European Elections: Swedish Election Results

Czech Republic Municipal and partial Senate Election: September 23-24th
Italian National & Sicilian Regional Election: September 25th
Latvian National Election: October 1st
Bosnian National Election: October 2nd
Bulgarian National Election: October 2nd
Austrian Presidential Election: October 9th


  1. Sweden Democrats want to implement the “Australian model” on immigration. So you can expect alot of Stockholm real estate to be bought up by Chinese in the years to come.

  2. This is bad news, but not unexpected. Everything is right wing, really. There is no real left left in Swedish politics, The Swedes have forgotten all aboiut socialism that they fought so hard for many years to try to establish. Those who do not learn accurate history (Swedes are miseducated) are condemned to repeat it.

    Sweden is known as a great place for global corporations to do business. Sweden is also re-militarising, joining NATO, fighting Russia and heading toward a little imperialism in the Baltic and beyond like in the bad old days when it was a monarchy. The foolish Swedish electorate is asking for it.

    Don’t celebrate. The Sweden “Democrat” party’s immigration control plank is meaningless.

  3. Nothing will really change for the better. In the end, both the left and “conservatism” are one and the same. I hope I am wrong but I doubt it.

  4. Once again, big male vs female split in the Swedish voting

    Maybe the EU’s worst migrant crime situation, with cheaply-available black market hand grenades going off … but for many women there, migrants are still rather ‘exciting’ … Facebook groups of older Swedish women with their young migrant boys they met

    Sweden ‘counting the mail-in etc votes’ thru maybe Wednesday

    And then there is the common euro-cuck practice where, even if the Right has won overall, the centre-right joins with some lefties in coalition to ‘keep out the fascist nazis’

  5. Fun fact about Sweden. In the 1970’s, the pop group ABBA was the country’s second biggest taxpaying entity after Volvo.

    • Re: ABBA:

      “Fernando” was about Mexican revolution, but overall the group’s political agenda was anti-communist, for their own safety and profit. Otherwise they would have been shut down or at leasrt not become rich.

    • brunette Anni-Frid Lyngstad , of ABBA, her father a German sergeant, is one of thousands of people who grew up in Scandinavia shunned, persecuted and parentless. Some were even used as guinea pigs in drugs trials. She had to move to Sweden to escape persecution.

      Known as the Tyskerbarnas or German children, they were the offspring of Norwegian mothers and German soldier fathers.

  6. A thread on Twitter:

    linkAs the right-wing bloc edges ahead, running on an anti-immigration position, I think it’s important to highlight the deleterious effects Sweden’s immigration policy has had. Let’s have a look…

    I will say this: the hard Right in Scandinavia generally recognizes the extent and seriousness of the problem, which is why they often speak openly of the need to revoke citizenship and repatriate these migrants, who have significantly higher birthrates than the natives.

    Denmark published a comprehensive study that found migrant are, in aggregate, a significant net drag on the country economically (link) — it is without a doubt the same throughout Europe.

    • >… it is without a doubt the same throughout Europe.

      Appears to be the same in Sweden:

      linkSwedes are paying for their own rape & ethnic replacement

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