Tucker Carlson: Giorgia Meloni’s Victory In Italy

If Giorgia Meloni had won this election 15 years ago or 10 years ago or 5 years ago, then I would have been happy with the result and would have said it was based.

Today, Tucker Carlson is cheering on Meloni’s victory and holding it up as a mirror to the GOP and its vapid “Commitment to America” platform. Charlie Kirk is cheering on Meloni’s victory. Ted Cruz is calling her fantastic on Twitter. Tom Cotton is looking forward to working with her. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are praising Meloni. The president of the Heritage Foundation is praising Meloni. She gives speeches at CPAC alongside Marine Le Pen’s niece and Viktor Orbán.

What happened to these people? What changed over the last three years? The reaction to Meloni’s victory in Italy and the Sweden Democrats becoming the second largest party in Sweden has been overwhelmingly positive on the American Right. It is like some great burden has been lifted and fewer people are looking over their shoulder. European nationalists are being embraced now.


  1. “Charlie Kirk is cheering on Meloni’s victory. Ted Cruz is calling her fantastic on Twitter. Tom Cotton is looking forward to working with her. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are praising Meloni. The president of the Heritage Foundation is praising Meloni. She gives speeches at CPAC”

    This should really tell you something. And it’s not that Ted Cruz and the Heritage Foundation have realigned to become based far right fascists or anything like that (lol). The correct take-away here is that US Republicans are finally finding success in breaking down the organic continental European communitarian right and replacing it with vapid, nihilistic American Reagan-tier garbage conservatism. That is something they have been attempting to accomplish for decades without much in the way of results until now. As we saw a few years ago when George Floyd protests spread to Europe, all of the West is falling to American political culture and being subsumed by Americanism.

  2. Almost exactly a century ago Il Duce and his Blackshirts marched on Rome to seize power. This woman is no Mussolini but she is getting the kosher blue checks pretty upset anyway. Maybe they shouldn’t have tried turning Italy into an African migrant camp?

    I understand Churchill was an early admirer and supporter of Mussolini. They even struck up a correspondence with each other. But that little inconvenient fact of history has been erased from memory.

    • @Spahn

      Another thing erased from history is how Mussolini, when he was a newspaper journalist, was in the pay of Britain’s MI6.

      Just like the pilot who flew general Franco into Spain to get the party started.

      Nothing is ever what it seems.

  3. “It is like some great burden has been lifted and fewer people are looking over their shoulder.”

    The number one main reason is that William F Buckley died and so now there is no gate keeper who decides what is and is not acceptable.

  4. Brad, they’re cheering on a Zionist shill. That’s the difference. This chick has a history of sucking off Israeli interests. This isn’t a victory for us or a bell weather so much as power shifting from the Technocratic Oligarch Jews to the Zionist Money Power Jews as part of the standard election cycle.

    • When you stop and consider the international bankers are Jews and have the power to make or break virtually any Western country it’s not too hard to understand all the sucking up to Israel. Hitler’s biggest sin was trying to break free from this monetary enslavement. The Western powers sided with the world’s biggest butcher and enslaver to defeat him.

      • The Allies wanted to defeat Hitler for the same reason they defeated the Kaiser – to keep Germany in a permanent state of submission to England and France.

        • Germans are gonna blow a gasket if they’re freezing their balls off this winter. And they know who to blame (Biden regime). Hopefully they’ll tell our military to pack up and leave their country alone. Welcome overstayed.

  5. Don’t look for any politicians, particularly incumbents, to show up on your doorstep this Fall.

    I’m not going to give any money to any “Senate Campaign Funds” or other Republican scams. I will give it directly to politicians I know, and those who are outspoken in defense of White people.

    No money to any Ukrainian flag wavers either.

  6. What has changed is that it’s become undeniable that all the “conspiracy” type views of the direction the democrats and the left intend to take us were in fact true. Problem is that ordinary whites who grew up in the 60s 70s 80s and 90s and are shocked by the criminality, riots, trans, border, etc have all these brainwashed young people voting who never experienced normality, a hostile black electorate that is organized by the democratic ballot harvesting machine for 99% turnout at 99% democrat vote, foreigners who don’t get America the way you don’t understand a foreign film if the subtitles are turned off on your TV, and clueless white women easily swayed by propaganda. Such terrible outrages that would go down to defeat in a massive landslide in 1985 are now only possible to beat by the thinnest margins. I wonder if conservatives are starting to realize this and drastic action is needed if power is ever gained to maintain it and save the country. That seems to be what “democracy under threat” is all about. The jews think their communist coalition is the majority now and wants the scum to rule by numbers alone, as if all 6 kids in the Brady Bunch could outvote their two parents into spending the family savings next week on an extravagant vacation at Disneyland instead of replacing a broken furnace.

  7. She’s not a fascist.
    You could call her a conservative, national or rightwing populist.
    Or a national or traditional conservative.

    Comparatively, are the new left Marxists, or are they just progressives?

    You could say both the right and the left have partly abandoned centrism, moderatism, liberalism and pluralism.
    You could say the liberal era is over.
    Both the right and left are distancing themselves from liberalism.
    The right has embraced populism to some extent and the left progressivism.
    Eventually some populists might evolve into actual fascists and conversely some mainstream progressives may morph into Neo-Marxists.

  8. No one is complaining but the synagogue of Satan. What a shocker. Demons who aren’t happy unless the Goyim are firmly under their thumb. Or boot. I love that she called out financial speculators. We know what she’s really saying.

  9. Reminder that it is perfectly okay to stay critical of these types of „Far-Right“ people.

    Anytime these politicians who pose with Israeli flags win there seems to be a lot of folks who say „Ugh why can’t people stop complaining just be happy and stop purity spiraling.“ It’s the mindset of an abused housewife who thinks the lull in the beating is a sign of „real change.“

    Until these people stop catering to Jews and actually reverse demographic changes there’s gotta be people holding their feet to the fire.

    • Israel is all about Blood and Soil. Jews know how powerful those two elements are – which is why they try to deny them to Whites.

  10. SHE”S A FACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was “semi-facist” but after her election she went pro. SHE”S SO FUCKIN FAR-RIGHT, the far-rightiest of the right, you’ll need the James Webb telescope to see how far down the right she is, ffs. Not a peep about our “allies” like the house of Saud, duh fuck r thay suppoze to b on the political label? These snobbish scumbags clearly don’t understand the wisdom of the tale of boy who cried wolf, to which even children understand or the more advanced, like Machiavelli’s The Prince, where one of the most basic ways to maintain power is don’t fuck with your proles and their traditions, even if you are a non-believer, you better fake it to make it.

    • Since Israel is an apartheid does Italy have permission to remain Italian? Lol, these countries used to never consider the JQ but now always need their permission. I guess Hay-zeus was technically a jew.
      OT the new Ken Burns propaganda dropped about the Holohoax, I guess the mythology of the holocaust isn’t catching on with the youth, who, to their apathetic credit, with the advent of forensic crime analysis TV, they might require a bit of physical evidence and not mythology. One of my greatest hits of this show is that the Nazi’s supposedly would just stop a military advance in the middle of war to waste munitions in killing 5000+ jews in their advance. Despite Hollywood movies, gunning down that many people and covering it up is a huge laborious undertaking. It’s also weird no one is allowed to use GPR on the alleged mass graves to verify if it even took place and if you even suggest doing that, you’re sympathetic to a now 70 year old dead European government but your rights are null and you need a trip to the penitentiary, you’re a bigger threat than reality based crime like, I don’t know, present day murder.

  11. Another fake nationalist. Meloni is pro NATO, pro EU, a fanatical Zionist, supports total war against Russia, supports sanctions, supports vaccine passports, aw shit, the list could go on for pages. The kicker is the Aspen Institute. Wonderful, an Aspen Institute nationalist. Try to do a little research before endorsing these fake nationalists.

    A real nationalist is a guy like Bong Marcos. Deporting illegal and legal aliens by the thousands (chinese). Negotiating right now with Russia to buy Russian oil and coal. No opinion on European wars. Not our business (he says). Has now lifted the mask mandate that the Lunatic Duterte imposed.

  12. Atrocity propaganda aside, it always was what they meant by “fascism.” Fortunate side effect of Yankee racial suicide is that there are far fewer of these types among whites.

  13. Italy is more hardcore than the US.
    From I gather, politically and stylistically Trump is comparable to Berlusconi, and they made Berlusconi prime minister multiple times in the 90s and 00s.
    Salvini is to the right of Berlusconi and Meloni is to the right of Salvini.
    At least rhetorically, Meloni is comparable to Viktor Orban, with the exception of her unfortunate stance on the Russian war with Ukraine, we’ll see how she governs though.

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