TAC: When The Bill Comes Due For Our Race Ideology

Tucker Carlson now regularly talks about antiracism and White identity.

Mark Dice is making videos about anti-Whiteism.

Matt Walsh is making videos about racial double standards.

Now, Rod Dreher is warning about The Collapse and is dabbling with race realism.

It appears that White Advocacy will be the next thing that is normalized and annexed to conservatism.


“We all live these ideological lies about race in America, because that’s what you have to do to participate in most institutional and professional life. But they are lies. Once more, those paying the greatest price for these lies are black people who are victims of these predators, and also black people who are not given as children what they need to build good lives for themselves. They are black people who are trained to think that any deficit within their own character or way of living that keeps them from getting ahead is really not their fault — and therefore something they could control, and overcome — but the fault of racism. But the other people paying the price are people like those non-black kids beaten up in the bathroom. They’re people like the victims of crime in cities where progressive, BLM-driven policies, have caused the police to pull back, or quit their jobs — including white people like the Chicago guy in the Tucker monologue who lives in what used to be a “nice” area, but is now menaced by at least two black gangs. And it’s non-black people who get fired from their jobs because they aren’t black. …”

Who is living by lies, Rod?

This stuff is all old hat to people like us.

If you have integrity, you say the same things in public that you believe in private.

Damon Linker has also noticed Rod’s radicalization.

Eyes on the Right:

“My answer: Because I’m genuinely dismayed by much of what he’s now saying and writing—and because the patterns I’m detecting in his thinking are familiar from the darker sides of both Christianity and right-wing politics. If Rod is thinking this way, I bet others are, too. Then there’s the possibility a wider circle of people will adopt similar habits by listening to him. Either way, I think Rod’s continued radicalization is significant and worthy of continued critical attention. …”

Edgy conservatism in 2022 sounds increasingly like things only we were saying a decade or so ago.


  1. I watched Tucker’s show last night and he came >thisclose< to saying the N Word™!

    It does look as if the shitlibs might be in retreat.

  2. “those paying the greatest price for these lies are black people”

    OMG, can any rational being utter such total nonsense ? He must be snorting glue.
    WHITES have suffered so much in the last 50+ year’s.
    There’s no coexisting with blacks, every remedy becomes a disaster. The same is true for POC, in proportional degrees.

    • Keep your hair on man. The chances that he actually believes that are surely slim to none, bone-deep cuck though he undoubtedly is. If a small obeisance to the reigning racial orthodoxy allows him to make the ‘spicy’ remarks he goes on to make then it’s surely worth it. What would you prefer, cuckservatives continuing to pretend there’s no racial problem (that is not the fault of white people/’racism’) or acknowledging that liberal racial delusions are exacting exorbitant costs? Late though the hour is, if that’s where some people need to start, then that’s where you start. And then ratchet up.

  3. … Once more, those paying the greatest price for these lies are black people who are victims of these predators, …

    Considering only the immediate victims of crime, while statistically true (as I point out here) nevertheless I had a flash of anger when reading the above, especially considering what Blacks have done to entire urban landscapes in America, not to mention white victims of black criminal savagery, e.g. Eve Carson and Tessa Majors immediately come to mind, but there have been literally countless others — I see this passage as akin to ‘I’m not a racist, but …’, or ‘World Ends, Women and Minorities Hardest Hit’.

    But overall it’s good, and about as hard-hitting as one can expect from a mainstream talking head, albeit as you suggest somewhat overdue (‘Who is living by lies, Rod?’).

    • Of all the White victims of black savagery, why would you cite Eve Carson and Tessa Majors as examples?

      • I saw your question before but didn’t feel like answering — but since I think questions ought to be answered, I will answer it now — first some advice: if you want to make a point, then make your point — don’t try to make a point by asking a question.

        I chose them because they immediately came to mind; as a man I see the murders of defenseless young women as particularly heinous, and I seem to recall them more readily (of course anyone, male or female, who is unarmed and confronted by someone armed is also defenseless) — so in my mind, these two cases epitomize what I called ‘black criminal savagery’.

        Are you familiar with these killings?

        Eve Carson did everything her kidnappers asked of her — she surrendered the keys to her vehicle, and then went with them as they used her ATM card to get money — still they brutally shot her to death at point blank range and dumped her body in the street.

        Tessa Majors resisted when being robbed of her phone — one of her black teenage killers stabbed her repeatedly, piercing her heart — while never released, surveillance video captured her final moments: she staggered up some steps and collapsed — her parents, who attended the trial of her killers, left the courtroom before it was played.

        After posting the comment I thought of several other cases:

        The 2014 murder of Nathan Trapuzzano in Indianapolis (link) — his wife gave birth a few weeks later — she has a website (link) and an Instagram (link) — I remember reading and commenting about this crime on the old SBPDL blog.

        The killing (and rape) of a pastor’s pregnant wife, also in Indianapolis — link

        Recently I commented elsewhere about the Wichita Massacre — link

        Also I remembered the New Jersey shopping mall carjacking/killing of Dustin Friedland — link

        Etc — I could go on; the more I thought about it the more I would come up with.

        Kenn Gividen does a regular monthly review of black-on-white killings — link

        Finally, note I did say ‘there have been literally countless others’.

        So now you have your answer.

          • >SBPDL

            I don’t much care for the current incarnation: nowadays Kersey serves up little more than outrage porn, stories of heinous crimes sandwiched by his own mostly dumb, formulaic text; this is reflected in the low level of the comments — it’s a bit of a shame, because SBPDL was better years ago, before moving to Unz — perhaps such a niche blog was always destined to become mundane — but along with Colin Flaherty (RIP), I give Kersey credit for what he has done to bring attention to these crimes that the media ignores.

          • We know each other IRL.

            It is not outrage porn. He really is passionate about the issue. I don’t write much about the black-on-White crime stories because it just puts me in a bad mood

          • “I don’t write much about the black-on-White crime stories because it just puts me in a bad mood?

            Then Don’t watch Adam Green’s most recent podcast, it will put you in a very bad mood.

          • I recall you mentioned before that you knew him — I had a few email exchanges with him while he was doing the old SBPDL.

            >It is not outrage porn.

            That’s my characterization of it; I didn’t mean to suggest he sees it that way.

            I see no reason for you to write about black-on-white crime; others do that.

            You have your own niche here: history of the South (including ethno-cultural), the Civil War, reconstruction, etc, and how all of that plays out in politics today — and you do a good job, so I hope you will continue as long as you have enough interest.

          • He does write about outrage stories. I know him personally though and well enough to know how worked up he gets about it

        • >The 2014 murder of Nathan Trapuzzano in Indianapolis

          Watch the video, which includes statements by his widow and his mother outside court after his smirking killer was sentenced — like I said: ‘black criminal savagery’ — link

  4. I’ve never one time heard Tucker Carlson talk about promoting White identity. Please provide the links where he opening says he’s Pro-White Brad.

  5. It’s too bad European peoples only start to consider fighting back when we are starving trapped in a corner with rabid wolves salivating ready to eat us ,metaphorical speaking …
    And if everybody awakens to the idea that we are being replaced ,wiped out discriminated against and having our homelands stolen right from under our eyes, then what?
    What the hell are we gonna do?
    Vote to elect a bunch of proven traitors politicians into positions of power ,AGAIN ,so they can stab us in the back for the millionth time?!?

    • “””…What the hell are we gonna do?….””

      When economy deteriorates to the point that people begun to starve then people starting build economic defense zones. Those zones get larger to enclaves, then micro states and then real states.

      Typical communism collapse scenario. No voting needed except nearest neighbours. In the crisis situation, idiot dictartorship or as some say, democracy will be rejected.

  6. Most of us are still anonymous, and the WN label is being applied to normie conservatives. This is really great news, as being hunted causes one to take firmer stands. They can’t come out and ask for open support from “antisemites” and “white nationalists” because they have traditionally supported liberalism. They still technically do. This is starting to become fun to watch. Their hand is being forced.

    • By adamantly and incorrigibly maintaining not only that behaviors and values like punctuality and objectivity are tantamount to ‘white supremacy’ but actually are white supremacy, leftards have unwittingly done us a tremendous favor: the more hollow the accusation rings, the less people feel the need to deflect it. Some day one of these cuckservatives might actually grow the balls to point out that if what the left calls ‘white supremacy’ actually is white supremacy, then white supremacy sounds like a very good idea.

  7. Whites still have to learn to put other Whites 1st over their black pets. I still see Whites falling all over themselves virtual signaling to POC so not to be thought of or called racist. I see it in the gym all the time.

    • Today…went to a fall festival parade in a town in White America, lots of German ancestry….the Hispanic heritage group was applauded, the Germanfest group….nothing.

  8. Elie Mystal is irate over Biden’s new $37 billion dollar crime bill. So guys like Rod and Tucker are just reminding blacks not to wonder to far off the plantation. The status quo must be maintained. You can not have blacks abandoning the Jews and the Irish on the democrat side, so precautions must be taken. Say what you like about Elie, but he doesn’t give you the party line.

  9. You’ll note that Dreher still has to resort to the ol’ DR3 bullshit, as if kneegrows will magically morph into free-market libertardians if they just see the light. The most racist folks in Murika are 1) Jews; 2) Blacks; 3) White shitlibs (against other whites); and 4) Other diversities. Whites (apart from shitlibs) are dead last. Dreher only begins to admit the truth after his recitation of one of the standard lies told by “conservatives” (DR3):

    But the other people paying the price are people like those non-black kids beaten up in the bathroom. They’re people like the victims of crime in cities where progressive, BLM-driven policies, have caused the police to pull back, or quit their jobs — including white people like the Chicago guy in the Tucker monologue who lives in what used to be a “nice” area, but is now menaced by at least two black gangs. And it’s non-black people who get fired from their jobs because they aren’t black

    This is the part where he’s beginning to admit some reality into the discussion, but even then you’ll note the use of “non-black” – only tucking in the bit about a white man from Shitcongo being menaced by black gangs – following up with “non-black” people getting fired from their jobs (no Dreher, other POX don’t get fired for being non-black. That only happens to gentile whites). Just can’t quite give up those pretty lies yet.

    In a very odd sense, DR3 is actually true. If D is merely a shorthand for Jews and their white shabbas-goys largely concentrated in the Democrat party, they *are* the real racists – against white gentiles who don’t applaud loudly enough for the latest Church of Woke dogma coming the likes of Pope Nosferatu (not blacks, who are venerated). That’s not what Repukes mean by DR3 though which simply is a brain-dead attempt to win hostile blacks over to the stupid party (it’s utterly failed for at least three decades so let’s see if it works this time!).

  10. As long as right-wingers cling to the idea that “we are all Americans” and that the solution to the Race problem is colorblindness, secession cannot occur. We shouldn’t be demanding a simple seat at the table, we built the damn table.

    One might say that is the transformation which MUST take place, American Whites must stop being in a multicultural mode. We racialists will be at the center of that transformation, and will be resented because of our leading role. Without this transformation the American Nation will not survive.

      • >Very clever.

        Yes — reminds me of this short animated film:

        AntiRacist Hitler

        Very surprising to see it still on YouTube — anyone who hasn’t yet seen it should watch it.

        >“we are all Americans”

        Take a trip abroad and when you return look at who’s in the passport control line for US citizens with you to see where this leads.

    • Jeez, this is nothing new. We all know that most Americans are doing the “we aren’t racist” thing for a long, long time. We all know that’s why the nation is doomed. Oh, but wait…a white horse will appear on the horizon and save us!

      • Perhaps you don’t get the reference — search for Barbara Lerner Spectre — there is a short video of her speaking about Sweden and what she is doing there — watch the video and listen carefully to what she says — then come back here and read the above comment by Kentucky Racist again.

        • I’ve known all about Spectre for a long time.
          I’m not saying the orig poster is wrong, I’m saying none of this ever flies with most Americans. Expecting most Americans to catch on is expecting way too much.

    • I hope you are not paying to watch that. Those people need to be ridiculed and deprived of making money off their propaganda.

      • @Tikkum i’ve Amazon prime for other reason and this series is on it…… but i agree with you, this people need to be ridiculed. They always have to put black people in the literary, mythological traditions of the West, especially when black characters are not expected. Also in history, i remember the series Anne Boleyn, with a black actress playing Anne. I imagine what it would be like for these people if Gandhi or Luther King were played by a white person.

        • It doesn’t work that way, it’s like a ratchet that locks in one direction only. The coloreds play White characters left and right; in fiction, historical dramas, opera, musicals, film, everything. Whether it’s the musical ‘Hamilton’, Anne Boleyn on the BBC, LOTR, any work of Charles Dickens, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Mother Goose rhymes for children etc.

          The coloreds have to copy White history, literature and drama because they have none of their own. Whites are supposed to buy the tickets, sit back and clap as we are denigrated and replaced. This is what Trump’s VP, the “conservative” idiot Mike Pence did when he went to see the musical “Hamilton”.


          Coloreds played the part of Hamilton and other characters. The villain, King George III was the only White member of the cast. VP Pence ate it up, laughing and clapping even when he was personally rebuked from the stage. The guy is a monster sized cuck, he sucks.

          There are exceedingly few black or other colored parts in drama and literature because those people just aren’t historically significant. Nevertheless their few parts in literature such as Othello or Mark Twain’s works are always reserved for blacks, no Whites are allowed. The same applies to Asian parts such as Madame Butterfly or Miss Saigon, Whites are not allowed. That is the rachet effect, it turns in one direction only.

          • You said well….. They have no significant mythology, literature and history, so they have to enter with force in other cultures, especially white culture. The ironic fact is that they want to use out culture, our stories, our legends and at the same time they blame all of this by calling it White supremacy.

  11. I just finished a book on the Russian Revolution. There are eerie parallels between them and us. In Soviet America, just like in the Soviet Union, everybody has to praise an ideology they know had failed but to criticize it was to be sent to a gulag as a counter- revolutionary (Russia) or to lose your livelihood. (America)

    • “sent to a gulag as a counter- revolutionary (Russia) or to lose your livelihood. (America)”

      Jwz love intimidation, that’s the underlying principle in both of the above.

  12. OT

    Apparently there was a controversial ‘pride’ event in Belgrade that drew a lot of opposition from locals:

    linkUS Ambassador to Belgrade Christopher Hill joined the Gay Pride participants

    The US now militantly pushes faggotry all over the world, which I find disgusting.

    • “The US now militantly pushes faggotry all over the world, which I find disgusting.”

      So did the Taliban when the U.S. Embassy in Kabul flew both the fag flag in June and the BLM banner for months. There not flying either the fag flag or BLM now, are they?

  13. They should stop playing games and embrace White Nationalism. That will only happen when Conservatives stop carrying about how much the White Rich and Jews are taxed. I left the Conservative ideology years ago and for good reason. They was always against our Southern Heritage & Culture and never will care about the South. Same goes for the White Race…the only way the White Race survives is through White Nationalism and strongly standing up for Yahweh’s Laws. We’re pure in our beliefs. The Jew can keep the Democrats, the Republican Party, Libertarians, and other political parties and Ideologies that hate common White Folks. Deo Vindice!

  14. “Edgy conservatism in 2022 sounds increasingly like things only we were saying a decade or so ago.”

    Stuff that I learned growing up in the the 70’s and 80’s, from parents, teachers and other adults. When I started to school, there were kids in class, who had older siblings that had made it 90%, or all of the way, through school, without Blacks. Our school hadn’t been integrated for more than four years. We had one to three Blacks in some of our classes, and none in many. We went home to an all White neighbourhood, after school.

    Leftism was something that was up North, miles and a world away from the Red River Valley of Texas and Oklahoma. None of the Leftist propaganda on TV, ever clicked with me. It didn’t resemble my life experience. It contradicted reality as I knew it. I never believed it, or payed much attention to it.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

  15. Even a gay neocon like Douglas Murray is framing his arguments in explicitly racial terms: “how long will Whites endure being spat on before a terrible reaction occurs?”

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