1. What a clown government we’ve got that tears down statues of our Founders and great Southern leaders but erects a statue in honor of Aunt Jemima!? This is not just about changing America from what it was historically, but about rubbing the collective noses of Whites in the filth of ‘diversity.’

  2. That´s it!, all the marbles in the jar have been lost, well actually also the jar have been lost!

    Clownworld is peaking

    • I’ve given this issue a bit more thought and I’ve come away appalled at ,the condescending, pretentious bigotry, practised toward american black folks, by these leftist wokesters, how bout a statue of snoop smokin a banana, or little Nas riding a banana, or Michelle obama’s dangling banana, Harriet who?…

  3. I just hate the “intelligence community.” A long time ago I had a blog and I recall seeing a lot of CIA IP addresses sitting all day on my blog looking for God knows what. They’re sinister and malevolent liars.

  4. More evidence, as if any more were needed, that the CIA should be disbanded and their records, all their records, every inch of type, every message, every photograph, every single document: zero exceptions, should be published completely, zero so-called “redactions” (i. e. censorship).”

    If this were done it would collapse the Democrat Party, the Republican Party, end the careers of most of the Washington D.C. bureaucracy, place in jeopardy the lives, liberty and property of hundreds of thousands of people at universities, business, law enforcement, the media, entertainment, MIC etc.

    The publishing of CIA records would also reveal Herr Epstein’s client list, something the CIA’s pals at the FBI have been assiduously hiding so they can use it for their own blackmail. Once published, Epstein’s client list’s value as blackmail would go to zero. There would also be a mass flight out of the country to Our Greatest Ally if the client list were published.

    For these and a hundred other reasons CIA records will remain top secret. Trump promised to de-classify many records. He de-classified JFK assassination records which accidentally showed that MLK, patron saint of whore mongers, wife beaters and plagiarists was in reality, yes, a whore monger, wife beater and plagiarist. Shocking, shocking!

    After some of the JFK records were de-classified, revealing more evidence about what was already known about Saint MLK the de-classifications stopped. Like most of Trump’s promises, it went up in smoke. Can’t have the truth getting out, ya know.

    • I don’t think the CIA was competent enough to assassinate JFK, who by the way, was enamored with cloak and dagger plots. It was either Israel or Castro in retaliation for JFK’s actions and the CIA certainly helped cover it up to spare the Kennedy family which would explain why the Kennedy family remained in politics and didn’t seem to eager to have the assassination reinvestigated.

  5. There will be no break up. Southern troops were at Little Rock. And you and I will be killed by the same if we get uppity beyond a computer blog. Do the white folks you see at Walmart look like like revolutionary material?

  6. So as long as everybody is still mad at White Southerners and still has a demographic to blame ALL their problems on, take out ALL their frustrations on by ripping their monuments down, someone to point to as being THE EVIL ONES (because of slavery) while the rest of the Yankee Empire is in love with themselves and they have finally tamed all the Blacks by not reporting their crimes and other evil deeds and giving them lots and lots of free stuff so they will eventually finally come to love their great Yankee liberators and so “utopia” has finally set in and they all lived happily ever after….. until the South finally had had enough of Reconstruction and they finally seceded and you can figure out the rest…

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Nice statue, but, I would love to see it come tumbling down.It has to go because it is offensive to somebody.

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