Elon Musk Reverses Course and Will Proceed To Buy Twitter

I was expecting this October surprise.

I didn’t think Elon was going to be able to get out of the deal that he agreed to.


  1. “Hate speech” and “disinformation” could soon return to Twitter.”

    Good. I’m ready to do my part having been booted over a truthful statement.

  2. Watch the lefties leave the platform on principle of insufficient censorship.

    Unlike the right, they have true faith.

  3. I don’t trust Elon Musk, because he’s a half jew and a billionaire. I predict Twitter will continue to operate pretty much the way it does now if/when he takes ownership. Any attempt to change things would result in lawsuits, boycotts, Federal investigations, protests from foreign governments, etc.

      • I suspect the left/deep state are wondering if Putin’s nuclear weapons are just as degraded as his army, so they are willing to risk a nuclear exchange. They have been putting out stories recently, to prepare the public for the use of nuclear weapons.

        I think Musk is afraid there will be a nuclear war if he doesn’t buy Twitter. He wants to buy it, so he can clear off the bots that are skewing the conversation. They say the Internet is 60% bot traffic, so a person may believe they have a busy website, when in fact no humans are visiting.

        So Musk buying Twitter will probably mean a digital id. No more anonymous posting.

        • Not that this is related to Twitter, but …

          >just as degraded as his army

          Why do you think the Russian army is ‘degraded’? — compared to what? — it’s just not that large (why should it be?), and that combined with the size of the Ukrainian army, the restrained strategy (designed to limit casualties, especially among civilians, as well as damage to infrastructure), limited (initial) goals of the SMO, and the significant material aid supplied to Ukraine by the West, are the reasons for the recent setbacks and decision to mobilize more troops.

          Russia hasn’t waged war against Ukraine; their goal was to methodically push Ukrainian troops out of the contested eastern regions.

          I think the Russians likely somewhat underestimated Ukraine militarily, as well as Ukrainian resolve (compared to Crimea in 2014) — Putin was probably also surprised by the belligerency of the West: encouraging Ukraine to resist rather than negotiate, supplying enormous material (and strategic) aid.

          The US has an economy that is approx 20x Russia’s — the size of the Russian economy is comparable to Australia, Iran, or South Korea.

          • “Why do you think the Russian army is ‘degraded’?”

            “The US has an economy that is approx 20x Russia’s — the size of the Russian economy is comparable to Australia, Iran, or South Korea.”

            They say Russia became poor after the collapse of Communism. But it also collapsed, because Communism made the USSR poor.

            I remember watching documentaries in the late 1990s, where Westerner environmentalists were concerned about nuclear spills from many war ships and submarines rusting in the former USSR’s harbors. Imagine being so poor, you can’t afford to clean up radioactive leaks in your harbors?

            I also remember watching Desert Storm. How they demolished Iraq like it was nothing. One of the commentators said, Russia’s military strategists must be very concerned, because what is being destroyed is Soviet hardware, Soviet trained troops, and Soviet defence planning.

            I also associate Russia with oligarchs, gangsters, expensive cars, super yaghts, mansions, and super model girlfriends for rich men. That indicates the elite were spending Russia’s money on themselves, instead of building up the country. America has the same problem with its elite.

            “Russia hasn’t waged war against Ukraine; their goal was to methodically push Ukrainian troops out of the contested eastern regions.”

            The stated goal gets smaller the more they lose. On the maps showing troop movements, they tried to take Ukraine in a pincer movement spanning half the country. The pro Russia propagandists in the West were telling pro Ukrainians to give up, saying the Russians are unstoppable. They bluffed well, but they didn’t have anything.

            My thought when Russia invaded, was all they had to do was wait for the Democrats to get voted out. If they had done nothing, they would be out for a long time.

          • I don’t believe Russia is as strong as the USSR of old, but I think they will still have a percentage of nuclear missles working. The spooks are probably gambling, if they put most anti-missle defences where important people live, like for example, Martha’s Vineyard, New York, San Franciso, L.A., Washington D.C., then they will be safe.

            If they could have gay/trans pride parades in Russia, don’t you think it would be worth a few million American dead? 10 million? 100 million would probably be not worth it I think.

        • >… No more anonymous posting.

          Right — so turn Twitter into a blue checkmark echo chamber — oh wait, it pretty much is that already.

          I have no idea if Musk is that dumb, but he might be.

          To be honest, I also have no idea what Musk has planned for Twitter either — or if he even has a plan; this whole acquisition was a shoot from the hip operation.

          But it makes little sense to spend so much cash (including a lot of debt, which must be serviced in the meantime, not to mention the problems he’ll have if Tesla stock dives) to take Twitter private — as a company, it is simply not profitable; or profitable enough to justify that — so ultimately he’ll have to do something to improve profitability, then take Twitter public again.

      • Elon is the epitome of wishy washy. He seems to act completely on a whim which is not something positive for us, but I had rather have him own Twitter.

        • Some financial guys were saying on social media that doing an M&A deal with Musk looked like doing one with Sponge Bob.

    • Gimme a break, bro. Elon is not half Jewish. People who spread Jewish misinformation make us look bad.

      • I’m not the type to accuse everyone I disagree with of being a crypto Jew. But Elon is a Hebrew sounding name and I did hear that his father was an Israeli and his mother was from South Africa. If he’s a gentile I’ll eat my kippah.

      • And I will add this

        His is South African. On his father’s side he is part Afrikaner (long ago Dutch who moved to Africa) and British and a little bit of French Huguenot. He grew up in South Africa. His mother (Haldeman) is Canadian of English and some German background.

  4. >I didn’t think Elon was going to be able to get out of the deal that he agreed to.

    Why not? — had he been able to show in court that Twitter either misled him, or was not forthcoming, about important business metrics affecting the value of Twitter, which would have amounted to fraudulent misrepresentation on the part of Twitter, then of course he would have been able to void the contract/agreement — remember: this was a civil suit, where the standard is ‘preponderance of the evidence’ (sometimes stated as ‘more likely than not’).

    There are two aspects to Musk’s intended acquisition of Twitter: 1) his belief that the company is not a fair arbiter in its role as ‘digital town square’, and 2) the viability of Twitter as a profit-making business.

    His concern about 1) is (let’s say) admirable, even well-founded, but regarding 2) that does not mean acquiring the company is a good idea since Twitter’s potential for revenue growth and profitability are both doubtful — after some hesitation, Twitter’s board accepted Musk’s offer of a rather small premium above the then market price because they knew the company would continue to struggle with both growth and profitability.

    • Musk did have a valid point about the level of bots & fake users showing that Twitter was partly fraud, but he made the mistake of ‘thinking out loud’ too much in terms of ‘strategy’ and gaming the system including the courts. Musk was vulnerable to securities fraud etc accusations given the shares he had purchased. Musk likely got the backdoor ‘word’ he could avoid trouble by carrying thru the purchase.

      It is underestimated how much the billionaire oligarchy actually controls and can menace its own top members. Long ago Bill Gates was threatened with severe anti-monopoly actions, but that went away when Gates started his globalist-engineering role. At times also ‘richest man in the world’ Warren Buffett was threatened with investigations after criticising team USA … legal problems went away when he became ‘bullish on America’.

      The Musk Twitter purchase is likely a replay of the disastrous 2005 purchase of then-dominant MySpace by Rupert Murdoch, just before its popularity was torpedoed by Google-etc promoted Facebook of Zuckerberg, MySpace itself having replaced ‘Friendster’ lol

      Musk’s formula of suppressing ‘only’ 10% of ‘far-right’ and ‘far-left’ will be insufficient to please EU regulators, Muslim country governments etc, fines and bans will be deployed … Google will quickly shadow-ban twitter postings, and Twitter will sink toward being a bigger Gab / Truth Social / Gettr.

      Some United-Nations-monitored ‘hate speech free’ Twitter substitute will be launched and pumped, and the world’s political figures will move there along with the whole PMC – shitelib population. By 2030 it may be ‘Do you remember Twitter?’

  5. Hopefully he lets Trump and the other banned accounts back on. Maybe I’ll appeal my ban now as well. 2024 is shaping up to be an interesting campaign, that’s for sure. Less restrictions on free speech will definitely benefit the GOP candidate.

    • >Musk will have Twitter as a fall back business.

      He’s way overpaying, company isn’t worth half his bid.

    • Environmentalists have been promoting electric cars since the energy crisis of the 1970s but they are just too expensive and impractical for most drivers. At this point there’s no realistic alternative to the internal combustion engine. But that’s not a bad thing because petroleum is continuously being produced by geothermal forces, it’s not a so-called fossil fuel.

  6. According to Insider Paper a number of Twitter users were reporting noticeable decreases in their number of followers after news of Musk’s latest buyout plan was announced. Is Twitter getting rid of all the bots?

  7. With White Hat Musk returning to save the day it provides a good opportunity to make a new account and get on there and help Tucker Carlson & Charlie Kirk as they discuss the Great Replacement.

    Also Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert are worthy of support as they espouse Christian Nationalism..

    Let us own the Libs like Trump used too!

  8. I find Musk to be a bit of a grandstanding irritant. He’s so in your face, and has his snout in too many causes. Seriously, doesn’t he have a wife and kids to go home to occassionally?
    Something is a little ‘off’ with him.

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