1. I thought “Confederate” referred to a loose, decentralized Articles of Confederation type of national government, no?

  2. There’s not a single thing wrong with the Constitution, except that we are not following it. It’s not and never was perfect but no government is. It’s probably about the best humans can do. A lot of it is based on the Spartan government and they lasted a very long time. The only way they went down to defeat is they ran out of Men. Their male population cratered until they did not have enough soldiers and they lost.

    I really want people to read this article about the Russian Revolution,(actually Russian civil war). It’s SO much like what we are seeing today.

    Pay attention and see how a bunch of stuff I have talked about ad nauseam, people pushing civil war, fake groups offering help, Q, States or countries in this case being pushed to succeed, authorities clamping down on conservative groups and people while letting the left go wild with violence. Look at how they took over the city centers to control the vast mobs. It’s just the same thing. It’s nothing but a repeat. The Jews have done this over and over.


    They can be defeated WITHOUT a mass civil war and without a huge bloodletting which they WANT.

    Over and over I have told people that the Jews power comes from gaining control of wedge areas. Little fulcrums in the economy and power centers where they place a few people and then use that like a huge lever to wrench all the rest of the system to do what they want.

    Where are these?

    1.The mass media.
    2.Large city centers.
    3.They control hiring in the Federal government. Including the FBI, courts and various civil servants.
    4.They control the banks so have large sums of cash they can create at will.
    5.They control the voting machines.
    6.They control many prosecutors who can be counted on to repress conservatives and let the mobs and the left alone.
    7.They control hiring of police, through the courts, using mental evaluations to only hire police who are less likely to care about actual order and decency. A fact.

    There’s more but that’s a good start.

    But every single one of these can be countered by going back to the political system we had before, they screwed it up. The system we had spread power out and did not have near as many choke points where they could lever large amounts of power against us.

    The single most important thing to do is to wrench power from their hands by taking it away from all the large city centers in every State. To do this we only need a majority vote to change voting and end the illegal court decision that took power away from rural areas by making all State Senate elections in the States based on population. Add to this that voting should be restricted to those that pass a high school diploma and are not fully funded by the State and then you have solved most of the problem.

    What are some of the things that could be changed due to this taking power out of the Jews hands?

    Since the “mob” would no longer be able to vote or serve on juries, then politicians who want to stay employed would no longer cater to the mob. This means that crime, which is on everyone’s mind, could be crushed. We could do whatever needed to stop criminals. Like, surprise, surprise, put them in jail. Prosecutors that let them go could be thrown out of office by the regional Senates in the States like DeSantis did for ignoring crime.

    We could change the amendment to the Constitution that made Senators in the Federal government elected. The States could go back to appointing them. And they would be our regional based Senators that would appoint them. This would provide a HUGE check on the Federal government. Big lever wedge to topple them.

    The Constitution provides that…

    “…Article I, Section 5, which provides “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members …”

    So they could demand that all voters be qualified, all voters registered 6 months before the elections, no absentee ballots unless stringent rules are followed, all ballots only handed out to people with photo ID and that are on the premade voters roles. Each one marked out when they get a ballot. All ballots have a picture made of them after being marked and these placed on the Internet by precinct so that anyone can count them. The number of ballots should match the amount given out and the people receiving them and all this online so anyone can check it. This will not stop all vote fraud but they would not be able to do what they did in the last election. It would be too obvious. Any fraud would mean voting again with more stringent rules and public video.

    Change the rules so that money for elections ONLY comes from people in the actual district. This takes away their money monopoly advantage. Make corporations choose to either be a corporation, which means they lose all ability to fund campaigns in any way or they are people, who then have to follow all tax rules for people and lose all the indirect liability for anything they do. They will be liable personally, just like people.

    Once you do just a few of these things. Regional voting for Senators, corporations not able to fund campaigns, stopping the mobs of illiterate hoodlooms voting in mass, then the whole country would turn around in record time without a huge civil war that the Jews want.

    Maybe there’s a better way to do this but I haven’t seen it. Only a lot of calls for lots of bodies in the streets which you should know is the same thing that is going on in Ukraine. If you want us to be like Ukraine, then keep pushing for civil war and you will get it. The Jews love to kill as many of us as they can. To start this all we need is a majority in the House in Senate with politicians on our side or at least on these few issues. Far easier than civil war or separation.

    Why should we constantly talk about backing up when we can roll them, crush the globalhomo, and run the whole country to OUR satisfaction???

    I cover the mechanics of this in these comments in excruciating detail.



    Make sure and read the first link I linked. It’s our definite future unless we change the system to favor us.

    We may be able in time to boot the Jews out. If we had real investigations of what’s driving the country, Jew banks deindustrializing the country, Jews 9-11 and Jew vax attacks then I think we could stand a good chance of deporting the whole lot of them. It’s happened over a thousand times, in fact 1,030 at least.


    • @Sam You wrote: “We could change the amendment to the Constitution that made Senators in the Federal government elected.”

      Who is “we”? There is no organized “we”.
      How are you going to get control of things, to even be able to do that.
      There’s this thing, among whites, to say what “we” can do, but no one ever says how to be able to facilitate it.
      Lots of fantasizing. Lots of people talking about what would be good, but no one ever has a clue as to how to do it.

    • This a most interesting post. I was aware of Wrangel and the Russian civil war and the parallels you mention are indeed there. I was not aware of Wrangel’s book so I will be added to my reading list. There seem to have been a series of decisions by the SC in the 1960s which resulted in power shifting from counties to cities within the 50 states. Most of these were the result of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 being used to ‘re-interpret’ the constitution (e.g. legislate from the bench – as with Roe).

      A good example of what you refer to is Illinois, where one city (Chicago and its suburbs), literally rules over the entire state, which is why it has become an utter shithole. Ditto for CA, NY, NJ, and others. The same can be seen in western states (like AZ – where Phoenix and Tucson rule). State senates used to represent the different counties. The so-called ‘opposition’ party in all of the states mentioned save maybe AZ is totally fake-and-gay. The urbanites rule both parties. The strategy you propose is the last-best hope to avoid war, but it might be too late given how all political activity is now ruled by the oligarchy. The recent overturn of Roe was obviously permitted by the overlords to gin up the females who make up a large percentile of their base of support with fear of a Handmaid’s Tale scenario.

      Mobs driven by fear are easily manipulated, as the response to the COVID-19 bioweapon demonstrated. Your observations are very astute.

  3. Over and over I have told people that the Jews power comes from gaining control of wedge areas. Little fulcrums in the economy and power centers where they place a few people and then use that like a huge lever to wrench all the rest of the system to do what they want.


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    • Yep, it’s all about their money. They have gained control over everything, including owning our currency and banks.
      They have their own country. But we have no homelands that are white, to go back to.

  4. The Constitution is really uses without being a Christian document 100% based on the Bible and it making it known that the US is a White Nation. The Founding Fathers didn’t have any interest in that because of “Slavery” which made White People dependent on African Slaves which has resulted in the South being less and less White. Our enemies use the Constitution and Bill of Rights all the time in legalizing Sin which in turn makes God very mad with the current direction of America. Sure some things in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are good and in line with the Bible…how many many many improvements should be made. I like what President Franklin Roosevelt said that we need a 2nd Bill of Rights as well that covers our basic needs in life. We would all benefit from that way of thinking. Deo Vindice !

  5. The Constitution was based on the assumption that the people in the country would be of the same culture, religion and ethnic stock. We have none of that now, and that is why the constitution isn’t “working” nor will it work properly anymore until the basic assumptions of the founders is restored.

  6. “…no one ever has a clue as to how to do it…”

    I just told you. Only put people in office that say they will have a verified voting system. Only put people in office that will overrule the courts illegal changes to the States voting rules. Pressure them. The Jews control a lot but if enough people get out it’s possible to change things. They don’t control everything, no matter how much they tell you they do.

    I say getting a just over 50% vote in the house and senate to have a real vote is not unobtainable and the rest follows from that if we have a majority. If you stop letting the inner cities run our country I think the rapidity of change would surprise you.

    Join with the left on this issue. They don’t want their votes stolen either to put in Democrat ringers with fake votes.

    And if you read the links then you see why trying to hive off portions of the country will just play into the Jews hands. Same for civil war. They would love to see us slaughter each other.

  7. If you look at the links I give court cases and Constitution quotes on exactly what’s needed and strategies for doing this one step at a time. For example I was criticized for saying we need to undo the Senate direct federal vote but this is in fact several steps down the way. We also do not need Congress for this, the States could do it and might. The power they would inherit in appointing Senators is very high compared to the beggar status of the States now.

    We could do this. All it would take would be regional Senates in the States and preventing the improvident and the mob from voting. Two rules., The Congress can TELL the Courts what they can rule on and we only need a majority vote to do it. A;; else could follow. We have a lot of pissed off people and if they had a regional Senator it could really change things…fast…very fast. Look at the links.

    • Yes I generally agree. It might be necessary to work with a third party (Constitution Party) to replace the Gay Old Pedophiles if they prove to be 100% under enemy control. Having state legislatures is the first step to having real congressional control – not the fake-and-gay control we saw in 1995-2006 and 2011-2018. Real control of congress means blocking all sorts of nonsense and even defunding and destroying entire bureaucratic agencies.

      Actually abolishing the Dept. of Education would be one example of a promise made in the past by the lying Repukes which was never even attempted. Hell even repealing some of the recent term extensions of copyright law would do considerable damage to grooming operations like Disney. Blackrobed philosophah-kangz who assume imperial airs could be impeached and removed from office. The last federal blackrobe to be impeached was impeached by a Democratic congress in 1988.

  8. @Sam J. Reynolds v. Sims (1964) is indeed the critical case. It’s was an 8-1 decision and as you say – utterly lawless. There are two related cased mentioned in the WP article: Baker v. Carr (1962) and Wesberry v. Sanders (1964). These three resulted in the net effect of cities ruling states and ultimately, along with the 18th amendment, enacted in the dark year 1913, which moved the US senate from being appointed by the legislatures of the respective states to popular vote. The 18th amendment is one of the chief legal justifications of the three decisions mentioned above. One possible track of changing it would be legislation to overturn the three 1960s decisions by making sure each state followed the post-1913 federal pattern: e.g. voters of the respective counties get to elect two senators, while the representative districts are population based. As you note, this would make the senate a serious problem for urbanites and their wokeism.

    The problem with lies in the Republican party. You mentioned the Virginia case in your post over at AC, both the one where Gov. Coon-man (who enjoyed 90% black support despite his antics in blackface) attempted gun-control and the recent Repuke from Carlisle group who ran on getting CRT out of schools, only to include a woman from a firm – owned by the (((usual suspects))) – specializing in selling CRT to public schuls on the team responsible for changing the issue. Smells like the usual GOP porcine lipstick and deck-chair feng-shui. Taking the GOP from the Chamber of Commerce cucks, warmongering neo-klowns and numerous other flowing monkeys from the Kosher-Nosetra is not going to be an easy task, if it can be done at all. Yes it should be tried before going to secession and war.

    • “…The problem with lies in the Republican party…”

      Yes I agree but if you notice the RINOS, cucks and the blackmailed are losing power. They certainly aren’t gaining it. They will be able to steal a lot of elections but not all, and as I said every time they do this they are in great peril of being caught and hung for treason. We could start hanging them for treason if we got serious people in willing to put a stop to it.

      Things go on until…they don’t. There is enough dissatisfaction to make stealing votes really dangerous because of the amount of dissatisfaction. We should work with the far left to get accurate voting. With that, I think we could run off the RINOS in the primaries.

      People who say this doesn’t work are wrong. My district was part of a Gerrymandered district with a serious commie Negro Representative who hated Whites. A Black guy ran against him who promised a bit of compromise and the commie Negro was killed off in the primaries by, I can’t remember exactly, but it was like 100 votes. One of them mine. Things can change. Especially in the primaries because so few people get out and vote in them.

      This could all be done a few steps at a time by just working with what we have. Each step would put more power in our hands and promote our interest.

      White people have some sort of glitch where they think only some huge bloodletting catharsis is needed or someone to ride in on a horse to save them. No, we only need to chip away at their rotten corpse and slowly gather up power, then crush the hell out of them. This is exactly the way Jews have taken over the country. Never giving up, always trying to move their agenda in each and every way possible. We could do the same.

  9. Another guy on


    pointed out that Congress could appoint a whole new court system to bypass the corrupt courts and that Congress can raise militias.

    There’s a huge number of people spying on people and following them around. They have even been sued and caught by some people and made to pay restitution in some cases. I suspect that the big increase in this came during Obama s rule when he said we needed a new civilian police force. Congress could hijack these people into a militia and get them to start following who they want and raise a new court to prosecute them. I know this seems far out but in fact the Jews and their lackies actually play the game this way. Push any and all powers into their hands. I suggest we do the same. If people really take a close look at the Jews it seems damn near all of them are involved in some sort of borderline illegal behavior.

    We really need a populist middle class party that will bend and twist every single regualtion to forcefully benifit the middle class and heritage Americans instead of the mob, the banks and the rich. There’s a huge untapped set of votes there.

    Now they may steal the vote but every time they do this they stick their necks out and at some point they may end up with them chopped off for doing it. They run great risk doing this, and they know it. All it takes is one prosecutor here and there to put them in great jeopardy.

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