Mehdi Hasan: Italy Headed For First Far Right Government Since World War II

The most striking thing to me about Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy is 1.) how much she sounds like MAGA Republicans in the United States who have been extremely critical of “trans” ideology and 2.) the extent to which she is being fully embraced as a European conservative.

The True Cons move here would be to pull a Liz Cheney and condemn Meloni as a “racist” and a “far right nationalist” whose politics are beyond the pale and form a republican front with the Left in denouncing her and vowing to punish Italy with sanctions in order to save “liberal democracy” from “fascism.” You would have still seen a lot of that a few years ago. You have to go websites like The Bulwark and The Dispatch now to find blasts from the past like David French or Allahpundit writing in that vein.

Charlie Kirk is a useful barometer of where mainstream conservatives are at these days. In 2022, Kirk believes the Great Replacement is happening and is fully on board with European nationalist parties. Orbán and Meloni are being held up as models for the New Right instead of being shunned and condemned.


  1. In a sense, this is very like the Bible story of the prodigal son. Only in this case instead of a son going to live the life of Hunter Biden, and returning home to his father. In this case societies led astray by the Left, spent the last few decades living in decadence, stupidity, and and then ended up in the pig sty of history, and remember what it was like to have a racial and ethnic identity, a religious and cultural identity. And all the other needs that healthy human beings have always had. And then wanted to go home. Let’s hope that they and we, can get back there again. So much good was left behind to remake society into a clown show, in a shopping mall. That’s all they want us to be, a clown show in a shopping mall. With emphasis on the clown show….

  2. I see a lot of people in the previous articles criticize her, but as an italian who voted for her, i can assure to all of you that the other choice was Democratic party of Italy which is left/far-left party that want to jail people who disagree with the left. One of “Democratic” deputy said the past months that elections would have been a danger because of the risk of right-wing victory…… they have only the name of democrats but they aren’t. I’m happy that the left stay home.

          • Salvini in the past (2018/19) reduced immigration with a decree called the security decree. NGO ships carry illegal immigrants to Italy, and our government has to fight against NGOs and Europe. Salvini has been sued in the past for blocking some immigrant ships and has been tried in court. In short: there are plans but Europe is always ready to block the plans (in agreement with NGOs). Salvini and Meloni do what they can do but we are tied to European chains.

    • Which is exactly why Zionist, Judeo-Christian nationalism will play out. It’s the new game in town and any alternative is being ruthlessly annihilated, purged like Andrew Joyce or even collectively jailed like Golden Dawn on demands of Ronald Lauder and the World Jewish Congress. The Johnathan Greenblatt wing of “World Jewry” obviously is so unattractive, that the Likud guys are willing to drop his brand, because he does make Jews look bad, and even make some concessions on demographics of Nafris and Dindus while these pre-selected nationalist leaders make sure that the no one will touch their power. Remember that Austria and Hungary, both with Zionist right FPÖ and Fidesz, opposed the EU sanctions against Moshe Kantor. After all, Nafris were the only ones actually killing Jews in Europe.

      Anyone who has spent any reasonable amount of time looking at the actions of Big Jew and/or debated Jews can clearly see the game plan they have to reign in the forces 2015 had unleashed. Trump’s unintended consequences were managed by Jordan Peterson, Yoram Harzony, Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, Sheldon Adelson, Steve Bannon, many more and now this brand of Christian Nationalism.

      And it will work, because the only other alternative you are given is globohomo hell world. Chabad vs Frankists – nothing new under the sun. It’s a big club and you ain’t in it. You and I are not in their club. Maybe even the top guys run out of new ideas, which is why they re-run the 20th century Zionism vs. Bolshevism dialectic with even more controlled “fascist” leaders.

  3. Well, her first priority is to do something about energy prices which is a major cause of inflation. This whole covid thing was used to silently implement the Green New Deal which has been an economic disaster just a hairs shy short of Mao’s Great Leap Forward. Has anyone done any graphic videos of showing just how many windmills and solar panels you’d need to replace a typical coal fired power plant? Covering an area the size of Delaware with windmills and solar panels costing trillions to replace a coal fired plant that cost a tiny fraction of the cost? At least nuclear is feasible, they generate a huge amount of power, even more than coal, despite being expensive, the amount of power produced is a magnitude more than that entire farm field of about 640 acres just south of Champaign the liberals covered with solar panels that is supposed to produce 1% of the power needed by the facility…during a sunny summer day. In the early 2000s I actually thought this wind and solar was a good idea, until I found out how little energy they produce and how expensive they cost. Then I realized by watching WHO was pushing this green quackery it was just a way of making war on the suburban middle class by urban jews, queers, and druggies. The first step to undoing this is to resume purchasing oil and gas from you know who…and THAT will really piss off the globalists and start a usurpation campaign against her by the globalists, CIA, and EU apparatchiks. Europe really shot itself in the foot with their green energy quackery, the sooner it is all exposed by a fraud the better. We share the same fate despite strong resistance by the decent, honest states not under control of a globalist big blue city. They are hell bent to shut off our electricity without bothering to have any substitutes online…because they can’t, their solar panels and windmills just don’t work on the scale they want to use it.

  4. Everything common sense is farrrrrr wite to these people! Pleasing the majority rather than the noisy minorities…..farrrr wite. They’re only ever happy when their pet causes are being addressed, but never ours.
    The people have voted…….suck it up. Lord knows we always have to when leftists are installed.

  5. “…Giorgia Meloni, AKA the Italian Trump, is set to become Italy’s first female Prime Minister.,,:

    What I wonder is it all fake. Trump, while I will not say he did not do anything good, he made no headway in turning the ship of State. It stayed full globalhomo and as soon as he was gone it picked up speed. He didn’t go after they immense corruption and I believe mass of abused children used to blackmail politicians. Someone must know where these kids reside, who is running them, and they do nothing about it.

    So are these “fascists” just more propped up pols so that people will think something is being done. I know it may sound whacked but AI is progressing very fast. They could very well believe if they can stall long enough with offing enough people with the vax they can have AI run most things and then off the rest of us. You may disagree that AI can ever do much but look at this gif of computing power compared to the generally acknowledged computing power of humans.

    This progress in computing power is mostly right on track. Many people believe that humans are so special that they will never be outdone by machines but so far in any contest that has happened as soon as the computing power for a specific task becomes equivalent to humans, checkers, chess, Go, fighter pilots vs. AI, then the AI crushes the human. There is no real evidence that this will not carry on to any and all task. And don’t tell me “God will not let this hap[pen” because God may favor silicon life over carbon life for all we know. The globalhomo knows this just as well as I do and is likely much more informed. They may be, and probably are, building AI’s to work for them right now while waiting for the computing price to come down. It’s only a few years away from human equivalent, and the software could be mostly already done.

    You think that’s bad,

    Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025]
    Dennis M. Bushnell for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

    Page 19 shows capability of the human brain and time line for human level computation.

    Page 70 gives the computing power trend and around 2025 we get human level computation for $1000.

    2025 is bad but notice it says”…By 2030, PC has collective computing power of a town full of human


    The best part, but not good, is that I think it very likely that a smart AI will look at the putrid, vile, globalhomo and decide that they are the problem and kill them first.

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