Major Latvian parties completely implode over lockdowns, mandates, and Russo-Ukrainian War

The Latvian election was yesterday. Four parties that got 68% of the seats in 2018 received 0% of the seats.

The three B’s are voting today. Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Brazil.


  1. All I want is my air conditioner back on my God I am gonna hightail it out of fla when this nightmare finally ends

  2. Finland, the Baltic states, Georgia, Central Asia and the eastern Ukraine all must be put back under Russian control. And the Romanov dynasty must be put back on the throne, even if only in a ceremonial capacity.

    I am curious to see how Vladimir Vladimirovitch responds to the destruction of that Nordstream pipeline on orders of the Shitpants Joe regime in Washington. I hear that the Germans are extremely angry about it and might demand that US occupation troops leave their country. Let’s hope so!

    • “””… how Vladimir Vladimirovitch responds…”””

      Worst possible way. Putin will ignore blast and proceed with plan so escalation desperately needed will not happen. Uncle Joe can not shine as wartime leader who united society to confront evil like FDR did.

      Uncle Joe remains peacetime president who is dealing with multiple problems what only grow and Vlad will not give him much needed distraction.

    • Why sentence the Finns and Balts to corrupt Russian rule? Not cool dude, not cool.

    • It is insane.

      Foreign policy has always been one of my top issues. I have always been antiwar. I guess I am now anti-nuclear war with Russia.

      • The people who are contemplating nuclear war are insane but…if there is one, no doubt the places our enemies reside will be blasted to smithereens.

    • Sigh, if it does go Nuclear let’s hope tough Russian guy Putin more than one ups the Florida governor sending 44 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard MA. Let’s hope Putin nukes….

      Martha’s Vineyard MA, Malibu CA, LA/Hollywood during the Academy Awards show or the “Adult Film” award shows in Vegas.

      Nuking commencement ceremonies at Harvard and Yale Law Schools would be perfectly understandable to most of us here.

  3. It just struck me!

    This is the Third time the US destroy Germany by now blowing up the pipeline

    For a country where most people are German decendants that some shit!, German self-hate is real seemingly whereever you find them

    Question is will Three times be a charm

    • It’s a tragic reality. There are two very good articles about this very thing on Unz.

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