NY Mag: The MAGA House Will Make The Tea Party Look Tame

Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

Unfortunately, Trump was a solo act and his victory came as a shock to Washington. He began his presidency as an isolated figure inside his own administration and with little support for his agenda in the Republican Congress. He squandered his political capital trying to work with Paul Ryan and the True Cons who still controlled Congress by delivering big wins on repealing Obamacare and tax cuts.

The 2018 midterms added a sprinkle of Trumpists in Congress like Josh Hawley in the Senate. The 2020 election added more MAGA types like Marjorie Taylor Greene. It won’t be until after the 2022 midterms that Trump’s powerful enemies in the party like Liz Cheney are removed from power and a MAGA Congress will be well on its way to emerging in the House and gaining a foothold in the Senate.

New York Magazine:

“For Democrats desperate to safeguard their majorities, there is plenty of optimism and a healthy amount of fear heading into November. Parties in power traditionally suffer in the midterms and even the bounce Democrats are enjoying over the issue of abortion rights may not be enough to save them. Much of the focus, for the left-leaning political class, has been on the high-profile contests for the Senate. Can John Fetterman hold on in Pennsylvania? Can Mandela Barnes drive out Ron Johnson in Wisconsin? Is Tim Ryan for real in Ohio?

Down ballot, however, is where the real danger lies for the Democratic Party. Republicans are still the favorite to retake the House and could wreak havoc even if Democrats hold the Senate. Joe Biden’s legislative agenda would be dead in a GOP-controlled House, much as it was for Barack Obama when tea-party Republicans stormed into the majority in 2011. …

Next year, if Republicans have the majority again, they will enter office with far more fury and star power than whatever the tea party brought to bear. The new class of Republicans will be overwhelmingly loyal to Donald Trump, with many of them elected in primaries that have become, more than anything else, tests of how slavishly devoted a politician can be to the MAGA brand. It’s Trump’s party in every way, even if he’s indicted, even if Ron DeSantis runs for president. Many of these House Republicans tout all of his conspiracies and fever dreams. They are devoted to the Big Lie of 2020, that Trump somehow didn’t lose an election to Biden. Unlike the Senate Republican contenders, who have been forced to moderate themselves to appeal to statewide electorates, House Republicans face almost no such pressure, especially in gerrymandered districts. They can be as unhinged as they want to be.

A House Republican majority will inevitably impeach Biden — Trump was impeached twice and many of these Republicans will be out for revenge. Hunter Biden is scandal-scarred enough that they can hunt up a pretext, or just invent one. Impeachment is not a legal process. It’s political, and if Republicans have the numbers, they will force frivolous investigations and subpoena any Democratic official that fits the warped corruption narrative they’ve concocted for the moment. In Washington, it’s going to be a very long 2023 and 2024 for Democrats. Two-thirds of the Senate is still needed for a conviction and that threshold won’t be reached, just as it wasn’t in either of Trump’s impeachments. Perhaps Biden will get the privilege of proclaiming he was exonerated from something. …”

We will see.

I’m honestly curious to see what happens.

The True Cons controlled the House under Paul Ryan in 2017 and 2018. They had even more power to block the more populist elements of Trump’s agenda in the Senate. This is going to change though after the 2022 midterms due to the collapse of that faction through retirements and primary defeats. It is no longer possible to imagine that Trumpism is going to vanish after Trump himself leaves office.


    • I agree with Ross Barkan, he is %100 correct, people should read more books every year, all types too.

      I have some suggestions for Ross, books I am sure he has never heard of but that are extremely interesting, informative and enlightening, he should read them all.

      The Tragic City: Birmingham 1963-2013 by Paul Kersey (2013-03-25)
      This tells the tale of how Birmingham, Ala. was ruined by the do-gooder “Civil Rights” SJWs.

      ‘Whitey on the Moon’: Race, Politics, and the death of the U.S. Space Program, 1958 – 1972 by Paul Kersey
      This book tells how pandering to blacks (who hated the space program) ended manned exploration of space.

      Escape from Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis
      by Paul Kersey

      How blacks destroyed Detroit.

      The Truth About Selma: What Happened When the Cameras Left and the Marching Stopped, by Paul Kersey
      A different perspective on one of the many shithole cities in America.

      This list could be a mile long with books by Colin Ferguson, Charles Murray et al. challenging the reigning racial orthodoxy that is helping destroy the U.S.

      Ross wouldn’t get within 100 yards of one of these books, he would ban them if were able to. He is a raging, fucking, hypocrite like the whole rotten bunch.

        • Can there be any more BIGOTED KIKE THAN THIS?

          ‘real danger,’ ‘wreak havoc,’ ‘stormed into the majority,’
          ‘slavishly devoted,’ ‘tout his conspiracies,’ ‘fever dreams.’??!~?!?

          I’m not worried about this next group of RINOS, even if they are all MAGA-tier. If I were a Jew, a fag, an n-word, or some other detritus, I’d be worried about what INEVITABLY comes next. A fully self-actualized, White National Socialist Party, intent on just retribution for over a century of JEWISH-led, financed, and orchestrated HATRED against FOUNDING STOCK Americans. I’d leave now, Schlomo, WHILE YOU STILL CAN…..

          Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. Well, WE’RE HIS BODY. And we are now AWAKE. Joel 3:10 is just as much Scripture as John 3:16. So is Ps. 139:22.

          • Whites will never rise up again, like they did in Germany. Modern whites are much different, and don’t care about nationalism, etc. Most whites know blacks and other races as friends, marry them, have kids with them. Most whites promote “Hispanic culture” a lot now. Even the MAGA people say how “everyone” is an American, and they include blacks and Hispanics. Most whites think Hitler was the most evil man in the world.
            You’re dreaming if you think that’s going to happen again.

  1. Dump put too much trust in his son in-law, daughter and the heebs in his cabinet. In the end, they stabbed him in the back.

      • The Republican Establishment has been trying to rehabilitate Jared Kushner lately after he has been lying low since the 2020 election fiasco. He has made appearances on Fox TV where he was lauded as some kind of genius as he humped his new “book” about how wonderful he is. Of course, that oily prick just walked away from the disasters he caused in Trump’s first term.

        Trump is such an idiot that he would immediately bring his traitorous son-in-law and his wretched daughter back into the White House where they would promptly destroy his presidency. Again.

        Trump never learns a thing. A second term would have all his retreads from his failed first term but that oily prick Jared Kushner has to be the worst.

    • How striking that tho they are arresting, investigating and harassing all sorts of other Trump associates, but not a peep of inquiry into Kushner

      Some people, tho flawed, are vessels of things greater than themselves, and Trump is one like that

      It was maybe just a triumph that Trump survived alive and in office till his last day … he had to dance with the devil just to survive in there

      There’s benefit in seeing Trump as someone who was blackmailed, perhaps even slowly drugged-up by his staff in his White House years, making him even more vulnerable to manipulation

      We don’t need to follow Trump, hold back from critiques, or think he’s a good idea in 2024

      But there was greatness in the Trump phenomenon, still continuing today as Hunter notes

  2. The same superwealthy elites remain in charge, no matter which politicians of either party are (s)elected; and the class system remains intact and endless imperialist war continues, regardless of which twin right-wing party gains the majority of seats.

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