Jair Bolsonaro Survives To Second Round In Brazil

Over the past few weeks, the consensus in the media has been that Jair Bolsonaro was finished in Brazil and that Lula da Silva was going to outright win the presidency in a landslide by 15 points. Yesterday, Lula only topped Bolsonaro by 5 points and will have to win the runoff on October 30.

Note: Obviously, I hope the communist Lula is defeated. I haven’t paid much attention though to Bolsonaro’s term in office. It was a small miracle that he won the first time.


  1. The polling consensus was that Lula was going to get an absolute majority, thereby obviating a runoff, and that Bolsonaro would only get 30%. The reality was L 48, B 43. Which means that B overperformed the polling by 13 points.

    Or, inspired by James Edwards: Polling schmolling.

    I believe this has relevance to a certain other country in the Western hemisphere which is about to hold big elections.

    Though I will say that, here on The Continent, this is really not the case, that the polling is rarely that off. Britain, yes, but the actual Continent, not so much.

    • I get polled all the time by Gallup and Pew and never respond to those emails. The polls are measuring a willingness to participate in polls. Shitlibs are eager to complete surveys.

      • I like being polled. When I lived in Georgia I was polled over what I thought of Jon Ossoff. I replied with the last thing the US needs is another Jew in the senate.

    • “polls are measuring a willingness to participate in polls”

      And there are some ppl who lie to pollsters.
      What business does some damned stranger have intruding into my mind.

  2. A Brazilian’s summary –


    Average 30% reduction of crime rates, including homicide and robbery.
    Gun law reform and record rates of private gun ownership.
    Highest economic growth since 2013, thanks to pension reform, liberalisation and other measures.
    Lowest unemployment rate since 2015.
    Record profit for state-run companies, including the ones he found nearly bankrupt.
    Lowest number of corruption scandals from any administration since 1985.
    Purge of leftists from the state bureaucracy, including the Ministry of Education.
    First literacy and basic education program based on science instead of marxism/constructivism.
    First major plan of national security since 1985 (Projeto Barão do Rio Branco).
    Finishing a massive number of incomplete works from previous administrations.
    Realignment of diplomacy from globalism and towards autonomy.
    Revoking open borders plan approved by the previous administration.

  3. Before the election I spoke to an old Brazilian friend who said the polls were flat-out lies. Spoke to him again today: basically he says there are issues with the voting machines, no way is Lula anywhere near 50%, Bolsonaro is very popular despite the left-wing media/establishment propaganda. A lot of people there are already calling “fraud”, but like November 2020 here it will be difficult to prove. Make of that what you will.

    Many Brazilians have not forgotten Lula/Dilma presiding over(participating in) the Petrobras corruption scandal which tanked the Brazilian economy and hurt millions. Lula also opened up the country to Chinese imports. As in America, COVID was used as a stick to beat Bolsonaro with, but the death figures (as in the US) are likely overexaggerated.

    • Being mixed race, Brazil’s future is dismal.
      Without its super abundance of natural resources it’s another Haiti.

  4. I try to look on the bright side of life. If Bolsonaro some how wins, or is allowed to win as Trump was not… all good. If this ugly Communist promoting urban criminal anarchy wins and drags Brazil down in to Venezuela type anarchy, economic collapse then lots of beautiful European Brazilian women will be heading our/my way, same as happened in Venezuela collapse.

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