The Dispatch: When Culture Wars Go Way To Far

I have a positive view of Christian nationalism.

Just look at the “trans” issue. California has become the first sanctuary state for “trans youth” and will strip parents from other states of custody of their own children in order to provide them with “gender-affirming care.” California state courts will assert “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over “trans youth” from other states to protect them from their parents who will be kept in the dark.

The Dispatch:

“And now the culture war is escalating to disrupt the bond between parents and children. 

On Thursday California governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 107, a bill the Los Angeles Times said “aims to protect transgender youths and their families from bans against gender-affirming care.” Well, that’s one way to put it. Another is that the bill permits to transgender youth who enter California to obtain life-altering medical interventions without their parents’ knowledge or consent

The bill makes for complicated reading, but the bottom line is clear—a child can cross state lines to obtain “gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care” and obtain immediate protection from efforts from parents to bring their child home. 

Section 5 grants state courts “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over children in the state who are seeking gender-affirming care. Section 7 treats a petitioner who is entering California so that a child can receive gender-affirming care the same as if they were fleeing domestic violence. Multiple sections prevent the sharing medical information about children even in response to subpoenas, if those subpoenas are “based on a violation of another state’s laws that interfere with a person’s right to allow a child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

Let’s put this in plain English. Let’s suppose mom and dad are locked in a custody dispute, and treatment of gender dysphoria is a key component of the dispute. One parent could take the child to California, secure the treatment they seek and then block the other parent even from receiving information about their own child’s treatment. 

Relatives could take a child across state lines, enroll them in a treatment program that the parents object to, block the parents from obtaining information about that treatment, and then block enforcement of child custody orders from the child’s home state.  …”

As David French notes, this is a sort of “owning the contards” response from Gavin Newsom to Texas where “gender-affirming care” is being treated as child abuse by Gov. Greg Abbott and AG Ken Paxton.

“This wouldn’t be 2022 if the story ran only one way. Just as California has escalated the culture wars by potentially severing the parent/child relationship when parents object to various methods of gender reassignment, Texas now threatens to break families when parents consent to those same treatments.

In February Texas attorney general Ken Paxton wrote to Texas representative Matt Krause and argued that certain “sex-change” or “gender-reassignment” procedures, including various surgical procedures and the prescription of puberty blockers “can legally constitute child abuse under several provisions” of Texas law. …”

Texas governor Greg Abbott followed Paxton’s letter with his own directive, stating that “Texas law imposes a duty on [the Department of Family and Protective Services] to investigate the parents of a child who is subjected to these abusive gender-transitioning procedures.” In response, DFPS commenced investigations of at least nine Texas families. …”

Texas is the “most virulently anti-trans state” in the nation. Along with banning abortion, Texas has passed a bunch of “anti-trans” bills in the most recent session of the Texas state legislature.

NY Mag:

“The story of Texas’s sharp turn against trans rights is about discrimination, cruelty, and an increasingly hostile environment for LGBTQ families in this country. It is also specifically a story about foster care.

When Governor Greg Abbott in February directed the state’s child-welfare agency to conduct abuse investigations of parents who provide their children gender-affirming care, it threw the lives of people like Kimberly Shappley into tumult. Shappley, an LGBTQ activist from Austin and mother to a trans daughter, Kai, said she spent the days following the order calling attorneys, preparing Kai’s safe folder — a collection of medical documents and testimonies from the community in case government agents knock on the door — and getting her “escape plan” in place in case the family needed to leave the state. “I’m just like, I don’t know, crying nonstop since the news hit, like every other parent,” Shappley said. …

Abbott’s order is part of a state-by-state attack on trans people led by prominent conservative groups. Iowa, for example, has 14 bills restricting trans rights pending in the state legislature. In just one day in late March, ArizonaKentucky, and Oklahoma each passed a ban on trans athletes in sports, and Arizona passed a bill restricting gender-affirming surgeries for minors, procedures that are already extremely rare. President Joe Biden has weighed in, declaring, “The onslaught of anti-transgender state laws attacking you and your families is simply wrong.” …”

At the state level, the country is rifting apart on a bunch of cultural issues. Congress is paralyzed by the gridlock in the Senate, but Blue States and Red States are implementing very different policies.

How do we explain this? Why is California celebrating abortion and transgenderism? Why are Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida and other states rapidly moving in the opposite direction? This is simply because Christian nationalism and White evangelical Protestants are much stronger in the South while there are more atheists and secular White libtards on the West Coast. The religious and cultural divide cuts across all social and identity issues including race and immigration.


    • >I have a positive view of Christian nationalism.

      Seems to have landed in New England, maybe Massachusetts — a single mother; no sign of an adult male presence — appears to be a Christian: says the kids needed uniforms for school, asks for prayers.

      Read the updates — ‘mass formation psychosis’ writ large.

  1. A recent study found:

    “So far this month, for example, Democrats and their allies have aired more than 68,000 ads on TV referencing abortion — more than 15 times as many as their Republican counterparts. They’ve spent an estimated $31 million on such ads compared with the GOP’s outlay of only $2.8 million. That’s even as Republican leaders such as GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel acknowledged in a recent interview that her party cannot allow Democrats to control the narrative on abortion.

    “It’s very clear that that’s the only thing that Democrats have to run on, right? They don’t run on a good economy. They can’t run on community being safer. They can’t run on education,” McDaniel said. “So what are they going to do? They’re going to make everything about abortion, which means we’re going to have to talk about it as Republicans do.””

    It’s becoming more and more undeniable that abortion is a political loser for the Right. Focus on crime, the economy, and opposing this “trans” and “LGBT” insanity. Leave Shonda’s fetus out of it.

  2. >SB 107

    One can see it as a natural consequence of the self-righteous arrogance inherent in secular moral absolutism.

  3. Child-Mutilation is a Happy Day: Three Jovial Jewish activists Promote the Poison of Translunacy

    Even if you watch the videos with the sound off, you may find that the curiously similar expressions of the women make your flesh creep.

    That’s definitely something I noticed about them: the soulless eyes and happy smiles they all have as they talk about performing even the most gruesome surgical mutilations on children.

    I think any survey would find that Jews are way overrepresented among transgender activists — I know I wasn’t surprised to learn that Jazz Jennings, one of the first transgender freaks the mainstream shoved in my face, was Jewish.

    But it should be mentioned that the woman behind LibsofTikTok is also Jewish.

  4. Things are progressing nicely as of late. First Rod Dreher comes over to our side, now even David French? You can hear the anxiety in his article. I never would have believed it if you told me so a year ago.

    Good to see the Richard Spencer “Evropa” losers still stewing in resentment.

    • Lady Spencer must be acting like Norma Desmond these days. “I AM BIG, IT’S THE ALT-RIGHT MOVEMENT THAT GOT SMALL!”

    • Wasn’t Matt Walsh a liberal until recently? The pendulum really can’t swing much further to the left without completely destroying the clock!

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Gavin Newsom looks unhinged and psychotic?
    Not just sayin’ that cause he’s a leftist either, I don’t like Obama, but he at least looks normal.
    Gavin always has this look on his face like he’s just a step or two away from completely losing it.

    • Yeah , know the feeling
      7 days without air conditioning in south Florida and I’m about to lose my shit

    • Newsom had the looks and the pedigree to be a serious presidential contender, but he decided to become an unhinged shitlib instead.

    • Gavin’s got that ‘American Psycho’ (movie) look about him. All prim and proper, tanned, waxed, and moisturized. It’s all about appearances. There’s nothing substantive about the guy. He’s as much an empty suit as one can conceive.

      Gavin’s only looking for political controversy with Governors DeSantis and Abbott in order to give his name a greater national appeal and recognition. Being that he’s related to Nancy Pelosi, he intends to use his looks, phony smile, wealth and status to run for POTUS. He’s utterly wrecked California, and he plans to do the same to the entire nation.

      I’m hoping a whole lot of Americans will see right through the guy. But then, again, I have to remember that we’re dealing with hordes of dumbed-down, public school educated Americans.

  6. The culture wars didn’t start suddenly, it took off like a speeding bullet. The decline of this nations culture is almost like living on a foreign planet of aliens.

  7. A tranny is just a souped up faggot. Until the 90’s there was this great resistance to the sodomites in America. But now the entire Edomite Red Party embraces the queers. It was completely mainstreamed under Trump. There is a bipartisan consensus that they are all wonderful gay happy people and deserve special rignts and protections.

    I remember in the 90′ the Democrats in Alabama were saying they reserve the right to discriminate against homosexuals. Now the entire Red Shield party is far to the left of where these dems were 30 years ago.

    Dabney talked about this way back when. The so called conservatives resist every innovation, but eventually embrace the change. It’s already happened with the queers, I mean, our wonderful gay happy people. But even Dabney was completely clueless as to who was orchestrating these innovations from the City of London and New York.

    So the Jews are now to the tranny stage. Will the cursed Goyim in Texas embrace it? Yes, they will. Just give it some more time.

    After the conservatives embrace trannies, and they will, will come the large trans humanist push. Chip the goyim. Hijack the brain. Can’t be so bad, (((Elon))) likes it.

    The entire ZOG regime, with its false dichotomy of parties, continues veering far into Judaism, far left. DeSantis is not what he pretends to be. His assigned role is to protect the Synagogue of Satan while they construct their third temple.

    Ukraine, previously called Khazaria, has the most Jewish government in the world, outside of Israel. The Jews have big plans for Ukraine, turning it into a Big Israel. DeSantis and the entire Red Shield party leadership will help them in this.

    Ukraine is also a back up plan. Constructing the third temple might start a large war. If they lose, the yids will have Ukraine as a back up, their new Big Israel, their ancient homeland of Khazaria.

    There is some resistance. It is centered in Moscow. In the Church there. Putin is actually a squish, but the Patriarch has some real influence. Pray for Russia.

  8. Letting kids do this awful gender changing stuff is a crime. Truly horrible and it hurts society as I suspect a good chunk are tricked into this due to some other mental illness and would never do this in a sane culture. They are simply seeking to escape themselves. One thing this will do is cut down on the amount of weirdos in the next generation. It will turn us into being more like the cookie cutter Asians, all the oddballs can be quite creative and invent stuff. Now they are chopping off their dicks and taking puberty blockers and dropping out of the breeding population. Still, the harm done by this post 60s culture far, far outweighs the benefits of queers and weirdos being culled from the gene pool. And besides the general plummeting birthrates and malaise you also lose the weirdos like Tesla and Newton, and queer wits like Oscar Wilde who contributed to the culture.

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