to not so Merry Old England.


    • When diversity start seriously enrich upper echelon of society, they will call poor whites for help.

      Our task is derail this effort so elite plan to force poor whites to fight diversity so both sides get killed will fail.

      Our side must force liberal elite to deal with their pets by themselves . If possible, offer diversity help and advise how to hold elite responsible for razizz and other horrors.

        • @Arrian,
          I’m sure it’s called Haiti because there’s not much there to likey!
          I’m guessing it’s all the fault of Y Pepo:- we didn’t do enough of………who fucking knows!

          • Just skip through the video, you only need a few second to see the degenerate filth, coming to our cities.

            Yes, it’s our fault , major jwz papers are saying loans from france ruined Haiti. WHITEY’s fault. ALWAYS, the twisted jwz narrative.

            Just think, under the French, Haiti was richer than all 13 american colonies with millions of English settlers. Now, Haiti is a basket case that soaks up billions in charity gifts.

            Same with Nigeria, same in Liberia etc.
            There must be a common thread…hmmm…..what could it be?

        • Arrian, have you ever asked WHO is supplying the Haitian gangs and militias with weapons and ammunition? WHO benefits, from keeping Haiti destabilised, to keep wages and benefits the lowest in the Western hemisphere, so They can squeeze profits out of the sweat shop slave labour? Haiti is a “human resource,” kept in chaos, not allowed to have a democratically-elected stable, socialist government that would unseat, and confiscate the wealth stolen by the Talmudic oligarchs. Read this:

          Right now, the U.S.’s most recent puppet-figurehead ruler has fled to Florida, temporarily or permanently, to escape mass protests against the cruel austerity:

          • Haiti is a “human resource,”

            Sorry, i can’t agree.
            There is no resource to Haiti, other than the bounty endowed by nature.
            Haiti is indeed, a ‘black hole”.

          • “profits out of the sweat shop slave labour?”

            Haiti has special customs exemptions wi the US, exempt from quotas put on asian products. So, importers bring chinese apparel into Haiti, sow on a made in Haiti label, and evade US customs restrictions.

            Haitian labor is worthless.

      • I understand your point of view and your frustration with traitor “White” (often J) elites who rarely if ever defend the interests or even the life of poor and working class Whites in the USA and UK – the Anglosphere.

        I recommend that you take the next step and study up on the very effective tactics presented in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

        Make the conflict PERSONAL.

        Identify specific, flesh and blood traitors, enemies and take the conflict to them in a practical way.

        It’s impossible to “Fight City Hall”, to fight the whole wealthy elites. Right now the White Governor of Texas is sending buses filled with illegal alien migrants to Liberal Democrat cities like New York City and Chicago. He’s trying to fight, shame entire Liberal Democrat cities ruled by Black and Black LGBT mayors. This doesn’t work.

        Now if this Texas GOP governor Abbot decided to make it PERSONAL and send tens of thousands of diseased MS 13 Criminals to say Barack and Michelle Obama’s pristine $14 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard MA that would have immediate effect – somethings would be done.

        Or closer to Texas how about sending 20,000 Covid and TB infected Migrants to the Bush Family ranch/estate in Crawford Texas or the Augusta National Golf Course when they are tryin go host the Masters.

        Again, make it personal.

        • “Now if this Texas GOP governor Abbot decided to make it PERSONAL and send tens of thousands of diseased MS 13 Criminals to say Barack and Michelle Obama’s pristine $14 million estate on Martha’s Vineyard MA that would have immediate effect – somethings would be done.”

          Indeed. Abott would be Clintoncided.

  1. > I’m confident most American women would vote for a Brad Pitt Lib actor for US President.

    This would be damning of white women but then you remember white men voted overwhelmingly for a Reality TV Game Show host and it sort of evens out doesn’t it?

  2. To the best of my knowledge neither the queen nor the royal family ever lifted a finger on behalf of native Brits being driven into extinction by Anti-White policies. Ironic that native Brits mourn her passing while the non-White invaders celebrate it..

  3. Doesn’t matter what puppet is monarch of Britain, or what puppet is PM either. Whoever controls the Bank and Currency of Britain controls Britain. Rothschild remains firmly in control, with absolutely no opposition.

    • Yes. (((City of London))) rules over it and most of the former colonies as well. The latest whore who received the Queen’s blessing is just one of their minions. Ditto for the nominal rulers of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most (not all) of the former colonies. As Balticus correctly noted on the other thread, Rothschilds and other Jew bankstein famiglia are heavily intermarried with Brit and Murikan aristos, likely same situation in Spanish-speaking world (Latin America).

      Whoever controls the Bank and Currency of Britain controls Britain.

      The same hold true for any country. Very few countries out there where the usual suspects do not control the issue of money.

  4. Great insight. I feel the same way. What did the Queen do to preserve the English people? Nothing! She live a life of luxury, wore custom made designer clothing, and read ghost written speeches. Another empty suite (empty dress) traitor/sell out who didn’t lift a finger for her own kind, but without objection presided over her own people’s demise.

  5. Ethno-national socialism must replace monarchy and every form of feudalism and capitalism. It is natural, logical and inevitable that the Anglo-(Talmudo)Zionist monarchy will go into the trashbin of history.

    Did you know that the private property of the King and other British royal family members includes about 6.6 BILLION ACRES of land in Britain and worldwide? This land should belong to the peoples of the various countries.

    Did you know that all MPs (supposedly people’s elected representatives) of all the parliaments in all of the countries belonging to the British commonwealth are required by law to swear an oath of loyalty to the new King?

    How stupid (and evil) it is to have a King, and royalty, and nobility in the twenty-first century! But not just in the British empire and a few other countries that are explicitly feudal, or monarchial, there is also implicit royalty and nobility all around us in the U.S.! Capitalism is merely an advanced form of feudalism – government of, by, and for the enrichment and protection of a few thousand superwealthy capitalist elites who are a tiny fraction of one percent of humanity. The upper class and upper middle class, amounting less than ten pecent of humanity, are allied with the elites, taking their smaller shares of the spoils of the exploitation of the vast majority of humanity known as proles, peasants,
    workers or slaves. We look forward to a multi-polar world of ethno-socialist republics with happiness and freedom for all, not just a few.

    • List of world’s biggest landowners:

      “…the world’s largest property owner, clocking in possessions amounting to 6.6 billion acres across Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, Great Britain and the Falkland Islands. On top of the ‘Crown Lands’ and ‘Crown Corporations’ which are legally owned by the monarch of Britain, an organization called ‘The Crown Estate’ is one of the world’s largest property groups. Describing the institution which sends 25% of its earnings directly into the Monarch’s purse every year, Die Welt Business had this to say: ‘The Crown Estate owns property all across the UK, from castles and cottages to agricultural land and forests plus retail parks and shopping centers. It owns more than half the UK’s entire seashore, giving it hugely valuable auction rights for offshore commercial activity, such as wind farms.’ The Crown controls nearly the entire seabed (and half the seashore) around the UK with any business wishing to build offshore windmills as part of the Green New Deal forced to rent their sea beds from the Crown Estate. It was noted by Byline Times that the Crown will stand to become ‘the biggest beneficiary of UK’s Green Agenda’ which recently unveiled a 10 point plan for a ‘green revolution’ and full decarbonization by 2050. For anyone confused about the exploding prices of inefficient energy sources across England, they wouldn’t get far without appreciating the tax-payer subsidized boondoggle of windmill farms. Prince Charles himself has demonstrated that he certainly doesn’t see the Crown as a symbolic entity and was accused of ‘incontinent lobbying’ in 2013 when dozens of personal letters (dubbed the “Black Spider Memos”) to MPs and the Prime Minister were made public after an intense legal fight to keep them secret. Charles’ official biographer Jonathan Dimbleby even wrote in 2013 that upon Charles’ succession to the Crown that things would become much more hands on, and ‘that a quiet constitutional revolution is afoot.’ Charles demonstrated this ‘more hands on’ approach to governance on Jun 3 2020 when he became the official patron of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, and even officially launched the project Tweeting out #TheGreatReset”:

    • MR1831, as you know, I share your hatred of those personages who control the largest wealth generating assets, since they inevitably practice selfish materialism in exercising their authority over those assets. As you also know, I advocate a Sovereign Wealth Funded UBI to break their uncontested use of those same assets.

      What I have not heard from you is a proposal for a mechanism to achieve what we both seemingly want: increased material security for the 99.999% of citizens of America. Simply asserting “socialism ” does not explain the necessary institutional details or socio-political-economic context. So, let’s hear it: how do we in reality make this fair world you seek, beyond people becoming altruistic and emphatic, which is a fool’s errand, based on observervation?

  6. As a kid at school in rural Australia in the 70’s, portraits of the Queen were on the wall in classrooms or the head masters office in schools throughout the nation. She’s…… always just been there. Our currency also has her face on them.
    If she had an opinion about anything at all, you were never going to hear about them. I don’t have an opinion about the queen herself, but find some of her descendants a little detestable. She didn’t stand for anything, other than to preserve an institution that’s centuries old, and mainly ceremonial.
    As a side note, I think the 1950’s queen was more attractive than the 1990’s Lady Diana.

      • @Flaxen,
        Wooooo……. you’ve got me there! I’m not sure how daring and inventive they were in the 50’s.
        As a teenager, I’d dream of lady Di tieing me up and punishing me! 😉

  7. “I’m confident most American women would vote for a Brad Pitt Lib actor for US President.”

    That is exactly what will happen if Newsome runs for Prez. Women will be all “ooh, he’s handsome, I’m voting for him!”

    Sorry ladies. All of you aren’t like that, I know. But too many are.

    • “Diversity” is a deliberate, engineered weapon for the purpose of ethnically cleansing Whites.

  8. Shame the royals can’t seem to look out for white people as much as their wealth and status. They got roundly booted out of India, but can’t seem boot the Indians even out of London.

  9. I don’t know…didn’t the Brits sign on to the Balfour declaration? Just saying.
    She was the last true Monarch of the United Kingdom.
    More importantly, did your sports ball team win today?
    Did you worship at the altar of the magical negro?
    Did you pray his IQ is over 70?
    If not you must atone for your sins Whitey.
    Say two flickers and a hail Mary and you will be absolved of your sins.

  10. From multiple sources it would seem something major is happening in Ukraine, potentially on the scale of a rollback of much of the occupation and territory taken during this years invasion by Russia.

    As always its difficult to tell what the reality is because the propaganda and disinformation on both sides is in the extreme.

    The consequences of a humiliation like totally failing in Ukraine and being forced into concessions are likely to rise to the level of what the Russian regime could easily perceive as being an existential threat to its control, ie. grounds for escalation to the nuclear threshold if the saber rattling can be believed.

    It strains credulity to assume the counteroffensive underway by Ukraine doesn’t include Nato forces, and it certainly is being done with our weapons and money, meaning Nato is in the crosshairs of any escallatory retaliation.

    Not sure what to make of all of it. I have zero interest in conflict with Russia, but I’m certainly no Russia fanboy like many in the dissident right are.

    Its always been a mistake to underestimate how formidable the clandestine services of Zog actually are. Hopefully Russia hasn’t made the mistake of throwing everything they have into this “denazification” adventure of theirs.

    A decapitation of the Russian regime can as easily be brought about by its own people in a backlash for this kind of humiliation, as it would be through any symmetrical effort by Zog.

    An effort to disambiguate whats going on would be great, and maybe have the side effect of focusing American dissidents more on realistic efforts for White interests at home and away from fantastical delusions about Russia as a bastion of Christendom.

  11. I felt the same way, I’m glad when they’re gone, the British Monarchs don’t do anything, they just get to live high on the hog on the public teat, and show up, look important.

    Prince ‘Arry’ and the Duchess of 125th Street are perfect examples of these useless m#@^#^f*&#^$#, I doubt that either of them ever did a days work in their lives or did anything useful with their time. Their position now seems to be making fun of white working class people

    • They’re just rich people with titles so they can pretend to be important. They don’t run the country.
      Harry just wants to be a born independently rich guy and not have to visit charities and dress up for occasions. But now, he signed up for a whole other ballgame.

  12. The late queen did absolutely nothing to prevent the decline and fall of her realm yet most traditional British are mourning her death, while their nonwhite replacements have displayed nothing but contempt for her.

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