New York Times: Inside The Completely Legal GOP Plot To Destroy American Democracy

Let me guess.

The real threat is the Electoral College.


  1. It’s always fun to go to YT and look at the comments — here is one of them:

    I used to be baffled by how Germany got into the state it was in 1932. Ever since 8 November 2016, it’s become clear to me how easily quickly a nation can fall to fascism and chaos. What is more terrifying for 2024? A Trump? Or a DeSantis? We are teetering on the abyss.

    Not sure how typical this one is because I didn’t read all that many, and since it’s on the YT chan of the NYT, it’s probably preaching to the choir — but it is very typical of many comments I saw after the Jan 06 ‘insurrection’.


    >The GOP is a mortal threat to American democracy

    But I’ll show you a real ‘mortal threat’:

    Sexuelle Orientierung wird privilegierter Asylgrund

    The current German government will make it a LOT easier for homosexuals to claim asylum — so DE will soon start filling up with fake fags from Africa and muslim countries.

    • Homos. Black homos. Moslem black homos. And child molesters. Haven’t we seen this movie before and know how it ends?

      The Left can’t help themselves, they will not stop their evil. They keep pushing, corrupting every institution, discrediting everything good and decent until there is a reaction against them.

      Then they are shocked, shocked that the dumb proles (in their eyes only) seek vengeance upon them and the restoration of the good which means the demise of the Left as the criminals they truly are.

      And these dumb bastards wonder how an Austrian painter and war veteran formed his own political party and became chancellor in 1933.

      • Exactly. I long for the day when public stoning of sodomites is a common law feature in ALL White Ethnostates. Until they are gone. Exaudi oratione nobis, Domine.

  2. “Would be a lot cooler if they would”

    However sadly they will not!

    BTW “Merica” was never intended to be a “Democracy” it´s no where in any founding documents, the earlier Presidents always spoke of the Republic! democracy was never mentioned until after the war that destroyed Europe….Twice

    • I believe it was the late Lawrence Auster who noted that this thing referred to as ‘liberalism’ in the west is the political manifestation of evil. The whole emergence of the Church of Woke has borne this out. Old style liberals are as obsolete as the Dixiecrats. Today’s ‘liberals’ are Church of Woke acolytes. The worst examples of all are whites – which is a serious flaw in the whole WN argument. Ironically, despite all the acrimony between WNs and Christians, the identical flaw exists within that which is labeled as Christianity in Murika. In the phrase of St. Rodney of King: c-c-c-c-can’t we all jus’ git along?

      • The answer is of course, “No, we can’t all get along,” that is why there should be separate countries for different people. Social cohesion is about zero in most of the U.S. now because of diversity. Evidence of this is the recruiting troubles all branches of the military are having now.

        It turns out that GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire cannot get enough young, White, Christian males to sign up for its various wretched military crusades for “democracy”. The ranks are filled with colored people, women, homos etc. which is exactly how empires lose wars.

      • “….despite all the acrimony between WNs and Christians, the identical flaw exists within that which is labeled as Christianity in Murika.”

        So much for HW purging the anti-christian element. One-Eye, are you so blind (double entendre intended) that you cannot even fathom that what passes for Xtianity in America today, Actually ISN’T?!?!?!

        Christianity, that is?

        And that the heretical sects and cults DESERVE THEIR ANNIHILATION, before the TRUE CHURCH is allowed to organically take primacy of place again, after 500 years of heresy and error? (For the record, no, it’s not ROME)

        One has to purge the foreign growths, before the tree can blossom and bear valid fruit, after all.

        • @Fr. John. I am fully aware that which bills itself as Christianity in Murika and the west in general is as genuine as Zion-Don’s orange hair. Perhaps I should put it this way: Until the real Christians explicitly separate themselves from the bogus ones, there is no point in talking about Christian Nationalism. To be fair it’s not folks like yourself that are kvetching about it, but all of the gaslight media and their echo-chamber in the so-called ‘alternative’ media. I am sure you and I would agree that Cuck Island’s Chuck the Turd, official head of the Anglican “church” is no more a Christian than Jeffrey Epstein is (or was). The same applies to various evangelical morons who follow the Talmudic teachings of Cyrus Scofield, et al.

  3. “conservatives used to insist the US was a democracy ”

    This is endless…
    The Framers loathed democracy.
    I want our constitution and BoR. The libtards can go ‘social experiment’ elsewhere, Cuba or Venezuela. Show us what you can do, tards.

    • Yes they indeed despised democracy, which boils down to two wolves and a sheep voting on what is to be served for dinner. Hence the open borders and ongoing unopposed invasion since 1965 – largest in world history. All part of Schlomo’s final solution for YT.

  4. The tyranny of the majority … is an inherent weakness to majority rule in which the majority of an electorate pursues exclusively its own objectives at the expense of those of the minority factions. This results in oppression of minority groups comparable to that of a tyrant or despot, argued John Stuart Mill in his 1859 book On Liberty.

    • As you know, that is exactly why homogenous societies are stronger and more liveable in every way. More groups…more division…more strife.

  5. I wrote a ridiculously long post that recommended EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what this guy wants. He wants for ALL power to reside in Washington, DC and all the large city centers. We have a large amount of this right now, and it’s my belief that this is what is destroying the country. This came about because of illegal Supreme Court decisions that totally overturned the balance of power between rural area and large city centers and another ruling made it so any warm body could vote. Mobocracy. Exactly what the founders were against.

    ‘A republic, if you can keep it’
    Ben Franklin

    Long comment with links to what changed and what can be done about it with just over a 50% vote in the House and Senate. The good news is that with just a majority in the Federal House and Senate we can totally start to overturn the whole entire globohomo in the US and possibly to influence all the West from this. If the steps I lay out are followed, the far left of the Democratic wing could be completely collapsed in less than 6 years. In most cases their influence could be turned back in just a couple. Even better, many of the steps we need to take, like verifiable accurate voting, can be helped along by many on the left who are sick of the Democrat party stealing their votes and throwing out their candidates.

    • “He wants for ALL power to reside in Washington, DC and all the large city centers. We have a large amount of this right now, and it’s my belief that this is what is destroying the country. ”

      The Framers understood this, they knew population centers could overwhelm rural areas. That’s the rreason each state has 2 senators and there’s an electoral college, to counterbalance the population centers.

      • “… they knew population centers could overwhelm rural areas…”

        They specifically and directly wrote about it as being a great peril and right now we are there, and it is.

    • I read your other comment. I know how difficult the “sacred right to vote” for all these lowlife welfare cretins and fat ass bimbos is, but one thing that would seemingly be “neutral” to propose today is an immediate return to the 25 year old minimum voting age. After all, liberals are so eager to raise tobacco buying age recently to 21, how is voting not for seasoned adults? Particularly now when most live in la-la-land of fake college in their early 20s and don’t even begin adult responsibilities till years and years after when previous generations did it. If the grown up world of 1790 thought 24 year olds were too young and green to be given the franchise what does that say about letting Generation Bastard today vote?

      • “…immediate return to the 25 year old minimum voting age…”

        That’s one I missed and an excellent example of the sort of thing I’m talking about. Think if we did just a few of these, it would kill off woke political power.. It would slaughter them. I’m not sure if I mentioned it but another would be no votes for refugees or immigrants. Only for their children.

        In all cases THE IMPORTANT POINT is we only need a majority vote to do this. That’s it. Biden can not change it because the prerequisites for voting are written clearly in the Constitution as powers of Congress.

        The Constitution provides that…

        “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

        There’s not a lot of wiggle room in that. Any State NOT following the prescriptions they set up can not have their representatives seated and we will rule without them. The Democrats actually did this when they had huge power and were going to impeach Nixon. They told a State, I think New Hampshire, that they felt an election was fake or unfair or something and refused to seat the Representative until a Democrat was elected to the seat.

        The idiot Democrats keep using lawfare and rules and regulations of all sorts to constantly thwart us we need to ram these rules right up their asses and take out their voters all together. We need to do exactly the same to them and use every single rule and law we can rustle up to crush them.

        People keep watching and commenting on woke porn and nigger atrocity porn. I say let’s crush them politically and take away this power. Put them all in jail. Build gulags and terraform the West for irrigation control. Make them stop. Make what they are doing illegal and arrest them. We have the power to do this legally. I’m not talking about some crazy thing. I’m talking about using the laws and rules we have and forcefully using them for our benefit.

        The only alternative I can see is civil war. Some people think this is a grand idea. I do not. No one who ever had a civil war after it died down ever thought that it was a good idea. It’s always a disaster. Our power in the world would be vastly diminished. Not that I agree with how it’s being used but power is important in order to keep what is yours and being a large powerful country is a great advantage whether you like it or not. We just need to wrench the power away for the left and keep it to ourselves.

    • And forbid anyone on the dole from voting. Liberals see that as a nightmare and will fight it tooth and nail despite how necessary it is. When it all comes down to it, the problem is white men still don’t understand en masse that you can’t let blacks and women vote or it will automatically lead to disaster no matter how bad you want to believe in a meritocracy or whatever drivel has entered our minds over the last century.

      • “…And forbid anyone on the dole from voting….”

        Yes, yes, yes. See how this works. Think if we had rules that only the competent and productive had the vote. It would change things superfast. Faster then you could possibly imagine. Any politician that continued as they are today would be crushed in the primaries. I don’t care how much money they have for campaigns. Mass spending on campaigns on works on the mob.

  6. OT

    But speaking of destroying America and turning its citizens into debt slaves:

    Fed rate hike could add $2.1 trillion to federal deficits, analysis finds

    In June, the CRFB analyzed the rate hikes up to that point and projected that annual interest costs will triple by 2032, up from nearly $400 billion now to $1.2 trillion next decade. The total costs were projected to be $8.1 trillion over the next decade. “In reality, however, interest rates — and in turn interest costs — could be even higher,” the authors added.

    From the CRFB report:

    As the national debt continues to rise and the interest rates on Treasury bills continue their upward trajectory, the federal government’s interest payments on its debt are projected to grow rapidly through FY 2032. As a result, net interest will comprise a larger and larger share of federal spending, increasing deficits and crowding out other important priorities.

    As I’ve said several times: interest on the debt will surpass DoD spending to become the 2nd largest federal budget item (behind HHS, i.e. ‘entitlements’ like SS and Medicare) later this decade — it’s amazing how complacent people are about this and their debt enslavement.

    • @eah
      90% of the population can’t understand numbers of that magnitude.
      Once national debt exceeds annual GDP , the wheels fall off. USA Nat debt 130% of GDP.

      What are we to do ?

      • >What are we to do ?

        It’s a fair question.

        At a minimum you can talk to other people about it should an occasion arise (I wouldn’t force the subject) — explain the situation — tell them that increasing amounts of the money taken from them via the coercive federal income tax goes to pay interest on existing debt, not to do anything useful for the country, them, or their children.

        Emphasize that corrupt, venal politicians who do not represent them, but instead serve the system, are responsible for this.

        And if you think they may be ready to hear it, repeat the gist of the following Thomas Edison quote to them: link

        Then if you really want to lay it on thick, suggest that the government doesn’t need to take their money — it obviously has access to as much money as it wants to spend via the Federal Reserve and fiat money system.

      • The only thing “we” can do since “we” have zero political power and the system is set up to prevent that is to personally prepare for the system to crash. We know how it goes if the horrible Republicans take over in November; nibbling around the edges, lots of talk, many excuses, a little good gets done. We have seen this movie before and we know how it ends.

        The country is so far gone now with the decline in the White population (demography is destiny), unpayable indebtedness, unsustainable (and unpopular) military commitments, perverts in charge, destruction of social capital caused by diversity etc. that failure is inevitable. We and our families will still need food and clean water, safety and shelter etc. come what may. Now is the time to personally prepare by obtaining these things now, now, now that will probably disappear when the dollar fails and chaos follows.

        Stock up now and stay miles away from any place named or near MLK Boulevard. Nothing good has ever happened on or near MLK Boulevard and nothing good ever will.

    • There is some social phenomenon which I suspect explains non work, non marriage, deaths of despair, general alienation and, I suspect, the rise of reactionary populism. It should be a major task of social science to understand it.

      He ought to just say what he really means; is he genuinely asking a question? — or what? — does he know/have an opinion about what the ‘social phenomenon’ is?

      Earlier from the same thread:

      Nick Eberstadt’s book, Men Without Work, is a searing indictment of contemporary America. It convinces me that economics cannot explain why 1 in 7 prime age men 25 to 54 are not working today amidst a massive labor shortage. … My reading of the data is that increased transfer payments cannot explain the big rise in non work. There are today too few beneficiaries receiving too little for this to be the largest part of the story.

      And ‘massive labor shortage’ is usually code for ‘we need more immigration’ — fuck that.

      • “And is usually code for ‘we need more immigration’”


        2 critical details.
        1. Who can work for poverty wages, 12 immigrants to a house ?
        2. Are the shortages in high skilled occupations, where there aren’t any qualified applicants.

        House rent in some major cities, 4k or 5k per month. 15/hr ain’t gonna cut it.

        ‘massive labor shortage’
        A symptom of high inflation, easy money.

  7. @eah

    I wouldn’t worry too much. The debt is unsustainable and the economies of the West will have collapsed long before 2032.

    Most of that debt will not be repaid. Gone, in a puff of smoke, to money heaven!

    • “Most of that debt will not be repaid. Gone, in a puff of smoke,”

      Along with our currency.

      “I wouldn’t worry too much. ”

      Haha, I like your cavalier attitude, but I don’t want to be eating paint chips.

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