Tucker Carlson: The Sabotage of the Nord Stream Pipelines

Viktor Orbán has predicted that governments are going to fall in Europe this winter. Sweden and Italy are off to an early start. This was before the Nord Stream pipelines went offline yesterday.

Note: Here in the American South, fall weather has arrived and feels cooler than usual.


  1. Hmmm,
    America pumps 3 trillion cu ft a day . in the US gas is $6 per 1000 ft.
    In Europe gas is up to $90 per 1000. Why would America want to ruin the competition, it’s just $80 per 1000 ft. in profit to be gained ?

    production has grown by 20 billion cubic feet per day.
    Natural gas consumption in the U.S. will, however, remain stagnant over the next five years. Therefore, the industry will have to export the increase in natural gas production as LNG exports.

    I can’t see a motive.

    • The possible motive is that the US is getting worried about Germany wobbling on the anti-Russia sanctions. This closes the door on a German-Russian deal.

  2. The US has been holding naval exercises in the vicinity of these explosions. Germany was in talks with Russia to re-open Nord Stream 1 because popular pressure was brewing and they feared winter unrest. The Baltic is on of the most heavily monitored and patrolled seas in the world, especially in this time of war. The Russians almost certainly sunk the MS Estonia back in 1994 taking over 800 lives. Meaning all these states around the Baltic are on high alert ESPECIALLY now.

    It’s almost impossible for the Russians to have commited this act unnoticed and undetected.

  3. Gulf Coast Alabama is feeling good today. No downpours of rain or scorching hot tropical sun, only the cool autumn breeze and pleasant sunshine.

    • “Note: Here in the American South, fall weather has arrived and feels cooler than usual.”

      Yes, it has been unusually cold, usually my furnace doesn’t kick in until the first week of October, It’s already been kicking in at night for a week now. I usually also harvest tomatoes into the first couple weeks of October. Now they are still sitting there on the vine, green but not blushing.

      OPEC is supposed to cut production on October 5th. Seems MBS can’t stand Brandon either and wants to drive gas prices up before the midterms. Seems a lot of the world likes BRICS because at least to this point, one thing the Russians and Chinese don’t do is preach “rights” or “democracy” to all the regimes in the third world and demand social changes in their societies or to risk their hold on power to “an election” of course manipulated by the NYC-DC-London financial-media-NGO axis. The US used to have enough sense not to do this, we let the Arab tin pots run their countries as they saw fit as long as they kept the peace and the oil flowing. But sometime after the cold war ended, and boomer women moved into so many positions of power, the West became a nanny mother demanding all these radical social changes in the world and “elections” that foolishly risk the toppling of long cultivated allies.

  4. John Helmer is an older journo living in Moscow for over 30 years, he knows everyone there. A lot of his stuff has been correct. He says – per Russian surveillance data – it was Polish forces that actually blew up Nordstream backed by the US and Denmark & Sweden – some excerpts:

    “The military operation on Monday night which fired munitions to blow holes in the Nord Stream I and Nord Stream II pipelines on the Baltic Sea floor, near Bornholm Island, was executed by Polish Navy and special forces.

    It was aided by Danish and Swedish military; planned and coordinated with US intelligence and technical support; and approved by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

    The attack is targeting the Germans, especially the business and union lobby and the East German voters, with a scheme to blame Moscow for the troubles they have, and their troubles to come with winter.

    The operation is a repeat of the Bornholm Bash operation of April 2021, which attempted to sabotage Russian vessels laying the gas pipes, but ended in ignominious retreat by the Polish forces.

    Morawiecki has also been driven by fear that, following the fresh Russian reinforcements, the Ukrainian battlefield will move west and south; Ukrainian electric light and heat will be cut off; and millions of fresh refugees will attempt to cross into Poland again.”


  5. The nerve of these glow-n*ggers… Who is going to buy that? Russia bombing their own Russian-German pipeline which they could just switch off?! Thanks again America!!! And the Eternal Pole is of course at it again, too.

    BUT what I don’t understand is, why the perfidious Dane is aiding the Yankee Empire in attacking us in hybrid warfare. They already did help the NSA spy on Merkel and Germans in general.

  6. They most likely used the “Baltops” execise to plant the charge it could even have been there since last year (Baltops 21)

    a US UDT did this

    What people seem to not grasp is that this is an attack on German infrastructure more than it is on Russia
    Well America attacking Germany and trying to destroy anything German is hardly nothing new…soo

    • Anything to make sure the Germans remain as spiritually crushed, and soon to be impoverished whipping boys.

  7. The Jews are ruining our relations with Europe. They will blame it on “Americans” when in fact it’s the Jews that run all this stuff. The Jews overthrew Ukraine, shelled the east, started the war there or made it inevitable. The only way to deal with the Jews is to get rid of them. Throw them out of your country and let them have zero say in your future.

    • Those words may become true! and in the end when the score is about to be settled the jews will say “It was the Americans who did this not us, they the Americans made us do it”

      This will happen and also israel will blame America for the monumental levels of violence that is about to decend upon us and re-draw borders and state lines again and maybe for ever

      As Paul Craig Roberts wrote a few years back “In the near future an American passport in Europe will equal a NSDAP party book in 1946 Berlin

      In the future Nurnberg trial US generals and politicians will sit in the place of Hess and Goering

  8. God bless the Poles! Somebody should do the Turkish Stream, out there in the East too. That would cut off all Russian transfer of gas to Europe, except what Ukraine allows.

    • >”God bless the Poles!”
      Offering yourself as butt-goys of GAE, so all of Europe can remain colonized by it, as long as you can get in a cheap own on Germany, because of your never ending butthurt, doesn’t strike me as blessing worthy. Or Catholic for that matter. The almost two trillion reparation demands just recently were obviously coordinated with USA, too, to harm our image and boost their own. Murica isn’t just fighting a proxy war in Ukraine, but in all of Eastern Europe now. Based Poland!

      And it’s true: Rados?aw Sikorski who thanked the US for bombing NS 1&2, then deleted his tweets, really is the husband of none other than Anne Applebaum. The absolute state of it all. This getting worse than the Iraq War, and fast. At least Murica didn’t outright bomb us, when Gerhard Schröder and Chirac refused.

  9. This whole shitshow is becoming more dusgusting with every day. Here in Germanistan the consequences have affected the life of every citizen by now. This latest stunt against the 2 pipelines was another big nail into the coffin. And this is only the beginning. There is a lot more in store. Maybe at least some more sheeple will wake up. It has never been so obvious why all this is happening and in whose interest it is.
    Anyhow, every decent white man should stand with Putin’s Russia, as the Russians are the last bulwark against the Jew-World-Order and the evil globo-homo gay-ass empire. Z

    • Yes!

      Hell Russia may have it´s faults but they will not make you son into your daughter at the point of the bayonet!

      Zaporizjzje and Kerson is mostly Ukrainian and even they voted to leave! if that dont tell you how shitty Country 404 truly is i don´t know!

      Even Ukrainians want out nothing scare honest good people as much as the threath of constant pride-parades

    • Hopefully this will lead to more of your(our) people waking up. Perhaps some of the brown economic invaders will freeze to death or leave. Bullshit like this usually has unintended consequences.

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