White Too Long: White Supremacy, Christian Nationalism, and the Fragile Future of the American Experiment

I have the opposite view.

The fatal flaw in the American experiment wasn’t the White race, Anglo-Saxon culture, Christianity or republican institutions. The cancer was liberalism which has metastasized to the point where it has sickened and overwhelmed its host and unleashed a tidal wave of racial and cultural degeneration. Liberalism is what has “continually marred the potential of the overall image.”

Robert P. Jones:

“One way of thinking about my talk today is that I’m inviting you to see a fatal flaw in that pattern already on the loom, one that has continually marred the potential of the overall image. To put it concisely, that flaw is the idea that America was divinely ordained to be a promised land for European Christians. And underneath that vision, is its presupposition, that white people were superior to all other races because they were the bearers of “civilization” and Christianity. This is the logic of the Doctrine of Discovery with its Christian justification of white supremacy.

But 200 years ago, we also began a project of weaving together a pluralistic democracy. These fundamental contradictions, one threatening the coherence of the other, remain with us today. …”

Abolishing the gender binary is the latest bitter fruit of cultural liberalism.

Today, if you oppose pumping adolescents full of gender bending puberty blocking hormones, you are a “semi-fascist” enemy of Our Democracy. This is the sort of “progress” it has led us to.

Note: As I have shown, this problem was understood as far back as the 1850s and motivated secession and caused the War Between the States.


  1. My, my … Mr. Robert Jones, and an astonishlngly high number of his ilk, have decided that it is incumbent upon us to give away our lands, history, traditions, values, faith, economy, and general security to someone else.

    I had no idea, when I wore the uniform, nor did my forefathers, who walked over the dead at Normandy, fought with Robert E. Lee, and George Washington, and who commanded the Virginia militias in the 17th & 18th century Indian wars, that we were flawed for thinking that we were defending our own country.

    How did we ever get to be so ignorant?

  2. How did we ever get to be so ignorant?

    By even considering the lunatic ideas of people like Robert Jones , scripted by his ((( publishers))).

    • It is worth noting that Robert Jones is descended from Georgia Baptists. In his case, the problem is simply his ideology and values

      • “Robert Jones is descended from Georgia Baptists.”
        “his case, the problem is simply his ideology and values”

        Yes, but without (((publishers))) backing him, he would be another unknown nobody with a garage full of self-published books waiting to be pulped.
        If an author’s ideology doesn’t fit the SJW (((template))) all the channels of promotion and distribution will be slammed shut.

      • Maybe at core it’s just the mass human trait that many people have, of kissing up to the powerful, which afflicts so many whites

        Media signals who must be obeyed, and which ideas people must parrot, in order to get money, status, and a bit of power themselves … there is an instinct of self-preservation and survival, nourished by affiliating with whoever seem to be local kangz

        Some escape this, by having sub-cultures which have more primary claim on a person’s loyalty … many heritage Americans of the Old South, for example … also migrant groups, e.g., Muslims giving priority to their own Islamic leaders, rather than dominant ideology of the Western society where they live

        But the oligarchy has been ruthless about destroying these sub-cultures amongst whites especially … hence the legal-system and livelihood-destroying terrorism, bad things happening to dissidents … thus for many whites it’s an obsession to follow oligarch demands for the herd, anything else feels suicidal

        Karl Marx said it all changes, when people get mauled enough personally, they have nothing more to gain by remaining sheep … but he perhaps discounted how many people could also be led, to just sleepwalk themselves into cultural death

  3. The only solution is separation, they want ruin children and impose their mentally ill ideology. If we want to be safe we have to separate from them or stop them.

    • “If we want to be safe we have to separate from them or stop them”

      The choice as i have said a hundred times before is separation or war even if this drag on for many years to come the final result will be the same

      Two choices! i don´t care wich one, just that one side make the choice and stop the pain

    • I agree but I just don’t see either side of the political spectrum or the plutocrats allowing that to happen..
      And if somehow it does happen , our side will experience ’sanctions’ like we’ve never imagined…
      So its the firing squad or starving to death -take your pick ..
      many choices and freedoms , goyim ..

  4. Like always, these bright guys always start history from somewhere after 1950. It’s like everything before that simply doesn’t exist. And everybody else is supposed to pretend the same. My dads direct ancestors were in North Carolina before 1785. How do you think they would have thought of all this. It would not have made since to them. Born long before “Liberalism” decided how the world was supposed to work for everybody. Silly, silly, man, he is.

    • “Does the Lutheran Church have the equivalent of high church?”
      Some do. Most don’t in America, at any rate.

      “To put it concisely, that flaw is the idea that America was divinely ordained to be a promised land for European Christians. And underneath that vision, is its presupposition, that white people were superior to all other races because they were the bearers of “civilization” and Christianity. ”

      IF that’s a flaw, then GOD IS FLAWED.* Because that is EXACTLY what Christendom was all about. May God judge this son of a b-word.

      *(Which, of course, He is not.)

  5. If diversity worked, it wouldn’t have to be forced on you. This country was the strongest when it was predominantly White Christian. It all started falling apart with multiculturalism.

  6. This is great,
    In Hasidic Enclaves, Failing Private Schools Flush With Public Money
    New York’s Hasidic Jewish religious schools have benefited from $1 billion in government funding in the last four years but are unaccountable to outside oversight……..Jonah Markowitz for The New York Times

    HW, how much money has USZOG contributed to your son’s education ?
    (Rhetorical, no ans needed)

    Seems that ‘WHITE privilege’ is a misnomer, it’s another’s privilege.

  7. >… a tidal wave of racial and cultural degeneration.

    What exactly do you mean by ‘racial degeneration’ — that seems like an odd remark for a self-confessed former White Nationalist to make.

    Also, I think ‘conservatism’, of the nominal political kind, has played its part in all of that too.

  8. This country was founded on vague, faulty premises that were far too open to interpretation. Nothing specific about race, class or religion, it was just generally understood that propertied White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant men of “good character” would always be the de facto ruling class. The Founders must have felt that future generations would produce a uniquely American race that would resolve the issue. But this American Expiriment has ultimately been a failure. We were never a nation in the truest, purest sense of that word. Time to break this bitch up.

    • This country was founded on vague, faulty premises that were far too open to interpretation.

      Freedom, self-determination — the same things that motivated secession — what’s ‘faulty’ about that?

  9. I remember several years ago, it must have been around the Cvile days, I regularly told American Alt-Right types to drop the Nazi larp and stop imitating the 1930s in my country, especially when it always ended up like a costumed caricature from enemy propaganda.

    Fascism fitted Italy and NS Germany at the time and even then it was highly contested. America it fits not. America is a Christian, Republican and Liberal nation that is strictly opposed to any form of collectivism where individualism takes primacy over the unified, organic concept of the state and better men tried and failed in much more favorable days to force it otherwise. Monomania also looks too easily like mental illness, even if they point towards a reality. Race doomsday cults like those of Pierce were themselves doomed to be marginalized and were rather expressions of a special flavor of US self expression than any actual organic state movement, and Pierce was a hell of a lot more intelligent and qualified than those imitating him today. Furthermore, the eugenics politics of the Progressives in the 1920s were a trend of cosmopolitans like BLM, Transgenderism and Trans-Humanism today are a trend for them. At the end of the days, they were also just a phase for a wannabe elite like Richard Spencer.

    What remains is the timeless classic of family, children, your people and your heritage. For good or for ill, Christian Nationalism will dominate the US right for the next decades, if the USA as a state survives at all. A quiet divorce, at least to some degree, is very likely. Although I remain skeptical, if Christian Nationalism will be explicitly racial. I think the Christian-American ethnos will not reject blacks and it wont reject the many Latino converts either. Most likely you will get Christian Nationalism, but it wont be White Nationalism. My biggest worry is only that it will turn into another Dubya presidency.

  10. Maybe European American settlers should have just made a deal with the European tyrants instead of coming to America to begin with. Because it is clear they don’t know what they are doing here in America and have failed. Such as letting women take control and being ignorant to real solutions. And I don’t believe that the EU is worse than the US, I think its all propaganda from the republicans to make people think this place is the only option

  11. I am wondering out loud nowadays if the problem is really not liberalism. I am considering if we have allowed the left to hijack that word and distort its meaning. Classical liberalism may be something else. Presently I think virtually everyone in the West is liberal. My sense of the foundation of liberalism is freedom. Freedom can mean one of two things: “freedom to do what one wants” or “freedom to do what one should.” No one at the founding sought to explain freedom as a license. No one saw it as the projection of ones will based upon its animal passions. However over the course of years that is exactly what has come to pass. Freedom in this country now ignores responsibility. We have dispensed with obligations. I think no one is truly free when the word now signifies a chaos of sorts. Because Freedom as License always leads to chaos there is now a totalitarian backlash to reorder society. The dilemma is that those in charge are the very people who distorted the meaning of freedom initially.

  12. Robert Jones, what a buffoon. It’s simple to see that the less Whites, the worse the country gets. Doesn’t take a genius to see that. Which leads to why he would say something so stupid.

    I read somewhere that there was an Epstein character in every State. I wonder which one got to him and if it was a girl or boy. I think in a LOT of cases it’s as simple as that. People come up with all sort of complicated rationals for why people do things but I bet in a vast amount of cases it’s somple blackmail.

    In South Africa, a retired cop said that a large amount of the people pushing to end Apartheid had been having sex with underage kids in South Africa. He wrote a book about it but…of course he committed suicide. I wonder why?



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