Secular Talk: Charlie Kirk and Tucker Carlson Praise British Colonialism and Imperialism

Krystal and Kyle have been in a downward spiral for months now.

If it wasn’t for the British Empire and “settler colonialism,” none of us would even be here today. The world is also a better place because countries like Canada, Australia and New Zealand exist.

It is hard to say what has been their most cringe take lately. Is it defending abortion, gay marriage and interracial marriage? Is it defending Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe? Is it celebrating the “Dark Brandon” speech? Is it defending pumping children full of puberty blockers and sex change operations?


  1. In so far as British colonial spread Christianity it was good. But over-all I prefer the isolationism of Pat Buchanan or Ron Paul.

    A republic, not an empire!

    • Same here.

      The British Empire was far from perfect, but we wouldn’t exist without it. It is a major part of our past.

      • The British-Israel idea is pure bunk. Genetic testing of British and Northern Europeans show no link between them. Most Europeans have haplotype R and nearly all Jews have haplotype J or E.

        • Mr. Dalton: You are correct, Christian Identity is based on 19th century Anglo-Christian mythology. It has no basis in legitimate history or anthropology.

        • Dalton, your bigotry and hatred for the true Israel comes out in every single post you make. And thank God I’m here to debunk it. Today’s “Jews” – like you – have no true Israelite ancestry, because the miscegenation of the post-diaspora Jews destroyed whatever racial purity they may have had prior to the Edomite infestation of 150 BC and you damn well know it! Liar!

  2. This is probably going to piss some people off, but I’m an ex-smoker, so I can say this with a little bit of “authority” for lack of a better word.

    I can’t take anyone seriously, their political opinions that is, who would openly vape or smoke while presenting a video to an audience.

    First, like I said, I’m an ex-smoker. I’m quite a bit older than Kyle, but even my generation was bombarded with warnings about the Ill health effects of smoking. Vaping is no better, arguably worse. Setting that aside, people pick up bad habits. I’m not judging him for having a bad habit. But this isn’t 1950, and people who present themselves to an audience as respectable opinion makers ought to consider the influence they have on others, and abstain from their bad habits while presenting their ideas.

    I quit smoking a long time ago, but even my last years as a smoker, I didn’t do it in public, or in front of children.

    When I see him presenting this video, the vaping distracts me. Why not go all the way and do vodka shots with Crystal while they’re filming? I mean if we’re going to be informal, just go all the way!

    Last point about this, I know Kyle is pretty liberal in most respects. I’d guess he’s considered a “left leaning libertarian” or some such. I know he’s the type who thinks many drugs should be legalized. Having bad habits like this sort of delegitimizes opinions, because it leads someone like me to consider that their opinion isn’t unbiased or “principled”. As a former smoker, I know I was wayyyyy more apt to defend smoking and the tobacco industry when I engaged in the habit. Since I quit, I’m much more authoritarian and would ban tobacco products in a heartbeat if I could.

    Again, however, I’m not so much criticizing him for his bad habit, as I am for him engaging in it on camera. It’s in very poor taste.

    • “Praise British Colonialism and Imperialism”

      Exactly what Hitler said to General Galland, when Galland said the Luftwaffe was ready to destroy London.
      As to the bombing campaign to level London, Hitler said,
      “Stop it, stop it, i don’t want to hear of it”.

  3. I would say the British Empire was a net positive contribution until 1900 or so. They spread Christianity, invented the steam engine and the Industrial Revolution and railroads, and explored practically every square inch if the planet. They spread the English language, knowledge, the Scientific Method, and the literature of classical antiquity everywhere and we are the result. They knew how to deal with naked brown savages chucking spears in the jungle, and they were pretty good at it.

    Since 1900 it’s been a pure shitshow. They butchered millions of their own whites and fellow German whites in two unnecessary World Wars defending territory that wasn’t even part of their Empire, they murdered hundreds of thousands of German noncombatants by carpet-bombing Germany, and they allied with the Jewish-communist Soviet Union to defeat Germany. Since then they nationalized key industries and became a socialist economy, needlessly flooded their own country with mud people, and banned and confiscated guns from whites.

    The Empire in 1890 was pretty impressive, though…

    • The British Empire was never good, it was just less brutal than the leaders in the places they conquered. So in fact just by being not low tier “Jason” horrible, they brought something better.

  4. Yea, it started out a great idea, but soon headed to the same old progressive nonsense. I think the problem I think is that they got out of the media they were in, but never really left the progressive building. They just moved from the studio upstairs to a nice but smaller lounge downstairs. But the same smelly orthodoxies were there too. They should have left the building

  5. British Empire was good in some ways, bad in others. Like Persia, Greece or Rome. However, it was still a remarkable achievement by a small, wet and cold island off northern Europe!

    • DART, I disagree sir, my disputation is this, my family has lived far better here in the new world, than they ever would have in the old world, I have nothing but thanks and gratitude, to those indentured servant forbears of mine……….

    • The Jews certainly had the British by the balls financially, and then manipulated them into taking Ottoman territory and giving it to the Jews for their Zion.

    • Hey, what’s going on with the ‘full-on classicide’? — any progress there?

      >a Jewish cancer


      Don’t give in to ‘monomania’ — keep struggling against it.

        • Cecil Rhodes was hugely dependent on Jewish backing from Nathan Rothschild, Alfred Beit and Barney Barnato. But did his work improve Africa?

          • James Bongstreet, ” But did his work improve Africa”? Yes it did without a doubt, if anything it exposed the native’s too things, Bibles, long pants, shoes and socks, soap, tooth brushes, pencil and paper, eating utensils, I could go for a while here, but I am sure you all get my point…..

        • Dart, during the time of the Brit Ish empire, the common English people, were just trying too make it, same as their american cousins are, right now, we nor the common English, then or now, can help, what these elites do, whether they are jew or not…….

  6. Some countries under British colonization prospered like Rhodesia and when those countries were handed back to the original govts (blacks), it collapsed and turned into what is known today as Zimbabwe. That’s just one example.

  7. There’s two ways of looking at the Empire. The settling population of whites on two or perhaps three continents. Then there was the asset stripping robbery from other groups of whites.

  8. “Krystal and Kyle have been in a downward spiral for months now.”
    Are you sure that they weren’t always like this but now it’s showing?

  9. “Krystal and Kyle have been in a downward spiral for months now.”

    I’m on record as categorically despising these shitty urbanites. I don’t care if once in a while we happen to agree on something because its never for the same reason.

    Agreeing with somebody on something but for a different reason doesn’t make them your ally. This is like people here thinking we should support Palestine because they too hate teh Jooz so must be our brown allies. No, they hate White Anglos just the same.

    Enemy of your enemy isn’t your friend. Neither are these SWPL yanks.

    They can all burn in hell.

  10. HW, what are your thoughts on this flavor of “Conservatism”?

    I’m guessing its another attempt to coopt the growing White backlash into a harmless cul de sac of an “intellectual” movement (i.e. gay and ineffectual) ahead of 2022 and ’24 the way they did with the Tea Party boomers in 2009 that won them the house in 2010 and lost them 2012 when they backed Romney… of all people.

    The only good thing I see here is the explicit mention of disolving the CIA and FBI and devolving power from Washington. The rest is boilerplate populist rhetoric they will discard as soon as they have congress again and can pass a corporate tax cut for the donors.

  11. OT

    Interesting comment in the middle of a less interesting thread from an establishment talking head:

    linkYes, white Christian men are worried about losing status. But these are Christians who don’t go to church, globalization haters who consume gobs of globalized culture, misogynists who’d freak if they had to live in the pre-sexual revolution era. Not the material of a regime. /5

  12. I would have preferred a world dominated by the Kaiser’s German empire to that of the British, French or American.The Germans were the most benevolent (and reluctant) of the colonial powers.

  13. Well historically AH is quoted repeatedly for saying the British Empire and the Catholic Church were two most stabilizing entities in the world.

  14. All you English don’t want to acknowledge that the British Empire and the English speaking world it created has been the foremost tool of ZOG. This isn’t to say I hate English people, although I concede they aren’t necessarily my cup of tea. Tucker suggests the British Empire in living memory was a nice place with English values, but that is only on the surface, in polite society. The British Empire was necessary for ZOG to dominate the European peoples. And that is the REAL REASON Tucker is defending it. Not because he sees a sort of humane, gentlemanly, country squire benevolence emanating from it. With even a hint of Merrie Olde England in the nicer suburbs.

  15. The British Empire was good for the British ‘Elites’ and for ZOG. Your average Brit soldier died on some foreign field for a pittance of pay. Rudyard Kipling poem ‘Tommy’ says it all ‘O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”; But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins,” when the band begins to play.’
    As for conditions in 19th century Britain, a myriad of diseases afflicted the industrial worker and often the poor house when they were unproductive. The writings of Dickens are not all from his imagination.

  16. Check out the British Victoria Cross winners at the battle of Rorkes Drift (Zulu). With the exception of the officers most ended up begging for work. One of them committed suicide and was not allowed a normal funeral. His headstone had to be turned the opposite way. Britain ‘a land fit for heroes’ according to David Lloyd George. What a joke.

  17. Didn’t she leave her husband for him? I kinda lost what respect I had for her when I found out they were a thing. But I agree: when they’re not on foreign policy or sometimes on economics, they’re pretty atrocious.

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