Tucker Carlson: This Is What The Collapse of Civilization Looks Like

Black criminals are destroying our civilization by turning our major cities into anarchic Third World shitholes like Mogadishu.

Is this …

Jim Giles on Radio Free Mississippi circa 2011?

The CofCC website or Amren circa 2012?

Paul Kersey on SBPDL circa 2014?

Colin Flaherty circa 2017?

The National Justice Party circa 2021?

Tucker Carlson on FOX News circa 2022?

In a sense, conservatives have always dogwhistled about liberals who are soft on black-on-White crime. Richard Nixon did this by running as the candidate of the Silent Majority. George H.W. Bush defeated Michael Dukakis with the Willie Horton ad. The issue isn’t as taboo as it used to be though.

Note: I just saw this last night and it struck me as something my old friend Paul Kersey could have written. It would have been a lot more controversial five years ago. There would have at least been more disclaimers in a segment like this about MLK and Democrats are destroying our cities.


  1. As we all fully know, there is no nation called America any longer.

    We are a part of the Global American Empire.

    Many other nations are part of the GAE and the GAE will import these people to live right next to you, change your neighborhood and schools, and replace you in your job.

    These are facts.

    If you are White you are now at a disadvantage in many States.

    The flood of foreigners arriving are looking at White people and wondering what the hell happened to us?

    It’s time to stop drinking, doing drugs, smoking, eating horribly and get in shape. Get out in the sun and exercise. This is an uphill battle and we need to help ourselves by getting the basics and fundamentals in order.

    • Absolutely spot-on. “Take the log out of your own eye first” as Jesus said. Too many Whites here in a US have been demoralized and degraded (thanks to the usual suspects – but you can still choose not to drink their poison) to the extent that they are often worse than non-whites. E.g. I know a White guy who was with a Mexican girl and got her pregnant, later they broke up and he just abandoned her and his kid, went off and shacked up with someone else. Shitty example of White manhood.

    • ” time to stop drinking, doing drugs, smoking, eating horribly and get in shape. Get out in the sun and exercise.”

      ………. Leave the country ?

  2. > conservatives have always dogwhistled about liberals who are soft on black-on-White crime.

    So did Bill Clinton in 1992 along with his fellow conservative Southern state governor, Al Gore of Tennessee.

    Like 9/11, White Genocide took twenty years to go from “conspiracy theory” to “common knowledge.”

  3. Nonwhite Legal Immigrants

    The US born nonwhite geneline of the Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    The highly racialized nonwhite Voting Bloc of the Democratic Party Voting Bloc

    The racial nullification of the Native White Working Voting Bloc in the Voting Booth on Nov 3 2020

    (((Jennifer Rubin laughs in delight)))

    The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

  4. @ Brad. Do you know whatever happened to Jim Giles? I listened to him a few times back in the day, even spoke on the phone once to him. He claimed to have graduate school business degrees and had worked in NYC and Europe, but was now living in a trailer in some remote part of MS.

  5. “Welcome to Mogadishu” (the capital of Somalia) reminds me that the U.S. is bombing and destabilising oil-rich and strategically-located Somalia constantly, killing more than a thousand Somali “militants” with bombs since Biden became POTUS. Hundreds of U.S. soldiers are on the ground there, No wonder that petty crime flourishes in that puppetized “failed” state.

    • I agree that US troops don’t need to be there. But it’s pretty amusing that you think Somalia would be Wakanda without them.

  6. The crime issue really isn’t all that complicated, seeing as how screwed up people have gotten makes it seemingly difficult.

    You don’t need to put an army of cops out on the streets, you don’t need to take away everybody’s rights, you don’t need to take away everybody’s guns. What is necessary is to put violent criminals in prison and keep them there, stop letting them out after they’ve served 15% of their sentence, or let serious felonies be plea bargained down. And stop putting every junkie and dope pusher in prison, they let murderers out to put dope heads in.

    The Guliani crap doesn’t need to be brought back, meaning the cops stopping people and giving them a hard time about piddly cow shit. Before America became a police state, there was something in the law called reasonable suspicion, meaning the police couldn’t stop somebody just because of how they were dressed.

    Do the police want to be seen as protecting and serving, or as overly armed hall monitors?

    The DAs office need to do their jobs too, violent criminals are not victims, the people they hurt are the victims.

  7. I believe the situation has veered out of control to the point we are going to need a dictator who is more ruthless than Hitler and Stalin combined.

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