Michael Weaver Asks For Your Support

Editor’s Note: My friend Michael Weaver is the most dedicated White Nationalist activist that I have ever known. I never got a chance to write about the good people in White Nationalism in my Tales From The Movement series which I cut short because it was creating too much drama. Anyway, Weaver has gotten in trouble distributing fliers in Cartersville about the Jewish Question in Georgia and wants to raise some money to retain a lawyer. The situation has gotten crazy with an anti-Weaver billboard going up in town which has become a local controversy due to all the fliers. There are lots of people who read this website who care deeply about that issue and I can’t think anyone more worthy of support than a guy who has been drawing attention to the issue for 20 years on his own initiative.

The City of Cartersville, Georgia cited me for distributing political flyers on April 19th, 2022. I’ve retained legal counsel who is fighting this unconstitutional ordinance but I need your help. I am a Free Speech activist that believes our government has no right to infringe on our sacred Constitutional rights. Will all Freedom-loving Americans help me win this fight?

Link: https://www.givesendgo.com/G3ARS

My lawyer and I would like to sue her for libel and defamation of character.

I’m not a member of the Klan. Nor a Neo-Nazi. I have never been charged or arrested for hate crimes.

I haven’t threatened to kill other shop members as she falsely claims.

My activism channel.



  1. I’m no longer on personal terms with the B family that runs Vdare. I do note that they have good legal representation and have successfully sued people spreading similar lies about them in West Virginia. Why not contact them?

  2. I never met Weaver but we follow each other on Gab and he seems like a really decent guy. I’d like to confront that lying, hysterical bitch with the picture frame business and make a scene that’s worth framing.

      • >You would be amazed at how much trouble this has caused him

        I’m reading your past articles about him now — like this one from Dec 2013:

        The Michael Weaver Case

        I noted this passage:

        The moral of the story: as America descends into a Third World country with Soviet-style ritual shaming and show trials like the George Zimmerman trial, keep a wary eye on the declining US judicial system, especially in your area. As the League of the South found out in Shelbyville, the SPLC works with local law enforcement agencies to demonize White Nationalists and Southern Nationalists.

        Nothing has changed (recall my question to you before about what has changed since the time you embraced White Nationalism).

        • Nothing has changed.

          I wrote that article before the Alt-Right wave which crashed more spectacularly than WN 1.0 for pretty much the same reasons. Sure, the country has continued to decline, but it doesn’t movement has gotten any better. It hasn’t.

  3. Michael has physically distributed over 250,000 flyers that expose the jews, himself. His life goal is one million flyers. Michael is one guy that you definitely want to support. God bless you Michael!

  4. God bless this man. What a breath of fresh air to see a peaceful, pro-white activist exposing the JQ to the masses in a rational and respectful manner! Kind of reminds me of Patrick Little walking around dressed well and holding up signs, but I think Michael here is much more effective with his flyers to get people to research it more.

    Now contrast this with the Alt Right degenerates that hang out in their basement on Omegle trying to shock strangers with naughty words for the lols. Pathetic.

    Keep it up Michael! The tribe wants to make “antisemitism” punishable by death like they did in the Soviet Union. What you are doing is what they can’t stand. God speed!

    • No. The police violated my 1st Amendment rights. The woman is guilty of libel per se for making false accusations against me and defaming my character on a public forum.

  5. Michael – i’d be honored to give you some $ support. I’ve always admired effective leafletting.

    I’d also like to give you some advice and maybe share propaganda ideas – I’m rather good at propaganda.

    I would recommend putting something like this on all your propaganda leaflets:

    “This information is protected by the American First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of assembly. There is nothing violent or illegal being advocated here”

    Send me an email and once I confirm it’s you, I’ll send you a $ contribution.

    Send to jackryanod@protonmail.com

  6. This is an issue that comes up constantly. I can recall many times National Alliance activists have been ticketed or arrested for leafleting. They eventually made up a leaflet to hand to police which listed court case after court case where courts have ruled in favor of leafletting as a protected first amendment issue. Of course, it also depends on what you have put in your leaflets.

    • We can start suing the police departments for a civil rights violation which is a federal felony! You would file a 1983 Civil rights lawsuit against the police.

  7. How many Jews could there be in Cartersville with a population of 21,000? One thing, Weaver isn’t negatively effecting Cartersville, according to the census the popoulation has grown by over 1,000 in the last 10 years. Unless they are all from south of the border?

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