Washington Post: A GOP House Would Defund Ukraine

If nothing else, it will be much more difficult to push Ukraine funding through a GOP House and the total amount of money being spent on Ukraine should peak and start to go down.

Washington Post:

“That a GOP House might cut off aid is not a fear confined to Murphy. The publication Defense News recently reported that senior members of the House GOP leadership won’t commit to keeping aid flowing if Republicans take control of the House.

The House does seem like the more plausible future obstacle. Republicans are more likely to win the lower chamber, and the House is where more tacit (or even overt) sympathizing with Putin and Russia is concentrated.

Much GOP rhetoric on this is couched in fiscal terms, saying we shouldn’t spend so much on Ukraine when needs are unmet at home. Traditional conservative groups such as Heritage Action for America have urged Republicans to vote against Ukraine aid packages, and 57 Republicans in the House voted no in May on a $40 billion aid package.

But some of the most direct pledges to cut off aid come from far-right Trumpists such as Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who are forthright about their sympathies. As Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) once said, “Ukraine is not our ally. Russia is not our enemy.”

“The MAGA wing of the party, which is the dominant wing, says and thinks a lot of nice things about Putin,” Murphy said to us. …”


  1. H.R.7691 – Additional Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2022 — This bill provides $40.1 billion in FY2022 emergency supplemental appropriations for activities to respond to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

    So this bill, passed by Congress in May 2022, was specifically devoted to giving $40b in military aid to Ukraine — per the voting record (link), it passed the House 368 – 57, and the Senate 86 – 11.

    So it’s not clear that, other factors excluded, the House reverting to majority Republican would result in ‘defunding Ukraine’.

    • Pelosi has a united caucus on Ukraine. McCarthy would have a divided one. For a number of reasons, it would be harder to keep pushing Ukraine funding through a GOP House where opposition has been growing

      • Ukraine funding will pass the Senate. The question is whether it can be reduced or cut off in the House once the Liz Cheney types are gone

      • (House Republicans aren’t committed to Ukrainian democracy) I can’t help laughing. And how many forms of democracy exist in the world, according to the opinion of the journalists of this newspaper? The policy of extreme nationalism in Ukraine in the United States is considered such a form of Ukrainian democracy. This is the most ridiculous hypocrisy.

  2. “GOP House Would Defund Ukraine”

    This may be the reason Putin has taken a static stance and not gone full bore. He just has to wait 3 months and Ukraine will be defunded, he has nothing to lose.

    Rep. Paul A. Gosar (R-Ariz.) once said, “Ukraine is not our ally. Russia is not our enemy.”
    I really like that, clear and simple.

    • Absolutely correct. We here in Europe freezing, US in the political turmoil. Time works for Russia. Only thing they need, is keeping pressure up.

        • Russia is just an existential pretext for the US to influence the European Union with a very specific goal in order to achieve complete dependence on US industrial and financial monopolies. This is such a new form of colonial relations between the European Union and America.

    • Putin whole speech was actually for the West. Fund Ukraine. And because mobilisation takes time, there is also time window to fill Ukraine with weapons.

      Partial mobilisation is not something important. To call some reservists into service, is routine procedure for General Staff and Ministry of Defense. No drama and president speech needed.

      So causing mass hysteria in the West was whole point of this speech and as we see reactions , provocation was successful

    • >He just has to wait 3 months and Ukraine will be defunded, he has nothing to lose.

      Obviously Putin disagrees; he isn’t going to wait.

      Can you cite an instance when the US government has so dramatically reversed course? — maybe also admitted its previous policy was a mistake? — especially the national security establishment — I can only think of one case, and it wasn’t regarding national security: NCLB, which was finally (and quietly) abandoned late in the Obama administration (link).

      It took more than 20 years for the US to ignominiously leave Afghanistan — it is still in Iraq and Syria.

      I doubt Republicans gaining control of the House means Ukraine will be defunded.

      As I said before, I think Putin, whose objectives were deliberately limited, was surprised by the belligerence and intransigence of the West, especially since Russia waited 8 years to recognize the autonomous regions and use force — as Lavrov said a month after the war began, Russia has no more illusions about the West (link).

      Russia has now clearly recognized that with Ukraine’s manpower advantage and material aid from the West, more troops and a harder course are needed to secure the breakaway regions — he will do this now — referendums will happen later this month, and assuming these regions vote to join the RF, Putin stated an attack on them will then be regarded as an attack on the RF (i.e. essentially an act of war).

      Such a scenario in eastern Ukraine will present Kiev and the West with a fait accompli; then we will see the reaction — but that will be a significantly different political and military situation than exists today.

      • >Russia waited 8 years to recognize the autonomous regions and use force

        linkPutin’s speech on the use of nuclear weapons has exacerbated a dilemma for the West that has existed since the beginning of the war: how far intensive military support for Ukraine can go.

        Putin made it clear at the start that Ukraine was an existential question of national security for Russia where no compromise was possible; in fact he’s been saying more or less the same thing for 15 years (link).

        The West should never have supported Ukraine militarily in the first place — the money aside, doing so was malign, stupid, and immoral.

        • Now for some good news: I know Hunter and the rest of the OD readers have been very concerned about that Solon of the Ukraine, that field marshal who would put General Manstein to shame, that epitome of courage and honesty Diogenes would be proud of, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is also a talented pharmacist and piano player BTW.

          It seems his parents have moved into a +10,000 square foot, $8 million USD mansion in a nice neighborhood in Israel, no doubt with room for Volodymyr when he flees Ukraine in the middle of the night with some exceptionally heavy luggage.


          It’s good to know that the Hero of the Ukraine is all set up for when The Usual Suspects’ anti-Russia crusade goes tits up. Hopefully this won’t be after there is a mushroom cloud on the horizon.

          Got your potassium iodide pills, everyone?

          • “It seems his parents have moved into a +10,000 square foot, $8 million USD mansion in a nice neighborhood in Israel,”

            Just as Hitler foretold, Israhell would be a refuge for jwzish criminals.

  3. “total amount of money being spent on Ukraine should peak and start to go down.”

    No, totally cutoff !
    That jw mobster can go to hell.

  4. “Like Nazi Fellow traveler Lindbergh, who led America First Committee ”

    If anyone talks against Lindbergh,
    you know they’re a piece of xxxx.

    One of America’s great heros !

      • Ah so that’s why they had him as a “conspiracy theorist” who had tin-foil covering all windows in his high-end Albuquerque house.

      • “on Better Call Saul was pointedly named Charles Lindbergh McGill”

        Geez, I wonder ((who)) wrote the script ?
        (Never saw the show and glad of it.)

    • What does it say when a work of fiction (Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America”) had to be used to defame Lindbergh?

  5. Disagree. The majority of the GOP are MIC warmongers and will happily fund Ukrainian and Russian deaths.

    I remember when Clinton brokered (still holding firm!) peace deals in Bosnia and Northern Ireland. Now we have a bloated Federal parasite that is absolutely opposed to peace.

    • Democrats are 100% united on funding Ukraine. The GOP is at least divided. Insofar as there is any opposition at all to this war, it is from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene

      • Much as I appreciate MTG and her ilk, they’re still a minority on the periphery of the GOP. People like Dan Crenshaw and Adam Kinzinger are more common, and more representative of the Republican party. (FWIW Congressional “Representatives” represent the party they serve to their constituents, not the other way around.) This could change in November, especially if Russia deals the GAE an “October Surprise”…

      • It’s a lopsided divide. Only 57 Repukes voted in May against funding the giant self-licking ice-cream cone for the MIC, Hunter, Joey Shitpants (the big guy), Pelosi, Romney, et al to the tune of 40 billion. It would still pass with the GOP fake-opposition party in majority, especially under the likes of McCarthy. Some G.O.P.’s are allowed to play the role of opposing it, but when Uncle Schmuel demands they kiss his ass, they will do so every single time.

  6. “The GOP is at least divided.”

    GOP has their finger to the wind.
    If they take the house by a wide margin, it will be a proportionate impetus to cut funding.

  7. Repubs might be lighter on funding the Khazarkrainian proxy war against Russia, but they are heavier on funding the Taiwan proxy against China. Both twin parties are equally anti-socialist, and rabidly capitalist.

    If the MAGA Repubs were really “forthright,” they would be telling the truth about Khazarkraine (aka Nudelmanland) – not saying “it is not our ally,” but that it is a total CIA creation from start to finish, and that the US’s (CIA’s) proxy war has been going on there since 2014, and indeed, since 1948.

    Re: “Insofar as there is any opposition at all to this war, it is from people like Marjorie Taylor Greene”:

    No the only opposition is from socialists, but they really cannot run in U.S. (s)elections. I’d also like to share an inspiring Russian socialist song:

    • Socialists, whether here or abroad, just want to sit on their fat, lazy asses, do no work, get handouts and obey the authorities (I include most union workers among their number). They won’t oppose anything as long as they’re getting their butts wiped.

  8. Utter bullshit

    A republican patriotard Lincolnite have never seen a war he didn´t like

    “Muh troopz”

  9. I don’t think TPTB are going to “lose” Ukraine, regardless of how many must die. That’s how psychopathic and full of bloodlust they are. And even with the most optimistic expectations about a Red Wave, they won’t be seated for four months.

  10. Both parties are supportive of Ukraine. The GOP might not as loyal as the Democrats to Ukraine but they still think Russia is enemy number one.

  11. The Democrat Party will propose a bill of conscription after the November election. Some Republican cucks will support it. The GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire cannot get enough smart, White, Christian males to enlist in their bad causes so they will reach for a hammer. The current diversity, homo, military isn’t up to par and everyone knows it.

    If conscription passes the blowback will be enormous and a complete shock to the idiots in charge. They are as disconnected from real life as the hypocrites on Martha’s Vineyard. It will the best thing to discredit the warmongering Left and their Republican cuck allies in a long time.

      • Your patriotard types would gladly march off to wr while your antifa-scum types and diversities would riot.

  12. The (((deep state))) which serves the banksteins will not give up pushing China and Russia into war.
    They really need the West prostrate in a stage of seep collapse as they transition to the East.

    I dont want my son or grandsons dying for another jew lie.

    Death to ZOG.

  13. Back in the 1990s Papa Bush was saying there was going to be a peace dividend since the Cold War ended.

    Then Bubba Gump Clinton started bombing Serbs so it never happened.

    Would be kinda nice to finally get that peace dividend but I have a feeling it would just get diverted to Israel instead.

  14. All they have to do is wait. Putin did a major callup yesterday. Until now, most of the Russians invading Ukraine were either mercs or east of the Urals. Now that Putin is “mobilizing,” this will necessarily involve way many more west of the Urals Russians, the “traditional” Russians. Which will only increase anti-war domestic sentiment.

    • It’s not that major. The 300,000 called up is about 12% of the potential reserve pool (25 million). The called up reserves will be in the rear so that active-duty can go to the front. I read somewhere that a Chinese unit is now in 404, which while largely symbolic is significant nonetheless.

    • >Like I predicted

      So some young westernized Russians, allgemein Fans von ‘globohomo’, don’t want to fight; they want their McDonald’s and Starbucks back (link).

      Du bist ja ein Genie.

    • linkState Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (mostly known for his active opposition to all things LGBT) said on Russian federal TV that, quote, “the era of iPhone soy cuckolds is coming to an end” & the war is giving them a chance to become real men

      Look, while I sympathize with the general sentiment above, of course I don’t believe it’s necessary for men to fight in a war to ‘become real men’ — this whole mess is a tragedy, sparked by the West’s schoolyard bullying of Russia, which has been going on since the end of the Cold War — divorced from the real world, the Jews, manlets, women, and literal faggots running the West never learned the basic lesson that if you bully the wrong person, or someone long enough, eventually they’ll call your bluff and fight back — Putin is finally calling the West’s bluff and fighting back.

  15. This was interesting.


    The great power conflict between the US and Russia was the driving force for the invasion. Both sides have blame for it, as their competing imperial ambitions forced the issue.

    Still it was a massive mistake for Russia to invade like this. Europe was in Russia’s lap 10 years ago, and heading towards Eurasian integration, making the US less important to European interests. Look at the degree to which Germany and others have become dependent on them for energy as proof of that if you need it.

    All Russia had to do was wait. I suspect Putins age has something to do with this being rushed like it has, as his legacy has to be set before he hands over power. Who knows. Xi Jinping is in the same position with Taiwan. Or it may have had to do with how easily they took Crimea, and thinking it would be just as easy to take half of Ukraine as is generally accepted was the goal, since nothing less made sense given the resources they have committed to this adventure.

    What is known is that Eurasian integration that would have marginalized the US is coming unraveled as fast as they can manage it because it simply can’t be tolerated letting your population be held hostage to gas supply from a hostile power willing to use it as blackmail to keep you passive while they invade another European country.

    NATO is going to grow again now. Europe is being drawn back into the fold.

    Like it or not, Russia has screwed itself, as the best they can hope for is to be dependent on China, Iran and India. A strategic blunder that only time will tell the consequences for.

    From a White perspective, its an unalloyed good that the globalist integration of the world economy that was sapping all resources from White country’s like ours and sending all industry to hostile non whites in Asia is falling apart.

    All the China fanboys need to remember that. The jobs our grandfathers, fathers and ourselves should have had were stolen and given to these people in this cynical and corrupt realignment over the last two generations. Its no less an attack on Whitey than the Great Replacement has been.

    These aren’t our allies. Europeans are our brethren, and Russia should have aligned with countries like Hungary and Poland that are making efforts to bring Europe back to its roots, to break away from the GAE and restablish National sovereignty under Christian governments. They could have been a force for good.

    They chose China instead. Not all Whites need saving.

    • I’m not sure they chose China….more like were shoved into China’s arms by the Rainbow Empire.

  16. There is more than one Lindbergh, it is the whole family,
    many people here may not be aware of this, there is a book
    SR wrote, it is about 100 years old, totally describes the MO
    of the Jews, of the NeoCons, etc, WARS , ECONOMICS,
    WAR ON FARMERS, what the BANKERS were doing,
    reading this book, 15 + years ago, I was struck at how we
    have lasted this long with these vampires sucking our blood
    for decades. Must read book, fast post, don’t have proper title,
    it is on WN forum book lists, and featured at one time, I have
    no doubt that Trump has read this book. He covered a lot of it.
    The NeoCons know this, he knows their game, the WARS breed corruption and the NeoCon gang gets paid as they destroy domestically not just abroad.



    NGO’S/OTHER ORGS [ describes Orwellian nature before Orwell , inner circle hides in plain site as the outer circle masks their goals and corruption knowingly/unknowingly , promoting wars corruption pillaging few at top get rich ]

    We can see all of this in action right now, LINDBERGH was writing just Pre WWII but alot of what he was writing about already transpired during WWI. He knew where we were going, how many people knew WWII is coming in 1934 and before that, and writing about it with authority ?


    THEN you will understand fully why the Jews hate LINDBERGHS,
    Trump himself covered a lot of this ground and remember,
    ” AMERICA FIRST ” really pissed the Jews off.

    ” nazi nazi nazi ” bullshit

    • 1917 – the very year Murika entered the great slaughter of the goyim in western Europe at the behest of the banksteins. Damn. Old man Lindbergh was way ahead of his time. There are other example from the same era and before. We have not lacked from men of vision and wisdom, but from choosing the broad easy path of lies over the hard and narrow path of truth. Thus it has always been, no?

      Thanks for adding to my knowledge.

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