California Officially Becomes First Sanctuary State For “Trans” Children

As Vladimir Putin said in his speech yesterday, Western liberals have embraced outright Satanism. He was probably thinking of California Democrats who are leading the charge toward “progress.”

National Review:

“On Thursday, California governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation that would facilitate child gender-transition tourism from other states.

The bill, spearheaded by Democratic state senator Scott Wiener, aims to make California a “sanctuary state” for out-of-state children to receive so-called gender-affirming surgery and hormone therapy without the knowledge or consent of their parents. The bill includes a number of provisions designed to insulate residents of red states that have banned child gender-transition from prosecution.

It prohibits California courts and lawyers from enforcing subpoenas imposed by other states demanding that healthcare providers disclose when they perform such medical procedures on minors.

Wiener has been behind multiple lawmaking efforts in the state to undermine parental rights. In January, he pitched a bill that would allow minors to be vaccinated without parental permission.

Under the gender-transition law, California courts will have “temporary emergency jurisdiction” over any child and the person who accompanied the child to California to obtain the invasive medical interventions. …”

It is often said there is no difference between the two parties.

At the state level though, Alabama and California are polar opposites. Alabama recently ended a woman’s right to choose. California considers abortion a sacred act and is making abortion easier and soliciting abortions from Red States. California has become a sanctuary state for “trans youth” and California courts will protect children seeking sex change operations from their parents. Alabama has banned “gender affirming care” for “trans youth” and passed the “Don’t Say Gay” law. California recently passed draconian climate change legislation designed to cut state oil consumption by 91%. The average price of gasoline in California is still $6.35 a gallon compared to $3.20 a gallon in Alabama. California went nuts with COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates. Alabama took a light approach to COVID.

If you were to move from California to Alabama or vice versa, you would notice all sorts of differences between the way the two states are governed. Looting has been legalized in California. Christian nationalism is far stronger in Alabama than California and that has the effect of making Alabama a far more rightwing state in every aspect of public policy including immigration.


  1. I am not a fan of the GOP, but I’ll be voting for them in November. I was going to sit it out, but when you start harming children and mutilating them for life, that’s where I draw the line. Whatever their flaws, I’ll vote for the Republican that opposes it monstrous practice.

  2. It’s been three months now since Roe v Wade was overturned and I’m not seeing any of the supposed benefits. All the bad things pro lifers blamed on abortion are still here.

  3. What a shit……anyway they can claim to be christian (catholic or protestant) but this is not true because christianism (both catholicism and protestantism) have never embraced the LGBTQ, instead in these doctrines this behaviour is forbidden has a sin. I’m not a believer, i’m agnostic but the doctrines are against this shit.

    • @Marcel—-but it is Gods will. For God did create these freaks, but why did he? As punishment for defying him. God hates incestuous breeding and punishes with the plagues of homosexuality sexual confusion. Homosexuality and sexual perversion predominate in inbreds. And who are the inbreds?
      Gavin Newsome and his kind, Rachel Levine and her kind. A harmonious life defends on knowing and understanding God, not fighting him would you not agree?

      • I simply said that they’re not christian even if they claim to be.
        P.s for admiral Levine don’t use “her”, use “his” because he is still a man.

  4. “Satanism”

    From Gods directly to the lips of Vladimir Putin

    The great choice of sides is before us, choose wisely

    • Putin is a politician too, don’t forget that along with KGB. I’d take his embrace of religion with a grain of salt, similar to Bill Clinton’s alleged “faith.” But I do think he is genuinely disgusted by all this queer and gender shit going on in the West. Most Alpha Males are, they have good survival instincts. I remember High School and the “success click” of pets the teachers all had picked out to mainline straight into the American power structure. Sure they were smart, but if our high school class had been plopped down on Gilligan’s Island in a survival situation I very much doubt these brainy boys and the Lisa Simpson Girls would be barking out commands. The Jocks who ran all the keg parties and verbally dominated any social interaction would take charge and apportion out things. Sure they might have some smart kids around to take advice from, and would generally have good instincts as to what is good advice and what is nerd foolery to be ignored. But these type of people like Anthony Blinken and Jen Psaki would never be in charge in a real Patriarchy.

      Hollywood likes to confuse us as to true reality, I remember some silly Leonardo DiCaprio movie from the 90s where he wound up on some Hidden Island in Southeast Asia filled with Euro Backpackers where they had their own alternative type society and in Hollywood’s version of reality all these musclebound dudes were sitting passively taking orders from some female??? Really, and it has only gotten worse with all the Kung Fu Princesses, female “Capatain Marvel” movies,(wasn’t it supposed to be about a little boy who said Shazaam and turned into a musclebound adult superhero?) And now “The CW” is giving us black, female superhero TV shows for what audience? Isn’t the whole superhero thing have an audience of predominantly young nerdy white boys? No wonder so many dorks are confused about women, if all they do is watch TV they won’t have a clue as to how social structures actually operate.

  5. We live in an insane and sick society thanks to politicians that want votes no matter how immoral and sick.

    • Don’t forget the jewish values of porn , Miscegenation ,drug use ,promiscuity ,feminism, sodomy etc. etc.

  6. Woke progressives are so friggin arrogant, I hate them.
    They are more arrogant than the Catholic church was in the middle ages.
    More arrogant than Islamofascists.
    They don’t believe in God, yet somehow ethics is 100% objective, and only the uni professors and billionaire ‘philanthropists’ (more like Malthusian misanthropists) are capable of discerning right from wrong, good from evil, social ‘facts’ from fiction, as if society was as straightforward and objective as physics.
    My opinion, your opinion doesn’t matter, that’s democracy!
    Why do we have to share the same planet with these people, let alone the same country?

  7. Drag queen story hour is blatant Satanic pedophilia, there’s no other rational explanation for it, you can introduce children to the concept of trans without having a scantily clad ghoulish John Wayne Gacy looking tranny shake its synthetic T&A in front of kids.
    They’re really taking the masks off now, Alex Jones was right, Epstein didn’t kill himself, yes they really are Satanic pedophiles, that’s who runs the woke cult on the left and the neocons on the right at the top.

  8. They took paradise, and after 70 to 80 years, turned it into a kind of hell. I was born there in 1963, although I grew up in Arizona. Just go back and look at movies, and even home movies made in California in those years, and compare them to what you see today. They wrecked what was a really great place to live. I now live in the Ozarks, and the number or ex Californians I run into would astonish you. They just want to get away from the place. The Beach Boys aren’t all dead yet, and the California they knew is already gone.

    • Yep, I love the old “Emergency!” TV show I picked up on DVD at Walmart. It’s still very watchable with intelligent plots of real accident and medical emergency situations relevant today. You can see how gorgeous Southern California used to be, but in some what the whites seemed like the Eloi in time machine, unaware of the Morlocks about to come and destroy that post war paradise over the next 50 years.

  9. They were always looking for an excuse to kidnap children and it was predicted they would do this, because they have done it in the past.

    This is Slavery 101, even a left-wing Jew like Dave Graeber, in his great book Debt: The First 5000 Years, says the defining feature of slavery is the denial of basic family relations.

    The state can come and take your children at any time. The most “radical” “Christian Nationalists” (i.e., normal conservative leaning Americans) have been predicting this since I was a child, in fact, I remember hearing about cases of the police kidnapping home-school children.

    Back then they just forced the kidnapped children to learn evil shit in school, now they are going to kidnap children and castrate the boys and mutilate the girls.

    Don’t take the Mark, Republicans! You know they will.

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