Poll Watch: Republican Support For Ukraine Is Rapidly Declining

The trend is heading in the right direction.

Pew Research Center:

“Nearly four-in-ten (37%) now say the U.S. is providing about the right amount of support to Ukraine in the conflict, while 20% say it is providing too much support – up from just 7% who said this in March. About a quarter (24%) say they are not sure.

Three-in-ten Republicans and Republican-leaning independents currently say the U.S. is providing about the right among of support for Ukraine, while a similar share (32%) say the U.S. is providing too much support. Just 16% now say it is not providing enough support. By contrast, in March, about half of Republicans (49%) said the U.S. was not providing enough support, and just 9% said it was providing too much. …”

Hopefully, a Republican House will cut off spending on the war in Ukraine early next year as the tide turns within the party. There are now twice as many Republican voters who believe too much money is being spent on this stupid war as those who think not enough is being spent on it.


  1. Russia has done badly so far in the war, but I’m optimistic that the tide can be turned. I really hope they butcher every last one of the Azov Batallion.

    • I


      Putin’s not fighting NATO to save the West. He’s just doing to impose his own “trad” flavor of multiculti imperialism on Europe. Globogulag is not the answer to globohomo.
      russia working for globohomo as well and it’s blatantly obvious. americans sucking up yo Putin all day is the cringiest things i’ve ever seen in my young life.

  2. The GOP is just as committed as the Democrats in giving billions to Ukraine otherwise they would have stopped it. Just like they are committed to giving billion to Israel.

  3. The masses are so dumb, you think they’d’ve learned not to trust military intelligence and militarists after Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Some are coming around, but it may be too little too late.
    We may already be in the early stages of WW3.
    The rejection of the neocon/neolib and libtard/shitlib establishment is decades overdue.

  4. “The trend is heading in the right direction”:

    Of course Republicans are moving RIGHT, and so is the other right-wing party, the fake left Democrats. No real left is allowed. The Republican “trend” regarding the U.S.-Zionist proxy war in Khazarkraine is a mere variation still within the limits of acceptable opinion of the capitalist-imperialist system. The lies of the Republicans about the proxy war in Khazarkraine have the very same intention and the same effect as the lies of the Democrats about the proxy war in Khazarkraine.

  5. I don’t know any republicans that support either side of this conflict. The flags are in democrat yards even while Biden buys Russian oil.

    • link

      At the link you can see him standing outside under a blue sky in nice sunshine wearing a mask — the US doesn’t need any more obsequious, statist fags like him.

      Americans are so stupid and accustomed to ‘national security’ fear-mongering by deep state shills like Bacon that many long ago gave up any pretense of making a determination on their own of what’s in the national interest and what isn’t — but no, it’s not in the ‘national security interest’ of the US to bully Russia and risk war over Ukraine.

      Not to mention the moral depravity of contributing to and prolonging the death and destruction there.

  6. Germany has already fought two world wars against Russia. Are they really interested in fighting a third? Do they hope they’ll get Kaliningrad back?

    The overwhelming majority of Americans don’t even care one way or the other about the conflict in the Ukraine, even though it was their government that was responsible for starting it and is responsible for prolonging it. But maybe soon they’ll be forced to care!

  7. “as the tide turns within the party”
    Oh please let that be true.
    We’ve had generations of spineless Retardicans.

    “As Trump’s Legal Woes Mount, So Do Financial Pressures on Him”

    This is how jwz work, cripple their enemies financially.
    ‘ THE RIDDLE OF JEW’S SUCCESS’ speaks to this, 100 years ago.

  8. This sort of thing is going to become commonplace.


    If the extent of their control on these people is the same petty threats and peer pressure crap that HR types use against White white collar workers across the country when they complain about the useless diversity hires they have to carry the load for, there is nothing for guys like this to fear.

  9. Republicans are starting to see this as Biden’s war and may be starting to realize the regime in Kiev was installed by the Democratic State Department under Obama and Joe Biden and may not really be our friend. Americans need to realize the greatest enemy this nation has ever faced is this globalist mafia in NYC-DC that has hijacked the republic. These people straight out have a death wish for heartland whites unlike the British in 1812. Whatever you think about Xi and Putin, they are not an imminent threat to our country at the moment, and the green-queer decadence if victorious would make this nation a basket case easily conquered by Latin America, China, and the Islamic World in the 22nd century.

    • Yes, they keep pointing fingers at Russia and China, while destroying our nation. A lot of people fell for this with the Middle East years ago.

  10. Russia can easily call up 300,000 trained reserves, how many can the Ukraine call up? Zero to 30,000? Maybe???

    It’s a numbers game designed to spend every dollar the US has…

    • The Empire of Lies has endless meat-puppets at its disposal. All they have to do is shovel some more money to the likes of Academi and you’ll see all those millions of military-age male rapefugees in EUSSR sign up to fight Putler – along with not a few retarded whites who like think the Azov-nazis are fighting for a white Europe.

  11. FYI, at the Manchester (England) airport, Occidental Dissent is officially blocked as a “hate” site. No criterion for that designation is listed. Congratulations, you have earned that distinction from Cuck Island. I was nonetheless able to access OD everywhere else in Great Britain and Ireland.

    BTW, England is the Nanny State personified. Signs everywhere helpfully telling people to be good citizens and obey the directives of Big Brother. Breath in and out. They almost literally have that type of running dialogue like your mother about how best to exist. They all obey, too. Mother knows best, you know.

      • The royals pretend to be totally unaware of the amount of diversity in their nation. They first fell all over Harry’s mixed race wife gleefully. She’s obviously only a quarter black, and looking at her, you’d never know she had any. But it’s more powerful to identify as black, as any perceived slights are labeled as racist.

  12. Many videos coming out showing who’s really fighting this war, American mercs some with mid western accents. ZOG is going broke, I believe it’s going to escalate.

    • Hopefully many will earn their Darwin awards with kosher klusters. If they’re rotting in a hole over there they won’t be around to kill those who resist the Empire of Lies here. We have no business there. White men going halfway around the world to fight for Globo-Pedo but won’t do shit to protect our own borders. Zero sympathy for any moron who signs up with Academi or whichever agency is involved. They have it coming. Yet another example of the fundamental failures of both white nationalism and Christianity.

      • I’ve been following this conflict since it started in 2014. I knew there was going to be a war between Russia and NATO, no one believed me, they thought I was crazy. Be prepared, I really believe it’s going to escalate, I have no faith in the republicans, they all work for their same masters in ZOG.

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